Monday, November 25, 2013

Catching Up

So it's been a while since I have posted, sorry about that, things have been a bit busy, but I have had time now and again for some fun. Not all of my experiences since my last post have been worthy of writing about, not that they weren't fun, just weren't anything out of the ordinary. A few that do stick out however was the Sunday afternoon where I was planning a visit to one of my regular fuck-buds that turned out to be a bit more.

I was chatting with the fuck-bud while also chatting with another friend. We will call him T. T is pretty much a cum whore bottom also so we usually talk about our different experiences. I told T I was going to pay a visit to fuck-bud and he asked if he could come and watch. After checking with fuck-bud to see that he was cool with it (he was), I invited T to meet me there. Short time later, T and I were walking in to fuck-buds back door. He was already waiting naked on the bed. We both stripped down, I lubed the hole, poppered up and presented my ass. After a little fingering, fuck-bud started to plow. I think T joined in a few times, maybe even fucked me for a bit, but before long, fuck-bud blew his load in my hole, T blew a load over my chest and cock, and I layed back and enjoyed it. T quickly got dressed and left but just as he was doing so, fuck-buds roommate, who was napping in the next room, stuck his head in to see what was going on. I tend to be a bit loud when getting fucked so I'm not surprised I woke him. As it turns out, I'm glad I did. With very little encouragement, the roommate soon dropped his boxers, and after a little oral work on my part, he was soon pounding my cummy hole. The afternoon wrapped up with 2 loads in and 1 drying on my chest.

Room Mate Cock

I also tried doing a open door, hotel cum dump party that didn't exactly turn out as I had hoped. I did get fucked by 3 guys, got 2 loads and had a great time. It's just that with the amount of guys who said they were coming, I should have been so full of cum it would have been leaking from my ears. Guys in this area just seem to be so much the game players.

In any case, a few days ago was my birthday weekend, I paid a visit to the local bathhouse hoping for some cock. The place wasn't hopping but I certainly had a good time. After checking into my room, I lubed the hole, grabbed the poppers and made my way to the dark room. On the way, I passed this cute, cubby, early 20's boy and we made immediate eye contact. I turned and looked back after he walked by me and he was doing the same. I went into the dark room and waited. He quickly followed. I grabbed his cock through his towel and started to work it. It stiffened up rather quickly. Pulling his towel off, I dropped mine and bent over to start the sucking. He was about 6 inches, a bit on the thinner side, but for the first of the evening, that can be a good thing. After working his cock for a bit, I stood back up, nuzzled his neck, and soon we were kissing while stroking each others stiff rods. He invited me to his room. Back there, we dropped our towels again and engaged in a bit more kissing. He asked what I was into, of course I said I was all bottom. With no response from him, I asked what he was into. He said he was vers. I told him I wanted him to fuck me and laid back on the bed. He lubed up his cock and took his place between my legs. He pulled my legs up to his shoulders and started sliding in. No talk of a condom or anything, just straight in bare, just like I like it. He worked my hole for a while but eventually said he couldn't hold back any more and started blowing his load inside me. One down.

After a quick walk thru, I went back to my room, re-lubed the hole, and laid face down on the bed with the door wide open. Before long, I heard someone come in, close the door and then felt a hand go from my ankle to my hole and start to finger. After getting a few fingers in, he climbed on top and started sliding his cock inside. He fucked me for a while, but didn't seem that he wanted to cum just yet so got off, picked up his towel and left. Didn't even see his face.

A short time later, I heard another guy enter the room and close the door. A little more fingering and then he too climbed aboard. He pounded for a while and it felt really good but seemed to have a bit of difficulty keeping himself hard. He climbed off and said he would be back later. (he never did come back).

The prize of the night was next. I had seen this guy in passing while I was out walking earlier. Early 40's, a bit on the shorter side but built like a brick shithouse! Even nicer was the nice bulge I could see in the front of his towel. I saw him walking out of another guys room and thought damn, lucky bottom. In any case, still lying face down on my bed with the open door, this stud walked in and closed the door. He dropped his towel and put his 7 inch fat beauty at the level of my face. Being the good bottom that I am, I started to suck. He didn't want much of this however and picked up the lube from the side table and squirted some at my hole. He then climbed on top and without being gentle, shoved his rock hard fat cock in my ass to the hilt. It was AMAZING!!!! Better yet, this guy knew how to fuck and had the stamina to keep at it for a while. Anyone that was anywhere nearby had to have heard my moans of pleasure as he fucked me better than I have been fucked in a long time. He was powerful, pulled me where he wanted me, would pull completely out then shove right back in all the way. After about a half hour of fucking, much too soon for me, he started to pump harder (if that was even possible) and soon was adding his DNA to my hole. No thank you or anything after, just a slap on the ass, and out the door he went. I could take this one every day!

Now having a loose and very sloppy hole, I decided to try for at least one more. The previous guy had closed the door on his way out so I got up to re-open it. As I was standing in the doorway, my final guy of the night walked by and stopped. I turned, went to the bed, laid on my stomach and presented my ass. Like the others, he came in and closed the door. He asked me how many guys had fucked me, I told him 4 so far. He called me a whore. He asked how many loads I had inside me while he fingered my now very loose hole, I told him 2. He called me a cum slut. He told me he wanted to fuck me too and then much to my surprise, reached for a condom. As I have said before, I don't like them at all. I don't like how they feel and I like to have the cum, nevertheless, he rubbered up and climbed on top. He slid inside and I could quickly feel the condom rubbing me the wrong way. This went on for a bit then he asked me to turn over and put my legs on the air on the side of the bed. As I was doing this, the condom was coming off. He slid back inside me the way nature intended, bare. We fucked this way for a while then he asked me to turn again doggy style. Once again inside, he soon started to fuck harder, plowing in to the pubes and then the cum started flowing in my hole mixing with the previous 2 loads. After finishing, he also left without a word.

Quite satisfied by this time, I called it a night. Happy Birthday to me!!!!!!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

A Little Park Time

After a rather frightening situation a few years ago, I have generally stayed away from the park cruising grounds. It was a late night visit, and I was chatting with another guy who was hanging out. Granted, it was after hours but from where we were sitting, you had a good view of the entrance so you could see anyone coming and going, especially the police. On that night, a car pulled in, unmarked, and all of a sudden, a spotlight came out the car window and I took a dive behind a tree. The guy who I was chatting with just stayed in place. The car pulled up, shown the spotlight on him and you could hear at least one guy get out of the car and yell "freeze". The guy took off into the trees. I could hear the guy getting closer from my hiding space and nerves got the best of me. I took off for the trees also. In the dark I couldn't find the path so just headed full force into the brush. Part way in, I lost a shoe but continued running. After a few minutes I stopped to listen if someone was following. I couldn't hear a thing so worked my way out the back entrance of the park and to where I had parked my car. No idea if it was the police or someone playing a joke but it frightened me enough to keep me away for years. Well, at least it did until yesterday.

Was feeling way horned up and not much seemed to be happening on line so my horniness took over the fear and I headed to the park with a few packets of lube, poppers, and just because you never know, a couple condoms. The park was moderately busy. Mostly guys in their 50's and 60's it seemed and most were either sitting in their cars or out walking the drive. No one seemed to be heading to the woods so I decided to venture into a few of the trails to see if anything was going on. I wandered for about a half hour, not coming across anyone. I was about ready to call it a day. Until I saw the black BMW.

