Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Up to Date

Sorry that it's been a while since I have posted.  It's been a crazy couple of weeks since my time off and there hasn't been much time to try to get some cum in my hole, not that I haven't, just not as much as I would have liked.

I'm going to start off with a photo of myself that I took during my last post at the bathhouse.  I don't really put all that many photos of me on here, especially more full body shots, and while this still isn't that, it does show my favorite position to take while waiting for cock in one of my favorite places.  It's not the best shot but you get the idea.

The weekend before last started off my busy time.  I had a shitload of things to do and only limited time to do them in.  But as is usually the case, when I am home alone, I get horny and nothing will make it go away other than a hard cock in my hole.  Not really wanting to spend the time looking around, I decided to take matters into my own hand and get myself off.  I have this dildo I purchased a number of years ago.  I bought it on line so didn't really have a good idea of how large it was until it arrived.  This is it here, pen is there for scale:

I've tried numerous times since I bought it to get it into my hole.  Never worked.  I could put a whole bottle of lube on it and popper myself up until I was flying sky high but it would never go in.  Since I've had some successful experience with big cock of late, I thought maybe it was time to give it another try.  I slicked it up with my favorite lube, hit the poppers hard, attached it to a firm surface so it would stay in place and poised myself with my hole at the tip.  One more big hit of poppers and I started to lower myself.  Before I even knew what was happening, the head popped inside.  I was kind of surprised by what happened so I instinctively pulled off.  Everything looked good so I hit the poppers once more, started sliding down and soon by balls were resting on it's balls and I had it in me to the hilt.  I wanted to take a picture of it inside me buy my hands were covered with lube, my head spinning from the poppers and I was so loving the feeling of it inside me, the only thing I could do was jack my cock while I bounced up and down on my toy until I shot one of the biggest loads I have shot in a while over the floor.

The following weekend, I hit up J&J from some posts back.  Just to refresh, they are the tops that like to have bottoms over for them both to use.  I'd never been to their place when I was the only bottom, it's always been at least one other there at the time, so I was hoping that they were free and maybe I could have both of them.  The first J responded to my text fairly quickly.  A bit of brief chit chat took place until he asked me if I was horny.  Of course I was.  He asked me if I would like to take a couple of loads.  Of COURSE I would!!  He told me to be at their place at 6pm.

It was only around 4:30pm, so I hit up my buddy T and asked what he was up to.  He was on line trying to find some cock.  We chatted a bit, I told him I was meeting a couple guys in a bit who were going to load me up then the talk turned to my dildo and how I was able to get it in me the week.  He was so turned on, he told me to stop by his place on my way back from J&J's, bring the dildo, and he would use it on me and take some pics of it sliding in an out of a cummy hole.  I told him I would text him when I was loaded.

I arrived at J&J's place shortly after 6pm.  Rang the bell and was brought inside to the TV room.  The furry one of the 2 J's was sitting shirtless on the couch.  He looked so fucking hot I wanted him right there, but a few minutes of small talk had to take place first.  Finally one of them said for us to make it to the bedroom.  Clothes were quickly dropped and I climbed on the bed with the hairless of the J's and started sucking his cock.  While I was doing this, the furry J came behind me and started eating out my hole.  After a few minutes of this, furry J started lining up his cock.  He dropped some lube on my hole and without so much as a popper whiff, he was sliding inside.  I didn't really need them but I did ask for the poppers because I enjoy being fucked so much more when I am on them.  And they make me REALLY horny!   Here is furry J's cock:

I continued to suck hairless J while furry J plowed my hole.  No need to change positions, just there on my knees, bent over with one 8 inch cock in my mouth while another was fucking me raw.  Sooner than I would have liked, furry J started unloading inside me.  He stayed inside for a few minutes after then pulled out and left the room.  Not sure where he went but I continued sucking hairless J until he asked me where I wanted the load.  I said please, put it in my hole.  He pulled me over to the side of the bed, told me to lay on my back, lifted my legs and slid into a hole now well lubed with cum.  He pounded me for another 10 minutes until he too shot his jizz inside me to mix with his partners.

Knowing that I still had other plans, I made a hasty good bye and was off to T's.  Arriving at his place, I pulled the dildo out of the bag and dropped it on the bed, stripped down, lubed the hole and climbed in the bed on top of him.  We made out for a bit and then I reached down and felt he was rock hard.  T used to top occasionally but lately he has been exclusively a bottom.  When I grabbed his cock, he told me to get on all fours, he wanted to get inside me while he was hard.  Well he never went soft after that.  We fucked in various positions, doggy, me riding on top of him, on our sides, and then finally me leaning over the side of the bed and him piston fucking me behind.  I could feel cum running out of my ass every time he pulled out and squish every time he went back in.  Eventually he started saying "Oh my God!  I can't believe this is happening!  I'm cumming!!" and then he proceeded to shoot his fresh load inside to join the others.

We never did get around to using the dildo, but there always is a next time.  Here is my well used and cummy hole:

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  1. Very nice. I like it without popper. They give me headaches bad. Would like photos of the other cocks but what you posted were sweet, including you. Good job.