Saturday, January 26, 2013

Saturday Afternoon at the Baths

Was planning on a lazy Saturday but by mid morning, was starting to feel the need to get something in my hole.  Went on line and not much was happening, hit up a few FB's but none available.  Put an ad on CL and got a response but something about it just sounded off so I passed.  So what else is a horny bottom to do when he needs a fuck and there isn't anything around?  Why, go to the local baths' of course.

Saturday's are typically hit or miss at the club and I was hoping for a hit, actually hoping for more than one hit of truth be said.  Cleaned out the hole, grabbed the poppers and lube and I was off.  Parking around the club was pretty tight so I was hoping it was a good sign.  Unfortunately it wasn't.  After checking in, I went to my room, undressed, lubed up, grabbed the towel and poppers and went off to explore.  After a full loop, only 5 guys total.  3 were in their upper 70's if they were a day.  One guy in is 40's wearing a t-shirt and boxers.  And a black guy also wearing a t-shirt and boxers. 

I tried cruising the 2 younger guys but quickly realized they were bottoms as well.  Things did not look good.  I decided to just go to the dark room, climb in the sling and hope for the best.  Guys both young and old filtered in and out of the dark room but not a one paid me any interest.  I still gave it a 15 minutes shot but decided that I would just go to my room, be a bit more comfortable, and see what happens.  Back to the room, I laid on the bed, ass up, applied a fresh batch of lube to my hole and waited.  20 minutes later, nothing.  One old guy kept standing in my doorway, I don't know if he was expecting a show or what, but I pushed my ass in the air higher figuring if he can get it up, it's better than nothing.  But he too wandered off.

A short time later, I heard the sound of fucking coming from down the hall.  I couldn't tell at first if it was live or from one of the TVs but quickly came to realize it was live.  I grabbed the towel, key and went off to see what was up.  A small group (3) was gathered outside the door of a room at the end of the hall.  Inside the room, was the black guy from above being fucked by this very tall, thin, black guy with a dick that must have been 12 inches!  It was hot to watch, but I really couldn't see much so walked away.  What I hadn't noticed was a new guy, mid 40's, hanging outside the door also.  He walked away shortly after I did and as I briefly paused at my door, he walked by and our eyes met.  He continued down the hall to the dark room and of course I followed.

Inside, he was leaning against the ledge and I walked up to him and slipped my hand into his towel.  He had a nice meaty cock.  Not really long, but a big head and quite fat.  I pulled off my towel and bent over to suck on this beauty.  While I was blowing him, I kept pushing my ass in the air hoping he would pick up on the hint.  I was working my magic and he was rock hard.  I guess about 6 inches long but not much less around.  I had to have this in me.  I stood up, turned around leaned back into him and he said in my ear "I don't fuck here".  I have to say, I have never understood when guys say this at the baths.  That's really the only reason I go there, you are going for just a blow job?  Anyway, I wasn't going to let him get away then, so back down to sucking him and within a few minutes, he was blowing his load down my throat.  Nice big sweet load.  Nice to get one, although not quite where I wanted it.

Wandered around a bit and eventually ended up back in the dark room.  There was a guy sitting on the platform, towel off, stroking his cock.  I had seen him earlier and figured him a bottom (he just had that look) but I figured what the hell, not much else was going on so over I went to help him out.  While I was stroking his cock, much to my surprise, his hand went around to my ass and started working my hole.  Unfortunately, this is the extent of what was going to happen as even though he seemed to enjoy the stroking, he just wasn't getting fully hard.  He did slip one, then two, then three fingers in my ass and it did feel quite good, but eventually I decided to cut my losses and walk away.

I went back to my room for a bit, laid down and watched a bit of porn then decided for one last walk-around.  Ending up back in the dark room, there was another new guy leaning on the ledge.  VERY tall, must have been about 6'4".  Bald, beard, furry chest, quite nice.  I stuck my hand under my towel and he quickly responded with the same so I dropped my towel and worked my way to him.  His dick was soft when I got it, a bit on the small side, but it didn't stay that way.  A few strokes and it was rock hard and standing out a good 7 inches.  Love the growers. 

