Sunday, May 4, 2014

An Evening at the Baths

After a quick walk around, there didn't seem to be many guys hanging out at the baths early this Saturday evening.  One older guy sitting on the stool in the hallway playing with his cock, a stocky guy smoking on the roof, a few others here and there, but not much else. On my walk through, I did go by the club entry and through the glass in the door, saw a line of 3 guys waiting to sign in.  With that, things were looking up.

I went back to my room to give the new guys a chance to settle in.  I watched a little porn and then opened the door and assumed the position on the bed with my ass presented to the open door.  It wasn't long before I heard someone come in and close the door behind him.  He came up and stood by my head.  I looked up and saw it was the older guy from the hallway.  His dick was pointing at me, already covered with a condom.  Unfortunately he was only about 3 inches hard, but hey, if he could get it in and keep it hard, who am I to complain, I am a dedicated bottom after all.

His hand reached behind and felt my already lubed hole.  He then climbed on to the bed and started to line up his cock.  I did hit the poppers but there really was no reason to have done it.  He didn't go in much past the opening and he couldn't do much actual fucking or he would fall out.  So it was more of a grinding type of fuck.  It wasn't terrible, more like being rimmed by a guy with a big tongue, but this really wasn't what I was looking for.  Plus he was wearing the condom.  When he pulled out, I pulled my legs together and laid flat.  He climbed off the bed and I told him I needed a break.  He took the hint, picked up his towel and was out the door.  Fortunately he did leave the door open so after a few minutes had passed and I was sure he was gone, I once more assumed the position.

I could hear the elevator ding on a fairly regular basis so I knew that a steady flow of guys were arriving.  I hoped that at least some of them were tops.  The traffic outside my door had started to pick up.  Most guys walked by quickly, one guy wearing flip flops walked by numerous times, and then 2 guys who where together (you could tell this because they were always taking) went by once or twice.  After the last walk by, I heard the couples footsteps stop at my door.  Then I heard one say "that hole looks pretty tight, I don't think he can take it".  The one closest to me said "that's why he has the poppers" which were sitting next to my head on the bed.  I wasn't sure what was on offer so looked around.  Inside my door was a guy about 6 feet tall, shaved head and face, furry chest, wearing a towel and looking at me intently.  Behind him in the doorway were 2 more guys I didn't get that good of a look at, my attention was all on the stud looking back at me.

I got up on the bed, looked him in the eyes and reached for what was under his towel.  His gaze never left mine.  What I felt under the towel wasn't something that was really impressive, it was soft, but I was hoping for more.  My new friend pulled off his towel and came around to the front of the bed, sat down, and spread his legs and told me to suck.  I knelt down with my ass up hoping that one of the guys in the door would take me from behind (they did not unfortunately) and started to work on his rod.  After he started to chub up, I knew that this was the cock they didn't think I could take.  He got to about 8 inches.  The head was fairly average in size but his cock tapered down so much so that by the base, he was fatter than my wrist.  Sucking him, my mouth would not go past mid cock.  I just couldn't open up further so my hand had to take over the lower portions, and even at that, I couldn't wrap it all they way around.

My new friend told they guys in the doorway that I was a really good cocksucker.  Then he asked me if I had condoms.  I had thrown away the condoms from the room when I first arrived so of course told him no.  He said he was going to get one and would be back.  He got up, grabbed his towel and was out the door, friends in tow.  After they had gone, a small middle eastern guy was left standing in my doorway.  He had a smile from ear to ear.  I motioned him in making sure he left the door open in case my new friend found a condom and came back.  His hands went to my neck and started to work their way down my back and ass.  I reached under his towel and started stroking his hard cock.

His cock was on the thin side, about 5 inches, but he kept pulling my hand away.  He then leaned in for a kiss.  Not a deep kiss, but a fairly light one.  He kept this up for a bit, light kisses, stroking my neck, back and ass, and pulling my hand away from his hard cock.  Then I saw my new friend and his entourage walk by my door, they looked in and kept walking.  SHIT!!!!  Not sure if the new little guy scared them away or not, but they were gone.  Eventually, the little guy also left so I once more assumed the position hoping that my new friend would return.