I saw him drive by, looked cute, definitely not as old as the rest of the crowd so decided to see what would happen. He pulled along side one of the trail entrances, got out of his car, and stood leaning on the door. Looked to be mid 30's, trim, dark hair and dark sunglasses. I know he was looking at me because his head would turn in my direction then quickly turn back. I took my chances and took to the trail behind his car. I walked a short distance in and waited. After about 6 or 7 minutes, I decided that nothing was going to happen and started to leave when I saw him coming down the trail. He passed me without a look and continued down the path. Shortly later, I followed. I briefly thought I had lost him when I saw him standing at a bend in the trail. I walked towards him, when I got close I said "hey". He responded with the same. I went a short way down the path further to a large tree and took my place behind it. Now he was staring at me full on. I started rubbing my cock through my shorts. From him, nothing. I pushed it a bit further, unzipped my shorts and lifted my shirt to give him a peek. Nothing. Finally I went all the way, I turned my back to him, dropped my shorts to the ground then slowly turned around showing my hard cock. That finally got him moving.

As he got to me, he unzipped and pulled out his semi hard dick. It was about 6 inches cut. Everything else stayed in his pants so I couldn't see his balls or if he was hairy or trimmed but that didn't stop me from bending over and taking his hardening rod into my mouth. He seemed to enjoy my work, grabbing the back of my head and pushing his cock down the back of my throat. I had my ass in the air hoping he would reach back and start fingering my hole but he kept his hands on the back of my head. Deciding it was going to be just a blow job, I decided I was going to get his nutt in my mouth if I couldn't get it in my hole. I went to work. After a few minutes of deep throating, he started to breath harder, his grip on my head got stronger and soon he was loading my mouth with his sweet load. He didn't have a lot of flavor but I decided to keep his cum in my mouth until he left then finger it up my hole. After taking every drop from my mouth and fingering up my ass, I pulled up my shorts and started to head for my car.

As I got towards the end of the path, this slightly stocky, dark haired Latin guy started down the path. He passed me, said hi, and continued on. I turned and followed. I found him behind a bush taking a piss. Not sure if I misread what he was looking for, I quickly turned around and sat nearby on a log in the path he would have to come by. After his piss, he zipped up and started back. When he got to me, he got a big smile on his face and started rubbing his cock thru his jeans. He asked me what I was looking for. I told him to get fucked. He said he didn't do that in the park, too dangerous. I told him I understood and asked what he was looking for. He said a blow job. Hey, if I couldn't get fucked at least I could get another in my mouth. If I was lucky, I could finger it into my hole like the last one. He unzipped and pulled out a beautiful, uncut, Latin cock about 6 inches long and quite fat.

I took my place on my knees and got to work. It is fun sucking an uncut dick, the hood gives a lot more to play with and it's fun to pull it back and forth when sucking it. I could tell he enjoyed it also. He grabbed the back of my head and shoved himself down my throat. After a few minutes of work on my part, he reached under my arms, pulled me up and said he wanted a look at my ass. I undid my shorts and let them drop while turning around. He said he liked what he saw and started rubbing my ass. I took my chance, bent over the log and spit into my hand which I then put on my hole. No talk of a condom, I felt his cock head start to push in. I barely had the chance to hit the poppers when he shoved himself all the way in. I could feel his pubes on my ass and his hanging balls brushing mine. He then started to work.

He started slowly then worked his way up to full on pounding my hole. I really had to control my moans of pleasure since we weren't that far from the road. He continued to fuck me slowly then hard for the next 10 minutes when I asked him to breed me. He asked if I wanted his cum, I told him yes please, shoot his load up my hole. He started working harder, pounding my ass, I'm sure anyone nearby could hear the slapping of his legs against my ass and his balls against mine. Soon he started to quietly moan and then I could feel his load filling me up. He stayed in a bit after he came, slowly working his way in and out until finally, he pulled all the way out. I clamped shut to keep as much of his man juice inside me as I could. He thanked me, said he was really only looking for a blow job. I told him then we both got what we wanted. He zipped up and walked away. Catching my breath, I pulled up my shorts and made my way down the path with his cum running down my legs.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Quick Fuck

Took a little time off work a week ago and even though I didn't have much time for playing around, I did still need to have a dick in me at some point.  Spent a little time looking around to see who was on line.  Checked out BBRT and was also looking on Scruff.  Strangely, ended up chatting with the same guy on both sites.  On BBRT he listed himself as a vers bottom, on Scruff he listed as vers. 

Well on this day, he was feeling more in a top mood but he didn't have much time, so he gave me his hotel room number and told me to hurry.  He was a very hot, hairy, latin type that is just what I look for.  Here is the pic he sent:

When I arrived, we got right down to business.  No leather or jock on him this time, just the covering of fur.  I got down on my knees and started to suck him.  He told me to get naked and of course I complied.  After getting him hard and wet, he ordered me on the corner of the bed.  He's not huge by any means, a nice regular 6 incher but nice and hard.  A little lube was applied and I took a hit of poppers while he plowed right in, nothing gentle about it.  He started to pound right away, the full in and out that makes you know you are getting fucked. 

He was right about not having much time because less than 5 minutes later, he was blowing his considerable load up my ass.  He went for a towel for me to clean up, but I told him I was just going to keep it in me for the ride home.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Just Some Fucking

Spent some time out of town the last week without the opportunity for any hookups along the way so by the time I made it home earlier this week, I just about couldn't stand how horny I was and how much I needed fucked!  Wasn't really feeling the baths and on line seemed a bit too much, so I hit up the bud from my "There's More?" post.  I didn't think I would hear back from him as we have been doing nothing but missing each other for the past many months, but before I knew it, he responded to my email and invited me over. 

After a quick hole clean, I grabbed the lube and poppers and was quickly out the door.  He met me at his door, gave me a long, hard and passionate kiss, then took me to the bedroom.  We were naked before I knew it and I was sucking on his quickly hardening dick.  It wasn't long before I climbed on top, hit the poppers and lowered my self onto his rod.  This felt SO GOOD!!!!   I needed nothing more than a hard cock inside me.  I rode it for all it was worth.

We moved from that to doggy, to me flat on my stomach, to leaning over the side of the bed to me kneeling on the side of the bed all with him pounding my hungry hole with his raw dick.  He asked me how many loads I wanted from him, I told him all I could get.  It was a long fuck and a fantastic fuck, and about 40 minutes later, he told me the first  load was on it's way.  Soon I felt him start to thrust harder, breath heavier and let out a yell as the ropes of cum came out of his cock and into my hungry ass.  He laid on top of me not moving to take himself out while I worked his rod with my hole milking out all the cum I could get.  Eventually he said that he was spent and didn't think he would be able to deliver the next load. Way too sad.

A couple of days later, not really planning on anything to happen, I logged onto Scruff and had a couple of messages from a couple of guys in the area.  One was blond, mid 20's, very chatty.  The other was early 30's, dark hair, and less than a mile from my home.  This is the photo he opened for me:
He asked if I wanted to get my hole fucked.  Not having planned to get fucked this night, I wasn't prepared, but told him I could work on it and let him know.  Told him to give me about 20 minutes then asked for a cock pic.  He sent this:

After seeing this, I KNEW I had to have that inside me !  I reminded him that I only fuck bare and he quickly responded that he knew and was waiting to drop a load in me.

After a session of cleaning out, I waited for him to arrive.  I received a text from him that he was parked outside.  I told him to come in.  Inside, we started kissing with his hands exploring my ass, mine exploring his crotch.  Our clothes were soon tossed aside and I started to suck on his growing cock.  After a few minutes, he turned me around and started lining up.  I grabbed the lube, greased up my ass and his cock, took a long hit of poppers and bent over.  He entered quickly and started to long dick me almost right away.  It was a nice cock!  Felt so amazing inside and was a nice surprise since I wasn't expecting to get fucked tonite!  We didn't change positions much other than when he pulled me up so that we could kiss while he pounded my hole.  He pounded me hard for the next half hour then started telling me how he was going to breed my ass.  I told him I wanted it, hit the poppers again and waited for my reward.  Not long after, he started to fuck harder, if that was possible, and I could feel the cum shooting inside me.  After he finished, he stayed inside and continued fucking his cum in deep.  It was heaven.  When he finally pulled out, I turned and took his dick once more in my mouth to clean off any cum that had escaped along with my ass juices.  What a fucking nice surprise!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

What's a Horny Bottom to Do?

