Saturday, June 13, 2015

A Week Off - Continued

So Thursday rolls around and I'm still feeling horny.  However this time I want something a bit more specialized.  I haven't had any black cock in a while, it's about time I had some.

First I hit up a guy who had responded to my ad the previous day.  He hadn't responded until quite a while after I had wrapped things up but I held on to his e-mail.  I sent him a message and asked if he was available today.  He responded that his girlfriend was around but would be leaving soon.  Few e-mails back and forth and then he comes back with "my girlfriend is getting suspicious, I don't think I'm going to come".  Great, another flake.  I responded back extolling the virtues of my hole and how much he was going to love it.  He responded that he was on his way.

He was black, maybe early 40's, very small frame, very thin.  Usually this is an indication that he has a big cock, unfortunately this time that theory didn't apply.  When he was naked, he was soft.  Maybe 3 inches but the head was much larger around than the base.  Then he asked me "what do we do now?".  I answered his question by starting to suck his dick.  He hardened up quickly to about 6 inches and the mushroom head got much bigger.  I pulled off and he said "what do we do next?".  I told him it was time for him to fuck me.  I lubed my hole, lubed his cock, took a hit of poppers and turned around and got on my knees.  He came in behind.

With little hesitation he started to fuck.  It was a bit of a shock when the mushroom head went through my hole for the first time, but after that, it was smooth sailing.  I thought his questions were a bit odd but just chalked it up to him being an odd one.  Then mid fuck, he proceeds to tell me that I am the first man he has ever fucked and in fact, I'm the first man he has ever been with.  I wasn't sure if he was telling the truth or not but decided then and there, I was going to give him a fuck to remember, he would think about my hole every time he fucked his girlfriends pussy.

I met every thrust with my own, making sure he got into me as deep as possible.  I worked my ass muscles to squeeze his cock just right and just at the right times to make it feel good for him.  I also spewed forth a profanity laced commentary.  I'm not generally that verbal, but he seemed to get off on it.  I begged him for his cum.  He obliged.  After he had cum, he asked me if he should leave it in or take it out.  Really?  I told him to leave it in as long as he wants.  He finally pulled out, got dressed and was gone, very little chit chat.  I asked how he liked fucking a man.  His response was "well, it made me cum so it must have been good".  I'm not sure if that was a compliment or not.

Next I hit up a black guy from BBRT:

The cock looked very nice!  He said he was in the middle of a workout.  I asked if he needed a little cardio in his workout, if so, he needed to come over an fuck me.  He responded that he would be there within the half hour.

In less time than that, he rang the bell.  I greeted him at the door, naked of course.  He is very attractive, maybe late 30's, early 40's.  His body seemed more worked out than his photo so he must have been at it good.  His cock was semi-hard.  About 7 inches with a downward bend.  I started to suck.  He firmed up in around 8.  He asked me to suck his balls, I did as I was told.  He asked me to suck his nipples, again I did as I was told.  This guy liked a lot of oral.  He would stare into my eyes while I had his cock in my mouth with a look of hunger in his eyes.  We moved to the couch and he sat down.  I went back to work.  Then he pulled out a bottle of poppers and took a big hit.  At that point the animal was unleashed!  He pulled me up to him and fiercely kissed me while his hands went to my ass.  Then he pushed me back onto the floor, pulled my legs up over my head and slammed his cock into me to the hilt!  I barely had time to hit the poppers myself and with the pounding that had begin, I had to be careful not to spill them up my nose.

He was relentless.  The fucking was intense.  Sweat was pouring off both of us.  And still he continued to pound my ass.  A good half out later he announced that he was cumming and ropes of his juices started squirting up into my insides.  When he pulled out, I was spent.  But of course that didn't mean I was done.

Lastly, I got hit up again from the guy from the previous day who said he would fuck me but only with a condom.  He asked if I was hosting.  I told him I was but it was still bareback only.  He said he could be there in half hour.  I told him to come on over but to remember, bareback only.  I left the door open for him so he would come in and find me ass up hoping that was enough to make him fuck me from the start.  Photo:

When he arrived, he walked in and I was ass up and lubed as promised.  He stripped down and told me to come over there and get him hard.  Like the good bottom I am, I did as told.  I started to suck, he hardened quickly and then not 30 seconds into my blowjob, he announced that he was cumming.  I immediately pulled off his cock and told him no, not yet!  Just as I said it, ropes of cum started squirting out of his cock all over me.  While that was hot, it really wasn't where I wanted it.  Makes me think he had no intention of fucking me,  Especially if he can cum that quickly.

