Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Just Some Fucking

Spent some time out of town the last week without the opportunity for any hookups along the way so by the time I made it home earlier this week, I just about couldn't stand how horny I was and how much I needed fucked!  Wasn't really feeling the baths and on line seemed a bit too much, so I hit up the bud from my "There's More?" post.  I didn't think I would hear back from him as we have been doing nothing but missing each other for the past many months, but before I knew it, he responded to my email and invited me over. 

After a quick hole clean, I grabbed the lube and poppers and was quickly out the door.  He met me at his door, gave me a long, hard and passionate kiss, then took me to the bedroom.  We were naked before I knew it and I was sucking on his quickly hardening dick.  It wasn't long before I climbed on top, hit the poppers and lowered my self onto his rod.  This felt SO GOOD!!!!   I needed nothing more than a hard cock inside me.  I rode it for all it was worth.

We moved from that to doggy, to me flat on my stomach, to leaning over the side of the bed to me kneeling on the side of the bed all with him pounding my hungry hole with his raw dick.  He asked me how many loads I wanted from him, I told him all I could get.  It was a long fuck and a fantastic fuck, and about 40 minutes later, he told me the first  load was on it's way.  Soon I felt him start to thrust harder, breath heavier and let out a yell as the ropes of cum came out of his cock and into my hungry ass.  He laid on top of me not moving to take himself out while I worked his rod with my hole milking out all the cum I could get.  Eventually he said that he was spent and didn't think he would be able to deliver the next load. Way too sad.

A couple of days later, not really planning on anything to happen, I logged onto Scruff and had a couple of messages from a couple of guys in the area.  One was blond, mid 20's, very chatty.  The other was early 30's, dark hair, and less than a mile from my home.  This is the photo he opened for me:
He asked if I wanted to get my hole fucked.  Not having planned to get fucked this night, I wasn't prepared, but told him I could work on it and let him know.  Told him to give me about 20 minutes then asked for a cock pic.  He sent this:

After seeing this, I KNEW I had to have that inside me !  I reminded him that I only fuck bare and he quickly responded that he knew and was waiting to drop a load in me.

After a session of cleaning out, I waited for him to arrive.  I received a text from him that he was parked outside.  I told him to come in.  Inside, we started kissing with his hands exploring my ass, mine exploring his crotch.  Our clothes were soon tossed aside and I started to suck on his growing cock.  After a few minutes, he turned me around and started lining up.  I grabbed the lube, greased up my ass and his cock, took a long hit of poppers and bent over.  He entered quickly and started to long dick me almost right away.  It was a nice cock!  Felt so amazing inside and was a nice surprise since I wasn't expecting to get fucked tonite!  We didn't change positions much other than when he pulled me up so that we could kiss while he pounded my hole.  He pounded me hard for the next half hour then started telling me how he was going to breed my ass.  I told him I wanted it, hit the poppers again and waited for my reward.  Not long after, he started to fuck harder, if that was possible, and I could feel the cum shooting inside me.  After he finished, he stayed inside and continued fucking his cum in deep.  It was heaven.  When he finally pulled out, I turned and took his dick once more in my mouth to clean off any cum that had escaped along with my ass juices.  What a fucking nice surprise!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

What's a Horny Bottom to Do?

When you want nothing more than to get fucked, there really is no better spot than the baths.  Granted, getting fucked is never a certainty, but your chances certainly get much better simply by being there and putting your ass out on display.

Earlier last week, I was feeling the need to have some cock in my hole and not feeling that I wanted to mess around with the whole "on line thing", I prepped and had myself on my way.  It was a Monday evening, a discounted night, which could mean it would be very busy, or dead to the world.  Well, it wasn't really either but actually turned out not so bad.

Initially scouting around I ran into a guy who I had messed around with once previously while there and decided to give him another whirl.  We were in the dark room, he was leaning against the wall and I walked up to him, dropped my towel, bent over and started sucking on his semi hard rod.  However different from the last time, he didn't seem to be in a fucking mood, just wanted a blow job.  I worked his cock good all the time with my ass in the air on display hoping someone else would come into the room and take me from behind.  Alas, that was not to be, and soon my friend and I parted ways.  I was hoping this wasn't going to be the theme for the night.

After another loop around the place, I settled into the dark room once again and was joined shortly thereafter by a bulky guy that had checked in right behind me.  I thought he was cute when we came in and was hoping he was interested.  He leaned against the wall next to me rubbing the front of his towel.  Needing no more encouragement, I dropped mine, bent over and started working his dick.  It was soft when I started blowing him but quickly chubbed up to a nice chubby 6 inches with a big mushroom head.  While I was working him, he ran his hand down my back until it made it's way to my hole.  He slid a finger inside my and then used it to pull me around, by my hole, until my hole was presented to him.  He lined himself up and plunged in.  Once the mushroom head made it past my opening, it was heaven.  He fucked me like this for a few minutes and then once more, turned me around and shoved his cock, fresh from my ass, into my mouth.  A couple of short thrusts and he was shooting a big, sweet load down my throat.

While this guy was fucking me, a really hot, tall, furry guy was watching and taking it all in.  After we had finished and I was licking the last of the cum from my lips, he looked at me and made his way into the maze.  Of course I followed.  I found him in a dark corner and came up to him.  He was tall, the top of my head barely came to his chin and I am almost 6 feet.  I put my hand on his crotch and started rubbing his semi hard dick through the towel.  After a few moments, I decided the towel was just in the way so pushed it aside and bent over to take him in my freshly cummy mouth.  His dick was a bit thinner than the last dude and lacked the mushroom head, but was still nice to suck on.  I was hoping he would do the same as the last guy and turn me around and take me from behind, but once more, this guy only wanted oral.  An older guy wandered by and he and I took turns working the cock until I decided it was time to search for someone who would give me what I was really looking for. 

After a quick trip around, finding nothing of interest, I was walking back to my room to take a rest when I saw this new guy sitting on the benches outside the dark room.  About early 40's, blond, beefy, furry, bearded, a real hot stud.  I decided to take my chances, dropped my towel and walked toward him.  As I walked past him heading to the dark room, I turned and saw him watching my ass as I went.  I went into the dark room, stood in front of the platform with my ass facing the entrance and waited.  Didn't have to wait long.  He followed me soon enough and started rubbing his hands on my ass.  I'm told I have a great ass and he certainty wanted to get to know it.  Soon he moved to the platform and sat down, pulling his towel off as he did.  Between his legs was a soft, 7inch, uncut cock hanging out of and untrimmed blond bush with big heavy balls hanging below.  This was a dream!  Knowing my place, I bent over and started to suck.  With each stroke of my mouth, his cock got bigger and harder.  Fully about 9 inches and about 7 around.  It's always fun to play with a foreskin, especially when the dick gets hard and you can pull the skin back with your mouth and hear the top moaning in pleasure when your tongue hits his freshly exposed head.  We kept this up for quite a while until I felt I had to have this beauty inside me.  I stood up and asked him if he wanted to fuck me, he said he didn't fuck with his boyfriend wasn't with him.   WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!   I did not understand THAT one at ALL!!!!  I would think it would be the other way around.  Whatever, I went back to work on his cock and soon was able to get the load out and down my throat before wordlessly walking away.

Having had enough of the oral at this point, I made my way back to my room, propped open the door, kneeled on the bed ass up, head down, lubed up the hole and waited.  I wanted to be sure that the guys that were there knew what I was looking for.  Before long, 2 guys came by.  They came in and closed the door.  One was about 6.5 feet tall, blond, bit beefy and furry and the other about 5.6, hairless, thin and also blond.  Both dropped their towels.  Tall guy had the equipment to match.  His cock was about 8 inches and thick.  Short guy also matched, he was about 5 inches , average width but jutting out rock hard.  Tall guy came at me first and slid right in.  He started pounding me like there was no tomorrow all the while talking dirty to the short dude.  He kept telling him how good this hole was and that he was getting the hole next.  They pretty much ignored me which is fine by me.  I can be just a hole if that is what you are looking for.  Tall guy pulled out and short guy was quick to take his place.  For what he lacked in size, he certainly made up for in energy.  He fucked me like the energizer bunny on a sugar high.  It was awesome!

Finally big guy said they wanted to DP me.  As you know, I've only done this once before and have been wanting to do it again ever since.  I was hoping this would work out but after the first experience, I know that both of the dicks need to be of some size in order to make it happen.  The shorter guy had me worried.  I got off the bed, big guy laid down, I climbed on top of him and slid him inside.  Short guy came around from behind.  Honestly I give him an A for effort but he just couldn't make it in with the equipment he was working with.  We tried it a few different ways to see if it made it any easier, but it was not to be.  Finally big guy just started pounding away on his own and soon started shooting a fresh load of cum up my ass.  When he was finished, short guy followed suit and loaded me up as well.  Nice.

After a brief rest, I decided for one more walk around before calling it a night.  Not much was going on by this time so I was almost back to my room to get my stuff when I came across this older guy, middle eastern looking, quite furry and thin looking at me.  He said hey as I walked by, I replied the same and kept going towards my room.  I looked back to see him watching and while I was doing that, dropped my towel.  I got to my room, threw my towel on the stand and stood waiting.  He came right behind me.  Inside he closed the door and dropped his towel.  He was soft, a bit on the thin side, but responded well when I grabbed his dick.  It quickly got hard and I bent over to start to suck it.  He however had other things in mind and turned me around, pushed me down on the bed and started shoving his cock up my ass.  Like I said, it wasn't fat, but he certainly knew how to use it.  A few minutes later, he started to buck harder and growl and then I started to feel his cum flood my insides.  After he was finished, he slapped my ass, picked up his towel and walked out the door.  I collapsed on the bed by this point, fully satisfied.