When you want nothing more than to get fucked, there really is no better spot than the baths.  Granted, getting fucked is never a certainty, but your chances certainly get much better simply by being there and putting your ass out on display.

Earlier last week, I was feeling the need to have some cock in my hole and not feeling that I wanted to mess around with the whole "on line thing", I prepped and had myself on my way.  It was a Monday evening, a discounted night, which could mean it would be very busy, or dead to the world.  Well, it wasn't really either but actually turned out not so bad.

Initially scouting around I ran into a guy who I had messed around with once previously while there and decided to give him another whirl.  We were in the dark room, he was leaning against the wall and I walked up to him, dropped my towel, bent over and started sucking on his semi hard rod.  However different from the last time, he didn't seem to be in a fucking mood, just wanted a blow job.  I worked his cock good all the time with my ass in the air on display hoping someone else would come into the room and take me from behind.  Alas, that was not to be, and soon my friend and I parted ways.  I was hoping this wasn't going to be the theme for the night.

After another loop around the place, I settled into the dark room once again and was joined shortly thereafter by a bulky guy that had checked in right behind me.  I thought he was cute when we came in and was hoping he was interested.  He leaned against the wall next to me rubbing the front of his towel.  Needing no more encouragement, I dropped mine, bent over and started working his dick.  It was soft when I started blowing him but quickly chubbed up to a nice chubby 6 inches with a big mushroom head.  While I was working him, he ran his hand down my back until it made it's way to my hole.  He slid a finger inside my and then used it to pull me around, by my hole, until my hole was presented to him.  He lined himself up and plunged in.  Once the mushroom head made it past my opening, it was heaven.  He fucked me like this for a few minutes and then once more, turned me around and shoved his cock, fresh from my ass, into my mouth.  A couple of short thrusts and he was shooting a big, sweet load down my throat.

While this guy was fucking me, a really hot, tall, furry guy was watching and taking it all in.  After we had finished and I was licking the last of the cum from my lips, he looked at me and made his way into the maze.  Of course I followed.  I found him in a dark corner and came up to him.  He was tall, the top of my head barely came to his chin and I am almost 6 feet.  I put my hand on his crotch and started rubbing his semi hard dick through the towel.  After a few moments, I decided the towel was just in the way so pushed it aside and bent over to take him in my freshly cummy mouth.  His dick was a bit thinner than the last dude and lacked the mushroom head, but was still nice to suck on.  I was hoping he would do the same as the last guy and turn me around and take me from behind, but once more, this guy only wanted oral.  An older guy wandered by and he and I took turns working the cock until I decided it was time to search for someone who would give me what I was really looking for. 

After a quick trip around, finding nothing of interest, I was walking back to my room to take a rest when I saw this new guy sitting on the benches outside the dark room.  About early 40's, blond, beefy, furry, bearded, a real hot stud.  I decided to take my chances, dropped my towel and walked toward him.  As I walked past him heading to the dark room, I turned and saw him watching my ass as I went.  I went into the dark room, stood in front of the platform with my ass facing the entrance and waited.  Didn't have to wait long.  He followed me soon enough and started rubbing his hands on my ass.  I'm told I have a great ass and he certainty wanted to get to know it.  Soon he moved to the platform and sat down, pulling his towel off as he did.  Between his legs was a soft, 7inch, uncut cock hanging out of and untrimmed blond bush with big heavy balls hanging below.  This was a dream!  Knowing my place, I bent over and started to suck.  With each stroke of my mouth, his cock got bigger and harder.  Fully about 9 inches and about 7 around.  It's always fun to play with a foreskin, especially when the dick gets hard and you can pull the skin back with your mouth and hear the top moaning in pleasure when your tongue hits his freshly exposed head.  We kept this up for quite a while until I felt I had to have this beauty inside me.  I stood up and asked him if he wanted to fuck me, he said he didn't fuck with his boyfriend wasn't with him.   WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!   I did not understand THAT one at ALL!!!!  I would think it would be the other way around.  Whatever, I went back to work on his cock and soon was able to get the load out and down my throat before wordlessly walking away.

Having had enough of the oral at this point, I made my way back to my room, propped open the door, kneeled on the bed ass up, head down, lubed up the hole and waited.  I wanted to be sure that the guys that were there knew what I was looking for.  Before long, 2 guys came by.  They came in and closed the door.  One was about 6.5 feet tall, blond, bit beefy and furry and the other about 5.6, hairless, thin and also blond.  Both dropped their towels.  Tall guy had the equipment to match.  His cock was about 8 inches and thick.  Short guy also matched, he was about 5 inches , average width but jutting out rock hard.  Tall guy came at me first and slid right in.  He started pounding me like there was no tomorrow all the while talking dirty to the short dude.  He kept telling him how good this hole was and that he was getting the hole next.  They pretty much ignored me which is fine by me.  I can be just a hole if that is what you are looking for.  Tall guy pulled out and short guy was quick to take his place.  For what he lacked in size, he certainly made up for in energy.  He fucked me like the energizer bunny on a sugar high.  It was awesome!

Finally big guy said they wanted to DP me.  As you know, I've only done this once before and have been wanting to do it again ever since.  I was hoping this would work out but after the first experience, I know that both of the dicks need to be of some size in order to make it happen.  The shorter guy had me worried.  I got off the bed, big guy laid down, I climbed on top of him and slid him inside.  Short guy came around from behind.  Honestly I give him an A for effort but he just couldn't make it in with the equipment he was working with.  We tried it a few different ways to see if it made it any easier, but it was not to be.  Finally big guy just started pounding away on his own and soon started shooting a fresh load of cum up my ass.  When he was finished, short guy followed suit and loaded me up as well.  Nice.

After a brief rest, I decided for one more walk around before calling it a night.  Not much was going on by this time so I was almost back to my room to get my stuff when I came across this older guy, middle eastern looking, quite furry and thin looking at me.  He said hey as I walked by, I replied the same and kept going towards my room.  I looked back to see him watching and while I was doing that, dropped my towel.  I got to my room, threw my towel on the stand and stood waiting.  He came right behind me.  Inside he closed the door and dropped his towel.  He was soft, a bit on the thin side, but responded well when I grabbed his dick.  It quickly got hard and I bent over to start to suck it.  He however had other things in mind and turned me around, pushed me down on the bed and started shoving his cock up my ass.  Like I said, it wasn't fat, but he certainly knew how to use it.  A few minutes later, he started to buck harder and growl and then I started to feel his cum flood my insides.  After he was finished, he slapped my ass, picked up his towel and walked out the door.  I collapsed on the bed by this point, fully satisfied.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Last Minute Orgy

So the other day, I was feeling extremely horned up, did some looking around on line, hit up a few fuck buddies, tried an ad on CL and nothing was working.  Everyone was either busy or out of town.  In chatting with a buddy, he asked me if I was going to the hotel party that evening.  Not knowing anything about it, I asked for more info and tracked it down.  I sent the host of the party a request for an invitation, I really didn't think I would get a response since it started in 2 hours, but thought it was worth the shot.  My bud had decided he was not going so I couldn't use him as an excuse.  Damn. 

Not long after, I got a text back from the guy from last weekend (the special one) saying he got my text and was actually on his way to a bareback sex party.  Not wanting to fish for an invitation, I told him to have a good time to which he responded "why don't you come"?  That was all I needed.  He provided me with the address and room number and I told him I would meet him there and to save me a fuck.

The party on line showed almost 20 guys saying they would be attending but we all know how that goes, with 20 saying they will come, you will be lucky if 7 show.  In any case, horny as I was, I was out and on the way.