This one liked to kiss as much as I, so we made out while stroking each others cocks and had actually started to gather a bit of an audience.  He whispered in my ear asking if I had a room.  I grabbed his hand and told him to follow me.

Back to my room, I dropped the towel, laid back on the bed.  He dropped his towel and climbed on top of me.  Lots of heavy kissing followed.  This guy was aggressive!  I liked that!  I had one of my legs wrapped around him and as his hands were moving around, eventually they found my crack and hole and with a grunt of approval, he found it lubed and ready.  Before I knew it, my legs were in the air and he was sliding up my hole.  It felt so amazing!  He started to pound away and, for the first time in a while, I actually felt like I was going to cum without touching myself.  I tried to concentrate, giving him access to the hole and enjoying him fucking me while trying not to push myself over the edge.  Eventually it proved too difficult and I exploded all over my stomach.  He grunted in approval again and continued pounding away on my ass.  Eventually he stopped, pulled out and started jacking his cock.  Shortly later, he was shooting his load all over my cock, balls and joining my load on my stomach.  I really would have liked to have it in me, but this would do.

Since cumming for me pretty much means things are done for a few hours, I left a short time later.  Not the best experience I've had at the baths but by far not the worst.  I did get 2 loads, not in my ass unfortunately, but I did enjoy them both. 


Thursday, January 24, 2013

Visit with J1 & J2 Again

Been a bit on the slow side lately so this past weekend, I hit up J1 & J2 again to see if they were going to be around and looking for some fun.  Got a message back a short time later that they were having some guys over later that night and wanted to know if I wanted to join.  Horny as I was, it wasn't really a question I needed to answer so I started to prep for a later group.

I arrived at their house a bit later than expected and was told to just walk in and come upstairs to the back of the house.  Went past the bedroom which was unoccupied at the time and continued down the hallway.  Thru the TV room, I saw the lights and heard the music from the back of the house.  Well these guys actually have a full blown bar with a dance floor, fog machines, professional lighting, video screens, and cocktail seating, the works!  J1 was tending bar, J2 was sitting at the bar along with 2 other guys.  Guy 1 we will call C.  Guess he was early to mid 50's, seemed kind of freaked out about being there.  Guy 2, we will call him G, was more at ease.  Guess to be mid thirties, blond, tight t-shirt, a bottom if I ever saw one.  I didn't know what guy 1 was, but with J1 and J2 both being tops, I was hoping for at least one more since G was obviously there to get his hole filled also.

Bit of time goes buy waiting for a couple other guys to show who said they were coming (ended up they didn't show at all), had a few drinks, and chatted with the guys.  Finally J1 told everyone to get a little more comfortable and start loosing some clothes.  J1 took off his shirt, dropped his pants and continued working the bar in his boxer briefs.  J2 next to me just took off his shirt.  G stripped down to briefs and socks, I did the same. and C went the full monty with no encouragement.  It was exciting to see C get naked, he had a pretty good body for his age and a nice big fat cock.  Nice thing was, he was a top!  But not that it really mattered because as it turns out, he couldn't get it hard.  He said he took a pill before coming but thinks the alcohol and his nerves were getting the better of him.  I pretty much just observed for the rest of the evening.

Eventually G took down the briefs, I shortly followed and we were both sitting butt ass naked at the bar.  J2 finally took off his t-shirt and dropped his pants giving me a nice meaty furry cock to play with while we were chatting.  J1 came out from the bar, dropped his shorts then asked G to lean up over the bar.  As I was stroking J2, J1 was eating out G's ass.  Eventually, J1 pulled G down off the bar and after greasing things up a bit, started working his way in G's hole.  Not wanting to be left out, since J2 was fully hard by this point, I grabbed the lube off the bar, greased up my hole and his rod, and leaned over the bar.  J2 didn't take long to assume the position behind me and start sliding in.  While both of us were getting plowed, I leaned over to G and we started to kiss.  I knew that the J's liked this from the last visit, so I thought I would give them another show.  After about 10 minutes of fucking, the J's switched and I had J1's nice meaty pole sliding up my hole. 

The fucking continued back and forth for a good 20 minutes before J2 decided to take a break and J1 pulled G over to the dance floor, laid  him back on a speaker and started fucking him again.  With the base coming from this speaker, this had to be a fun fuck so I patiently waited my turn.  Eventually G gave me his place and I leaned back, threw my legs in the air, and presented my hole for J1 to fill, which he quickly did.  It was such an amazing sensation, the vibration from the speaker while this big dick is sliding in and out of your hole, completely new and different.  But so much fun!

We took a break, got a fresh cocktail, and chatted a bit more until J1 decided he wanted another turn on the speaker with G.  With G getting plowed and his head back over the speaker, I just couldn't resist and came around and shoved my cock in his waiting mouth.  As a bottom, this is my favorite position, taking cock in both ends, and watching G do the same, it was really getting me hot.  Eventually J1 asked if I wanted to take a turn on G's ass.  I had told them I don't usually top, but I was hard as a rock and G was really very hot.  J1 convinced me by saying if I wanted to know what it felt like to fuck my ass, my hole and G's were pretty similar, a tight opening, then smooth as silk inside.  How could I resist knowing what my hole felt like to a top, so I came around, lined up my cock and started sliding in.  J1 was right, his opening was very tight and it took a little work to get inside him, but once I did, he felt amazing!  I can only hope the tops that fuck me get the same feeling. 

I start working G's ass and while I am doing this, J1 is stroking his cock over G's face.   Before I knew it, J1 was blowing his load all over G!  He said it was watching me fuck him that put him over the edge.  I was a little disappointed as I would much rather had that load in my ass but it was pretty hot to watch. 

Things started winding down a bit after that.  C left and G (after a few to many cocktails and a bit too much of the poppers) passed out on the sofa.  I excused myself a short time later.  No load, but I did get a really good couple of fucks and had the rare chance to top as well!  Next time, I think I want them both to myself.

Didn't get any photos or videos this time either, but J2 did send me a short vid of him fucking another guy.  I watch this all the time and think about that hot cock pounding my ass.  Hope you like it too.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

BB Hotel Anon

Things have been a bit on the slow side lately.  With the holidays and all, available time has been on the slim side so not much raw fucking has been taking place.  I did manage a hook up with the fuck bud today, we had a nice play session and I got a nice load out of his fat cock and we tried a few different positions which was nice, but other than being fun, there wasn't really anything exciting to talk about.

That being said, I thought I would go a little into the past to tell you about an experience I had this past summer.  I had a week off work and since I didn't have any travel plans, I decided to take a few days and get away to a resort that's a little less than 2 hours away from me.  It's in the middle of nowhere but it's a beautiful and relaxing spot. 

I wasn't sure what kind of action may be out there being I was way out in the sticks, but I put an ad on their local Craigslist and BBRT to see if I could come up with something.  I was advertising for an open hotel room door, me on the bed ass up and lubed, blindfolded and ready for walk in's.  Much to my surprise I got about 10 hits (many more than I thought I would) however only 1 guy actually came thru.  I did film the experience and have had it on Xtube for a few months.  It's been very popular, almost 50,000 views and many comments.  Didn't really expect so much because in my opinion, it really wasn't that exciting.

We arranged the time, I unlocked the door, striped down, lubed up my hole, made a makeshift blindfold from a shirt (I didn't really plan well) and waited.  As you can see in the video, he showed up and stayed dressed the whole time.  I sucked him to get him hard then he fucked me.  You will see that he just stops fucking me at one point and puts his dick away.  The session went on quite a bit longer than I have on the video but it was getting to the point where it was starting to creep me out and I had to ask him to leave (you don't see that part).  Fortunately he left, but that is part of the excitement of wearing a blindfold and leaving the door open.

Anyway, I didn't get to see this guy until after he left and I was able to watch back on the camera.  As one of the comments said on Xtube, they guy kind of looked like Cam from Modern Family.  He said he didn't cum but after he left, I did find my surprise, he loaded me up good.  Funny because you can't tell that he is cumming in the video at all.  So enjoy the video and let me know what you think!

BB Hotel Anon: