Saturday, September 20, 2014

It's Black and White

The ad had not been up for long, he was my first response.  The ad was on Craigslist and I was looking for raw cock and a big load, but more specifically raw BLACK cock.  As the responses started to arrive, I focused on one in particular.  He responded as being late 20's with an 8.5 incher and had a huge load to drop.  More of the appeal was that he wasn't far away so there would be no long waits while he was fighting traffic.  This is the dick pic he sent:

As I had hoped, it wasn't a long wait.  He was tall, thin with longish dreads in his hair.  And he wore glasses which gave him a bit of a bookish look also.  I lead him to my bedroom and dropped my clothes.  He took a long time about undressing, not sure if he was shy or if this was just something new for him.  Once he finally was naked, he climbed on the bed and I went to work on his slightly hard cock.  The bend you can see in the photo is even more noticeable in person, about 3 inches from the tip, it made quite a bend to the left, or right I guess if you were looking at it from above, I wasn't.  He kept encouraging me to deep throat him.  Unfortunately with the bend, it was making it very difficult.  Soon I decided enough was enough, pulled off, bent over the side of the bed and told him to come at me from behind.

His cock wasn't overly fat although it was long.  More often I prefer the girth than the length.  As he fucked me, he kept hitting bottom.  I tried moving into different positions so that it didn't happen as frequently and wasn't as uncomfortable.  I just couldn't make it work, maybe that had to do with the bend also.  In any case, 10 minutes into the fuck he started blowing a load inside me.  Afterwards he pulled out, dressed and left.  As fucks go, not all that spectacular.

Having been freshly loaded, I placed another ad on BBRT asking for anyone wanting sloppy seconds. Didn't take long before I was hit up from this white guy.  He listed himself as 6'4".  Cock as large. Was 27.  Said he loved cummy hole and wanted to come over now.  Address was exchanged, photos opened and a short time later, he was on his way.  His private pics were all pretty hot but this was by far the best:

Nice hairy body and a decent cock which I learned later, was soft in this photo.  When the doorbell rang, I could see his full head in the window at the top of the door.  Normally since you have to step up to go through the door into the house, I can only see the tops of guys heads.  This one was taller than I had expected.

He came in and I took him to the bedroom also.  Knowing that he really loved cum, I had some frozen cum that I had been saving so before he got there, I broke off a few pieces and slipped them inside to make sure things were extra slick.

The first thing he did was bend over for a long and passionate kiss.  As we were kissing, clothes were being taken off.  He was removing mine,  I was removing his.  When we were both naked, I bent over to take him in my mouth.  He was a big white boy.  Stood out about 7.5 inches and was nicely fat.  His cock was uncut, and at the base, it flared out a bit more making it fatter than the head.  I couldn't wait to get this in me.  I pulled up and reached for the lube.  As I was doing this, he bent over and started sucking me.  I don't come across many tops that will do this, but this one did.  He sucked me while I lubed my hole and got myself ready.

Climbing on the bed and presenting my hole, he grabbed some lube to slick himself up, then started sliding in.  This is the cock I was hoping for!  The deeper he went, the more his widening cock filled me up.  When he hit base, I was stretched pretty far.  But it felt SO fucking GOOD!!!!!  I started fucking myself on his rod, sliding myself up and down as he stood at the base of the bed.  Soon he took over and was thrusting deep.  Occasionally he would stop, pull out, run a finger over my hole which I'm sure was covered with cum and lick his fingers.  Then after the snack, back in to the base and full on fucking.  I asked if he liked that cummy hole, he said he loved it.

After 20 minutes or so of fucking, he once more pulled out then started to eat out my ass, licking every drop of cum he could find along with my ass juices.  I tried pushing more out for him which he quickly cleaned up as well.  When he finally stood back up and thrust himself back inside, it wasn't long before he was shooting his load deep.  I didn't want him to pull out so I wrapped my legs around his to keep him in place.  Eventually he softened and slipped out.  I immediately dropped to my knees and cleaned his cock with my mouth making sure he was once more spotless.  This was an amazing fuck!


  1. I would love a fuck like the white guy gave you. So nice. Thanks.