Come Friday, I decided to give the naked lunch at the bathhouse a try.  I haven't been there at lunch time in years, long before I became a dedicated bottom.  What I remembered was a bunch of very old guys walking around in saggy towels and sunning themselves on the roof deck, their ball sacks hanging down between their legs.  And while I have had a few memorable experiences there at the noon hour, most notably riding the bare cock of a hot furry younger dude while he sunned himself on the roof deck surrounded by all the guys who were also sunning themselves giving them quite the show, most of the time it was unmemorable.  I was hoping things had changed.

I arrived around 12:30, mid naked lunch time that runs from 11am until 2pm.  I didn't see anyone on the walk from checking in to my room.  Inside, while I was changing, I did hear a few guys walk by on their way to the dark room and maze.  Wanting to try to catch them as soon as possible, I lubed the hole, opened the door and crawled on the bed ass up, poppers in hand.  Less than a minute later, I heard footsteps that stopped right outside my door.  I turned slightly and saw that it was a very tall, thin, black guy.  He was rubbing is cock through his towel.  I reached back and started fingering my ass.  He didn't move.  Finally I waved him in.  He closed the door behind him.

He didn't come to the top of the bed where my head was so he wasn't looking for any help getting hard.  I heard him jacking his cock as soon as he had dropped his towel.  Moments later, he climbed on the bed behind me and started sliding in.  I had prepped myself with quite a few popper hits prior to him going in just in case he was a big boy (I hadn't actually seen his cock when he dropped his towel).  It was a good thing I had used the poppers, he was a big boy, quite girthy and the trip into his pubes was a long one.  When he was finally pubes deep, he started to fuck.  And he fucked hard!  Relentless pounding.  This was a real workout for my first cock of the day.  Then he reached around and pinned both of my arms to the bed as he continued to rape my hole.  I couldn't move my arms so I couldn't re-load on the poppers, but no matter, I was enjoying what he was doing immensely!  

I was dripping sweat.  So was he.  I looked in the mirror, watching his ebony, sweaty, glistening body fucking my very white ass.  It was a beautiful picture.  Just as I was getting to the point where I was feeling a bit confined and needed my arms free, he announced he was cumming and with little noise, started dumping his babies inside me.  He collapsed on top of me, sweaty chest to sweaty back, then got up, grabbed his towel and was gone, leaving the door open for me.

I had barely a minute to recover when I heard another guy walk by and stop at my door.  This one required no invite, just came in, leaving the door open behind him.  He came to the top of the bed and dropped his towel.  He was semi hard, about 6 inches with a slight downward curve.  White guy, maybe early 50's, bit of hair but not really that much.  I sucked.  He enjoyed my work.  He firmed up at a little over 7 inches with a nice girth.  When I pulled off, he reached for a dreaded condom (I was in such a hurry when I got there I forgot to get rid of them from the table) and started sliding it on.  It was a tight fit for him, he really could have used a larger size.  I lubed him up, applied fresh lube to my hole and hit the poppers.  He came in behind.  He liked me in full doggy style and kept pulling me back up if I started to go down a bit.

While he was fucking me, another guy came into the room.  He stood by the side of the bed watching the show.  Mr. Condom asked if the guy wanted to get in there.  I didn't hear his response, but condom guy pulled out and climbed off.  He then got to his knees and started to suck the new arrival.  I just put my face into the bed waiting to see if I would get number three.  When condom guy stood back up, I waited to see if the new guy would also join the condom brigade.  Happily, he did not.  He climbed behind me.  My first idea of how big he is was when he started sliding in.  He wasn't very long, maybe between 5 and 6 inches but he was beer can fat!  I will take girth over length any day!

Condom guy had left at some point, once more leaving the door open behind.  New guy liked me doggy also so I stayed in place while he fucked.  It wasn't a hard fuck but it wasn't gentile either.  Very steady, very deep on each thrust, fucking fantastic in my hole.  I asked if he liked fucking my hole, he said he loved it.  I asked him if he was going to breed me.  No response.  Again I asked him if he was going to shoot his cum deep inside me.  No response.  Right after that however he pulled out.  He didn't move off the bed so I looked into the mirror to see what was happening, he was furiously jacking his cock.  He jacked for almost a minute when he hurriedly let go his cock and slammed it back into me, right after which he started to moan and all his cum started shooting up my insides.  I thanked him before he left.

