Saturday, November 29, 2014

Birthday Weekend

Recently I celebrated another birthday.  All in all, the birthday celebrations were uneventful and not much exciting was on the agenda, so I decided to take matters into my own hands and get myself as loaded as possible.

I decided to host a gang bang on the evening of my birthday itself.  Ads were placed on BBRT, A4A and craigslist.  More on that later. In the meantime, I thought I should get a little practice in advance.  I logged onto Scruff, not typically a place I find much going on, but in this instance, a guy whom I had chatted with back and forth a number of times was on and soon hit me up.  He lives/works in the city and as chance would have it, I had to be in the city in a couple hours so he asked if I wanted to swing by on my way in for a quick fuck.  I debated for a moment, not really sure if I wanted to show up where I was expected smelling of a fresh fuck, but thought what the hell.  Threw a bottle of cologne in my bag and was out.

He lives on the 2nd floor of an old turn of the century building that had been converted into offices/condos and his place was a combination of his business and his home.  He buzzed me in and I took the elevator which let me off right in his entry.  I didn't make it any further than that.  He came around the corner, kind of on the short side, maybe 5'5", but built very stocky and from what I could see, pretty well covered with tattoo's.  He came right up to me, put a hand on my crotch and leaned up for a kiss.  He was a pretty good kisser.  Before long, we were both naked.  His 5 inch cock jabbing my leg each time he moved in for another kiss.

Before long, he turned me around and pushed me down, bending over the table in the entry and started eating out my hole.  I love being eaten out almost as much as I love getting fucked and he was doing a good job.  His tongue was probing my hole as his hands rubbed my ass from top to bottom.  I could tell he was enjoying his meal from the noises he was making.  Soon he stood up and I could feel the head of his hard cock on my waiting hole.  He started to work his way in, nothing more than spit for lube and then started to pump.

He fucked me for about 10 minutes before he pulled out and I turned around and bent over for a little ass-to-mouth.  I sucked him hard, lubed him up good with more spit then once more stood up, bent over the table and he slid inside.  He fucked me over the table for another 10 minutes when he stopped and pulled out.  I turned around ready for another ass to mouth, but he instead grabbed my cock with one hand and slid a finger of the other into where his cock had just been.  It didn't take much of this before I was shooting a load all over his chest.  I can't always get fucked again after I have cum so I don't like to be the first but he was the top and calling the shots.

After I had cum, he went for a towel to get me cleaned up and started getting dressed.  Not really sure why he was done when I thought he hadn't cum, but again, he was in charge.  I was dressed and gone shortly thereafter.

Note:  When I got to my destination, I excused myself to use the restroom, sat down on the toilet to let out what I thought was gas and a huge load of cum poured out instead.  Little fucker had cum after all.

Later that evening, when I was ready to head home, I decided what the hell and made the turn for the baths instead.  I checked in, undressed, lubed and took a walk around.  For a Saturday evening, this place was quite dead.  Nevertheless, I went back to my room, dropped the towel, propped open the door and assumed my position, ass up, on the bed.

It didn't take long.  Late 40's blond guy came in, ran a hand along my ass and slid a finger in my hole.  He then closed the door and came to the front of the bed, climbed on and told me to suck his cock and make him hard.  I did as I was told.  A few minutes of sucking was all it took before he was ready so he climbed off and came at me from behind.  I took a hit of poppers as I felt his cock head at my hole.  Then he started to slide in.  I wished I hadn't lost the load that was inside me earlier but in my defense, I didn't know it was there.  He started to fuck me hard, alternating with gentle strokes.  He fucked me with little noise or other movement, his entire focus was on his cock inside my ass.

He fucked me for about 15 minutes when with a small grunt, started unloaded inside.  He then climbed off the bed, slapped my ass and was out the door.  Kindly he asked if he should leave the door open.  Of course I told him he should.

My face was down in the pillow as guys walked by my room.  Some came in to finger my hole, only one other climbed behind me and briefly slid his cock inside.  Eventually traffic slowed down to mostly nothing.  I grabbed my towel and did a walk around.  Maybe 3 other guys in the whole place at this point so I decided to call it a night.

I didn't give much notice for my cum dump party.  Normally if you are going to get the maximum responses, you need to give at least a week notice, I had given just a little more than a day.  However all in all, from all three of my postings, I got about 17 responses from guys saying they wanted to come.  Knowing how this works, I gave them all the details knowing that most would be no shows.

At the designated time, my doorbell rang.  The first guy arrived.  He was a guy who had fucked me before.  Early 40's, blond, stocky build and a really nice fat cock.  We had barely started chatting when the doorbell rang again.  This time 2 guys were waiting.  Both mid to late 30's, one short and blond, the other tall with dark hair.  The blond guy was stocky, the tall guy quite thin.  I invited the 3 to my bedroom to get started and see if anyone else showed up.  Clothes were shed and within moments, I was on my knees alternating sucking the 3 cocks.  I've already said about the cock from the first guy, the dark haired thin guy came in around 6 inches, average girth, the shorter blond guy in about 5 inches, a bit fatter.

After getting all my new buds hard, I lubed my hole and each of their cocks, then climbed on the bed.  I had barely hit the poppers when guy 1 started sliding in.  His was the fattest of the bunch so I briefly wished one of the other guys had started, but I got used to him quickly.  He fucked me much harder than he had during any of his previous visits.  He would pull all the way out and slam his cock right back in all the way.  Very forceful, but I loved it.

After about 5 minutes of so, he pulled out and I felt another cock take it's place.  I think this was the dark haired guy.  He fucked me for another 5 minutes when guy 3 took his place.  For the next 40 minutes, they took turns alternating on my ass.  Finally the shorter blond guy climbed up on the bed and told me to suck his cock while guy 1 went in one more time.  Within minutes, the shorter blond guy started to moan and then started to shoot a considerable load in my mouth.  Guy 1, hearing what was happening at the other end which must have pushed him over the edge as well, started unloading in my ass.  He kept himself buried in my hole until the throws of his orgasm subsided then pulled out followed by a flow of cum.  The dark haired guy quickly came in and started eating out my hole.  Once he had licked up all the cum, he stood up and slid his hard cock inside.  After a few pumps, he too was adding his DNA to the mix.

Unfortunately no other guys showed that night, but the 3 loads I took, 2 in the ass, 1 in the mouth, were a very nice birthday present indeed!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Wrapping up the Weekend at the Baths

Once more, I find myself in a room, I'm naked, my ass is up facing the door, my hole is lubed, the lights are down and the door is open.  Again I'm waiting for anonymous cock to come in and fuck me at the baths.

It's late afternoon and things are pretty quiet.  Eventually I hear someone come in.  I look back and see this painfully thin guy, covered with tats, shaved head, rubbing the bulge in his towel.  I reach back and reach under the towel.  The cock is soft, of average size but there is a huge PA at the end pulling it down.  I pull him towards me and pull off his towel.  I start to suck.  The big PA is making this a bit difficult.  It keeps hitting into my teeth no matter how hard I try not to.  And to make matters worse, he isn't getting a bit harder.

I decide to call this one done, pull back and put my face down in the pillow.  Out of the corner of my eye I can see him fidgeting with the cock ring.  I'm assuming he is trying to make it tighter.  Then he climbs on the bed behind me.  I can't imagine that he got any harder so I wasn't sure what he was going to do but then I felt the cold metal of the PA against my hole.  Then he started pushing it in.  The weight of the PA pulled his soft cock in behind it and then he attempted to fuck me.  Wasn't much of a fuck.  Not soon enough, he pulled out, picked up his towel and was gone.

My face still down, I heard two guys at the door.  Then they walked away.  Just as I turned, one of them came back, walked in and closed the door.  He commented on how nice my ass looked sticking up like that and asked if I wanted it fucked.  Stupid question.  I reached over and pulled off his towel. He was maybe early 50's, decent body, very hairy.  I grabbed his cock and started to suck.  He hardened up quickly to about 7 very firm inches.  Then he climbed on the bed in front of me and asked me to lick his balls as he stroked his hard rod.  Of course, I obliged.  His balls were furry and delicious.  Back to sucking, he told me to take it easy or he was going to blow.  Taking this as the sign I needed, I asked him to fuck me then.  He told me to get on my back.  He pulled my legs in the air and in one quick thrust, was inside me to the base of his fur covered cock.  It was a really nice fuck.  He would bend down and kiss me as his cock slid in and out of my hole.  He alternated with slow and tender to hard and rough.  Too soon he said he couldn't hold back any longer and started to unload inside me.  He stayed inside for a moment after cumming then pulled out and stood at the side of the bed.  I cleaned him off as best I could.  It was cummy delicious!

He walked out and closed the door behind him, I reached down and felt my freshly cummy hole. This is what I needed!  I heard him talking to someone outside my door so got up and opened it.  As soon as I did, the guy he was talking to pushed his way in, pushed me back on the bed, dropped his towel and told me to suck.  He was a bit younger than his friend but equally furry.  His cock once hard was only slightly smaller.  As I was sucking him, he was sliding his finger in and out of my cummy hole.  I'm sure his friend told him he had just dropped a fresh load there.  I must have been sucking him too well however because before long, he grabbed the back of my head and started unloading down my throat.  It was a nice, big, sweet load.  Like his friend, he then picked up his towel and was gone.

