Sunday, August 10, 2014

Video Booth

It was time to try something different.  I've been to video booth's before, I can't say they have ever been a great success so I don't frequent them often.  However a friend convinced me that one that he frequents is usually pretty good so I decided to give it a try.

The parking lot was not busy so I didn't have high expectations.  I went inside, paid my money and got my handful of tokens.  I hadn't been to this one before so did a scout around prior to settling in somewhere.  There are 2 floors and a maze of booths on each.  Some of the booths were microscopic, others provided a bit more space.  There were maybe a half dozen guys around, ages from early 40's to I would guess 70's but most on the younger side.  A few were good prospects, others not so much.

I picked a booth on the 2nd floor mostly because it had a glory hole in it and believe it or not, I've never used one before.  I took off my shorts, lubed up my hole and waited.  Guys walked by and peeked in but nothing.  After about 20 minutes of this, I was about ready to call it a day when I heard a guy come into the adjoining booth.  I leaned over and could see a pair of plaid shorts and nothing more.  He put a large amount of tokens in the video machine and stood there.  I kept waiting for his cock to come out but it did not.  A few minutes later, he was out the booth.  Within a few minutes, I heard another guy enter.  Within seconds, a cock was coming through the hole.

It was on the small side but really smooth and smelled really clean.  I couldn't see anything of the guy on the other side, only had his cock out through his zipper and nothing more.  A few minutes of sucking and it wasn't  getting any harder.  Not seeing that this was going anywhere, I pulled off and stood up.  He left his cock in the hole for a bit longer then pulled out and was gone.  I'm not really sure, but I think it was the old guy I had seen earlier.

A few minutes later, I heard someone come into the booth again and again I saw the plaid shorts.  More tokens in the video and then he reached inside his shorts and pulled out his cock.  He started to stroke it a bit then turned and pushed it through the hole.  I went to work.  This one did get hard and after a brief few minutes of sucking, a load of sweet cum was shooting down my throat.  Not really where I wanted it but I would take it.

When he left, traffic on the floor died down so I decided to try the downstairs.  Rounding the first corner, I saw a hot guy I had seen earlier.  Dark hair, about 6ft tall, very solid and scruff on his face.  He was SO my type!  We made eye contact and he turned and went into a booth leaving the door open.  I walked up to the booth and he was dropping tokens in the video, his cock already out of his pants.  He told me to come in and close the door.

Fortunately he had picked one of the larger booths and I reached out and grabbed his cock.  It was soft, average girth but it was long.  I bent over to suck it.  It tasted so good, fresh but musky at the same time.  He pulled me off for a brief moment to remove his shorts completely then told me to take mine off as well.  I went back to work.  He instructed me to squeeze his balls while I sucked him and when I did, he let out a huge moan.

He pulled me up and started jacking his 7 inch cock.  He told me to turn around, he wanted to see my ass.  He started rubbing his hard cock on my ass and then up and down my crack, teasing my hole.  He said he was going to cum and asked me where I wanted it.  Before I could answer, he said do you want it on your ass?  I said yes, then he said do you want it in your ass.  More enthusiastically I said yes again!  His cock quickly shoved its way inside and immediately started shooting his load.  He said thanks, I pulled on my shorts and was out the door.

 Not quite ready to be done yet, I made a loop around once more.  There was one other hot guy there, early 40's, shaved bald, nice muscular build, and seemed very intense.  I stopped outside a booth and he walked by, we made eye contact and then he kept going.  I watched him go down the stairs, turn left and was out the door.  There weren't any other guys around that interested me so I thought I would call it a day also.  In the parking lot as I was getting in my car, I saw the bald guy walking around his.

Not thinking anything of it, I started the car and got ready to pull out.  As I was doing this, the bald guy walked towards the back of my car.  When I saw him there, he turned and went back towards his car.  Wondering what was up, I stopped and watched him go.  He walked passed his car and continued across the parking lot.  The parking lot is isolated with forest around 3 sides.  At the corner of the lot, I saw him take a path and disappear into the woods.  I put my car in park, got out and followed.

The path was a road long since used.  There was a large pile of rock and dirt blocking the entrance that wasn't hard to get over.  I went a short way up the road and saw him past a bend through the trees.  He was stopped.  I continued on, rounded the corner and there he was.  I stopped and he made a loop around me then stood still.  His hand went to his crotch as did mine.  I moved toward him and replaced his hand with mine.  I could feel a hardening cock through the cloth.  I unbuttoned my shorts and let them drop to the ground.  He unbuttoned his, pulled his underwear down slightly and left it up to me to pull out his cock.  He was already rock hard.  I stroked it a bit as he reached between my legs and his fingers went right to my hole.

He let out a bit yes, then turned me around.  I bent over as his face went to my ass and he started to eat my hole.  I'm sure he tasted the previous guys cum there and lapped it all up.  Then he stood up and slid inside.  At first he was just all the way in and moving it around.  This went on for a few minutes before he pulled out and went back to eating.  I'm sure he was enjoying the cum that he had just pulled out.  Then back up and once more he shoved inside.  After a few minutes of pumping, he started to shoot his load deep inside my hole.  Cum was running down my legs as I was leaning over to pull up my shorts.

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