I couldn't believe it.  I had been to the club for less than a half hour and had already been fucked by 3 guys and taken 2 loads.  This was a pretty damn good lunch!  To cool down a bit, I decided to take a walk around and see what was happening.  Maybe 25 guys around, most on the roof sunning themselves, a few others here and there throughout the club, mostly around the wet area.  On my way back to my room, I took a turn into the dark room.  The next guy was leaning against the wall, his towel laying on the shelf and a quite old gentleman was stroking his cock for him.  I moved to the platform and sat down.  I pulled my towel off and started rubbing my cock.  Not sure why but the old guy straightened his towel and left, maybe he thought I was too much competition:).

Shortly after the older guy left, the other guy came to me from his place against the wall.  He reached for my cock just as I reached for his.  He was only about half hard at this point, older guy wasn't really doing his job correctly it seemed.  He was about 5 inches semi hard.  White guy, some fur, but the dark room was SO dark I couldn't really see much more.  I got off the platform and on to my knees and started to suck.  While I was sucking, he asked if I would rub his balls.  I did as directed.  Further into the blowjob, he asked if I would squeeze his balls.  Once more I did as told.  When I thought he was ready, I pulled off and asked him to fuck me.  I turned around and bent over the platform.  He slid in behind.  While he was fucking me, he instructed me to continue to rub and squeeze his balls while his cock slid in and out of my ass.  Both he and I LOVED it!!   When I heard his breathing start to get more heavy, I really started to squeeze his balls.  That was all it took, he started unloading his copious cum into my hole.  Fucking sweet!!

Back in my room, I had just barely climbed on the bed when I heard another guy walk in.  I didn't turn to see who it was, he closed the door and I heard him at the base of the bed.  I heard a towel drop and then he climbed on behind me.  His finger went right in my hole feeling the 3 loads that had already been deposited.  His finger came out and his cock went in.  He wasn't very long but he did make up for it in girth.  He fucked me hard!  Pushed me down flat on the bed, pulled my hips up giving him better access and fucked me hard!  All too soon he stopped and pulled out.  After he had left, I reached back and felt fresh cum all over my hole.  Another silent cummer.  I pushed everything that was on the outside to the inside to join the DNA of the others already inside me.

Traffic had slowed a bit and I was considering calling it a day, a very successful day, but tried another walk around to see if there was anything left to be had.  Once more in the dark room, there was a bear of a guy I had seen earlier on the roof.  His towel was covering his cock at the time so I couldn't see what he had, but here, he was naked.  I reached over and grabbed his dick.  He did the same to me and we started stroking each other.  I moved us to the platform and pulled my legs up hoping he would take the hint.  As I was doing this, another guy walked in and came to the side of the platform to watch.  I reached over and reached under his towel.  He was small but he had a very large PA at the end of his cock.  The PA was shaped like a barbell and was longer than his cock.  When they were both hard, I laid the rest of the way back and threw my legs in the air.  The first guy grabbed his towel and left, I think he was hoping I was going to fuck him.  Mr. PA moved between my legs.  I started feeling the cold steel of the PA on my hole.  Then it started sliding in pulling his small penis behind it.

He didn't fuck me long, less than a minute but with his PA still inside me, his cock slightly outside, I felt cum start hitting my hole.  After he pulled out and left, I once more fingered all that was there inside.

Later that evening, I felt a lot of pressure so in the bathroom, I let loose.  There was more cum that came out of my ass than I have ever seen!  It was a very good lunch!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A Week Off

A week off from work.  Lots of extra free time to get things accomplished that are difficult during the normal day to day rat race.  However it also allows for some free time for some extracurricular activities.

Early in the week, ads were placed and the wait began.  It was a Monday so I didn't expect a large response,  Received a couple of flakes, couple spam emails (I don't get these at all as they are usually from women), and only one that I would consider inviting over.  He listed himself as mixed race, cock about 6 inches.  No other information.  I was only interested in one thing anyway and while 6 inches is fairly average, it's by far not small.

After the cock, the main thing I noticed about this photo was the deplorable condition of his bathroom floor!  Where on earth did this guy live and has he never heard of a mop?  For God's sake guys, pay attention to the background of your photos!

I had left the door open.  I was on the living room floor, my hole was lubed and I was ass up snorting poppers when he walked in.  I thought I would have a bit of time while he undressed but he simply pulled out his cock, already hard, and started fucking me completely clothed.  This is kind of hot considering I was completely naked at the time.  It was an average fuck, average cock, average penetration, but a huge load!  At least there was a reward for me at the end.

I'd also been chatting with a guy on BBRT.  We had been messaging for a few weeks.  He doesn't live near me so hooking up was difficult.  Mid 40's, moderately hairy, 7 inch cock is what his profile says.  Photos:

He loves to fuck a freshly loaded hole.  And I had one to offer him.  Problem was he was at work and his way home was not anywhere near where I was.  I kind of dropped it then, told him that we would make it work out sometime.and signed off.

I wasn't going to let him get by so easily.  I had a pretty good idea where he worked and it was really only a few blocks from the baths so I made the decision.  After I checked in and got to my room, I logged back on to BBRT and sent him a message that I was at the bathhouse and he should come join me.  Mere moments later I got a response asking how he would recognize me.  I responded with my room number and told him I would be ass up and waiting.  He said he was on his way.

Hoping to give my friend a bit more in me than one load, I went in search of another before he arrived.  I found it in the dark room.  As I have posted previously, it is frowned upon for the employees of the baths to hook up with the patrons, but nevertheless, it has happened a few times in the past.  How can you be surrounded by all these naked or half naked guys and not want to participate?  I was standing in the dark room, the only one there at the time.  The maintenance guy comes in.  He makes a show of looking around on the floor for spilled loads or used condoms and then goes into the maze.  I thought he was checking things out there also but then moments past and he didn't come out.  Time to explore.

It's dark in the maze, VERY dark.  I went to the wall with the glory holes, felt in each, nothing.  I made my way further into the maze and could barely make out a figure standing in the corner.  I approached him, reached out and felt his cock which was out of his pants on display.  It was semi hard so I bent over to chub him up some.  When he was fully hard, it filled out around 5 inches.  Kind of on the small side but I was looking for the load, not the size.  I stopped sucking, stood up and turned around and bent over.  His cock was immediately in my ass.  A very unremarkable fuck but it did deposit a load, a very silent load.  I didn't even know he had cum until he pulled out and I reached back and felt the cum.

Back in my room I got a message from my new friend that he had just checked in.  I didn't bother with any more lube since there was a fresh load of cum in and on my hole.  I just assumed the position and waited.

It wasn't a but a few minutes before a really hot guy walked into my room, said hi, stood by my head and dropped his towel.  He is mid 40's, very full salt and pepper hair, full beard, fully hairy chest and stomach, untrimmed hair around his cock and balls, he was my absolute dream!  I said something I don't quite remember, I was too busy looking at this naked god before me to have much thought other than I want to suck on that cock and then have it fuck me.  It took me a little to notice that he had left the door open, I absolutely fucking LOVE that!!!  I am such an exhibitionist whore!

With my sucking, his cock came to attention very quickly.  He was of average width but about seven inches in length.  I was going to have some fun with this one.  When he climbed on the bed behind me, my hole quivered knowing that that beautiful cock would soon be inside.  He slipped in.  It felt fucking amazing!  As he started to fuck me, I looked to the mirror to see what we looked like.  It was beautiful, this beautiful hairy God plowing my ass and giving me more pleasure than should be allowed.  One of the passerby came in to watch, I don't blame him.  All too soon, he slammed into me hard and started pumping his babies into my ass.  I wanted him to stay inside until it got hard again, but it was not to be.  He pulled out, left his place for the guy that had been watching and was out the door.

Unfortunately the guy that had been watching was simply that, a watcher.  He ran a hand along my ass and was out the door.  I waited a few minutes to see if someone else would stop by then put on my jock and took a walk.  The club wasn't busy.  Maybe 20 guys tops.  Most didn't seem to be really looking for much.  After the full walk around, I made my way to the roof.  I wasn't there more than 30 seconds when my new friend followed me out the door.  I apologized for not saying something to him before he left and thanking him for the fuck and his load.  He asked if the other guy fucked me, I told him unfortunately he did not.  I then reached under his towel, grabbed his cock and said "I hope you will fuck me again tho".  He said absolutely!