After about 10 minutes, I grabbed my towel and poppers, applied fresh lube to the hole and went to see if I could find the guys.  I didn't have to go far.  At the end of the corridor there is a room that has a full sized bed.  I'd been in it once or twice on previous visits, generally couples get this room when they are going to play together.  The door to this room was open and there was a group of 3 or 4 guys standing around watching what was going on inside.

I pushed my way through the crowd and stood in the doorway.  Inside was my new friend, standing by the bed, stroking his cock.  On the bed was one of his buddies who's cock was being sucked by the older guy with the small dick who had fucked me earlier.  When my new friend saw me in the door, he pointed at me and then pointed at the bed.  I went inside.  He pulled off my towel and told me to bend over.  The older guy got up and left, and he told his buddy to turn around so I could suck him while he fucked me.  I started to open the popper bottle knowing I would need a big hit for this one and the buddy said "take a big hit, you're going to need it".

Much to my dismay, my new friend had found some condoms and proceeded to put one on.  I bent over and started to suck the buddy.  I felt the cock head at my hole then heard a bottle of lube being opened and poured onto his cock.  Then he started working in.  I concentrated very hard to relax and for the first half of his cock, there was not a problem, then the bottom half started going in.  While it did hurt, and I did see stars, I did not want him to take it out.  Once he made it all the way in, he paused, then with his friends encouragement, started to fuck.  He did it slowly at first then started to pick up speed until his legs were slapping my ass with every inward thrust.  My legs were shaking the whole time he was fucking me.  His buddy had taken control of my poppers and was periodically giving me a dose.  I could see a group of about 5 guys in the doorway watching me get impaled on this monster.  I loved it.

Once I had gotten used to his size, the fuck was amazing.  While I do wish he was fucking me bare, just having this cock in my ass was worth it, covered or not.  He pulled out and told me to get on my back.  I did as requested and pulled my legs up with my ass hanging over the edge of the bed.  His buddy grabbed my ankles and pulled me up further.  Then once more, my friend slammed in and started fucking me hard.  He would pull out until he was almost completely out of me, then slam back in with a good bit of force.  He said that he would like to see me cum with him fucking me.  Unfortunately for me, that rarely happens and I truly didn't want it to happen as when I cum, my hole generally shuts down.  That didn't stop him from grabbing my cock and stroking it while he fucked me.

We fucked for the better part of a half hour.  When he finally pulled out, with my head spinning from the poppers, I told him I needed a break, picked up my towel and unsteadily, made my way back to my room.  All the poppers and the serious fucking I had just taken had made me a bit off balance.  In my room, I closed the door and rested for a few minutes until the feeling had passed.  I reached back and felt my tortured hole, I've honestly never felt it so loose.  I knew for the rest of the evening, I should have no problem taking anything that was presented to me.

Once I started to feel more steady, I applied some fresh lube, opened the door, and once again, presented my hole to the passer by.  I decided to keep my face down and just take whatever decided to come in.  I heard a guy come in, a hand started at my ankle, worked it's way up my leg to my ass then slipped a finger in my hole.  He fingered me for a few seconds then was gone.  A few minutes later, another guy walked in with an almost exact repeat of the previous guy but when this guy stuck his finger in, his nail scraped the side of my tunnel so I winced.  Honestly guys, if you are going to finger a bottom, trim your damned nails first!!!  I looked back and saw a pair of black legs.  At my wince, he also was out the door.

Another few minutes go by and once more I hear someone come in.  This time they close the door.  I looked back under my arm and saw a white guy with a very large tattoo on his leg.  He slipped a finger in my hole, I recognized it as the first fingerer who had come in.  I looked over and could see his reflection in the mirror.  I had seen him earlier on one of my walk arounds.  Really cute blond guy.  Great tribal tattoo on his shoulder and down one arm, really great smile, but had saggy skin around his middle.  He looked like one of those guys who had lost a lot of weight in a very short time and the skin had not bounced back.

He climbed on the bed and continued fingering my hole while stroking his cock.  I couldn't see it from my position but was hoping for a nice one.  Then once again, I heard a condom wrapper opening.  What was it with this night!  Was it safety night and no one had told me!?!?  Damn!  Soon the covered cock head was at my hole and working in.  I would say he was about 6 inches, fairly average girth, but after the monster I had taken previously, I'm not sure even a fat one would have felt big.  He fucked me for about 5 minutes until he started to pick up his pace, started to grunt and moan and then started loading the condom in my hole.  When he had finished, he pulled out, peeled off the condom, threw it in the trash, picked up his towel and was gone.

After he left, I got up and pulled the condom out of the trash.  There was cum in it but not a large amount.  I would have lubed my hole with it had there been more but that's the way it goes.  I once more assumed the position hoping that at least the next one would go bare.  A very short time later, I heard another guy come in and close the door.  I looked back and saw a black guy there.  He dropped his towel and came up to my head.  I leaned over to start sucking his soft cock.  Here I will give a little side note and a lesson for you other guys out there.  If you are planning to hook up either one on one or be a whore at the baths, be careful what you eat earlier in the day.  I'm not sure what this guy ate, but it was oozing from all of his pores.  There was definitely garlic in there but also numerous other things.  It was a very overpowering smell.  As I was sucking him, I could even taste it.  Fortunately he started to firm up quickly so I didn't have to suck it long, I'm not sure I would have been able to anyway.

He came around behind me and lined himself up.  At least he was going in bare.  He had a decent sized cock, small by black guy standards but larger than most other guys.  He was a good fucker and as long as I kept my nose and mouth in the pillow, I was good.  After 15 to 20 minutes of fucking, he pulled out and was gone.  Not more than a few minutes later, I once more heard someone come in and close the door.  Looking back under my arm, I saw another black guy.  This one was a bit older than the previous visitor, maybe mid 50's, but really well put together, well muscled, trim, nice looking guy.  He came to my head and dropped his towel also.  I started to work, no smell here thankfully.

He chubbed up a bit larger than the previous guy.  Close to 8 inches and nicely chunky.  He picked up the lube and applied it to his raw cock then came in behind.  All the way in on the first thrust.  And then he started to fuck.  And boy, could he fuck!  It felt amazing!  He would do a full in and out continually, teasing the opening of my hole each time he worked his way out before pushing it all they way back in.  This guy REALLY knew how to fuck!  I looked to the mirror and saw that he was watching himself fuck me, his dark skin contrasting to my white skin.  He got off more when he saw me also watching us.  It was beautiful.  How could I not.  We fucked for the next half hour and there was no let up from the intensity.  Finally he pushed all the way in and laid on top of me for a rest.  I told him I thought I needed a bit of a rest too, so he pulled out, picked up his towel and was gone.

Like the first big dicked guy, I needed some time to recover so closed the door and rested for a bit.  After watching a bit of porn, I decided to give it one more try and once more opened the door and presented my hole.  I told myself that I wasn't going to stay for much longer, if I heard 10 guys pass my door and no one came in, I would pack it up and call it a night.  I had heard about 5 guys walk by.  Then I heard a guy come in and close the door, I looked back and saw black legs.  Then I noticed the smell again.  As he dropped his towel and came to my head, I told him I needed a break for a bit.  I'm not usually one to pass up cock, but I simply could not do it again.  He picked up his towel and left.

Once more I again presented my hole with the same criteria, that if I heard the 10 guys walk by and no takers, I would be out.  This time I didn't have to wait for 2.  My last guy came in the room and closed the door, looking back, the final was also a black guy.  This is really odd as the baths don't usually get a large black crowd but here I was getting ready to start on my third.  Not that I'm complaining.  He was tall and thin, maybe mid 20's.  

This guy, like the previous 2, dropped towel and came to my head.  He was soft, about 5 inches, so I started to suck.  He responded quickly.  He maxed out at almost 10 inches.  But better yet, it was fat!!!  Once hard, I couldn't get my mouth past the head and could not get my hand all the way around.  If I hadn't taken 5 cocks before this one, it might have been a problem, but I thought I was ready.  He lubed himself up and came around behind me.  His cock head felt like a fist at my hole.  Then he started working in.  It was a LONG trip!  Once inside, he started long dicking me.  I tried to stay on my knees most of the time ensuring he could have the best access to my hole and get as deep as he would like.  Another amazing fucker!  After fucking for another half hour, I asked if he was going to give me a load.  He said he didn't want to cum yet.  A short time later, he said he needed a break and was gone.

I could have stayed and tried for more but I had already had 6 guys fuck me, 2 of which were monsters.  3 white guys, 3 black guys, 3 condoms, 3 raw.  It was a VERY good night indeed!

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