I arrived at the designated hotel, knocked on the door, and was greeted by one of the hosts, completely naked, and invited in.  There were only about 5 other guys there at this point but 3 of them were already playing on the bed.  There was a sling set up in the corner and a fuck bench set up in the other.  I saw my bud standing across the room so made my way to him.  He showed me where to stash my clothes then we started to make out in front of the TV playing porn.  We weren't going at it for long before I felt a finger working its way around my hole, feeling the lube I had already applied.  Knowing what was coming next, I took a deep hit of poppers and bend slightly forward.  Soon this big cock started working it's way inside me.  After making it all the way in, he started working in and out while I was still making out with my bud. 

Soon I needed my favorite position so I bent the rest of the way down taking my buds cock in my mouth as the stranger behind me continued to pound my ass.  While we were going at it, a steady stream of guys were arriving.  By the time we moved our little group to the bed, the party had swelled to about 18 guys, all naked, sucking, fucking and having a grand old time all around the room.

The stranger using my behind finally pulled out and my bud took his place.  He fucked me long and hard, I was in so much pleasure I'm sure any people in the neighboring rooms knew exactly what was happening.  When he finally pulled out, it wasn't long before another cock found it's way into my warm, inviting hole. 

And so the evening went on.  I lost count at 10 guys who fucked me, some more than once on the bed, standing, in the sling, over the fuck bench, I had dick inside me on them all.  The variety was amazing, some long, some short, some fat, some thinner, but all using my hole to it's fullest and putting me in heaven. 

Ultimately I think I got 3 loads although I can't be entirely sure.  I am so ready for this to happen again!

Monday, March 18, 2013

How About a Little Help

So I've been doing this for a couple of months now.  Have really had quite a few guys read the blog and am pleased with the response.  Now I'd like to hear from you.  Do you like what you see?  Should I keep it up?  Any suggestions on what you would like to see (or not see)? 

Also, I'd like to get my blog more out there for more guys to see and enjoy but kind of stuck with what to do.  If anyone has any suggestions, I would be happy to hear about them.  Just send me a comment or e-mail.  Would appreciate the help.

Thanks guys, hope you enjoy!

What a Fucking Weekend!

Didn't plan for it to happen that way, but it certainly did go in that direction very quickly.  It was Friday evening and I wasn't planning to do much, relax, watch some TV, maybe go to bed early (it had been that kind of week) but something didn't feel right about that so decided to get myself ready and at a little after 11, headed off to the baths.  I used to go to the baths in the evening hours more frequently than now so this was a first in a long time, I was hopeful. 

After checking into my room, greasing up the hole and grabbing the poppers and towel, I started my hunt.  First stop was the dark room, didn't take long.  Nice beefy black dude, about early 30's, was standing next to me stroking his dick under his towel.  Having that be all the invitation I need, I replaced my hand with his, and within minutes, he took me by the hand, lead me to his room, and had me on the bed shoving his raw cock up my hole.  He wasn't big, really only about 5 inches hard, but it was fat, and it certainly felt good.  He fucked me in various positions for 20 minutes when eventually his fucking became more intense and he released his juices inside me.  Nice start.

The place was moderately busy and it was a good crowd.  Seemed to be in the 30's and 40's range, mostly beefy guys but some a bit trimmer.  No real heavy guys, no one older that 50  from what I could tell.  Few twinks, but they pretty much kept to themselves. 

I decided to try the door open, ass up and lubed position that had worked for me in California.  Again it didn't take long.  I kept my head and face down so initially I didn't see the guy who came in the room and closed the door other than the brief glimpse I got in the mirror when he dropped his towel and I saw a nice boner sticking out.  He took his place behind me and started working his way in.  It was a good thing he wasn't my first of the night because this boy was BIG!  I didn't fully realize how big until after he was finished,  but while he was fucking me, I knew I was being fucked.  It was so fucking fantastic!  We fucked for a good 40 minutes, never needing to change positions until finally he started to blow a huge load of cum inside my well used hole.  It was fucking AMAZING.  When he pulled out, I turned around to see who this stud was and was so pleased to see he was a well built, hairy big dicked top who had just rode me to heaven.  I grabbed his still hard cock and had a hard time getting a hand around.  So fucking nice. 

After he left, I re-lubed (not that I really needed it because I was quited stretched out by this point) but I guess more out of force of habit and had no sooner re-opened the door and once more assumed the position when this Latin daddy made his way in.  I did get a really good look at him, about mid 50's, very trim, very well built, nice 7 inch cock and he wanted me to suck it a little before getting down to business.  Of course I was happy to oblige.  Once we got down to fucking, he fucked me for another 20 minutes before I was rewarded with my third load of the night.  He felt amazing and I'm sure that all the cum that was already inside me felt amazing for him too.

Saturday came and spent a quiet day until evening when I was to attend a birthday party at J&J's house.  I had heard of their parties in the past and was really looking forward to it, especially the dungeon in the basement with the sling they have told me of frequently.  Well it was a fun party, lots of fun guys, and a few twinks running around and dancing naked, but really not as sexually charged as I would have expected.  I made out with a few guys and at one point, ended up naked on one of the beds with a guy fingering my hole as I sucked him off but I was waiting to see the dungeon.  When I finally made it down there, I must say I was a bit let down.  It was a basement after all, piled up with boxes and such.  There was a sling and there was a mattress on the floor, but not really much else going on.  While I was exploring, a guy from the party wandered down as well.  We started chatting and he said he had noticed me earlier and saw me go downstairs and followed.  Well before I knew it, both of us had our pants off and we were 69ing on the mattress.  He asked if I wanted fucked (I know, stupid question) and I went to climb in the sling.  With no lube to be found, we used spit to grease up my hole and his rod.  Soon he was pounding away.  I wish some other guys had come down to watch or join in, but unfortunately that didn't happen, but eventually, my prize came once more and he filled me up.

Finally Sunday.  Wasn't planning to do the cock search again, but before I knew it, I was on BBRT and looking for a top.  Found a guy I had chatted with a couple times before but never had actually hooked up with.  He opened his pics for me and I saw a nice 6inch cock, furry chest, light beard, all the things I like.  Bit stocky but I have no problem with that.  We scheduled a time and I got ready to play once more.  He met me at the door when I arrived and brought me to his apartment.  Seems to be a real computer guy, very into electronics and music.  We started making out in the living room and before long, I was naked (except for the black jock strap I had decided to wear) and he in his boxer briefs.  Making the way to the bedroom, his briefs soon came off and we were making out on the bed, his hard cock pressed against mine.  Before long, he flipped me over, lubed up my hole and his cock, and after a hit of poppers, my hole met his cock for the first time.  He may not have been the biggest cock that has ever fucked me, but this boy knew how to fuck!  The pleasure my ass was feeling was unbelievable!  We moved in various positions ultimately ending with me on my side so I could watch him pounding me.  I didn't want him to stop.  It's not often you find a top that really knows how to work his cock and make the bottom feel so amazing.  When he finally came, I didn't want him out, I pulled him to me to keep him inside as long as possible.

When he finally did come out, rather than hop out of bed to clean up, he laid down next to me and pulled me to him.  We kissed and cuddled with me stroking his cock until it eventually once more got hard and he fucked me for the second time.  This time was even better than the first!  Again, I didn't want it to end, but eventually another big load was shot up inside me.  After a bit more making out, and some manipulation on his part, my cock was rock hard and he told me he wanted to see me cum.  Cumming for me is not the point, I want the top to enjoy what I am giving him and to reward me with a load in my ass, that gets me off.  But for this guy, I wanted to cum.  I took over jacking myself and directed his hand down to finger my hole.  Within minutes, I was shooting a huge load over  both of us. 