We started to kiss.  I played with the hair on his chest and his nipples while stroking his hardening cock.  The boy was a very good kisser.  He dropped his towel and I slid off the jock, we were both standing naked on the roof, making out and stroking each other's cocks.  Another two guys came out the door and went to the far side of the roof.  They chatted and took discreet peeks at us when the opportunity presented itself.  I bent over and started to suck.  It didn't take long and he was fully hard again.  I turned around, bent over the lounge chair and presented my hole to him.  Un-lubed and without a popper hit, he once more slid inside me.  The feeling of being outside, completely naked, while a hot guy is fucking your ass is more than I can describe.  The breeze blowing across my skin just added to the sensuousness.  I asked if he was going to give me another load, he said he was but wasn't ready just yet.  We fucked on the roof for at least 15 minutes before he pulled out and picked up his towel.

Unsteadily, I put on my jock and went towards the door and stairs.  He followed.  I went down three floors to where my room was, again he followed.  I unlocked my room, once more took off the jock and he walked in.  Once more, he left the door open.  I laid back on the bed on my back.  He dropped his towel and climbed on top of me.  He started playing with my cock and my hole as he stroked himself with his other hand.  Every now and again, he would bend over for a deep kiss before continuing his work.  Then he lifted both of my legs, put them on his shoulders and once again slid inside me.

This position is not my most favorite, I really prefer doggy, but I have to say that with my legs up, his cock ripping into my hole and looking into his striking blue eyes, I couldn't imagine being anywhere else.  Thirty to forty minutes later, he was blowing another load inside me.  He apologized that it took so long for him to cum the second time, I told him he could have gone on for however long he wanted.  I want to see this guy again.

Two days later and I was feeling the need for cock again.  Ads went up in the morning, this time specifically looking for a black raw cock.  Received a quick response from a guy not that far away.  I responded and a few e-mails later, I was on the way to his house.  Let me say here that my ad was pretty clear.  The title said I was looking for Raw BBC.  In the body of the ad, I said that I was looking for BB and that bareback was the only option, no exceptions.  He told me to pull up in front of his house and email him, he would come down and get me.  The house was a very nice, very well kept Victorian.  I sent him an e-mail and told him I was there.

A few minutes later, a mid-thirties black guy, very scruffy, walked down the street, past my car, past the house, then turned around and started walking back where he had come from.  Because eye contact had been made, I figured this may be the one.  I got out of the car and started to follow.  He abruptly stopped, turned around and asked if I needed something.  Embarrassed, I apologized, told him I was waiting for someone and thought it was him.  Back in the car I sent another e-mail to the guy to say once more, I was here.

The guy on the street made it a few houses down, turned around and started walking back towards me.  At my car, he came up to my window which I wound down.  He asked if I was the bottom.  I told him I was.  He said to follow him.  He walked slightly in front of me, definitely not to the house with the address he had given me.  He said that his room mate was home so we would have to wait until she left.  I asked how long that was going to be.  He said that she was supposed to leave any minute.  He said we could also go to my place, this had been a discussion we already had and I was not driving him to my house only to have to take him back later.  Then he asked me if I was clean.  I told him that I most definitely was.  He asked if I was sure.   Really!?!?!  He said he was going to fuck me with a rubber because he didn't know if I was telling him the truth.  I stopped mid walk and told him I would not and that if he wanted to use a condom, he was not fucking me.  I turned and went back to the car.  He did not follow.  By the time I had made it back to the car, he was no where to be seen.

The ads were still up and soon after returning home, I received another message.  Responded that he was 33, mixed race, 6 inches and needed to drop a load.  Pic:

      At this point, I just needed cock.  Address was sent.  He responded that he would be to me in about 20 minutes.  When he arrived, he was true to his specs.  A bit stocky but I have no problem with that.  When he dropped his shorts, his cock was already rock hard.  Love that!  I briefly sucked just to get a taste and then bent over.  The hole was pre-lubed and he slid inside.  He didn't move much, very short strokes, not much pulling out and plowing back in.  After 10 minutes or so of fucking, he pulled out and his fingers took his cocks place.  I don't generally like fingers, but have to say that this boy did a good job with them.  He gradually increased the amount of fingers that were inside me.  When he got to four, I pulled off.  Laying flat on my stomach, he replaced his fingers with his cock.  Not a few minutes later, his load was being shot inside me.

So this is the first part of the week.  Wonder what the rest of the week has in store.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Hotel Cum Dump Party

I wanted to write this last night when I got home while it was still fresh in my mind but I was completely worn out and my hole was throbbing, in a very good way.

All in all, with the last minute requests, I had about 30 guys respond to my party ad saying they would or wanted to cum.  I expected actual attendance to be around 8 or 9 and if I got that, I would consider myself lucky.  I don't know how the guys that get 20 or 30 tops to show up do it, you would have to have around 100 respond to get anywhere close to that number.  I had 8.

I arrived and had the door unlatched at 5:00 pm as promised.  The door was one of those ones that didn't have a good way to stay open and unnoticed so fortunately I had brought some tape with me where I could tape the latch down so it wouldn't lock.  And I waited.  The first guy showed up a little before 6.  He was 33 (as I would learn later), very trim, glasses, nice sprinkling of body hair and a really nice cock.  Not fat, but a perfect combination of length and width.  I would say he came in around 7 1/2 inches.  I climbed on the bed while he undressed.  My hole was already lubed so I just took a hit of my fresh bottle of poppers.  He came up behind me and after a few slaps of his cock on my ass, he was sliding in.  We noticed very quickly that the bed in this room was quite a squeaky one so we moved to the side, me bent over the bed, him behind me.  Alternating fucking soft and gentile to hard and fast.  The perfect opener.  He apologized in advance if he came too fast but said he would stick around if he did and give me another load.

Just as I think he was getting close, the door opened and another guy came in.  I think my fucker was a bit startled because any orgasm that was starting quickly stopped.  Although the fucking did not.  New guy was maybe late 30's, very bearish, COVERED with a thick coating of hair.  His cock was only about 5 inches long but it was very fat.  Once naked, new guy stood beside my fucker and they started making out.  Made no difference to me, they could do what they wanted as long as there was a cock in my ass.

Before long, my fucker asked the new guy if he wanted to trade places.   My hole was empty for about 10 seconds when the 2nd, much fatter cock slid inside.  He was a pretty steady fucker, not much change in speed or intensity but it did feel fantastic.  They tag teamed me for a while and then the first guy asked the second if he wanted to double fuck me.  I had hoped this would happen this night but didn't really expect that it would.  Before I knew it, the first guy was lying flat on the bed, he told me to get on top of him with my back to his face.  I slid him inside me and leaned back.  I pulled up my legs exposing my cock filled hole and then guy number 2 started sliding in.  My first experience with double fucking was awkward at best, this time, not at all.  I felt bad for the guy I was laying on feeling like I was crushing him, but from the sounds he was making, he was enjoying it as much as I was.  With 2 cocks inside me, it hurt, but in a really good way.  I really felt stretched to the maximum and it was amazing!  They both fucked me this way for more than 10 minutes, which for double fucking, is a long time.

After the double fuck, the guys were again taking turns on me when another visitor arrived.  This one was a bit older, maybe early 60's, a bit on the short side, but with an amazing body, especially for someone his age.  Well muscled and not an ounce of fat.  And best of all, he had a 7 inch cock hanging between his legs, and that was soft!  Turns out that the first guy and this guy knew each other, exchanged pleasantries then guy number 1 started telling guy number 3 what a great hole I had and how much he had to try it.  However the first 2 guys didn't give him a chance for a while, but he seemed to be enjoying watching from every angle while his cock got harder and bigger by the second.  When he was at his full hardness, he came in around 10 inches.  Not really fat but also not thin, one of those cocks that is just the perfect width.

New guys turn.  I was a bit concerned because sometimes the guys with really long dicks will bottom out on me making me scream in pain and my eyes water.  But something about the way this guy fucked me never made that happen.  He liked long dicking and that certainly was a lengthy fuck.  With guy 3 fucking me, guy 4 arrived.  I'd seen him around before, maybe mid 50's, bearish but not heavy, very furry, but with a face that looked like he had a hard life.  He spent quite a bit of time stripping down while the 3 guys took turns on me, putting on a cock ring then a jock.  When he finally came to the bed, guy number 1 was fucking me and I was sucking guy number 2.  New guy dove between guy number 2's legs and started eating him out.  Then I noticed the smell.

In a couple of my previous posts, I have commented on this.  I don't know what it is but it smells like a mixture of garlic and funk.  And he reeked of it!  I found myself burying my face in a pillow just to drown out the smell.  Guy number 2 was enjoying the eating out but the other 2 guys were avoiding him like the plague.  When guy number 2 again took his turn on my hole, the new guy just sat on the floor at the side of the bed watching.  It was kind of creepy.  But I had more important things on my mind.

I moved to the side of the bed and guys 1 thru 3 joined me.  They alternated on who was fucking me when I looked over and guy 3 was also bent over the bed and guy 2 was fucking him.  I had made it pretty clear that I was to be the only bottom and that all cum belonged to me when guy 1 and guy 2 decided to switch and any ill will I felt towards guy 3 was quickly gone.  I have ALWAYS thought it was amazingly hot when 2 tops alternate and take turns on 2 bottoms.  It's just one of those things.

Guy number 2 delivered his load inside me then said he really needed to go.  I climbed on top of guy number 1 who was laying on the bed and we started to make out as guy number 3 slid his long cock inside me.  I lost all sense of reality with guy 1's hot mouth on mine (he was a fantastic kisser by the way) and guy 3's huge cock pounding my hole.  So much so that I didn't even notice guy 4 get dressed and leave.  Just then, guy number 3 started delivering his load.  This guy is an amazing fuck.  After he left, guy 1 who was still hanging around (and that's a good thing) told me that guy 3 was actually much more of a bottom but because his cock is so big, everyone wants him to fuck them so he has learned to be a top also.  

There was about a break of 1/2 hour while guy 1 and I laid on the bed, chatted and every few minutes he would fuck me again.  Mid fuck, the door opened once more and another bear type walked in.  He was maybe mid to late 40's and a bear in every sense of the word.  Heavily bearded face, gut sticking out but not so that it made him look fat or out of proportion, covered with thick salt and pepper hair.  Cock only about 4 inches but again, it was fat.  When he joined us on the side of the bed, I was on my back with my legs in the air with guy 1 fucking me once more when guy 1 asked guy 5 if he wanted a turn.  And then the dreaded thing happened.  He pulled out a condom.

I was pretty clear in all of the ads that I placed that this was a raw, bareback, bb, breeding party.  I was kind of shocked he had brought a condom.  I briefly thought to tell him I can't do condoms, they do bunch up and hurt when guys use them on me, but then thought after all the fucking I had taken so far, I most likely wouldn't even be able to tell so let him at it.  Mr. Safety plowed in.  And when I said his cock was fat, it was an understatement.  As full as I felt with both guys 1 and 2 inside me at the same time, this guy felt the same.  Fucking amazing!  Condom or not!

As guys 1 and 5 were taking turns, guy number one freaked a bit because he said the door had opened about half way then quickly closed.  He was concerned that someone saw something that they should not.  At that time, my face was buried in the bed and he was on he knees fucking me from behind so had full view of the door.  Guy number 5 went to the door, opened it and looked out, no one there.  Still not really sure what it was but for what happened later, I had a clue.

Anyway, fucking continuing, and once more the door opens.  This time 2 guys come in.  From a response that I had received, I knew they were a couple.  One shorter, husky, blond, cute face, the other taller, thin, dark hair and not bad looking himself.  Both guys stripped down and blondie came right over to the side of the bed to watch the cocks slide in and out.  He firmed up very quickly, another fat 5 incher.  The guys offered him his turn and he took it with relish.  And not a gentle fuck by any means, quite powerful and quite intense.  It felt wonderful.  While he was fucking me, the door opened one more time and a shorter, very thin, ethnic looking guy came in.  Guy number 5 and the dark haired partner were standing at the base of the bed, the new guy 8  pulled out his cock.  Very small, and very thin.  I turned back to watch hot blondies face as he fucked me.  The next time I looked back, guy number 8 was gone.  I asked what happened, the other guys told me he started sucking the dark haired partner, promptly blew his load across the carpet then zipped up and was gone.  No matter, I don't think I would have felt him in me anyway.  But I did worry a bit about the stain on the carpet.

I was on my knees on the bed, guy 1 was almost standing on top of me fucking intently when he finally started shooting his considerable load inside.  Right after that, blondie dove in and within minutes, he also was delivering his load.  His partner came in for very sloppy thirds and yet another load delivered.  Finally safety guy finished himself off jerking at the side of the bed.  Damn, load lost but I did get to lick up what he shot onto guy 1's chest.

