Saturday, July 19, 2014

Another Evening at the Baths

I'm in my room just down the hall from the dark room, I'm naked, I'm on my knees with my ass in the air, the door is open, the light are down, my hole is lubed and I'm ready to take some raw cock.  Once more I find myself in this position because I need to be fucked, and not just fucked, but needing to be fucked multiple times by multiple guys and take multiple loads.  It's a weekday evening and I don't have very high expectations. After my initial walk thru, there weren't many guys around, but I was certain that some of them were looking for a hole.  Mine was there for the taking.

I heard someone come into my room, they closed the door and a finger went to my ass and slid inside me.  I'm sure he was just checking to make sure things were lubed and ready because he didn't play with my hole at all, just the one time of the finger going in, and then out.  He climbed on the bed behind me, I could see in the mirror that it was a thin black guy.  It was too dark to see his cock so I had to wait until he fucked me to see what I had.  Just then I heard the wrapper of a condom being ripped off.  DAMN!!!  Looks like it may be another one of those nights.  Soon his rubber wrapped cock pressed against my hole and after a hit of poppers, I let him in.

He slid in gradually, his dick wasn't overly thick so there was no problem taking it, but it did seem to go on forever until he hit bottom.  And hit bottom he did.  When he pulled my ass up and started fucking me, on each inward thrust, he was hitting bottom.  I tried changing the position of my ass, arching my back, but nothing was stopping him from hitting inside.  Finally I decided to be the good bottom that I am and just take it.  Other than the occasional pain, it wasn't a really memorable fuck.  Eventually he came, shooting inside the condom, he pulled out, pulled off the condom, threw it in the trash and was out the door.  Kind gentleman that he was, he left the door open for the next top to come by.

However I had other plans.  I got up and closed the door then got the condom from the trash.  The boy had dropped a BIG load inside.  Being the good bottom and cumdump that I am, I could not let this go to waste.  I laid back on the bed, raised my legs, fingered the opening of the condom into my hole and squeezed the cum inside me.  Once it was in me, I knew things were right and cum being like heroin, I needed more so again I opened the door and assumed the position.

A few guys stopped by, walked in, slid a finger in my ass, some played for a bit, some did not but eventually a beefy, furry white guy came in and slipped in the finger.  I guess he liked what he felt inside because he reached back and closed the door then dropped his towel.  He came up to the side of the bed near my head. He put his hands on the back of my head and pulled me to his cock.  I opened up, took him in and started to suck.  He chubbed up quickly.  He came in about 6 inches but nicely fat.  He climbed on the bed in front of me with my head between his legs.  He once more grabbed my head and pulled me down until my mouth was once more on his cock.  This time however, he didn't take his hands off my head, he pushed me down until I was deep throating him.

He kept this up for a few minutes then pushed me off and got up off the bed.  He pumped a few shots of lube on his cock while I took a hit of poppers then he climbed on the bed behind me.  Knowing that he already felt the cum inside me, I guess he didn't see a reason to be gentle so with one forceful drive, he was in to the pubes and started fucking me hard.  He put a hand on my back and pushed me down onto the bed but making sure my ass was still up for him to use.  He started asking me about the guy that had fucked me before him.  I told him it was a thin black guy with a big cock.  He asked if I liked it when the guy shot his load in me, I told him I loved it (hey, he didn't need to know how it got there).

His hand on his back was replaced by his arm and then another hand on the back of my head pushing me down into the bed.  All the while, my ass was up and I was taking his dick.  The pounding continued until finally he pulled almost all the way out and in very fast movements, worked his cock quickly in and out at the very opening of my hole.  After one final shove in, he got off the bed, picked up the towel and was gone.  I reached back and the load he left on my hole was HUGE!  I had cum running down over my balls and my ass was covered.  I wish ALL the tops came like that!

I took a walk around  to see what I had missed while my dominant top was fucking me.  I saw someone in the sling at the end of the hall and made my way there thinking I may be able to see someone getting some dick, but the guy turned out to be a much older guy who was hanging out by himself I guess hoping a top would stop by and use him..  That certainly wasn't going to happen with me so instead, I went to the video room.

When I entered, there was a black guy standing at the base of the platform stairs rubbing his cock through his towel.  His eyes were glued to one of the TV screens.  I recognized him as someone I had hooked up with in the past but couldn't really remember much about the experience.  Not wanting to put too much effort into it, I sat down on the middle stair, pulled my towel aside and started stroking my cock.  Without even looking back, the black guy left.  Not sure what was up with that.

I sat there alone for a few minutes watching they guys on the screens getting fucked and wishing I was in their place when this tall blondish/red haired guy walked in.  His head was shaved pretty close and his muscular/beefy body was also completely trimmed.  He walked past me, made eye contact then went thru the curtain to the BJ platform.  I heard him walk up the steps inside and as I was debating if I wanted to give a blow job or hang out waiting for a fuck, I heard him coming back down and came back through the curtain.  This time he had taken off his towel and a very impressive slab of white man meat was hanging between his legs.  His pubes were completely shaved making it look all the bigger.

I couldn't take my eyes off it.  Hanging there it must have been close to 9 inches and fat.  Seeing me staring at it, he walked toward the platform.  I pulled off my towel, bent over and took him in my mouth.  This was a very sweet cock.  I couldn't get the whole thing in my mouth so my hands had to assist in working him.  While I was sucking him, he put his hands on the back of my head then slowly started working their way down my back until they reached my ass.  Hoping that he would, one hand slid it's way down my crack and finding it well lubed with cum, he said "damn! yes!".  I looked up at him, his cock still in my mouth, and he looked down and me and asked if I liked to fuck.  Of course I said yes.  He pulled me up, grabbed my hand and lead me to his room which was just a couple doors down.

Inside I fell to my knees and once more started to suck.  He was very hard, slick and ready so I got up and leaned over his bed.  Unfortunately I once more heard a condom wrapper opening.  I felt his coated cock find my hole and start working in.  He fucked me hard.  He fucked me VERY hard.  I wished it was raw inside me but this was an amazing cock.  He would slap my ass every few thrusts and was by far, not a quite top.  I'm sure everyone else on the floor heard exactly what was going on.  With a final hard thrust, he briefly paused then pulled out and pulled off the condom.  I wasn't really sure if he came or not but he threw the condom in the trash.  I would have loved to take it out and take it with me, but decided to just leave it at that.

Back in my room, I re-applied some fresh lube (he had worked most of the cum out of me by that time) and assumed the position on the bed.  I wasn't there more than 10 minutes when I heard someone come in the door.  Then I heard "well, what's this?" and I recognized the voice of the last guy that fucked me.  I looked back and saw his cock was sticking straight out and rock hard.  Either he hadn't cum previously or this boy recovered very quickly.  He closed the door as I started to wonder if he had brought a condom with him.  I had gotten rid of the ones that were in the room as soon as I got there so knew there wouldn't be anything there for him to grab.

Without hearing any rips, he climbed on the bed behind me and started lining his cock up with my hole.  Then completely bare, starting working his way in.  If it felt good before, this time it felt amazing!  Nothing feels better than skin on skin.  And if I thought he fucked me hard before, it was nothing compared to the fucking he gave me then.  It was relentless.  Almost a complete in and out movement with every thrust.  The friction of his cock against the inside of my ass was so intense, I had to keep hitting the poppers to keep from pulling off, not that he would have let me pull off if I had tried.

With me now flat on my stomach on the bed and him on top of me pounding furiously, eventually he started to say fuck.  Then say fuck again, and then over and over getting louder each time.  He pulled his cock out and I felt ropes of hot cum shoot across my ass and lower back.  I begged him to put it back in.  He granted my request and continued to fuck me hard until he collapsed on top of me trying to catch his breath.  He quietly said into my ear "that was fucking amazing!".  I felt the same way.