Once more I opened the door, positioned myself ass up and waited.  Not a few minutes later, I felt a finger sliding in my hole.  This guy was so quiet, I hadn't heard him come in.  Next I heard the door close and then he climbed on the bed behind me.  I heard him snort some poppers, he reached over for the lube and greased himself up, then started sliding in.  I didn't see it, but would guess his cock at about 5 inches but nicely chunky.  He would fuck me for a bit, pull out and spread my hole apart and admire his work I guess, before forcefully plowing himself back in.  He fucked me like this for a while, then climbed off the bed and was gone.  I reached back and felt the fresh cum.  I hadn't even seen who he was or what he looked like but he shot his DNA inside my willing hole.  So fucking hot!!!

With the door still open, I once more put my face down and waited.  Not long after I heard someone else come in the room.  I looked to the side to see a early 40's, completely hairless Latin guy.  He was standing at the side of the bed just looking at me.  Not touching himself or me, just taking it all in.  I reached over and under his towel.  He was completely soft and his cock was cold.  The shaft was fairly thin but the head was about double the size.  It would be interesting to see how this one grew.  I bent over and started to suck.  Much to my pleasure, he firmed up very nicely.  Came in around 8 inches, the shaft filled out to a bit larger than average but the head was double the size and huge!  I couldn't wait for this one!

After sucking for a bit, I asked if he was going to fuck me.  He said he just got there and didn't want to fuck yet but he would be back.  Then out the door he went.  I got up to get a drink of water just down the hall from my room and I hadn't made it back yet before he was already following me.  Into the room, he came in behind me, closed the door, dropped the towel and laid on the bed.  I climbed on top of him and started to suck to make sure he was completely hard again.  It didn't take long.  Then I climbed up, straddled his hips, lined up his cock then started to impale myself on it.  The head hurt like hell until it made it past the opening, then it was smooth sailing.  I bounced up and down on his rod for a good 15 minutes before I asked him to get off the bed and fuck me from behind.  I had no sooner bent over the side of the bed when that monster head once more forced it's way inside me.  Another 10 minutes of fucking this way when I pulled off, laid on my back and pulled up my legs.  Once again, the monster head pushed it's way inside.  He was fucking me so hard, my head was banging into the wall and I was working up quite the sweat.  Finally I told him that I just needed a couple of minutes.  He pulled out, picked up his towel and while walking out the door, said he would be back.

Like a repeat of earlier in the evening, just as he went out, another guy was waiting at the door.  I know he could hear what was happening inside and I could see his cock was hard and pressing against his towel.  He was early 30's, muscular and completely shaved.  His chest was covered with short stubble as was his face.  I sat on the side of the bed and in he came.  I reached for his cock as he dropped his towel.  Only about 5 inches but it was rock hard.  I sucked it for less then 30 seconds when I got up, turned around and bent over the bed.  With nothing more than spit (and the loads that were inside me by that point) he slammed right in.  This boy must have built up some tension because less than 30 seconds later, he was blowing his load inside me.

As he left, my Latin friend came back.  I told him to get in here and fuck me.  He was still hard.  He asked me where I wanted him to cum, I told him he knew where I wanted it.  He said he wanted to hear me say it.  I told him I wanted him to cum inside me.  He pushed me back on the bed and slid right into my well lubricated and well fucked hole.  Within minutes, he was also dropping a considerable load adding to what was already inside.

I was dripping cum and happy as a cum whore can be.  Quite the successful evening!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Quick Fuck

My ad was on line looking for black cock.  I'd be happy to be fucked by any cock out there, no questions asked, just get it hard, but when looking for it, I do prefer a big black one.

He responded soon after the ad went live.  Said he couldn't travel but could host and seemed to be not too far from me.  Turns out, he was less than 5 minutes away.  A very few emails were exchanged and I was out the door.  This is the cock pic he sent me:

I was a little concerned as it didn't appear to be overly large but I was hopeful.

His house was a bit run down, he was sitting on the front porch and although I can't really be sure, seemed to be taking pictures of me with his cell phone as I was walking up the sidewalk.  Greetings exchanged and I was escorted inside.

The house was a mess but I wasn't there for tea, I hoped to have my face buried in a pillow soon so wouldn't be too observant of my surroundings.  In the back bedroom, he sat on the edge of the bed and said he wasn't going to take off all his clothes but he would take off his boots.  Once they were off, the shirt came off next.  He would most likely be mid 50's, quite trim and really quite well put together.  Sprinkling of hair on his chest.  He climbed back on the bed and began to unbuckle his pants.  He was having a bit of a problem getting them down and then just said "fuck it" and the pants and underwear came off also.  He was now lying back completely naked on the bed, his black skin glistening in the afternoon sun streaming through the window.

I dropped my shorts, took off my shirt then started to suck on his soft cock.  Soft it was between 3 and 4 inches, pretty average in girth.  As I was sucking and licking and playing with his balls, he quickly started to chub up.  My worries for for naught.  He maxed out at close to 9 inches and nicely fat.  I couldn't wait for this one to fuck me!

When he was ready, he got up to move behind me.  I squirted a bit of lube and rubbed it on my hole and on his hard cock then took a deep hit of poppers.  He came from behind and started working his way in.  He was very gentle, it had been a couple of weeks since a cock had been in my hole so things needed to adjust a bit and he took his time making sure everything went well.  It did.  It was an AMAZING fuck!!!   He would pull almost all the way out, tease the opening, and then shove back in until his pubes were rubbing on my ass.  This was heaven!  All too soon however he said he was going to cum inside me and then things got much more slippery.  Good thing was he didn't stop, he continued to fuck his cum into me making sure it was in nice and deep.

After he pulled out and went to the bathroom to clean up, I saw his phone sitting on the bed.  I didn't remember it being there before so wonder if he filmed his cock going in and out of my ass.  If he did, I hope I can see it.

He said he sits on his front porch a lot and if I drive by and see him there to stop in for a repeat.  Being that he is this close, this is sure to happen.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

It's Black and White

The ad had not been up for long, he was my first response.  The ad was on Craigslist and I was looking for raw cock and a big load, but more specifically raw BLACK cock.  As the responses started to arrive, I focused on one in particular.  He responded as being late 20's with an 8.5 incher and had a huge load to drop.  More of the appeal was that he wasn't far away so there would be no long waits while he was fighting traffic.  This is the dick pic he sent:

As I had hoped, it wasn't a long wait.  He was tall, thin with longish dreads in his hair.  And he wore glasses which gave him a bit of a bookish look also.  I lead him to my bedroom and dropped my clothes.  He took a long time about undressing, not sure if he was shy or if this was just something new for him.  Once he finally was naked, he climbed on the bed and I went to work on his slightly hard cock.  The bend you can see in the photo is even more noticeable in person, about 3 inches from the tip, it made quite a bend to the left, or right I guess if you were looking at it from above, I wasn't.  He kept encouraging me to deep throat him.  Unfortunately with the bend, it was making it very difficult.  Soon I decided enough was enough, pulled off, bent over the side of the bed and told him to come at me from behind.

His cock wasn't overly fat although it was long.  More often I prefer the girth than the length.  As he fucked me, he kept hitting bottom.  I tried moving into different positions so that it didn't happen as frequently and wasn't as uncomfortable.  I just couldn't make it work, maybe that had to do with the bend also.  In any case, 10 minutes into the fuck he started blowing a load inside me.  Afterwards he pulled out, dressed and left.  As fucks go, not all that spectacular.

Having been freshly loaded, I placed another ad on BBRT asking for anyone wanting sloppy seconds. Didn't take long before I was hit up from this white guy.  He listed himself as 6'4".  Cock as large. Was 27.  Said he loved cummy hole and wanted to come over now.  Address was exchanged, photos opened and a short time later, he was on his way.  His private pics were all pretty hot but this was by far the best:

Nice hairy body and a decent cock which I learned later, was soft in this photo.  When the doorbell rang, I could see his full head in the window at the top of the door.  Normally since you have to step up to go through the door into the house, I can only see the tops of guys heads.  This one was taller than I had expected.

He came in and I took him to the bedroom also.  Knowing that he really loved cum, I had some frozen cum that I had been saving so before he got there, I broke off a few pieces and slipped them inside to make sure things were extra slick.

The first thing he did was bend over for a long and passionate kiss.  As we were kissing, clothes were being taken off.  He was removing mine,  I was removing his.  When we were both naked, I bent over to take him in my mouth.  He was a big white boy.  Stood out about 7.5 inches and was nicely fat.  His cock was uncut, and at the base, it flared out a bit more making it fatter than the head.  I couldn't wait to get this in me.  I pulled up and reached for the lube.  As I was doing this, he bent over and started sucking me.  I don't come across many tops that will do this, but this one did.  He sucked me while I lubed my hole and got myself ready.