As the last three guys got dressed and ready to leave, guy number one once more was hard and started fucking me again.  Goodbyes were made, the 3 left and mid fuck, the phone rang.  Guy 1 pulled out and I answered.  No one there.  Something smelled fishy.  I told guy 1 that I was going to take the tape off the door.  It was closing in on the time I said I was finishing anyway but something told me I should do this.  Minutes later, there was a knock on the door.  I looked through the peep hole and the manager that had checked me in hours earlier was there.  I opened, the door, peeking around the side.  The manager, who actually had a very nice smile,  asked if I could step outside the room for a minute.  I told him I could not as I was naked at the time.  He proceeded to tell me that there had been a complaint that there was a sex party going on in my room.  Now none of the guys were loud, at all, and the walls at this hotel are pretty thick so my thought went immediately to when the door had opened and closed quickly earlier.  Obviously someone was walking by, some prim old granny most likely or some homophobic bigot, saw the door taped open, heard some noises coming from inside, pushed it open and got an eye full.  The manager, who turned out to be very cool, said everything was no problem, just try to keep it down.

Guy 1 and I laid on the bed, cuddled a bit and enjoyed the post party afterglow.  As we were chatting, my hand slid down his torso, found his cock and started to stroke it.  He quickly responded and before I knew it, my legs were once more in the air and he was plowing my very well used and cummy hole.  After depositing one final load, he laid beside me again.  Then said there was one other thing he wanted to do and moved himself down and started to suck me.  I don't really need to cum when I'm getting fucked, just feeling those cocks in my ass is pleasure enough.  I didn't think I would but I hardened up and before I knew what was happening, I was blowing a load down his throat.  When I was done, he came up and gave me a very wet and cummy kiss.

So even though it was only 8 guys, I consider it a huge success.  6 of the guys fucked me, 7 loads were delivered and I was fucked almost constantly for 2 1/2 hours.  As I was driving home, my hole felt sore but a very good, very well used sore and cum was leaking out into my shorts.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

A Little More Practice

So I know in yesterday's post I said I most likely was going to try to save up for my hotel open door today, but that didn't quite work out.  I ended up going on line and sending out a few texts to see who was available and looking to fuck.

Got a number of responses looking for times other than when I was available and some more that wanted to fuck with a condom instead of bare.   Sometimes if the guy is hot, the cock is big and everything was working out, I would accept, reluctantly, the condom, but this time I wanted only loads.

First guy was one of my regulars.  We  have been fucking for a number of years, lately he seems to only want to come over when there is going to be another guy there.  For those that have seen my xtube videos, he is featured in a few of them.  Mid 40's, solidly built, and nice big cock.  He is also the one fucking me in the last photo I posted yesterday.  In any case, he responded back that he was so fucking horny and had a 4 day load built up so it didn't matter if someone was there or not, he was on his way.

I usually just leave the back door open for him and wait, lubed, naked, ass up, on the bed.  He comes in, strips on the way to the bedroom and arrives naked and hard.  We fucked.  We fucked hard.  I did a lot of the thrusting this time, he was stationary and I pushed myself back against him.  He loved it.  When I finally pushed back pushing him deep inside me, he started to blow.  He wasn't lying when he said that he had saved up.  When he eventually pulled out, I reached back and my fingers were covered with his cum.  I licked them clean.

Second I hit up the guy from another of my previous posts, the one with the mirrors all over his play room.  I arrived at his place, walked in and he was already naked on the bed.  I came in, dropped my clothes and started to suck.  He fingered my hole while I did this, licking the cum from his fingers as he did so.  When he was hard and ready, I climbed on top of him, slid him inside and rode him like a bronco.  It was so hot looking around and seeing myself in all the mirrors riding his cock.

We moved to doggy and he fucked me like a champ.  When he eventually stopped, I asked if he had cum and he said that he did.  I told him I hadn't heard anything, he said he is usually silent.

Good practice, I feel well trained.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Getting Ready

Not sure if I am going to do any fucking today as I'm saving up for my open door hotel cum dump tomorrow (have about 25 guys who responded that they are cumming, which in on line terms means maybe 8 to 10), so in the meantime, since I don't do this often, I thought I would put a few photos of myself, at least my ass, and me getting fucked on here for you to enjoy.  Comment and let me know what you think!  And if I break down and get some cock today after all, I will be sure to let you know about it.