Hmm, this guy was special.  I really hope I can see more of this one.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Sunday Funday

Woke up feeling quite a bit horny this past Sunday.  Knew I had to get fucked this day, no questions.  Set about to clean out and look about on line.  Put an ad on craigslist and BBRT advertising an open hole ready to be filled and loaded.

Got a number of responses, most of which flaked out then got an e-mail from this beauty:
He wasn't far from my home so I told him I would be right over.  Short time later, he met me at the door.  Nice looking older black gentleman, mid 50's.  He let me in and introduced me to his roommate (yes, I wished it would have been a gang bang too, but not to be).  He lead me to his bedroom, closed the door and started getting undressed.  I did the same and soon he was laying on his back on the bed and I was slurping on his quickly growing cock getting it nice and hard. 

We did a little 69 for a while, then I got up, grabbed the lube, lubed my hole and his cock and leaned over the side of the bed.  A quick hit of poppers and he was on his way inside.  We fucked in various positions for a good half hour until, very loudly, he announced he was cumming and started filling my ass with his jizz.  Nice way to start the afternoon.

Back at home I put up new ads, had a couple more responses, most of which also flaked out then I get an e-mail from a "straight" guy that wants to come over.  Not interested in fucking me, just wants to jack off on me an shoot his load on my hole.  I asked for a pic, he told me he had a girlfriend and couldn't send a photo.  I told him just sent me a dick pick, I didn't care what his face looked like.  This is what he sent:

Now I'm not all that into just being cum on, at least not if it hasn't been inside me, but this was a beautiful cock and I thought I would take my chances and see if, once he saw my loaded hole, he would want to get in it.  He arrived a short time later, didn't bother to undress, just dropped his pants a little, lifted up his shirt (a nice furry belly, wish I could have seen more) and asked me to lay back, spread eagle, and finger my hole while playing with his balls.  I had put some porn on TV which he seemed to really enjoy, while he jacked his cock and soon was shooting his load all over my ass, cock and hole.  Like a good cum whore, I scooped up his cum and fingered it into my hole.  He zipped up and was out the door.

Throughout the afternoon, I had been chatting with a guy from BBRT that had fucked me once about a year ago.  He and a friend, both tops, both black, had put an ad up looking for a bottom for them both to load.  No way I could pass that up and while I remember the friend not being the biggest of cocks, this guy had a monster!  I've been wanting to hook up with him again but just never worked out.  Until today. 

He was working so I couldn't meet him until after he got home that evening, but when he got there, I was on my way.  This guy is not much in the way of chit chat, simply brought me to his room, dropped his pants and sat down on the bed, pointing to his cock.  I stripped down and got to work.  Not a few minutes passed by as his cock grew in my mouth when he announced he was ready.  I got up, grabbed the lube and greased up my hole and his cock, took a deep hit of poppers and bent over the bed waiting to be impaled.  And impale me he did.  His cock is about 9 inches long, nice and fat and a joy to have in your ass.  He fucked me hard for 10 minutes or so then asked me to lay on my stomach on the bed. 

Doing as he asked, he climbed on top of me and started working his cock inside once more.  I hit the poppers a few times over the next half hour of fucking.  He told me I couldn't cry out as the walls in his place were thin (not sure who else was there but must have been someone).  It was very hard as usually I'm pretty loud and vocal.  I hoped it would never end but eventually he announced he was cumming and soon I could feel his load start filling my ass.  He was so deep inside of me that nothing was leaking out and he stayed inside me a few minutes after cumming keeping everything plugged up.  After he pulled out, I wanted nothing more than to have him back inside me.  I have to see this one again soon.

So anyway, 3 loads, 2 inside me, one on me but fingered in.  Certainly a Funday.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Out of Town BB Bottom

Circumstances took me out of town last week to the much warmer state of California and while I didn't have the opportunity to "play" as much as I would have liked to, I can say I certainly had my share of cock while there.

Mid-way through the week, I was very much in need of a good fucking so went onto BBRT to see what was going on.  Nice to see that there were many more guys to choose from than at home, on average there was usually over 100 on line, so chances were very good of coming up with something.  After chatting up a few guys, I finally decided on this young black dude who went by the name Drfillgood.  The photos he opened for me showed a very large cock so I knew I was getting a big boy, little did I know HOW big. 

He arrived to my hotel room a short time later.  I would say late 20's, about 6ft 3, very trim and muscular, and I was quite pleased.  Then he dropped his pants.  I've seen videos of guys with giant cocks before but never actually seen one in person.  This was enormous!  And it wasn't even hard!  I knelt down to start working on this monster and as it started to come to life, I could no longer get it in my mouth and it took both my hands to wrap it completely around to stroke it.  As I mouthed it up and down, all I could think of was how the hell was I getting this monster in my hole! 

Finally I sucked it up, stood up, grabbed the lube and poppers and started to grease up my hole.  My new friend said he had something better than mine and pulled out a tub of lube that he said had a numbing agent in it, he said it would make it easier to take him.  Well you could have soaked me in a vat of the stuff for a week and it STILL wouldn't have been easy taking him.  He had me climb on the bed on my knees, bend over and started greasing up my soon to be filled hole.  As he lined the head up to start his entry, it felt like a baseball bat was taking his place.  He was very gentle as I'm sure he has had a lot of practice with bottoms, but never the less, it HURT LIKE HELL!!!!  We tried a few different positions and he was very patient but ultimately I gave up in defeat and told him I just couldn't do it any longer (never thought those words would come out of my mouth). 

He jacked off his monster and shot a huge load of cum all over me and left me laying on the bed with my gaping sore hole.

The next day was still pretty horny but my hole still felt like it had been ripped open so I took the day off.  The day following, I signed on to BBRT in the morning and started the cleaning process to get things ready.  Got hit up a short time later by another black guy, this one mid 50's, nice build, nice cock (certainly nothing compared to the monster but still a big boy).  Somehow he convinced me to meet him at the local bathhouse for some fun.  After mapping it out and seeing that it really wasn't that far from where I was staying, clean hole, fresh lube & poppers and I was on my way.

Arrived short time later.  Place was pretty nice looking from the outside.  Went in and signed up for a membership (they always make you do this although this one only cost a dollar) and rented a locker.  After undressing and lubing up the hole, I set out to explore.  The ground floor had a TV room that was showing regular live TV, there were a couple guys there in towels.  There was also a bunk room so called because there were about 8 sets of bunk beds.  This room had a few guys in it also, couple of them playing in the corner.  Down the hall was the sauna and steam room and outside, a jacuzzi and sunning patio where a few guys were soaking up the sunshine butt ass naked. 

Upstairs were the play rooms.  There were a couple viewing rooms with porn playing and carpeted benches to sit on and the rooms surrounded the whole floor with more in the center.  Cool thing was, you could have rented one of the rooms and had it to yourself all day, but when not in use, the doors were left open for whomever would want to have some fun. 

The black guy from BBRT said he wanted to find me ass up, lubed and ready when he got there.  I found an empty room and assumed the position.  Less than 30 seconds later, a guy comes in the room.  I don't turn to see who it is but I feel his finger working its way around my hole and then sliding in.  He worked me this way for a couple minutes then I turned my ass to give him better access.  He said he was going to get a condom and be back.  DAMN!!!!  Never the less, I waited and a short time later, he returned with his rubber coated cock and started to work his way inside me.  Unfortunately it didn't take long for him to go in because he wasn't much more than about 4 inches, but it was my first cock of the afternoon so best to start small and work the way up.  After a few more minutes of fucking my hole, he started to pick up speed and started to breath much heavier and then a short time later, started loading the condom.  He pulled out, dropped the loaded condom in the waste basket and was out the door. 

I walked around a bit to see if my buddy had shown up yet and not finding him, decided to give the position another try.  This time, a guy mid 50's walked in, dropped his towel by my head and I looked up to see a nice, fat, 8 inch cock with a big mushroom head.  This was more like it!  I started sucking on this beauty getting it nice, hard and slick and after I got it up to the full potential, told the new guy I was ready to be fucked. 

