Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Door Open - Taking Loads

I wasn't going to put up an ad today.  There were many other things that needed my attention but something, just something, told me that I should.  Ads went up on BBRT, Craigslist and A4A.  I wasn't really expecting much, although I did really need some dick in my hole.  An unsuccessful trip to the baths a couple of nights prior hadn't done a thing to fill the need.  One fuck with a guy with a microscopic dick who insisted on using a condom and one more later that was great until he uttered the dreaded words, "I just got here, I'm not ready to cum yet".

First guy to respond was a regular.  I've talked about him in a couple of other posts.  He works near where I live and can usually swing late afternoons if I'm around.  He is mid 40's, shaved head but very hairy everywhere else.  Cock is not really long but it makes up for it in girth.  Here's his pic to refresh your memory:

He responded that he could be at my place within the half hour.  He told me if I could find another top to join him, he'd be up for it.  I tried, I really tried.

In any case, he showed up, I did my duty of sucking him off until he was nice and hard then climbed aboard and road him like a bronco, he and I always seem to start that way.  From there, I moved to the bottom of the bed and leaned over.  He climbed off and came from behind.  He slid right in and started to fuck me hard.  Not more than a few minutes later, he was shooting his load inside.  I clamped down as he was pulling out not to loose any of the precious juices he left inside.  On his way out, he wished me luck finding others.  Turns out he was my good luck charm!

Next 2 responses were from Craigslist.  First was a black guy, just sent a pic of his cock and asked the address.  Normally I try to find out a bit more information before I extend an invitation, not that I'm all that picky by any means, I just like to know who is coming over.  This time, as I had advertised for complete anon, pump and dump, I just responded with my address.  His cock pic is here:

He responded that he was on his way, GPS said 5 miles.  With traffic, I estimated about 1/2 hour.  While this was transpiring, I was also getting e-mails from another guy, this one white.  He attached a dick pick, asked if I had any loads in and if there were any guys on their way, he wanted to tag team.  I told him the previous guy should be there in about 1/2 hour and that if he could make it in time, they could both fuck me.
His pic:

Nice and veiny piece of meat.  He responded he was on his way and if timed well, they should be to me at the same time.  The black guy arrived first.  He was mid 20's, very cute, seemed like a really nice kid.  Sort of mohawk hair and glasses.  I invited him in and took him to the bedroom.  I dropped my clothes, he dropped his jeans and underwear then climbed on the bed. He asked if I had porn, told him I didn't and asked if he could watch some on his phone, I told him to be my guest.  I got to work on his soft cock.

He hardened up quickly.   He came in around 8 or 9 inches and nicely fat.  He was much bigger in person than in the pic he sent.  While I as sucking, he asked me where I liked to take the loads, I told him inside me. He asked if I liked them in my mouth or ass, I told him I would take either but preferred in my ass.  He asked how many loads were in there now, I told him just one but hoping that would change soon.

I had just moved to the bottom of the bed and bent over and he was just starting to slide into me when there was a knock at the door.  Poppers spinning in my head, I didn't hear it.  He pulled out and said that someone was knocking.  Quickly getting up, I went to the door to let in top number 2.  Early 40's white guy, blondish hair, former football player body, and VERY cute!  I told him to drop his clothes and join us in the bedroom. I went back and assumed my position at the bottom of the bed.  The black cock once more slid inside.

The black guy was long dicking me when the white guy joined us and came around to the side of the bed where he could complete the spit roasting.  I sucked on his hardening cock while the black dick pummeled my ass.  The black guy didn't say much but the white guy was VERY vocal.  He very much enjoyed my oral action while watching the black monster slide in and out of my hole.

Time to switch, the black guy pulled out and the white guy, who came in around 8 fat inches also (Yeah for me!!!) took his place and slid right inside.  He pounded my hole for another 10 to 15 minutes until it was time to switch again.  The black guy once more took his place and within moments of entering me, started blowing his considerable load inside.  When he pulled out, I could feel it running out and down my balls, dripping off on to the floor.  The white guy once more took his place behind me.

He once more slid right inside my now very well lubed hole.  The black guy climbed on the bed and let me clean the cum and ass juices from his cock while the white guy continued to fuck me.  Once more within minutes, the white guy started to moan and was shooting his load to join the other two already inside.

It' not often that one can get something like this to work, but this was amazing!  Both of the cocks were of considerable size and both guys delivered considerable loads.

I checked my e-mail once more after they left to see if I had received any other responses.  The only e-mail waiting was from the black guy saying how fucking hot that was!  I responded any time.  He asked if any other guys were coming over, I told him I was still trying.  He asked if he could come over again now.  Well now, who am I to say no!  Got to love the young ones who recover quickly!  Five minutes later, he was back at my door.  Back to the bedroom, I once more bent over the bed.  He pulled out the phone to, I guess, put on his porn so I asked him if he wanted to film him fucking me.  His eyes lit up and like a kid on Christmas morning, he said "can I?".  Of course you can my friend.

This fuck was much longer than the first.  He long dicked me most of the time, pulling almost all the way out before taking the long trip back in.  He then had me put my knees up on the bed and plowed himself in deeper.  A good 20 minutes later, he was blowing another load up my cummy hole.   After he pulled out, he spread my hole apart and said "I've got to take a picture of this".  He sent it to me later.  This is my well used hole:

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