Monday, November 19, 2012

There's More!!???

It was a relaxing Sunday. By the evening however, I was ready for something a little less relaxing, and by that I mean I needed a cock in my ass. I checked the usual places on line and not much was going on so tried an ad on Craigslist. I advertised for a guy (or guys, more is always better) to come over, strip down, fuck me, blow a load in my hole then leave. Simple. Easy. No strings. Fun! Within a few minutes of the ad going on line, I received 2 responses.

The first was from a guy who said he was close by and was looking for a private glory hole to fuck a hole thru. I responded that I didn't have one but he was still welcome to come blow a load. After a few e-mails back and forth where he couldn't understand why I wouldn't make one for him, he was checked off the list.

The second response was much better. He sent me a dick pic in the first e-mail (as was requested in the ad but funny how people can't seem to read). His e-mail was simple, one comment, "nice ass" (the ad featured a pic of me, ass up). I responded just a simply, "nice cock, want to fuck"? He replied that indeed he did but usually hosts and asked if I would mind coming to him. Since it makes no difference to me where I get fucked, I told him that I definitely could. The next e-mail included the address.

A short time later, I was parking in front of his building. I rang the bell, and was buzzed inside. A voice called to me from the 2nd floor and on the landing, I saw a shirtless guy. He was close to 6 feet tall, dark hair, shaved face and furry chest. Inside his apartment, he lead me to the bedroom and we both stripped down. After a little kissing, I went down on my knees and started to suck him. He wasn't huge, maybe 7 inches cut, trimmed pubes, average sized balls, but he got hard very quickly.

We moved to the bed, he lay on his back and I climbed on top. After a little more kissing, a little more sucking, a little nip action, I reached for the lube. I greased up his cock and my hole, took a big hit of the fresh bottle of poppers, then climbed on top and started to impale myself on his rod. He slid inside easily. I rode him for a good while, then asked him to take me from behind, doggy. I climbed off, got on my hands and knees, pushed my ass up and presented my hole. He moved behind me, I again hit the poppers, and his cock was once more in my ass. This is by far my most favorite way to get fucked and I was enjoying every minute. My face buried in the pillow. After a few, he leaned forward, grabbed my shoulders and pulled me up. At that point, for the first time, I saw the mirror above his headboard and saw him watching himself fuck me. It was so fucking hot!!!!

About 10 minutes later, with my encouragement for him to breed me, to fill me with his load, he announced he was cumming and soon after started filling my hole with his jizz. Here's where it got interesting. It's not unusual after a guy cums for him to leave his dick inside me which I will continue to work milking out every drop of cum. He was no different and did stay inside me and I work it I did. Then he started fucking me again! Twenty minutes later, he was still fucking me, my hole juiced up with his cum and slurping each time he thrust in! We changed positions a few times with me on my back with my legs in the air, laying on my side with my leg wrapped around his, me on my stomach, me back on my back, doggy again, and then back to me on my stomach. I didn't know what was happening but I was certainly enjoying every minute!

After another 10 to 15 minutes, he asked me if I wanted another load. What a silly question, of COURSE I did! Once more, he complied and started shooting another hot load of cum up my ass.

By this time, both of us were sweaty and panting. Even though I didn't want him to, this time he pulled out and rolled over. I told him that was fucking amazing and asked if he can usually cum twice? He said that normally he can do it more than just 2 times but was a little tired. He said he had a boyfriend once that after 6 times, begged him to stop. I said I can only hope I get to experience that too.

Here is the cock pic he sent me. Really nice rod! Feels even better inside! Can't wait to ride it again!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Raw Weekend

I don't know why it is, but weekends are always hit or miss when it comes to getting some dick. Sometimes they seem to be lining up outside the door and you are almost turning them away. Other times, there doesn't seem to be a hard one around for miles. In any case, you can't call a weekend a weekend without a nice good hard fuck. Unfortunately, this one didn't quite deliver.

After a busy day on Saturday, what I needed more than anything to help me relax was a nice, big, hard cock filling me up. After a bit of searching, I finally got hit up by a guy from BBRT looking for some fun. He has hit me up time and again in the past but it always ends up in endless emails where nothing ever materializes and I move on. This time, he was a bit more persistent. Things seemed to be going in the usual direction, until he sent me his address and told me to come over. The hole was clean and ready so lube and poppers in hand, I was out the door and on the way.

He was a bit on the younger side, mid 20's I would say, younger than my usual type. He had a little meat on his bones and was furry on his chest, stomach and lower back. As I may have said a time or two, I LOVE furry men. Unfortunately in the dick department, he was quite a bit on the small side. His profile listed his dick as average. I guess it's all in what you compare it to. This was tiny at best.

Anyway, hoping he was a grower, we quickly stripped and got down to business. He wanted to spend some time making out before getting down to the deed which I'm mostly OK with. That is with the exception of when it's getting late, I'm not really all that into you, and I'm fucking horny as hell! Laying on my back on his bed, he was on top of me and I was wondering how many times I had to thrust my hips up toward him and wrap my legs around his ass before he would finally take the hint that I wanted to fuck! Ultimately I had to take matters into my own hands. I flipped over on my stomach, arched my back pushing my ass in the air and finally, he took the hint. He lubed himself up, lubed my hole, without rimming me first I might add, very disappointing. I hit the poppers then he started working his way in. That didn't take long obviously. He wasn't a grower either.

Now he wasn't a bad fuck, the only problem was that his dick kept falling out. While I like a full in and out motion, I prefer it to be a bit more planned and not happening because I turned a half inch to the right. Ten or fifteen minutes later, I had his load, not very deep. He wanted to cuddle, I daresay I believe he thought I would spend the night! I told him I needed to call it a night, grabbed my clothes and was out the door. He was a very nice guy, but I don't think it will be happening again.

Saturday was such a dissappointment I wasn't even planning to look for anything on Sunday, but when a fuckbud hit me up saying that he was horny and wanted my hole, actually velvet tunnel was the word he used, how could I refuse. FB has a room mate that is also a top so I was hoping to get more than one, but you can never count on him joining in. Both were there when I arrived but the room mate was not in the "mood" so it was only one load for me. DAMN! FB knows I liked to be rimmed before getting fucked and then not much else other than getting him inside me. He did not disappoint as usual. We started missionary (my favorite!) with me hitting the poppers all the while, then changed to me flat on my stomach, then over on my side with one leg on his shoulder. FB did not fall out. A much too short time later, with my legs thrown up over my head, his load was blasting inside me. I kept watching the door hoping that room mate would hear us playing and get horned up, has happened in the past, but not this time. DAMN AGAIN!

Two fucks, two loads. Sure I would have loved to have more, but I'll take it.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Two Bottoms

Last weekend I was chatting with a vers bud of mine. I was hoping for one of our play dates but even though I wished otherwise, he was in the mood to bottom. It's only on the very rare occasion that I would actually top, not that I haven't done it many times and don't enjoy it, I am just truly a full time bottom with all my focus on getting my hole filled. Since I knew he wasn't going to be swayed, I started checking around to see if anyone else may be out there looking to top.

I put an ad on Craigslist and BBRT and waited for a response. I got an email a short time later from a guy who was a failed hookup a few weeks ago. Back then, I had an ad up on CL and he had responded. He was very interested in fucking a bareback bottom, hadn't done it before, and after the address exchange, said he was on his way. Before he got to me, I had another response. This guy wanted to come over right now so I invited him. The second guy showed up quickly, we got naked and then right down to business. 10 minutes later, his load was in my hole. Just as the second guy leaves, the first guy sends me a text saying he is outside of my house. I tell him I have a nice, sloppy, cummy hole for him to fuck. Much to my surprise, he immediately gets turned off and says he is leaving. What the Fuck!!! I actually heard the car door slam and saw him drive away!

Over the next couple weeks, I would receive e-mails almost daily from this guy asking if I was looking. Seems he still wanted to bareback a hole but didn't want sloppy seconds. Since my bud wasn't up for topping, I took the chance, sent this guy an e-mail and invited him over. He must have been waiting for this because he responded almost instantly that he was on his way. Much quicker than the last time, he showed up. I suspect he is married but neither he nor I brought it up. I should have looked for a ring, but I was occupied by other things. We quickly got down to business. He was a nice looking guy, blond, mid 30's, furry (just the way I like them) with a 6 inch cock. I blew him to get him nice and hard then turned around and presented him with my hole. I applied a little lube to myself and then to his cock and quickly hit the poppers. His cock brushed my ass briefly, then he started in. His style didn't have a lot to do with the in-and-out, it was mostly always all the way in with him grinding his hips and moving around inside me a bit. It wasn't the best fuck I have ever had, but 10 minutes later, his load was deposited.

While we were fucking, I got a response on BBRT from this guy interested in getting together. I responded, he opened his pics, mid 40's, bald, nice and furry, and the cock, while not really long, looked REALLY fat! I asked if he wanted to come over, told him I already had a load in me and he gave me the response I usually come to expect. He was VERY excited to fuck a cummy hole! For some reason, on a whim, I asked if he would be interested in fucking 2 bottoms that afternoon. He said he was definitely up for it so we confirmed a time and I sent directions.

Next I hit up my vers bud and told him to get his ass in gear, we were getting fucked! Vers bud arrived at my house about 20 minutes before the top and we got things started by played around a bit. He actually got my hard cock in his ass briefly, and while it did feel very good, I was waiting for the monster top that was on his way.
Our Top

Finally, the top arrived. My bud and I got him stripped down quickly. He was better looking in person, very nice hard body, furry over most of it. Nice goatee on his face and really pretty light blue eyes. My bud and I took turns alternating sucking him off and kissing him. Soon he was rock hard. My bud was concerned with how fat the top's cock was, he didn't think he was going to be able to take it. Certain that I wasn't going to have a problem, I convinced him to go first. The top laid back on the bed, my bud applied a generous amount of lube to his ass, hit the poppers hard and started to impale himself on that fat fuck stick. His eyes rolled back up into his head and the look of pleasure on his face was not to be believed. I let him ride that fat cock for 10 minutes then I tapped him on the shoulder and told him it was my turn.

I had already applied the lube while my bud was taking it, so I took a hard hit of the poppers and climbed on for a ride. It was a fat!! It felt SO fucking good!! I road him for a while then decided it was time to change positions. I went to the bottom of the bed and bent over, I told my bud to do the same next to me and we both presented our holes to our top. For the next half hour, the top went back and forth, taking turns fucking us both, mixing our ass juices into each other. It was so fucking hot!! My bud started begging for the load and the top looked at me, his eyes asking what to do. I told him to load him up. I am not known for passing up a load willingly but I already had one in me today. Generous of me, wasn't it. A short time later, he blew a huge load up my bud's hole.

We laid on the bed, kissing and cuddling for a bit, then my bud said he needed to cum. He got on his knees and started furiously jacking his cock. A few minutes later the cum started spurting and covered both me and the top. We were a cummy mess.

We will definitely be doing this again.

My First Doublefuck

Like so many gay bareback bottoms out there, it has always been a fantasy of mine to take two big cocks in my ass at the same time. I've tried numerous times in the past to make this happen with postings on Craigslist or BBRT to no avail. I was beginning to think that it would remain a fantasy and nothing more. I would just have to make due with the few DP videos I love on Xtube. Well don't they always say that when you least expect it.......

It was a Sunday evening a few weeks ago, it was getting late and for some reason, before going to bed, something made me log on to my BBRT profile. I hadn't been on line for more than 30 seconds when I get a message from a young guy, we will call him IP, that I had hooked up with once at an adult bookstore. He is early 30's, very trim, dark hair, usually some sort of facial hair, hairy chest and stomach and a very nice 8 incher. He fucked me in a booth at the ABS and whored me out to the other guys in the place so my hole could be loaded before he himself blew inside me. I hadn't heard from him in a while so I was a bit surprised to get a message from him so quickly after logging on. I clicked on his message to see what was up.

His message was simple and clear, "do you want me and KK to fuck you tonight? KK is another guy from BBRT whom I have hooked up with in the past. He lives about an hour drive from me so it isn't exactly convenient to pay him a visit as often as I would like, but when I can, WOW! He has a HUGE cock, a fat 9 inches, and better yet, really knows how to use it. He is late 50's, painfully thin, bushy brown hair and goatee. On first seeing him, you would think he is a total prick, but in actuality, he is a very sweet guy. And he is a total top. He had told me once on one of my visits that he had hooked up with IP. I asked him if they tag teamed a bottom (wishing it was me), but he said no, he had fucked him. Odd since I thought IP was also a total top, but I guess that shows what the lure of a big hard dick can be.
KK's Cock

I had been on line earlier that evening trying to find a fuck so I was already prepped and ready. I responded back to IP that absolutely I was interested and to let me know if this was definitely going to happen! I sent a message to KK also just to make sure he was up for it and knew what was being planned, he was. I do a quick change of clothes, grab the lube and poppers and I was out the door.

Forty minutes later (yes, I drove fast), I was pulling up in front of KK's house. I had no idea at this point if IP was there or was still coming since he had signed off not long after our messages. I could only hope that he meant what he said. I rang the bell. It was soon answered by KK, completely naked, with his huge cock swinging between his legs. He let me in and having been there a few times previously, I knew where to go. Up the stairs to the bedroom. I had to hit the bathroom before we got started. It's just past the bedroom and when I walked by, I looked in and there I see IP, naked, laying on the bed. His beautiful furry chest and stomach on display along with a full beard and best of all, his rock hard cock at full attention. This was going to be fun!

IP's profile photo

After emptying the bladder, I went back to the bedroom and dropped my clothes. KK had joined us in the bedroom by that time and was busy putting some porn on the TV. I climbed on the bed on my hands and knees, stuck my ass in the air, and started working on IP's hard cock. While I was doing this, KK grabbed a handful of lube and started greasing up my hole getting things ready for the action. KK soon replaced his hand with his 9 inch hard cock and slowly started to slide his way in. I took a quick hit of the poppers and my head started spinning. I was in pig heaven, I had a 9 inch raw cock plowing in my ass and another 8 incher down my throat. Who could ask for more!?

KK really started thrusting. He likes the full in and out, pulling out until the head is almost out of the opening and then plowing all the way back in one stroke. IP decided he wanted a better view to what was going on in my hole so he pulled out of my mouth, got out from under me and moved to the back of the bed where he could see that pole working my hole. KK pounded me for a while then pulled out. I couldn't see what was happening, but having a pretty good idea what was coming next, I hit the poppers again. Soon I felt the head of IP's cock brush my hole. He didn't enter me slowly, it was one full stroke right to the pubes. It was amazing! For the next half hour, IP and KK took turns pounding my ass. At one point, IP told me that he was close to cumming. I told him to back off a bit and slow down, I wasn't ready for this to be over yet. I had been thinking that this would be a good opportunity to make my fantasy finally come true and was waiting for the time to bring it up, him cumming too soon would not let that happen. Well as it turns out, they had something more planned also.

When IP finally pulled out, I turned to them and said I wanted to try to take both of their cocks at the same time. KK just smiled at me and said that was what they had been planning all along. I know I had a smile from ear to ear. Our first try was with IP on his back. I climbed on top facing him, grabbed the headboard and slid myself down onto his rod. I leaned forward and KK came up from behind. He lined up his cock to join IP inside. I took a deep hit of poppers and waited to be filled. Well as I have said, KK is pretty big around, and unfortunately try as he might, we just couldn't get it to go in. This called for a change of plans. There was no way I was going to let this opportunity pass.

I told KK to get on on his back, I climbed on top of him, and slipped him inside me. I grabbed the headboard after another big popper hit and leaned slightly forward. IP came in from behind. I felt the head of his hard cock press against my filled hole. I concentrated and tried to relax, took another big popper hit and leaned a bit further forward. Before I knew it, I felt his cock head slip in past my opening and start to work his way in to the base. I felt his pubes meet my back. The neighbors had to have heard my screams. They weren't from pain but from the most indescribable pleasure I had ever felt! I've been fucked by guys with big cocks, this didn't feel anything like that. It was the feeling of being the most full I have ever felt. The waves of pleasure that were washing over me were unbelievable! IP started working his way in and out and my screams of pleasure continued. I don't know how long this went on but however long it did, it wasn't nearly long enough! Both big hard cocks stretched my hole further than it had ever been stretched before. All too soon, IP pulled out, I rolled off KK and collapsed on the bed, panting.

They didn't let me rest for long. IP turned me over and again lined his 8 incher up with my hole. After once more sliding in, he made a comment to KK that it was much looser in there now. Yes, go figure. A few minutes later I could feel him tensing up, he started to pound me harder and then I could feel his balls that had been slapping mine pull up. Soon thereafter, I could feel the cum start filling my hole around his thrusting cock. It felt like he was cumming gallons! When he pulled out, KK took his place at the well fucked, well used and well lubed hole. With his fat cock, he pushed IP's cum deep inside me. Then using IP's cum as lube, started fucking. KK can last a long time, we have had times together where he has fucked me for more than an hour. I thought he was going to make me wait for my second reward but within a few minutes, he too started to thrust harder, grunt and moan and then I started to feel the second big load start to fill my ass. He collapsed on top of me with his cock still inside to the base. He continued to grind mixing his cum with IP's and making sure I had both of them inside me nice and deep.

When KK finally pulled out, he commented on the amount of cum that leaked out of my ass. It took a while for me to catch my breath and we all three laid naked and spent on the bed. This pic isn't us, I wish I had thought to ask them to at least take a photo, but this at least gives you the idea of what it looked like.

Getting Started

I've been thinking about doing this for a while so finally, decided to give it a go! I'm an insatiable bareback bottom living in the Burgh. I've been having some great adventures, so much so that I just can't keep them to myself and thought it would be fun to share them with the world and have others start enjoying as much as I have!

I will be posting my experiences in the search of cock and cum here for anyone who would like to read and enjoy. And hey, if you want to jack a bit while you are reading, be my guest! I'd love to hear about it afterwards! If any of my tops send me a pic or if I happen to make video to go along with the experience, I will post them here as well. You can also see some of my videos on xtube. I'm cgm23 there. I may also relive some of my past adventures if things happen slow down a bit.

So here we go!!! Sit back and enjoy! I hope you like what you see!