It took a couple times to get him in and comfortable but when he did, this turned out to be one of the best fucks I have had in a long time!  His size was perfect, I met every thrust of his hips with and equal thrust of my ass and we moved perfectly.  I did not want this to end but eventually he started to fuck me harder, started to moan and then his gallons of cum started to fill my hole.  He continued to fuck me for another 5 minutes after he had cum  making sure his load was nice and deep and lubing me up for the next guy.  We chatted a bit while he caught his breath then he was on his way.

While walking around, I finally saw my buddy from BBRT.  He didn't recognize me at first so I had to go up to him and say who I was.  He took me straight to his room.  He didn't waste any time, dropped his shorts, turned me around and told me to put one knee up on the bed, greased up my hole and his cock and started working his way in.  He was very pleased when I told him there was a load of cum in there and he fucked me all the harder for it.  I could feel it slurping out of my hole every time he pulled out.  And when I say he pulled out, he literally pulled out all the way and then right back in again to the hilt.  I LOVE getting fucked like this, really makes you know you are getting fucked.  We kept this up for about 1/2 hour until he finally gave me my reward.  Load number 2.

I needed a bit of a break after being fucked by 2 big dicks and sniffing all the poppers so I took a long walk around the place again before going for number 4.  Back upstairs, I tried the ass up in one of the rooms again and once more, kept my face down when the next guy came in.  I know he was black and I know he had a nice big cock, but really nothing more.  We fucked for 10 minutes or so before he to added to the cum load in my hole.

Far from being done, I waited in the room for the next dick and shortly later, a white guy, late 50's came in and started fingering my sloppy hole.  This one too said he was going for a condom and would be right back.  I was tempted to leave not wanting more rubber up my ass but decided what the hell and stayed put.  He came back a short time later and started shoving his rubber covered cock in where all the others had been.  He fucked me like this for a few minutes then pulled out, stood up, took the condom off and threw it in the wastebasket.  Not knowing what was up, I waited.  He then crawled back on top of me and started rubbing his now uncovered cock in my greasy and cummy crack.   I knew this one would be easy.  As his cock started to slide down between my legs, I pushed my hips up just enough so that the head of his raw cock was at the opening of my hole, paused a second for him to get the idea, then started to move my ass back pushing him into me.  Well if this guy didn't like to fuck without a condom, he certainly learned to enjoy it with me.  We fucked for another 10 minutes and when I asked him if he was going to give me his load, he said he had just got there and didn't want to cum yet.  I didn't really want to waste much more time on this one if I wasn't going to get the load.  Granted it was worth it to get him to fuck me raw, but I want the reward.  I told him I needed a break and he left a short time later.

Back down in the bunk room, this really hot guy walked in.  I thought he had looked familiar then I remembered that he and I had chatted on BBRT and he was looking to fuck a cummy hole.  He was mid 30's, build like a brick shit house, furry chest, belly and pubes and a not large, but quite suitable dick hanging between his legs.  I told him I had what he was looking for and he stood up, turned me around and bent me over the bed.  He started licking my hole, slurping up all the juices that were leaking out of me and enjoying every moment.  We started to attract a crowd as he stood up and started to shove his cock in my well used hole.  My ass was slurping as he fucked me with cum running down my legs and coating his hairy pubes with my loads.  Finally he picked up the speed and dumped an new fresh load to mix with the others. 

I'm sure I could have taken a few more, I could have stayed there and fucked all day,  but time was running short so I made my way to the shower to clean up a bit.  The whole trip back to the hotel, I could feel the cum still oozing from my well fucked hole.  What a fucking day!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Back to the Baths

Another weekend off with no major plans so spent some time on line getting myself horned up and made the decision that I was going to once more try the local baths.  Decided to go a bit later than the last visit hoping that things may be a bit busier.  Spent some time cleaning out then by 7:30, with a fresh bottle of poppers in hand, I was out the door.

Arrived at the club a short time later and checked in.  Went to my room, stripped down, lubed up the hole, put on the towel and went to explore.  I walked out of my room, made a left towards the dark room, and ran into 2 guys right away.  Eye contact with both then continued my way to the dark room.  One of the guys, the older of the 2, maybe in his mid 50's, quickly followed me and as I leaned against the ledge in the dark room, he came up to me, pushed is towel covered cock into mine and started rubbing my body up and down while nuzzling my neck.  He wasn't especially my type, shorter, hairless, but when I reached down and felt a hard cock under his towel, he immediately became my type. 

He suggested we move to the platform where he laid on his back and asked that I suck on his nipples.  His cock, fully hard, jutted out about 6 inches so when I dropped my towel and crawled on top of him, my cock was grinding with his while I sucked at his request.  Eventually I needed more so slid forward slightly so that his cock was now sticking up against my hole.  Knowing what I had in mind, he pushed me back down and pulled my head back to his nips.  Thinking this wasn't going to happen, I had to think of a change of plans.  I looked up and saw that we had attracted a small group, all rubbing their cocks under their towels so I decided to take the chance, crawled off of the guy, stood next to the platform and bent over presenting my ass to the crowd while moving my attention to my new friends cock. 

It didn't take long.  Before I knew it, I felt hands rubbing my ass, slipping a finger into my well lubed hole and then felt a cock head taking it's place.  I hit the poppers just in time as slowly, the cock was entering me from behind.  As I have said before, this is by far my most favorite position, a cock in my ass and another in my mouth.  I could do this forever!  The guy fucking me picked up a steady rhythm pounding my hole as I worked the other cock with my mouth.  The occasional hit of the poppers really making me horny as hell and making my head spin.  Soon the guy fucking me leaned over and asked if we wanted to go to his room.  Who was I to object?

His room turned out to be right next to the dark room, and as the three of us entered, I was really excited to see that the host chose to leave the door open.  I am quite the exhibitionist and love it when other guys watch me getting fucked.  Guy number one laid on the bed, I assumed my position sucking on his cock with my ass in the air and guy number two quickly climbed up behind and shoved his 7 incher back in my waiting hole.  We fucked for about 15 minutes with various guys coming and going watching our fun.  Finally the guy working my hole started to pump harder and start to grunt a little and soon thereafter, I felt his hot load of cum shoot up my insides.  He worked my hole a few more minutes I then looked up at the guy who I was sucking and asked if he wanted to fuck me.  He smiled and said he was going to get a condom. 

Well, I don't like condoms, I don't like how they feel and I don't get a reward at the end, but I was horny, I'd sucked on his cock for almost a half hour, the least I could do is feel it inside me.  He quickly returned while guy number two took his place  in front of me and presented me his cock dripping with his cum and my ass juices.  I of course sucked every drop from his still quite hard cock while guy number one started fucking me with his condom covered dick.  Odd that usually I can tell when a guy is wearing a condom.  Maybe it was the fresh load of cum inside me, but with this guy, I really couldn't tell.  He fucked me for about 10 minutes then blew a load in the condom.  My head was spinning quite a bit by this point so I thanked both guys for the fuck and went back to my room for a break.

I rested for about 10 minutes or so then freshened the lube in my hole, grabbed the towel and poppers and back out the door.  As almost a repeat of the first time, I turned left towards the dark room and as I was getting to it, a shorter, thin black guy was coming out.  We made eye contact, I turned and looked back at him as I was walking past and he did the same.  I went into the dark room and waited.  Didn't take long.  He went into the maze and I followed.  He was leaning against the wall by the glory holes rubbing his cock under his towel.  It was really dark in the maze so I could barely see him and couldn't see his cock but I went up to him, put my hands on his chest and started rubbing.  Within seconds, I feel a second guy come up behind me, lift up my towel in the back and push me into the black guy in front of me.  The black guy pushed himself off the wall a bit and they had me sandwiched between them.  The guy behind me pulled my towel off and I felt his hard cock pressing against my ass while the black guy in front of me had his hard cock pressing against mine.  No idea who the guy was behind me, he whispered in my ear that we were going to his room.  I quickly came to realize this was planned as I picked up my towel and followed with the black guy close behind.

Back to his room, I see the guy from behind me was white, about mid 40's, hairless (damn) but had a nice 7 inch hard cock.  Finally I could see the black guys cock also, about 9 inches hard with a slight bend to the right in the middle.  I climbed on the bed, hit the poppers and the white guy came in from behind and pushed his way in my hole.  The black guy was standing to the side stroking his hard rod while the white guy pummeled my ass.  Soon the black guy said it was his turn, the white guy pulled out and soon I was being impaled on the black guys massive rod.  After he was inside me, the white guy came from behind him and started fucking his hole while he was fucking mine.  This isn't the best position for the guy on the bottom as the guy in the middle, in many cases, doesn't move all that much, he just enjoys his cock in a nice, warm, juicy hole while the other guy fucks him.  Eventually the black guy did start to move back and forth and fortunately and unfortunately, very quickly, started to moan and buck while he shot his big load up my hole.  Not too bad, been here less than an hour, 4 guys fuck me and 2 loads. 

I decided on another rest after this session so back to my room for a bit.  Short time later, freshly lubed, I decided to venture off my floor and see what was going on in the party rooms below.  Not too busy there, only 2 guys in the video room watching porn so I went to the room with the sling and climbed in.  Within a few minutes, one of the guys got up, saw me hanging in the sling and came in for a visit.  Didn't take long before his had dropped his towel and was lining up his 6 inch cock with my hole.  It must have been nice and juicy inside by this time and he seemed to be enjoying it quite a bit.  I was hoping guys would walk by and stop to watch or join in, but traffic in this area was next to nothing so it was just the two of us.  Eventually he said he didn't want to cum yet and pulled out.  Said he would look for me later and was out the room.  With no one else coming by, I climbed out of the sling and went back to my floor. 

Back in the dark room, I decided to give the sling here a bit of a try.  Again, it didn't take long.  Guy in his late 40's, furry chest (finally!) came into the sling room, dropped his towel, (nice 7 incher again) and lined his cock up with my hole.  I hit the poppers once more as he started sliding in.  He fucked me hard with the chains rattling and causing quite a bit of noise that was quickly noticed by the other guys in the area who came to watch the action.  We had about 5 other guys standing outside the cage, stroking their dicks, while my top was pounding my hole.  Eventually this top also said he didn't want to cum yet, pulled out, picked up his towel and walked out.  I was hoping that one of the guys who were watching would come and take his place, but that was not to be.  After a few minutes, I climbed out and went back to my room. 

As I laid back on my bed, I could finally feel that my hole was actually quite sore.  I had my door open and laid, ass up, on the bed.  A few guys came by, a very old, very short, very fat troll asked if I needed help with anything, I told him I was good (hell, even I have my standards).  Another guy early 40's stopped by but really just seemed to want to chat and then the first guy that fucked me with the condom stopped by and asked if he could climb on my ass.  Not really wanting another condom fuck, I told him I was just resting. 

By this time, I was pretty much done so grabbed the towel and headed for the showers.  All in all, really a pretty good evening.  Got fucked by 6 guys, unfortunately only 2 loads but you can't have them all.

Photo isn't me, but is pretty close to the black guy who fucked me.


Saturday, January 26, 2013

Saturday Afternoon at the Baths

Was planning on a lazy Saturday but by mid morning, was starting to feel the need to get something in my hole.  Went on line and not much was happening, hit up a few FB's but none available.  Put an ad on CL and got a response but something about it just sounded off so I passed.  So what else is a horny bottom to do when he needs a fuck and there isn't anything around?  Why, go to the local baths' of course.

Saturday's are typically hit or miss at the club and I was hoping for a hit, actually hoping for more than one hit of truth be said.  Cleaned out the hole, grabbed the poppers and lube and I was off.  Parking around the club was pretty tight so I was hoping it was a good sign.  Unfortunately it wasn't.  After checking in, I went to my room, undressed, lubed up, grabbed the towel and poppers and went off to explore.  After a full loop, only 5 guys total.  3 were in their upper 70's if they were a day.  One guy in is 40's wearing a t-shirt and boxers.  And a black guy also wearing a t-shirt and boxers. 

I tried cruising the 2 younger guys but quickly realized they were bottoms as well.  Things did not look good.  I decided to just go to the dark room, climb in the sling and hope for the best.  Guys both young and old filtered in and out of the dark room but not a one paid me any interest.  I still gave it a 15 minutes shot but decided that I would just go to my room, be a bit more comfortable, and see what happens.  Back to the room, I laid on the bed, ass up, applied a fresh batch of lube to my hole and waited.  20 minutes later, nothing.  One old guy kept standing in my doorway, I don't know if he was expecting a show or what, but I pushed my ass in the air higher figuring if he can get it up, it's better than nothing.  But he too wandered off.

A short time later, I heard the sound of fucking coming from down the hall.  I couldn't tell at first if it was live or from one of the TVs but quickly came to realize it was live.  I grabbed the towel, key and went off to see what was up.  A small group (3) was gathered outside the door of a room at the end of the hall.  Inside the room, was the black guy from above being fucked by this very tall, thin, black guy with a dick that must have been 12 inches!  It was hot to watch, but I really couldn't see much so walked away.  What I hadn't noticed was a new guy, mid 40's, hanging outside the door also.  He walked away shortly after I did and as I briefly paused at my door, he walked by and our eyes met.  He continued down the hall to the dark room and of course I followed.

Inside, he was leaning against the ledge and I walked up to him and slipped my hand into his towel.  He had a nice meaty cock.  Not really long, but a big head and quite fat.  I pulled off my towel and bent over to suck on this beauty.  While I was blowing him, I kept pushing my ass in the air hoping he would pick up on the hint.  I was working my magic and he was rock hard.  I guess about 6 inches long but not much less around.  I had to have this in me.  I stood up, turned around leaned back into him and he said in my ear "I don't fuck here".  I have to say, I have never understood when guys say this at the baths.  That's really the only reason I go there, you are going for just a blow job?  Anyway, I wasn't going to let him get away then, so back down to sucking him and within a few minutes, he was blowing his load down my throat.  Nice big sweet load.  Nice to get one, although not quite where I wanted it.

Wandered around a bit and eventually ended up back in the dark room.  There was a guy sitting on the platform, towel off, stroking his cock.  I had seen him earlier and figured him a bottom (he just had that look) but I figured what the hell, not much else was going on so over I went to help him out.  While I was stroking his cock, much to my surprise, his hand went around to my ass and started working my hole.  Unfortunately, this is the extent of what was going to happen as even though he seemed to enjoy the stroking, he just wasn't getting fully hard.  He did slip one, then two, then three fingers in my ass and it did feel quite good, but eventually I decided to cut my losses and walk away.

I went back to my room for a bit, laid down and watched a bit of porn then decided for one last walk-around.  Ending up back in the dark room, there was another new guy leaning on the ledge.  VERY tall, must have been about 6'4".  Bald, beard, furry chest, quite nice.  I stuck my hand under my towel and he quickly responded with the same so I dropped my towel and worked my way to him.  His dick was soft when I got it, a bit on the small side, but it didn't stay that way.  A few strokes and it was rock hard and standing out a good 7 inches.  Love the growers. 

This one liked to kiss as much as I, so we made out while stroking each others cocks and had actually started to gather a bit of an audience.  He whispered in my ear asking if I had a room.  I grabbed his hand and told him to follow me.