Climbing on the bed and presenting my hole, he grabbed some lube to slick himself up, then started sliding in.  This is the cock I was hoping for!  The deeper he went, the more his widening cock filled me up.  When he hit base, I was stretched pretty far.  But it felt SO fucking GOOD!!!!!  I started fucking myself on his rod, sliding myself up and down as he stood at the base of the bed.  Soon he took over and was thrusting deep.  Occasionally he would stop, pull out, run a finger over my hole which I'm sure was covered with cum and lick his fingers.  Then after the snack, back in to the base and full on fucking.  I asked if he liked that cummy hole, he said he loved it.

After 20 minutes or so of fucking, he once more pulled out then started to eat out my ass, licking every drop of cum he could find along with my ass juices.  I tried pushing more out for him which he quickly cleaned up as well.  When he finally stood back up and thrust himself back inside, it wasn't long before he was shooting his load deep.  I didn't want him to pull out so I wrapped my legs around his to keep him in place.  Eventually he softened and slipped out.  I immediately dropped to my knees and cleaned his cock with my mouth making sure he was once more spotless.  This was an amazing fuck!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Door Open - Taking Loads

I wasn't going to put up an ad today.  There were many other things that needed my attention but something, just something, told me that I should.  Ads went up on BBRT, Craigslist and A4A.  I wasn't really expecting much, although I did really need some dick in my hole.  An unsuccessful trip to the baths a couple of nights prior hadn't done a thing to fill the need.  One fuck with a guy with a microscopic dick who insisted on using a condom and one more later that was great until he uttered the dreaded words, "I just got here, I'm not ready to cum yet".

First guy to respond was a regular.  I've talked about him in a couple of other posts.  He works near where I live and can usually swing late afternoons if I'm around.  He is mid 40's, shaved head but very hairy everywhere else.  Cock is not really long but it makes up for it in girth.  Here's his pic to refresh your memory:

He responded that he could be at my place within the half hour.  He told me if I could find another top to join him, he'd be up for it.  I tried, I really tried.

In any case, he showed up, I did my duty of sucking him off until he was nice and hard then climbed aboard and road him like a bronco, he and I always seem to start that way.  From there, I moved to the bottom of the bed and leaned over.  He climbed off and came from behind.  He slid right in and started to fuck me hard.  Not more than a few minutes later, he was shooting his load inside.  I clamped down as he was pulling out not to loose any of the precious juices he left inside.  On his way out, he wished me luck finding others.  Turns out he was my good luck charm!

Next 2 responses were from Craigslist.  First was a black guy, just sent a pic of his cock and asked the address.  Normally I try to find out a bit more information before I extend an invitation, not that I'm all that picky by any means, I just like to know who is coming over.  This time, as I had advertised for complete anon, pump and dump, I just responded with my address.  His cock pic is here:

He responded that he was on his way, GPS said 5 miles.  With traffic, I estimated about 1/2 hour.  While this was transpiring, I was also getting e-mails from another guy, this one white.  He attached a dick pick, asked if I had any loads in and if there were any guys on their way, he wanted to tag team.  I told him the previous guy should be there in about 1/2 hour and that if he could make it in time, they could both fuck me.
His pic:

Nice and veiny piece of meat.  He responded he was on his way and if timed well, they should be to me at the same time.  The black guy arrived first.  He was mid 20's, very cute, seemed like a really nice kid.  Sort of mohawk hair and glasses.  I invited him in and took him to the bedroom.  I dropped my clothes, he dropped his jeans and underwear then climbed on the bed. He asked if I had porn, told him I didn't and asked if he could watch some on his phone, I told him to be my guest.  I got to work on his soft cock.

He hardened up quickly.   He came in around 8 or 9 inches and nicely fat.  He was much bigger in person than in the pic he sent.  While I as sucking, he asked me where I liked to take the loads, I told him inside me. He asked if I liked them in my mouth or ass, I told him I would take either but preferred in my ass.  He asked how many loads were in there now, I told him just one but hoping that would change soon.

I had just moved to the bottom of the bed and bent over and he was just starting to slide into me when there was a knock at the door.  Poppers spinning in my head, I didn't hear it.  He pulled out and said that someone was knocking.  Quickly getting up, I went to the door to let in top number 2.  Early 40's white guy, blondish hair, former football player body, and VERY cute!  I told him to drop his clothes and join us in the bedroom. I went back and assumed my position at the bottom of the bed.  The black cock once more slid inside.

The black guy was long dicking me when the white guy joined us and came around to the side of the bed where he could complete the spit roasting.  I sucked on his hardening cock while the black dick pummeled my ass.  The black guy didn't say much but the white guy was VERY vocal.  He very much enjoyed my oral action while watching the black monster slide in and out of my hole.

Time to switch, the black guy pulled out and the white guy, who came in around 8 fat inches also (Yeah for me!!!) took his place and slid right inside.  He pounded my hole for another 10 to 15 minutes until it was time to switch again.  The black guy once more took his place and within moments of entering me, started blowing his considerable load inside.  When he pulled out, I could feel it running out and down my balls, dripping off on to the floor.  The white guy once more took his place behind me.

He once more slid right inside my now very well lubed hole.  The black guy climbed on the bed and let me clean the cum and ass juices from his cock while the white guy continued to fuck me.  Once more within minutes, the white guy started to moan and was shooting his load to join the other two already inside.

It' not often that one can get something like this to work, but this was amazing!  Both of the cocks were of considerable size and both guys delivered considerable loads.

I checked my e-mail once more after they left to see if I had received any other responses.  The only e-mail waiting was from the black guy saying how fucking hot that was!  I responded any time.  He asked if any other guys were coming over, I told him I was still trying.  He asked if he could come over again now.  Well now, who am I to say no!  Got to love the young ones who recover quickly!  Five minutes later, he was back at my door.  Back to the bedroom, I once more bent over the bed.  He pulled out the phone to, I guess, put on his porn so I asked him if he wanted to film him fucking me.  His eyes lit up and like a kid on Christmas morning, he said "can I?".  Of course you can my friend.

This fuck was much longer than the first.  He long dicked me most of the time, pulling almost all the way out before taking the long trip back in.  He then had me put my knees up on the bed and plowed himself in deeper.  A good 20 minutes later, he was blowing another load up my cummy hole.   After he pulled out, he spread my hole apart and said "I've got to take a picture of this".  He sent it to me later.  This is my well used hole:

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Video Booth

It was time to try something different.  I've been to video booth's before, I can't say they have ever been a great success so I don't frequent them often.  However a friend convinced me that one that he frequents is usually pretty good so I decided to give it a try.

The parking lot was not busy so I didn't have high expectations.  I went inside, paid my money and got my handful of tokens.  I hadn't been to this one before so did a scout around prior to settling in somewhere.  There are 2 floors and a maze of booths on each.  Some of the booths were microscopic, others provided a bit more space.  There were maybe a half dozen guys around, ages from early 40's to I would guess 70's but most on the younger side.  A few were good prospects, others not so much.

I picked a booth on the 2nd floor mostly because it had a glory hole in it and believe it or not, I've never used one before.  I took off my shorts, lubed up my hole and waited.  Guys walked by and peeked in but nothing.  After about 20 minutes of this, I was about ready to call it a day when I heard a guy come into the adjoining booth.  I leaned over and could see a pair of plaid shorts and nothing more.  He put a large amount of tokens in the video machine and stood there.  I kept waiting for his cock to come out but it did not.  A few minutes later, he was out the booth.  Within a few minutes, I heard another guy enter.  Within seconds, a cock was coming through the hole.

It was on the small side but really smooth and smelled really clean.  I couldn't see anything of the guy on the other side, only had his cock out through his zipper and nothing more.  A few minutes of sucking and it wasn't  getting any harder.  Not seeing that this was going anywhere, I pulled off and stood up.  He left his cock in the hole for a bit longer then pulled out and was gone.  I'm not really sure, but I think it was the old guy I had seen earlier.

A few minutes later, I heard someone come into the booth again and again I saw the plaid shorts.  More tokens in the video and then he reached inside his shorts and pulled out his cock.  He started to stroke it a bit then turned and pushed it through the hole.  I went to work.  This one did get hard and after a brief few minutes of sucking, a load of sweet cum was shooting down my throat.  Not really where I wanted it but I would take it.

When he left, traffic on the floor died down so I decided to try the downstairs.  Rounding the first corner, I saw a hot guy I had seen earlier.  Dark hair, about 6ft tall, very solid and scruff on his face.  He was SO my type!  We made eye contact and he turned and went into a booth leaving the door open.  I walked up to the booth and he was dropping tokens in the video, his cock already out of his pants.  He told me to come in and close the door.

Fortunately he had picked one of the larger booths and I reached out and grabbed his cock.  It was soft, average girth but it was long.  I bent over to suck it.  It tasted so good, fresh but musky at the same time.  He pulled me off for a brief moment to remove his shorts completely then told me to take mine off as well.  I went back to work.  He instructed me to squeeze his balls while I sucked him and when I did, he let out a huge moan.

He pulled me up and started jacking his 7 inch cock.  He told me to turn around, he wanted to see my ass.  He started rubbing his hard cock on my ass and then up and down my crack, teasing my hole.  He said he was going to cum and asked me where I wanted it.  Before I could answer, he said do you want it on your ass?  I said yes, then he said do you want it in your ass.  More enthusiastically I said yes again!  His cock quickly shoved its way inside and immediately started shooting his load.  He said thanks, I pulled on my shorts and was out the door.

 Not quite ready to be done yet, I made a loop around once more.  There was one other hot guy there, early 40's, shaved bald, nice muscular build, and seemed very intense.  I stopped outside a booth and he walked by, we made eye contact and then he kept going.  I watched him go down the stairs, turn left and was out the door.  There weren't any other guys around that interested me so I thought I would call it a day also.  In the parking lot as I was getting in my car, I saw the bald guy walking around his.

Not thinking anything of it, I started the car and got ready to pull out.  As I was doing this, the bald guy walked towards the back of my car.  When I saw him there, he turned and went back towards his car.  Wondering what was up, I stopped and watched him go.  He walked passed his car and continued across the parking lot.  The parking lot is isolated with forest around 3 sides.  At the corner of the lot, I saw him take a path and disappear into the woods.  I put my car in park, got out and followed.

The path was a road long since used.  There was a large pile of rock and dirt blocking the entrance that wasn't hard to get over.  I went a short way up the road and saw him past a bend through the trees.  He was stopped.  I continued on, rounded the corner and there he was.  I stopped and he made a loop around me then stood still.  His hand went to his crotch as did mine.  I moved toward him and replaced his hand with mine.  I could feel a hardening cock through the cloth.  I unbuttoned my shorts and let them drop to the ground.  He unbuttoned his, pulled his underwear down slightly and left it up to me to pull out his cock.  He was already rock hard.  I stroked it a bit as he reached between my legs and his fingers went right to my hole.

He let out a bit yes, then turned me around.  I bent over as his face went to my ass and he started to eat my hole.  I'm sure he tasted the previous guys cum there and lapped it all up.  Then he stood up and slid inside.  At first he was just all the way in and moving it around.  This went on for a few minutes before he pulled out and went back to eating.  I'm sure he was enjoying the cum that he had just pulled out.  Then back up and once more he shoved inside.  After a few minutes of pumping, he started to shoot his load deep inside my hole.  Cum was running down my legs as I was leaning over to pull up my shorts.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Another Evening at the Baths

I'm in my room just down the hall from the dark room, I'm naked, I'm on my knees with my ass in the air, the door is open, the light are down, my hole is lubed and I'm ready to take some raw cock.  Once more I find myself in this position because I need to be fucked, and not just fucked, but needing to be fucked multiple times by multiple guys and take multiple loads.  It's a weekday evening and I don't have very high expectations. After my initial walk thru, there weren't many guys around, but I was certain that some of them were looking for a hole.  Mine was there for the taking.

I heard someone come into my room, they closed the door and a finger went to my ass and slid inside me.  I'm sure he was just checking to make sure things were lubed and ready because he didn't play with my hole at all, just the one time of the finger going in, and then out.  He climbed on the bed behind me, I could see in the mirror that it was a thin black guy.  It was too dark to see his cock so I had to wait until he fucked me to see what I had.  Just then I heard the wrapper of a condom being ripped off.  DAMN!!!  Looks like it may be another one of those nights.  Soon his rubber wrapped cock pressed against my hole and after a hit of poppers, I let him in.

He slid in gradually, his dick wasn't overly thick so there was no problem taking it, but it did seem to go on forever until he hit bottom.  And hit bottom he did.  When he pulled my ass up and started fucking me, on each inward thrust, he was hitting bottom.  I tried changing the position of my ass, arching my back, but nothing was stopping him from hitting inside.  Finally I decided to be the good bottom that I am and just take it.  Other than the occasional pain, it wasn't a really memorable fuck.  Eventually he came, shooting inside the condom, he pulled out, pulled off the condom, threw it in the trash and was out the door.  Kind gentleman that he was, he left the door open for the next top to come by.

However I had other plans.  I got up and closed the door then got the condom from the trash.  The boy had dropped a BIG load inside.  Being the good bottom and cumdump that I am, I could not let this go to waste.  I laid back on the bed, raised my legs, fingered the opening of the condom into my hole and squeezed the cum inside me.  Once it was in me, I knew things were right and cum being like heroin, I needed more so again I opened the door and assumed the position.

A few guys stopped by, walked in, slid a finger in my ass, some played for a bit, some did not but eventually a beefy, furry white guy came in and slipped in the finger.  I guess he liked what he felt inside because he reached back and closed the door then dropped his towel.  He came up to the side of the bed near my head. He put his hands on the back of my head and pulled me to his cock.  I opened up, took him in and started to suck.  He chubbed up quickly.  He came in about 6 inches but nicely fat.  He climbed on the bed in front of me with my head between his legs.  He once more grabbed my head and pulled me down until my mouth was once more on his cock.  This time however, he didn't take his hands off my head, he pushed me down until I was deep throating him.

He kept this up for a few minutes then pushed me off and got up off the bed.  He pumped a few shots of lube on his cock while I took a hit of poppers then he climbed on the bed behind me.  Knowing that he already felt the cum inside me, I guess he didn't see a reason to be gentle so with one forceful drive, he was in to the pubes and started fucking me hard.  He put a hand on my back and pushed me down onto the bed but making sure my ass was still up for him to use.  He started asking me about the guy that had fucked me before him.  I told him it was a thin black guy with a big cock.  He asked if I liked it when the guy shot his load in me, I told him I loved it (hey, he didn't need to know how it got there).

His hand on his back was replaced by his arm and then another hand on the back of my head pushing me down into the bed.  All the while, my ass was up and I was taking his dick.  The pounding continued until finally he pulled almost all the way out and in very fast movements, worked his cock quickly in and out at the very opening of my hole.  After one final shove in, he got off the bed, picked up the towel and was gone.  I reached back and the load he left on my hole was HUGE!  I had cum running down over my balls and my ass was covered.  I wish ALL the tops came like that!

I took a walk around  to see what I had missed while my dominant top was fucking me.  I saw someone in the sling at the end of the hall and made my way there thinking I may be able to see someone getting some dick, but the guy turned out to be a much older guy who was hanging out by himself I guess hoping a top would stop by and use him..  That certainly wasn't going to happen with me so instead, I went to the video room.

When I entered, there was a black guy standing at the base of the platform stairs rubbing his cock through his towel.  His eyes were glued to one of the TV screens.  I recognized him as someone I had hooked up with in the past but couldn't really remember much about the experience.  Not wanting to put too much effort into it, I sat down on the middle stair, pulled my towel aside and started stroking my cock.  Without even looking back, the black guy left.  Not sure what was up with that.

I sat there alone for a few minutes watching they guys on the screens getting fucked and wishing I was in their place when this tall blondish/red haired guy walked in.  His head was shaved pretty close and his muscular/beefy body was also completely trimmed.  He walked past me, made eye contact then went thru the curtain to the BJ platform.  I heard him walk up the steps inside and as I was debating if I wanted to give a blow job or hang out waiting for a fuck, I heard him coming back down and came back through the curtain.  This time he had taken off his towel and a very impressive slab of white man meat was hanging between his legs.  His pubes were completely shaved making it look all the bigger.

I couldn't take my eyes off it.  Hanging there it must have been close to 9 inches and fat.  Seeing me staring at it, he walked toward the platform.  I pulled off my towel, bent over and took him in my mouth.  This was a very sweet cock.  I couldn't get the whole thing in my mouth so my hands had to assist in working him.  While I was sucking him, he put his hands on the back of my head then slowly started working their way down my back until they reached my ass.  Hoping that he would, one hand slid it's way down my crack and finding it well lubed with cum, he said "damn! yes!".  I looked up at him, his cock still in my mouth, and he looked down and me and asked if I liked to fuck.  Of course I said yes.  He pulled me up, grabbed my hand and lead me to his room which was just a couple doors down.

Inside I fell to my knees and once more started to suck.  He was very hard, slick and ready so I got up and leaned over his bed.  Unfortunately I once more heard a condom wrapper opening.  I felt his coated cock find my hole and start working in.  He fucked me hard.  He fucked me VERY hard.  I wished it was raw inside me but this was an amazing cock.  He would slap my ass every few thrusts and was by far, not a quite top.  I'm sure everyone else on the floor heard exactly what was going on.  With a final hard thrust, he briefly paused then pulled out and pulled off the condom.  I wasn't really sure if he came or not but he threw the condom in the trash.  I would have loved to take it out and take it with me, but decided to just leave it at that.

Back in my room, I re-applied some fresh lube (he had worked most of the cum out of me by that time) and assumed the position on the bed.  I wasn't there more than 10 minutes when I heard someone come in the door.  Then I heard "well, what's this?" and I recognized the voice of the last guy that fucked me.  I looked back and saw his cock was sticking straight out and rock hard.  Either he hadn't cum previously or this boy recovered very quickly.  He closed the door as I started to wonder if he had brought a condom with him.  I had gotten rid of the ones that were in the room as soon as I got there so knew there wouldn't be anything there for him to grab.

Without hearing any rips, he climbed on the bed behind me and started lining his cock up with my hole.  Then completely bare, starting working his way in.  If it felt good before, this time it felt amazing!  Nothing feels better than skin on skin.  And if I thought he fucked me hard before, it was nothing compared to the fucking he gave me then.  It was relentless.  Almost a complete in and out movement with every thrust.  The friction of his cock against the inside of my ass was so intense, I had to keep hitting the poppers to keep from pulling off, not that he would have let me pull off if I had tried.

With me now flat on my stomach on the bed and him on top of me pounding furiously, eventually he started to say fuck.  Then say fuck again, and then over and over getting louder each time.  He pulled his cock out and I felt ropes of hot cum shoot across my ass and lower back.  I begged him to put it back in.  He granted my request and continued to fuck me hard until he collapsed on top of me trying to catch his breath.  He quietly said into my ear "that was fucking amazing!".  I felt the same way.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Bathhouse Discount Night

The baths offer a discount if you go on Monday evenings.  Weekdays don't usually prove to be the best days to be there, but maybe some guys who didn't get exactly what they were looking for over the weekend may be more inclined to get their rocks off if it costs a little less.

I was in my room on the third floor.  My hole was lubed and the door was open.  My ass offered up to anyone who walked by.  Just come in and take it, no questions asked.  I could hear my next door neighbor, he had a visitor in his room and one of them was getting a blow job.  I could only hear the one on the receiving end, he seemed to be enjoying it quite a bit.  The one giving was totally silent.  I laid there waiting and listening to what was going on next door, wishing that whomever was getting blown would then decide they wanted to finish themselves off with an actual fuck and make their way to my room.

Not long after everything went silent in the next room, I heard someone come in and close the door.  I turned slightly to see a very tall thin guy, his skin was dark but he wasn't black, maybe Latin or just deeply tanned.  He dropped his towel and then said "I know what you are looking for".  He climbed on the bed behind me and pulled my hips up until I was on my knees.  Then he started slapping his thick cock on my ass.  I took a deep hit of poppers as he started to work his cock down my crack until it got to my hole.  Then he started working himself in.  I never got to see his cock when he dropped his towel so I didn't know what to expect when he started fucking me but this turned out to be a big boy.  

He liked a bit of dirty talk and liked to hear me enjoying being fucked.  And it wasn't an act, I certainly was enjoying him fucking me.  I was hoping my neighbor was listening to me getting fucked like I listened to him. When he started, it was mostly deep inside me with a little in and out movement, then he built himself up until he was long dicking me, getting to the point where his cock was just at the edge of coming out of my hole, then plowing all the way back in to the hilt.  I LOVE being fucked like this!  All too soon, my top said "Damn, you are going to make me cum" and soon after he was shooting his jizz deep inside my hole.  He stayed inside a bit after he had shot, and slid himself in and out a bit, then he pulled out, picked up his towel and was gone.  

A short time later, I heard another guy come in.  This one left the door open and rubbed his hand, starting at my ankle, and worked it's way up to my ass, then up my back to my neck.  I turned to look and saw his cock sticking out of the opening of his towel.  He was late 40's, nice build, trimmed furry body, nice salt and pepper scruff on his face.  As his hand made it's way back to my ass, I moved to the side of the bed and started sucking his cock.  Fully hard, it was about 6 1/2 inches and nicely chunky.  I never got to suck him more than a few seconds and then he would pull me off.  He said that he just got there and was really close to cumming, said my mouth felt so good but he didn't want to cum yet.  After a few more vain attempts to suck him off, he finally pushed his cock back until his towel and said that he would be back later.

As I laid there waiting, I heard someone in my doorway.  I turned to look and saw that it was the cleaning guy who works the floors at the baths.  He cleans the rooms when guys check out, empties the trash, mops the floors, whatever needs to be done I guess.  I had seen him on a few previous visits, wavy dark hair, early 30's, very cute but even though I had fooled around with the workers a couple of times previously, I don't make an effort to try to get them.  But here he was, standing in my door, looking at my ass.  He was talking out loud to himself, "I can get in, blow, and be out before anyone would know".   Then to me he said, "I'll be back".  

When he did come back, it was to tell me that as much as he wanted to fuck me, he couldn't, he wasn't supposed to play with the customers and  if he got caught, he would be fired.  I told him not to worry about it, some other time when he was off.  Shortly after he left, I heard another guy come into my room.  His hand went to my ass and fingered my hole.  Then he dropped his towel and came to the front of the bed, climbed on and told me to suck.  He was early 50's but in really good shape.  Solid muscle legs, flat stomach, nice chest, gray/blond hair.  I started to work on his cock.  He was about 5 inches, average girth.  He told me that after I got him ready, he was going to fuck my hole.  I started working him hard, deep dicking him frequently which let out a moan of pleasure each time I hit his pubes.  All the while I was doing this, I could feel cum dripping out of my hole.  Unfortunately I was doing too good a job, he told me he was close to cumming, I pulled off to let the feeling back off but it was too late, the first rope of cum shot out of his cock.  I quickly put my mouth back on the head and stroked as the rest of his load emptied into my mouth.  When he had finished, I swallowed, then climbed up to kiss him so he could taste his load on my lips.

After he left, I was going to get a quick drink of water, went to grab the towel then thought "fuck it', picked up my keys and went naked to the water fountain.  As I was walking down the hall, a thick furry guy with a shaved head was coming the other way.  When I passed him, I turned and saw him do the same.  After a quick drink, I went back to my room, opened the door, and dropped face down on the bed.  Within seconds, he was behind me.  When he came in, he left the door open "LOVE THAT", then dropped his towel, came to the front of the bed and climbed on.  It was a repeat of the previous guy although this guys cock, while about the same in length, was quite a bit fatter.  I went to work, hoping that this one would hold out to fuck me.

He liked me to work his cock just with my mouth, completely hands free and I obliged whenever I could.  I could hear guys coming and going outside the door as I was sucking him.  Some would pause for a while to watch.  I put my ass up in case anyone wanted to spit-roast me, but unfortunately no takers.  After a long time of sucking (my jaw was actually getting sore because it had to stretch so much to take his girth) he finally pushed me back, climbed on the bed and came at me from behind.  He thrust right in and I saw stars.  I had hit the poppers hard before he entered me but his cock was just so damned fat, it still hurt like hell.  But being the good bottom that I am, I knew the pain would soon pass to be quickly replaced by the amazing pleasure of taking a fat cock and having your hole know it's being fucked.  

There was no change of position, just him pounding me from behind.  I have no idea if any guys were watching since all my focus was on his cock in my ass.  He fucked me hard for the better part of 20 minutes then completely silently, I could feel cum filling my insides.  Yes!  

Traffic had slowed down a bit by this point so before leaving for the night, I took a walk around to see if there was anyone still there worth hanging around for.  Off of the video room there is a platform with glory holes.  I don't hang here often as it is mostly about sucking here and very little about fucking.  But past the curtain, I saw the guy that came to my room after the first guy fucked me.  There was a guy on his knees sucking him and another guy standing next to him and they were kissing while playing with each others nipples.  The guy on the floor was working his way back and forth between the 2 cocks.  I walked over to join them.

My cock was hard watching what was going on so I joined the line.  I started kissing the guy in the middle as the guy on the floor made his was to my cock also.  As he was sucking me, my buddy ran his hand down my back until it got to my ass then made a direct line to my hole and slid a finger in.  I thought I was going to blow a load in my suckers mouth right then and there but hoping for more, I made myself pull back.  

On my next turn being sucked, the sucker ran his hand up the inside of my legs until it too reached my hole and he slide a finger in.  Once more, I had to pull myself back.  My sucker then pulled off my cock and asked my buddy if he would fuck me while the guy on the floor sucked me, he told him my hole was wet and ready.  My buddy said he needed some lube, I said there was already some in there.  My buddy said he would bet that wasn't the only thing that was in there.  The sucker pulled me forward and backed me up against my buddy's cock, then continued to suck.  Unfortunately my buddy just couldn't make it in.  I wish I had a better ending to finish off the evening, but sometimes they just don't work out.  Shortly thereafter, we parted and went our separate ways.     

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Up to Date

Sorry that it's been a while since I have posted.  It's been a crazy couple of weeks since my time off and there hasn't been much time to try to get some cum in my hole, not that I haven't, just not as much as I would have liked.

I'm going to start off with a photo of myself that I took during my last post at the bathhouse.  I don't really put all that many photos of me on here, especially more full body shots, and while this still isn't that, it does show my favorite position to take while waiting for cock in one of my favorite places.  It's not the best shot but you get the idea.

The weekend before last started off my busy time.  I had a shitload of things to do and only limited time to do them in.  But as is usually the case, when I am home alone, I get horny and nothing will make it go away other than a hard cock in my hole.  Not really wanting to spend the time looking around, I decided to take matters into my own hand and get myself off.  I have this dildo I purchased a number of years ago.  I bought it on line so didn't really have a good idea of how large it was until it arrived.  This is it here, pen is there for scale:

I've tried numerous times since I bought it to get it into my hole.  Never worked.  I could put a whole bottle of lube on it and popper myself up until I was flying sky high but it would never go in.  Since I've had some successful experience with big cock of late, I thought maybe it was time to give it another try.  I slicked it up with my favorite lube, hit the poppers hard, attached it to a firm surface so it would stay in place and poised myself with my hole at the tip.  One more big hit of poppers and I started to lower myself.  Before I even knew what was happening, the head popped inside.  I was kind of surprised by what happened so I instinctively pulled off.  Everything looked good so I hit the poppers once more, started sliding down and soon by balls were resting on it's balls and I had it in me to the hilt.  I wanted to take a picture of it inside me buy my hands were covered with lube, my head spinning from the poppers and I was so loving the feeling of it inside me, the only thing I could do was jack my cock while I bounced up and down on my toy until I shot one of the biggest loads I have shot in a while over the floor.

The following weekend, I hit up J&J from some posts back.  Just to refresh, they are the tops that like to have bottoms over for them both to use.  I'd never been to their place when I was the only bottom, it's always been at least one other there at the time, so I was hoping that they were free and maybe I could have both of them.  The first J responded to my text fairly quickly.  A bit of brief chit chat took place until he asked me if I was horny.  Of course I was.  He asked me if I would like to take a couple of loads.  Of COURSE I would!!  He told me to be at their place at 6pm.

It was only around 4:30pm, so I hit up my buddy T and asked what he was up to.  He was on line trying to find some cock.  We chatted a bit, I told him I was meeting a couple guys in a bit who were going to load me up then the talk turned to my dildo and how I was able to get it in me the week.  He was so turned on, he told me to stop by his place on my way back from J&J's, bring the dildo, and he would use it on me and take some pics of it sliding in an out of a cummy hole.  I told him I would text him when I was loaded.

I arrived at J&J's place shortly after 6pm.  Rang the bell and was brought inside to the TV room.  The furry one of the 2 J's was sitting shirtless on the couch.  He looked so fucking hot I wanted him right there, but a few minutes of small talk had to take place first.  Finally one of them said for us to make it to the bedroom.  Clothes were quickly dropped and I climbed on the bed with the hairless of the J's and started sucking his cock.  While I was doing this, the furry J came behind me and started eating out my hole.  After a few minutes of this, furry J started lining up his cock.  He dropped some lube on my hole and without so much as a popper whiff, he was sliding inside.  I didn't really need them but I did ask for the poppers because I enjoy being fucked so much more when I am on them.  And they make me REALLY horny!   Here is furry J's cock:

I continued to suck hairless J while furry J plowed my hole.  No need to change positions, just there on my knees, bent over with one 8 inch cock in my mouth while another was fucking me raw.  Sooner than I would have liked, furry J started unloading inside me.  He stayed inside for a few minutes after then pulled out and left the room.  Not sure where he went but I continued sucking hairless J until he asked me where I wanted the load.  I said please, put it in my hole.  He pulled me over to the side of the bed, told me to lay on my back, lifted my legs and slid into a hole now well lubed with cum.  He pounded me for another 10 minutes until he too shot his jizz inside me to mix with his partners.

Knowing that I still had other plans, I made a hasty good bye and was off to T's.  Arriving at his place, I pulled the dildo out of the bag and dropped it on the bed, stripped down, lubed the hole and climbed in the bed on top of him.  We made out for a bit and then I reached down and felt he was rock hard.  T used to top occasionally but lately he has been exclusively a bottom.  When I grabbed his cock, he told me to get on all fours, he wanted to get inside me while he was hard.  Well he never went soft after that.  We fucked in various positions, doggy, me riding on top of him, on our sides, and then finally me leaning over the side of the bed and him piston fucking me behind.  I could feel cum running out of my ass every time he pulled out and squish every time he went back in.  Eventually he started saying "Oh my God!  I can't believe this is happening!  I'm cumming!!" and then he proceeded to shoot his fresh load inside to join the others.

We never did get around to using the dildo, but there always is a next time.  Here is my well used and cummy hole:

Friday, May 30, 2014

A Few Days Off

Having some extra time off work means that I have the ability to get around to some things that I normally don't have time for during a normal work week.  Plus it has the extra benefit of making me very horny, all the time.  Day 1 was quite busy so there wasn't much time to think about fucking but by the time the evening came around, my horny level had gone through the roof!  Not much was happening on line and not quite feeling the baths, I decided to hit up one of the guys I had hooked up with a few times previously.  He is the guy featured in my "There's More?" post.  I sent him a quick e-mail and within minutes, he had responded telling me to get my ass (and hole) over to his place.

It didn't take us long to get down to business.  A little chit chat while we were stripping down, he climbed on the bed while I pre-lubed the hole.   Then I started working on his cock with my mouth getting him ready for what was to cum.  He chubbed up quickly and I assumed the position on the bed, ass up with my head down.  He came in from behind and pushed right in.  It had been a couple of weeks since I had been fucked last so it took a moment for me to get used to him being in there, but once I did, and with a hit of poppers, the fucking commenced.  I had forgotten about the mirror above his headboard until he grabbed my shoulders and pulled me up.  At that point I could see my ass with him shoving in from behind and a look of absolute pleasure on my face.

We fucked this way for 10 to 15 minutes and then he asked me if I was ready for my first load.  I begged for it.  He started pounding me harder then threw back his head, started to moan and then started unloading deep in my ass.  He stayed silent but kept his cock inside me.  After a few minutes he asked if I was ready to get started on the second load.  I told him I would take whatever he wanted to give me.  He pulled me down on my side, lifted up my leg and started plowing me sideways.  This isn't my most favorite position but he was the top, giving me what I wanted, so he was in control.  After another 10 minutes or so of this, he pulled out and told me to get on my back.  Pulling my legs up, he once more slid into my hole and resting my ankles on his shoulders, continued to fuck.  I do enjoy this position and unfortunately don't do it that often.  What I like most about it is being able to kiss they guy who is fucking me while he is inside of me.  That just raises the horny to another level.

After another 10 to 15 of this he pulls out and asks me to climb on top.  Doing as I was told, I climbed on and started riding his still rock hard cock.  I could watch myself in his mirror as I bounced up and down on his rod.  I'm not sure if it was his cock hitting me in just the right spot, the feel of the cum from his first load lubing my hole, watching myself as he fucked me or a combination of all three but before long, I started to feel like I was going to cum.  Keeping my hands off my cock, I tried to concentrate as usually after I cum, my hole shuts down.  Unfortunately the stimulation was more than I could handle and before I knew it, completely hands free, I was shooting a load across his chest and up to his chin.  I've seen video's of hands free cumming but never thought I would do it myself.  The puddle of cum on his chest proved otherwise.  His comment was "well, someone must be enjoying themselves".

As I came down from the orgasm,  I told him that since I had cum, I'm pretty much done fucking and climbed off.  I apologized that I hadn't taken his second load so he asked if he could at least shoot it on my ass.  I bent over the side of the bed and told him to go for it.  He started to jack his cock, rubbing the head against my ass and pressing it against my hole.  As he was doing this, I couldn't believe how much I wanted his cock inside me again.  I waited while he jacked, when he once more moved the head of his cock against my hole, I pushed back and once again, he was inside me.  He started fucking me again and while it was a bit more sensitive this time, it was still fucking amazing.  Just a few short minutes later, he shoved all the way in deep and started delivering load number two.  Great way to start off the week!

For day number 2, I decided to do some hosting and see how many guys I could get to cum over and deliver a load.  Weekdays are not the best time for something like this, but after the previous evening, I was still very horny and needed more cock.  Ads went up on A4A, Craigslist and BBRT.  Ended up getting responses from a guy from each of the sites saying they were free and could be to me shortly.  Hoping that things came together for a small gang bang, I sent the address to all 3 and waited.  Well as frequently happens with guys on line, 2 of the 3 were no shows.  The third however did come through.  This was the A4A guy.  Mid to late 30's, white, cute, and arrived ready to fuck.
As you can see, not very hairy but there was some.  I lead him to the bedroom and we stripped down.  I was only wearing a pair of running shorts so it didn't take me long.  Once he was naked, I told him to climb on the bed and I crawled between his legs and started working his cock.  It didn't take him long to get hard and once he did, he was about 7 inches with an average girth.  Once he was hard and ready, I went to the bottom of the bed, stood on the floor and bent over.  He came to me from behind and slid right in.  He pounded me for a while.  I unfortunately was a bit distracted because I was hoping the doorbell would ring and one of the other 2 guys would show up after all.  Unfortunately that didn't happen.  I pulled off his cock and climbed onto the bed on my back, put my ass over the side and lifted my legs.  He slid right back inside and once more started to fuck.  Within minutes, he grabbed my legs harder, shoved his cock in as deep as it would go and started to unload.

I had received emails from another guy from craigslist wanted to come over but wouldn't be able to until he finished work at 5.  I told him to hit me up shortly before then and I would let him know if I was still hosting.
Guy number one had been to me around 3pm so while I was waiting, I checked out a few web sites, watched a bit of porn and waited to hear from the CL guy.  Shortly before 5, he e-mailed me and asked if I was still hosting.  I had only had a very brief description from him from his first response so asked if I could at least have a cock pic.  He said he was driving at the time so needed to pull over to take one.  He sent me this:
I asked how long he thought it would be before he could be at my place.  He said he would be there in 20 minutes.  A half hour later, I thought I was going to have another no show but then the doorbell rang.  He was late 20's, blond hair but shaved close, stubble on his face and tattoo's on his arms.  He came inside and I dropped my shorts while he started undressing.  His pants and underwear came off first.  I bent down and started to suck his cock while he took off his shirt.  He was actually bigger than the photo lead me to believe, finishing out around 6 inches, full size head and nice girth.  While I was blowing him, he reached behind and started fingering my lubed hole.  Then completely unexpected, he pulled me up, dropped to his knees and started sucking me.  Most of the tops who come over make it all about them, and I'm perfectly OK with that, but this one kind of surprised me, maybe it was his age.

In any case, he was giving a very good blow job, so good in fact that if I had let it go on much longer, I would have been shooting a load down his throat.  Not wanting that to happen, I pulled him up, lubed up his cock and bent over to let him in.  This one also slid right in all the way.  The younger ones can really fuck.  They pound like the energizer bunny.  My hole was getting a real workout with this one.  After 10 minutes he pulled out and told me to get on my back.  I did and he once more slammed his cock in me and started to jack hammer my ass.  Another 10 minutes go by and he tells me to get up and bend over.  I do once more as I was told.  He slammed in from behind and asked me if I was ready for his cum.  I told him to please cum inside me.  With a final thrust, he slammed into my ass and let out a moan.  I could feel the jizz filling my insides.

He dressed and left quickly.  I could feel cum running down the insides of my legs while I was waiting for him to leave.  Once he was gone, I started to empty out and was very surprised by how much there was, this guy came GALLONS!  He must have been saving up for weeks!

Day 3 and I decided to give the baths a go.  I don't have a lot of experience with weekday afternoons so wasn't sure what to expect.  A buddy told me that between 4pm and 8pm is generally a good time so I took him at his word and got there around 4:30pm.  I checked into my room, lubed the hole, grabbed the poppers and did a walk around.  Unfortunately there were only about 5 other guys there at the time.  I decided to take my chances, went back to my room, propped open the door and assumed the ass up position on the bed.  Within minutes, I heard someone come down the hall and stop at my doorway.  When I turned around to see who it was, I saw a very tall, very thin black man standing there.  I invited him in.

I had seen him on my walk thru earlier.  Being the good bottom that I am, one of the first things I look at is a guys crotch.  What I noticed most about this guy was that there wasn't a bulge in front of his towel.  I wondered if he was one of those black guys that goes against the norm and had a very small penis or if he just didn't show.  When he came up beside the bed and dropped his towel, I was pleased to learn that it was the latter.  Soft he was about 6 inches and quite fat.  Once I started to suck, he came in around 9 inches and fat enough that my hand couldn't make it all the way around.  When he was hard and ready, he pulled out of my mouth and climbed on the bed behind me.  I grabbed a handful of lube and put it on his cock knowing I was going to need it.  Then I hit the poppers as he started sliding in.  As I have said before, I LOVE big cock!!!!  I love the fullness in my hole, you really know you have someone inside you when they are that big.
He didn't do much pulling out and plowing in, it was very short strokes and a lot of grinding but it did feel amazing.  He laid on top of me, put his arms around my chest and his head next to mine.  Because he was so tall, I could turn my head sideways and started to kiss him while he fucked me.  This seemed to really turn him on and he started to grind harder.  He then stuck his thumb in my mouth and while his cock worked my hole, his thumb worked my other one.  After a few minutes of this, he shoved his cock in as deep as he could go and silently, started to deliver a load of fresh cum.  Once he was done, he got up, slapped my ass and was out the door.

Traffic was very slow.  I could tell that a few more guys had arrived but still it couldn't be more than 10 tops.  There were 2 guys who appeared to be couple who got a room a few doors down from me that stayed inside their room with the door closed most of the time and when they did venture out, it was the both of them close together and within minutes, both returning behind closed doors.  Since it was close, I would have been able to hear if something was going on but there was silence from them.  I don't understand this with couples, why not just stay home if you aren't going to interact with the others in the club.  I just don't see the point.

In any case, about an hour had passed since my first visitor and load and I was about ready to call it a day when once more I heard someone come down the hall and stop at my door.  I looked around and saw another black guy.  This one was a bit heavier than the first but also looked a bit younger.  He came in my room and asked me if I suck.  I told him that I absolutely do.  He dropped his towel and climbed on the bed in front of me, pointed to his cock and told me to get started.  He was soft, about 3 inches but did firm up quickly to about 7 inches with average girth.  He instructed me to play with his nipples while I was sucking him.  Once more, I did as I was told.  Then he told me to turn around on my stomach and face the door.  He asked if I wanted his cock in my hole.  I told him yes please.  He pulled me by the hips into a kneeling position and slid in.

He wasn't as large as the first guy but he did fuck very well.  After 10 minutes or so of doggy, he told me to get on my back.  He pulled my legs up and slid back inside.  He looked me right in the eyes the whole time he fucked me.  He kept saying he didn't want to cum yet and would occasionally slow down when I knew he was getting close.  Finally he told me to get up, stand at the side of the bed and bend over.  Once more he entered my hole and started to pound.  Eventually he gave in and with very little sound, started to shoot he cum in my hole.  This one was a bit more chit-chatty when he was finished but eventually grabbed his towel and was out.

I left a short time later, traffic had slowed to almost nothing so I thought it was time.  But I still have 3 more days off to go so here's hoping for more cock and loads soon!


Sunday, May 4, 2014

An Evening at the Baths

After a quick walk around, there didn't seem to be many guys hanging out at the baths early this Saturday evening.  One older guy sitting on the stool in the hallway playing with his cock, a stocky guy smoking on the roof, a few others here and there, but not much else. On my walk through, I did go by the club entry and through the glass in the door, saw a line of 3 guys waiting to sign in.  With that, things were looking up.

I went back to my room to give the new guys a chance to settle in.  I watched a little porn and then opened the door and assumed the position on the bed with my ass presented to the open door.  It wasn't long before I heard someone come in and close the door behind him.  He came up and stood by my head.  I looked up and saw it was the older guy from the hallway.  His dick was pointing at me, already covered with a condom.  Unfortunately he was only about 3 inches hard, but hey, if he could get it in and keep it hard, who am I to complain, I am a dedicated bottom after all.

His hand reached behind and felt my already lubed hole.  He then climbed on to the bed and started to line up his cock.  I did hit the poppers but there really was no reason to have done it.  He didn't go in much past the opening and he couldn't do much actual fucking or he would fall out.  So it was more of a grinding type of fuck.  It wasn't terrible, more like being rimmed by a guy with a big tongue, but this really wasn't what I was looking for.  Plus he was wearing the condom.  When he pulled out, I pulled my legs together and laid flat.  He climbed off the bed and I told him I needed a break.  He took the hint, picked up his towel and was out the door.  Fortunately he did leave the door open so after a few minutes had passed and I was sure he was gone, I once more assumed the position.

I could hear the elevator ding on a fairly regular basis so I knew that a steady flow of guys were arriving.  I hoped that at least some of them were tops.  The traffic outside my door had started to pick up.  Most guys walked by quickly, one guy wearing flip flops walked by numerous times, and then 2 guys who where together (you could tell this because they were always taking) went by once or twice.  After the last walk by, I heard the couples footsteps stop at my door.  Then I heard one say "that hole looks pretty tight, I don't think he can take it".  The one closest to me said "that's why he has the poppers" which were sitting next to my head on the bed.  I wasn't sure what was on offer so looked around.  Inside my door was a guy about 6 feet tall, shaved head and face, furry chest, wearing a towel and looking at me intently.  Behind him in the doorway were 2 more guys I didn't get that good of a look at, my attention was all on the stud looking back at me.

I got up on the bed, looked him in the eyes and reached for what was under his towel.  His gaze never left mine.  What I felt under the towel wasn't something that was really impressive, it was soft, but I was hoping for more.  My new friend pulled off his towel and came around to the front of the bed, sat down, and spread his legs and told me to suck.  I knelt down with my ass up hoping that one of the guys in the door would take me from behind (they did not unfortunately) and started to work on his rod.  After he started to chub up, I knew that this was the cock they didn't think I could take.  He got to about 8 inches.  The head was fairly average in size but his cock tapered down so much so that by the base, he was fatter than my wrist.  Sucking him, my mouth would not go past mid cock.  I just couldn't open up further so my hand had to take over the lower portions, and even at that, I couldn't wrap it all they way around.

My new friend told they guys in the doorway that I was a really good cocksucker.  Then he asked me if I had condoms.  I had thrown away the condoms from the room when I first arrived so of course told him no.  He said he was going to get one and would be back.  He got up, grabbed his towel and was out the door, friends in tow.  After they had gone, a small middle eastern guy was left standing in my doorway.  He had a smile from ear to ear.  I motioned him in making sure he left the door open in case my new friend found a condom and came back.  His hands went to my neck and started to work their way down my back and ass.  I reached under his towel and started stroking his hard cock.

His cock was on the thin side, about 5 inches, but he kept pulling my hand away.  He then leaned in for a kiss.  Not a deep kiss, but a fairly light one.  He kept this up for a bit, light kisses, stroking my neck, back and ass, and pulling my hand away from his hard cock.  Then I saw my new friend and his entourage walk by my door, they looked in and kept walking.  SHIT!!!!  Not sure if the new little guy scared them away or not, but they were gone.  Eventually, the little guy also left so I once more assumed the position hoping that my new friend would return.

After about 10 minutes, I grabbed my towel and poppers, applied fresh lube to the hole and went to see if I could find the guys.  I didn't have to go far.  At the end of the corridor there is a room that has a full sized bed.  I'd been in it once or twice on previous visits, generally couples get this room when they are going to play together.  The door to this room was open and there was a group of 3 or 4 guys standing around watching what was going on inside.

I pushed my way through the crowd and stood in the doorway.  Inside was my new friend, standing by the bed, stroking his cock.  On the bed was one of his buddies who's cock was being sucked by the older guy with the small dick who had fucked me earlier.  When my new friend saw me in the door, he pointed at me and then pointed at the bed.  I went inside.  He pulled off my towel and told me to bend over.  The older guy got up and left, and he told his buddy to turn around so I could suck him while he fucked me.  I started to open the popper bottle knowing I would need a big hit for this one and the buddy said "take a big hit, you're going to need it".

Much to my dismay, my new friend had found some condoms and proceeded to put one on.  I bent over and started to suck the buddy.  I felt the cock head at my hole then heard a bottle of lube being opened and poured onto his cock.  Then he started working in.  I concentrated very hard to relax and for the first half of his cock, there was not a problem, then the bottom half started going in.  While it did hurt, and I did see stars, I did not want him to take it out.  Once he made it all the way in, he paused, then with his friends encouragement, started to fuck.  He did it slowly at first then started to pick up speed until his legs were slapping my ass with every inward thrust.  My legs were shaking the whole time he was fucking me.  His buddy had taken control of my poppers and was periodically giving me a dose.  I could see a group of about 5 guys in the doorway watching me get impaled on this monster.  I loved it.

Once I had gotten used to his size, the fuck was amazing.  While I do wish he was fucking me bare, just having this cock in my ass was worth it, covered or not.  He pulled out and told me to get on my back.  I did as requested and pulled my legs up with my ass hanging over the edge of the bed.  His buddy grabbed my ankles and pulled me up further.  Then once more, my friend slammed in and started fucking me hard.  He would pull out until he was almost completely out of me, then slam back in with a good bit of force.  He said that he would like to see me cum with him fucking me.  Unfortunately for me, that rarely happens and I truly didn't want it to happen as when I cum, my hole generally shuts down.  That didn't stop him from grabbing my cock and stroking it while he fucked me.

We fucked for the better part of a half hour.  When he finally pulled out, with my head spinning from the poppers, I told him I needed a break, picked up my towel and unsteadily, made my way back to my room.  All the poppers and the serious fucking I had just taken had made me a bit off balance.  In my room, I closed the door and rested for a few minutes until the feeling had passed.  I reached back and felt my tortured hole, I've honestly never felt it so loose.  I knew for the rest of the evening, I should have no problem taking anything that was presented to me.

Once I started to feel more steady, I applied some fresh lube, opened the door, and once again, presented my hole to the passer by.  I decided to keep my face down and just take whatever decided to come in.  I heard a guy come in, a hand started at my ankle, worked it's way up my leg to my ass then slipped a finger in my hole.  He fingered me for a few seconds then was gone.  A few minutes later, another guy walked in with an almost exact repeat of the previous guy but when this guy stuck his finger in, his nail scraped the side of my tunnel so I winced.  Honestly guys, if you are going to finger a bottom, trim your damned nails first!!!  I looked back and saw a pair of black legs.  At my wince, he also was out the door.

Another few minutes go by and once more I hear someone come in.  This time they close the door.  I looked back under my arm and saw a white guy with a very large tattoo on his leg.  He slipped a finger in my hole, I recognized it as the first fingerer who had come in.  I looked over and could see his reflection in the mirror.  I had seen him earlier on one of my walk arounds.  Really cute blond guy.  Great tribal tattoo on his shoulder and down one arm, really great smile, but had saggy skin around his middle.  He looked like one of those guys who had lost a lot of weight in a very short time and the skin had not bounced back.

He climbed on the bed and continued fingering my hole while stroking his cock.  I couldn't see it from my position but was hoping for a nice one.  Then once again, I heard a condom wrapper opening.  What was it with this night!  Was it safety night and no one had told me!?!?  Damn!  Soon the covered cock head was at my hole and working in.  I would say he was about 6 inches, fairly average girth, but after the monster I had taken previously, I'm not sure even a fat one would have felt big.  He fucked me for about 5 minutes until he started to pick up his pace, started to grunt and moan and then started loading the condom in my hole.  When he had finished, he pulled out, peeled off the condom, threw it in the trash, picked up his towel and was gone.

After he left, I got up and pulled the condom out of the trash.  There was cum in it but not a large amount.  I would have lubed my hole with it had there been more but that's the way it goes.  I once more assumed the position hoping that at least the next one would go bare.  A very short time later, I heard another guy come in and close the door.  I looked back and saw a black guy there.  He dropped his towel and came up to my head.  I leaned over to start sucking his soft cock.  Here I will give a little side note and a lesson for you other guys out there.  If you are planning to hook up either one on one or be a whore at the baths, be careful what you eat earlier in the day.  I'm not sure what this guy ate, but it was oozing from all of his pores.  There was definitely garlic in there but also numerous other things.  It was a very overpowering smell.  As I was sucking him, I could even taste it.  Fortunately he started to firm up quickly so I didn't have to suck it long, I'm not sure I would have been able to anyway.

He came around behind me and lined himself up.  At least he was going in bare.  He had a decent sized cock, small by black guy standards but larger than most other guys.  He was a good fucker and as long as I kept my nose and mouth in the pillow, I was good.  After 15 to 20 minutes of fucking, he pulled out and was gone.  Not more than a few minutes later, I once more heard someone come in and close the door.  Looking back under my arm, I saw another black guy.  This one was a bit older than the previous visitor, maybe mid 50's, but really well put together, well muscled, trim, nice looking guy.  He came to my head and dropped his towel also.  I started to work, no smell here thankfully.

He chubbed up a bit larger than the previous guy.  Close to 8 inches and nicely chunky.  He picked up the lube and applied it to his raw cock then came in behind.  All the way in on the first thrust.  And then he started to fuck.  And boy, could he fuck!  It felt amazing!  He would do a full in and out continually, teasing the opening of my hole each time he worked his way out before pushing it all they way back in.  This guy REALLY knew how to fuck!  I looked to the mirror and saw that he was watching himself fuck me, his dark skin contrasting to my white skin.  He got off more when he saw me also watching us.  It was beautiful.  How could I not.  We fucked for the next half hour and there was no let up from the intensity.  Finally he pushed all the way in and laid on top of me for a rest.  I told him I thought I needed a bit of a rest too, so he pulled out, picked up his towel and was gone.

Like the first big dicked guy, I needed some time to recover so closed the door and rested for a bit.  After watching a bit of porn, I decided to give it one more try and once more opened the door and presented my hole.  I told myself that I wasn't going to stay for much longer, if I heard 10 guys pass my door and no one came in, I would pack it up and call it a night.  I had heard about 5 guys walk by.  Then I heard a guy come in and close the door, I looked back and saw black legs.  Then I noticed the smell again.  As he dropped his towel and came to my head, I told him I needed a break for a bit.  I'm not usually one to pass up cock, but I simply could not do it again.  He picked up his towel and left.

Once more I again presented my hole with the same criteria, that if I heard the 10 guys walk by and no takers, I would be out.  This time I didn't have to wait for 2.  My last guy came in the room and closed the door, looking back, the final was also a black guy.  This is really odd as the baths don't usually get a large black crowd but here I was getting ready to start on my third.  Not that I'm complaining.  He was tall and thin, maybe mid 20's.  

This guy, like the previous 2, dropped towel and came to my head.  He was soft, about 5 inches, so I started to suck.  He responded quickly.  He maxed out at almost 10 inches.  But better yet, it was fat!!!  Once hard, I couldn't get my mouth past the head and could not get my hand all the way around.  If I hadn't taken 5 cocks before this one, it might have been a problem, but I thought I was ready.  He lubed himself up and came around behind me.  His cock head felt like a fist at my hole.  Then he started working in.  It was a LONG trip!  Once inside, he started long dicking me.  I tried to stay on my knees most of the time ensuring he could have the best access to my hole and get as deep as he would like.  Another amazing fucker!  After fucking for another half hour, I asked if he was going to give me a load.  He said he didn't want to cum yet.  A short time later, he said he needed a break and was gone.

I could have stayed and tried for more but I had already had 6 guys fuck me, 2 of which were monsters.  3 white guys, 3 black guys, 3 condoms, 3 raw.  It was a VERY good night indeed!