Back to my room, I dropped the towel, laid back on the bed.  He dropped his towel and climbed on top of me.  Lots of heavy kissing followed.  This guy was aggressive!  I liked that!  I had one of my legs wrapped around him and as his hands were moving around, eventually they found my crack and hole and with a grunt of approval, he found it lubed and ready.  Before I knew it, my legs were in the air and he was sliding up my hole.  It felt so amazing!  He started to pound away and, for the first time in a while, I actually felt like I was going to cum without touching myself.  I tried to concentrate, giving him access to the hole and enjoying him fucking me while trying not to push myself over the edge.  Eventually it proved too difficult and I exploded all over my stomach.  He grunted in approval again and continued pounding away on my ass.  Eventually he stopped, pulled out and started jacking his cock.  Shortly later, he was shooting his load all over my cock, balls and joining my load on my stomach.  I really would have liked to have it in me, but this would do.

Since cumming for me pretty much means things are done for a few hours, I left a short time later.  Not the best experience I've had at the baths but by far not the worst.  I did get 2 loads, not in my ass unfortunately, but I did enjoy them both. 


Thursday, January 24, 2013

Visit with J1 & J2 Again

Been a bit on the slow side lately so this past weekend, I hit up J1 & J2 again to see if they were going to be around and looking for some fun.  Got a message back a short time later that they were having some guys over later that night and wanted to know if I wanted to join.  Horny as I was, it wasn't really a question I needed to answer so I started to prep for a later group.

I arrived at their house a bit later than expected and was told to just walk in and come upstairs to the back of the house.  Went past the bedroom which was unoccupied at the time and continued down the hallway.  Thru the TV room, I saw the lights and heard the music from the back of the house.  Well these guys actually have a full blown bar with a dance floor, fog machines, professional lighting, video screens, and cocktail seating, the works!  J1 was tending bar, J2 was sitting at the bar along with 2 other guys.  Guy 1 we will call C.  Guess he was early to mid 50's, seemed kind of freaked out about being there.  Guy 2, we will call him G, was more at ease.  Guess to be mid thirties, blond, tight t-shirt, a bottom if I ever saw one.  I didn't know what guy 1 was, but with J1 and J2 both being tops, I was hoping for at least one more since G was obviously there to get his hole filled also.

Bit of time goes buy waiting for a couple other guys to show who said they were coming (ended up they didn't show at all), had a few drinks, and chatted with the guys.  Finally J1 told everyone to get a little more comfortable and start loosing some clothes.  J1 took off his shirt, dropped his pants and continued working the bar in his boxer briefs.  J2 next to me just took off his shirt.  G stripped down to briefs and socks, I did the same. and C went the full monty with no encouragement.  It was exciting to see C get naked, he had a pretty good body for his age and a nice big fat cock.  Nice thing was, he was a top!  But not that it really mattered because as it turns out, he couldn't get it hard.  He said he took a pill before coming but thinks the alcohol and his nerves were getting the better of him.  I pretty much just observed for the rest of the evening.

Eventually G took down the briefs, I shortly followed and we were both sitting butt ass naked at the bar.  J2 finally took off his t-shirt and dropped his pants giving me a nice meaty furry cock to play with while we were chatting.  J1 came out from the bar, dropped his shorts then asked G to lean up over the bar.  As I was stroking J2, J1 was eating out G's ass.  Eventually, J1 pulled G down off the bar and after greasing things up a bit, started working his way in G's hole.  Not wanting to be left out, since J2 was fully hard by this point, I grabbed the lube off the bar, greased up my hole and his rod, and leaned over the bar.  J2 didn't take long to assume the position behind me and start sliding in.  While both of us were getting plowed, I leaned over to G and we started to kiss.  I knew that the J's liked this from the last visit, so I thought I would give them another show.  After about 10 minutes of fucking, the J's switched and I had J1's nice meaty pole sliding up my hole. 

The fucking continued back and forth for a good 20 minutes before J2 decided to take a break and J1 pulled G over to the dance floor, laid  him back on a speaker and started fucking him again.  With the base coming from this speaker, this had to be a fun fuck so I patiently waited my turn.  Eventually G gave me his place and I leaned back, threw my legs in the air, and presented my hole for J1 to fill, which he quickly did.  It was such an amazing sensation, the vibration from the speaker while this big dick is sliding in and out of your hole, completely new and different.  But so much fun!

We took a break, got a fresh cocktail, and chatted a bit more until J1 decided he wanted another turn on the speaker with G.  With G getting plowed and his head back over the speaker, I just couldn't resist and came around and shoved my cock in his waiting mouth.  As a bottom, this is my favorite position, taking cock in both ends, and watching G do the same, it was really getting me hot.  Eventually J1 asked if I wanted to take a turn on G's ass.  I had told them I don't usually top, but I was hard as a rock and G was really very hot.  J1 convinced me by saying if I wanted to know what it felt like to fuck my ass, my hole and G's were pretty similar, a tight opening, then smooth as silk inside.  How could I resist knowing what my hole felt like to a top, so I came around, lined up my cock and started sliding in.  J1 was right, his opening was very tight and it took a little work to get inside him, but once I did, he felt amazing!  I can only hope the tops that fuck me get the same feeling. 

I start working G's ass and while I am doing this, J1 is stroking his cock over G's face.   Before I knew it, J1 was blowing his load all over G!  He said it was watching me fuck him that put him over the edge.  I was a little disappointed as I would much rather had that load in my ass but it was pretty hot to watch. 

Things started winding down a bit after that.  C left and G (after a few to many cocktails and a bit too much of the poppers) passed out on the sofa.  I excused myself a short time later.  No load, but I did get a really good couple of fucks and had the rare chance to top as well!  Next time, I think I want them both to myself.

Didn't get any photos or videos this time either, but J2 did send me a short vid of him fucking another guy.  I watch this all the time and think about that hot cock pounding my ass.  Hope you like it too.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

BB Hotel Anon

Things have been a bit on the slow side lately.  With the holidays and all, available time has been on the slim side so not much raw fucking has been taking place.  I did manage a hook up with the fuck bud today, we had a nice play session and I got a nice load out of his fat cock and we tried a few different positions which was nice, but other than being fun, there wasn't really anything exciting to talk about.

That being said, I thought I would go a little into the past to tell you about an experience I had this past summer.  I had a week off work and since I didn't have any travel plans, I decided to take a few days and get away to a resort that's a little less than 2 hours away from me.  It's in the middle of nowhere but it's a beautiful and relaxing spot. 

I wasn't sure what kind of action may be out there being I was way out in the sticks, but I put an ad on their local Craigslist and BBRT to see if I could come up with something.  I was advertising for an open hotel room door, me on the bed ass up and lubed, blindfolded and ready for walk in's.  Much to my surprise I got about 10 hits (many more than I thought I would) however only 1 guy actually came thru.  I did film the experience and have had it on Xtube for a few months.  It's been very popular, almost 50,000 views and many comments.  Didn't really expect so much because in my opinion, it really wasn't that exciting.

We arranged the time, I unlocked the door, striped down, lubed up my hole, made a makeshift blindfold from a shirt (I didn't really plan well) and waited.  As you can see in the video, he showed up and stayed dressed the whole time.  I sucked him to get him hard then he fucked me.  You will see that he just stops fucking me at one point and puts his dick away.  The session went on quite a bit longer than I have on the video but it was getting to the point where it was starting to creep me out and I had to ask him to leave (you don't see that part).  Fortunately he left, but that is part of the excitement of wearing a blindfold and leaving the door open.

Anyway, I didn't get to see this guy until after he left and I was able to watch back on the camera.  As one of the comments said on Xtube, they guy kind of looked like Cam from Modern Family.  He said he didn't cum but after he left, I did find my surprise, he loaded me up good.  Funny because you can't tell that he is cumming in the video at all.  So enjoy the video and let me know what you think!

BB Hotel Anon: