Wednesday, February 20, 2019

A Good Day

He started sending me messages on Grindr near the end of last week.  He lived between where I work and my home so he was always in my feed.  No photos on his profile, just the basics.  Just said black and muscular.  He started with some photos:

He had my interest.  A few chats back and forth the first day then just puttered out.  On Sunday morning, I clicked on Grindr and there he was.  Within seconds he asked if I was looking.  I told him I most definitely was.  Address was sent and a short time later, he was on his way.  He estimated 15 minutes, took closer to 25.  He sent me a message that he was at my front door and I greeted him there naked.  He followed me to the bedroom, I knew his eyes were on my ass the whole time.

I climbed on the bed ass up, I had lubed before he arrived and started hitting the poppers.  He stripped down and climbed behind me.  I could hear him stroking himself then felt the head of his cock on my hole.  He started to push in, slowly, until he was buried balls deep.  He paused for a moment then started the slow trip out.  As the head of his cock reached my hole, he paused again for a second then slammed himself back in.  At that point, the intense fucking began, I could barely hold the popper bottle he was pounding so hard.  His cock felt so good, hitting all the right spots and pressing deep inside.

After minutes of this, he did my favorite, a full pull out followed seconds later by a full slam right back in.  Nothing else feels like this, I LOVE when guys do it but unfortunately, not many do.  His hands were on both sides of my ass and with each pull out, he paused just a second more than the last until he heard me beg to have it back inside me.  And when he obliged, he didn't disappoint. 

It wasn't a long fuck but it was very good.  The sad part was when he started to cum, he pulled out and started shooting on my ass.  The shots of hot cum hitting my skin was so fucking hot but I wanted it inside me and begged him to put it back.  He unfortunately didn't.  He said when he cums, he gets so sensitive, there can't be anything around his cock.  When he left the room to clean up, I pushed all I could inside.

Later that day, I'm once more in a room at the baths.  After him, I needed more cock, a lot of it, and this is the place to make it happen.  Sunday's have been hit or miss in the past.  Things started a bit slow but all in all, it turned out to be a very good day.

I started with a trip around.  Maybe about a dozen guys total.  Came across 3 guys in a room with the lights full on, they were in a daisy chain, middle guy taking and receiving.  I watching for a bit but found it to be just a tease for me so moved on.  Walking past a room with the door open, I saw a guy I had played a bit with on a previous visit.  He was laying on the bed, naked, watching the TV.  I walked in, moved his hand from his cock and started sucking.  As he started to firm up, I moved from his cock to his balls, then to his nipples.  The nipples were the area for him.  He was jacking his cock hard as I sucked his nipples, moving from one fur covered one to the other.  His pace on his cock started to pick up and I sensed he was getting ready to cum so moved back down to his cock.  I made it just in time for him to start shooting his sweet load down my throat.  I swallowed, kissed him to let him taste his cum on my lips then picked up my towel and left.

Back in my room, traffic moving by started to pick up.  I decided to try moving myself to the bottom of the bed, still ass up but with my feet hanging off the end and my hole presented to the open door so that guys could walk in, drop the towel and immediately start to fuck.  This proved to be very effective.

Guy number one came in.  Door was left open and I felt him rub his 3 middle fingers from just above my balls to the top of my hole.  Just the one rub.  I thought it a bit odd but seconds later, he was pushing his cock in.  It wasn't very big, maybe 3 inches, but he pushed in hard, so hard he pushed me forward on the bed and climbed behind me, never leaving my hole once he was inside.  He was very verbal, saying he didn't expect to find this when he came that evening, not sure what that meant but I took the fuck.  Not much in and out, mostly just grinding but for the first of the evening, it was OK. 

He didn't fuck for long and without saying a word, pulled out, picked up his towel and left.  I turned back just as he was walking out the door.  I'd seen him at the baths a few other times but never seen him do anything with anyone.  Not sure why tonight but glad he did.  I reached back and my hole was slick.  I guessed that he must have cum silently and that's why he left so abruptly.  As I resumed the position, I noticed that my hole was burning a bit.  I also noticed a smell that I couldn't quite place.  Almost a pine scent.  I decided I needed to see what was going on so grabbed the towel and key and went to the restroom.

In the stall, I let out what was in me.  Looking down, it was pink.  Kind of shocking thinking that this small dick did something to make me bleed but at the same time, it didn't quite look like blood.  I cleaned myself off and went back to the room.  Once more in the position, I heard someone else come in.  Once more I felt the 3 middle fingers, top of the balls to the top of my hole then a cock pressing right behind it.  This time I could feel he had put something on my ass.  He fucked me for a bit but all I could feel was a burning sensation.  I let him continue thinking it was just irritation, this happens now and again but a bottom needs to learn to just take it. 

He fucked for a shorter time than the last and once more, without a word, was gone.  Again I reached back, same slippery hole and same smell.  Then it hit me what he had done.  He had lubed my hole with hand soap from the restroom.  And it was burning.  This time I took the towel and keys and went to the shower to clean off and out all the soap that was now all over my ass.  I was pissed.  My hole had already been lubed both times and there was a bottle of lube sitting right next to me but this asshole, in all his stupidity, decided that he thought soap was a better choice.  If I saw him again, I was going to give him a piece of my mind.

A bit worried that the soap might have caused some irritation that I wouldn't recover from quickly, I decided to take a chance and resumed the position at the bottom of the bed.  I didn't hear guy number 2 come in, just found that he was there when he reached between my legs and cupped my cock and balls.  I jumped a little from the surprise.  Then felt his cock pressing against where it's meant to go. 

He pushed right in, this one not a big boy either, again only about 4 inches, but he did use it much better.  He enjoyed the full in and out as much as I do and that was about all he did.  For a smaller cocked guy, he certainly knew how to use it to its best.  After 15 to 20 minutes of fucking, I asked if he was going to load my hole.  He said that it takes him a long time to cum, then said that he needed a break but would be back to give me what I wanted.

After he left, I checked the aps to see who was around.  A fellow bottom from one of my previous posts, the one that had the room right across the hall from me, the evening of the dueling bottoms, seemed to have arrived.  And much to my dismay, was in the room RIGHT NEXT DOOR!  How could this happen again!?!?  Did the guy at the check in desk purposely put all the bottoms in one area?  FUCK!  I got off the bed to see if his door was open.  Just as I looked around the corner, I was caught.  He was coming out of his room.  He's a shorter bear of a guy, very furry, lots of tats, stocky but in very good way and bald.  He saw me and smiled from ear to ear.  Not sure he remembered me or not but came over to me, he was completely naked and his cock was rock hard and sticking straight out.

He put his hand behind my neck, pulled me down and kissed me.  His cock pressing into my leg as he did so.  When his mouth left mine, he smiled and asked if I wanted him to fuck me.  My response was ABSOLUTELY!!  He told me to lie face down on the bed.  He climbed on top and slammed his cock right in.  He fucked me furiously!  It was INTENSE!!  I'm not sure what he might have taken to wind him up in such a frenzy but I was fucking LOVING it!  Just when I thought I was going to have to ask for a break, I was sweating and panting, he started to shoot his load.  Unfortunately he wasn't inside at the time so it shot out of the bottom of my ass and between my legs.  DAMN!!!!

When he left, I moped the sweat and laid down to get my breathing back to normal.  I had been hitting the poppers hard with him so I needed to come down a bit from that as well.  When things were feeling back to normal, I reopened my door and once more perched on the bottom of the bed. 

Within seconds, I hear guy number 4 come in.  He pushes the door completely open and comes to the side of the bed beside my head.  I look up and see just as he drops the towel.  He's young.  Flat stomach, very light treasure trail leading from his navel down to his pubes.  His pubes were dark and full, no clippers had EVER touched these, it was beautiful.  But more beautiful was his cock.  He was completely soft, a beautiful light flesh color, cut, and hanging about 4 inches.  I was hoping this was to be my reward for the night. 

I started to suck.  He hardened very quickly.  It was moments before he had filled out to between 7 and 8 inches of rock hard man meat.  This was my reward.  Once fully hard, he moved behind me and slid himself right inside.  It was heaven.  Just deep enough and fat enough to make you know you are being fucked.  I didn't want this to ever end.  He pushed me forward on the bed, never leaving my hole.  Then making it all the better, moved into the full in and out that seemed to be the theme of the day.  I was screaming I was in so much pleasure.  He fucked for at least a half hour, then pulled out, no cum unfortunately but before he left, I asked him to come back to the side of the bed and let me suck it again.  He obliged.  Tasting my ass on his hard cock was amazing.

Not long after his departure, another guy came in.  I looked back and saw a towel hit the end of the bed and then what I was dreading, 3 middle fingers from the top of my balls to the top of my hole.  I jumped up immediately and screamed "are you putting soap inside me!!!!!!????".  He stammered a bit then said that some guys like it.  I screamed back at him that I was not one of those guys and that it burned!  I screamed that there was a bottle of lube right next to me and why the hell did he think he needed to use soap!  I told him to get out and not come back!  After he left with his tail between his legs, another trip was made to the shower.

Once more back in my room, in the now familiar position, I heard the last guy come in.  All he said was "are you ready for me again?".  Guy number 2 was back.  He said he was ready to cum now and wanted to give it to me.  In a fuck very similar to the first time, within moments he started to pound harder and say he was going to cum.  Then pulled out and proceeded to shoot all over my ass and hole.  All I could think was all these guys had fucked me, 3 had cum and not one was where I wanted it to be.

Lack of internal cum excepted, it was actually a very good day.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

BBC Videos

Hooked up with this BBC last weekend, we fucked for almost 2 hours straight.  I had a very happy hole at the end of the evening.  Gave me 2 loads also.  He sent me these the next day, I wasn't even aware he was taking videos at first.  Was so fucking turned on when I saw that he was.  I HAD to have copies!  He wants to get together again and make more soon.

I hope you enjoy!  I certainly did.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019


My hole is lubed and ready, I'm on the bed, face down, ass up and the door to my room is open as an invitation to anyone walking by to come in and fuck me.  It's dark.  The only light to be seen is the glow of the TV mounted in the corner.  The movie playing is dark also.  It's Wednesday, Blackout night at the baths.  Starting at 7pm, all the lights are turned off and the only way to find your way around is by the light of some strategically placed glow sticks.  It's been a while since I've given this night a try.  I've been told by some it was becoming more popular.  Oh, and the admission is discounted as well. 

My face is buried in the pillow as my first visitor stops in.  The door closes.  I can hear the towel being dropped at the bottom of the bed.  I peek out of the corner of the pillow and see black legs.  It's so dark, I can see nothing more.  I start hitting the poppers in preparation for what might be coming.  He climbs on the bed behind me, he pushes my legs apart as he comes between them, I feel his thighs press against the back of mine, his pubes into my ass.  I keep waiting to feel a cock.  I don't.  I'm really unsure what's happening.  There is only the slightest pressure against my hole.  It feels like nothing more than a small nub.  This can't be right.  Maybe it's a finger, granted a very small finger, and the cock is still hanging between his legs.  Just as I am convincing myself this is the case, the fucking starts.  Suffice it to say, nothing ever made it inside.  The poor guy was blessed with what had to be the smallest penis in the world.  And he was a top.  I did let him continue for a while then politely said I needed a break.  He politely got off the bed, picked up his towel and left.  This certainly didn't bode well for the evening.

Guys move up and down the hallway.  Some stop to look in, some make comments, a few stop in, slap my ass and then leave.  There has got to be something more.  Then guy number two enters.  Once again he closes the door, this time the towel drops to the floor.  I peek back again and only see legs. In the darkness, it's hard to tell but most likely white (as it turns out, I was really wrong about this one when I saw him leave, he was a black guy but with very light skin).  Almost a repeat from guy one, he climbs on the bed, moves my legs apart the goes between them.  As he presses into me, I feel his cock at my hole.  I almost let out a groan.  He was bigger than visitor number one, but not by much.  His cock barely made it inside my hole.  There was no making it past the sphincter, there wasn't enough there to do that, but he did try.  My poppers were totally unneeded.  

I can't really call it pounding but he did try.  And he was giving himself quite a workout.  I kept feeling drops hit my back.  I couldn't figure out where they were coming from until he asked if he could use my towel to wipe off the sweat.  This guy was a trooper.  He was working very hard with all he had to make it a good experience for both of us.  I couldn't burst his bubble.  I just let him pound.  Finally he let out a small grunt.  I was wondering if he was going to collapse on top of me from a heart attack, but then he climbed off, picked up his towel, his dry towel, and was gone.  I reached back and felt the load.  It was all over my hole.  None had made it inside but I quickly remedied that problem.  It had to get better, didn't it?

Almost an hour went by.  Traffic had slowed down considerably.  I was wondering if this was all there was going to be.  I started to check out the aps on the phone to see who was nearby.  Young black guy hit me up.  He was only about a mile away, asking if I wanted to get fucked.  I told him where I was, gave him my room number and told him to join me.  He said he had never been to the baths before, asked how to get there, what to do, how much it costs, etc.  Finally I just told him to google it.  

I got a message from him again telling me he was nearby.  The ap said he was less than 100 feet away.  I again confirmed the room number and told him I was waiting.  I waited.  And I waited.  What seemed like an eternity later, I got another message.  This one said the guy at the desk was rude to him and they threw him out.  This evening just couldn't get any better.

I'd given up hope when I heard someone walk down the hall and stop at my door.  I turned and he was standing in the doorway just looking.  I had seen him on one of my walk thru's earlier.  Tall guy, trim, guess mid 50's.  Dark hair, very nondescript.  I had taken him for a bottom.  He came in the room and stood by the bed, his hand started at my ass, moved up my back, and then back down to my ass, fingers gently grazing my hole.  His towel hadn't moved.  I couldn't detect a bulge.  I had to know.  

I reached out and put my hand in the opening of his towel.  My hand grabbed onto his cock.  His very NICE cock.  It was soft, maybe about 4 inches but it was also fat.  Damn, this was my reward for everything I had put up with to this point!  I pulled his towel aside and started sucking.  He pulled his towel completely off and reached back to close the door.  He started to harden very quickly.  And it just kept getting bigger.  Once fully aroused, he came in around 8 inches and just slightly under beer can fat.  I asked him if he fucked, he said that indeed he did.  The dreaded "C" word was never spoken.

He climbed on the bed behind me as I started to hit the poppers.  His meat slapped on my ass, it was an amazing sound.  Then he moved the head of his cock up and down over my hole.  I almost let out a squeal.  I needed him inside me.  I HAD to have him inside me.  He started to slide in.  It hurt a bit at first but not for long before it turned to complete pleasure.  When he started to pound, it was with really long strokes, base to tip.  He never pulled out, he didn't have to.  This was a beautiful cock and it was all mine and probing my deepest insides.  It was heaven.  He asked me where I wanted him to cum when he was ready, I told him it didn't matter just as long as it was inside me.  

He asked for a switch, moved me to my back and pulled my legs in the air.  He quickly slid back inside.  It was a completely different sensation than doggy.  He was hitting my prostate and I knew if this kept up for long, I was going to spew a load all over my chest.  I would have been OK with that but he wanted another change.  This time to the side of the bed.  He stood and slipped back inside me continuing the relentless fuck.  I didn't want this to ever end.  But unfortunately it did.  He pulled out and said that he needed a little break.  I wasn't surprised considering the workout he was getting.  I turned around and started to clean him off with my mouth.  He let out a groan and both hands went to the back of my head.  I told him to get on the bed and I would take care of him a bit more.

He laid back, I took my place between his legs.  He was still rock hard.  I started to work, deep throating it as best I could, licking it from piss slit to base and then back again.  He was enjoying every minute.  On one of my deep throats, he grabbed the back of my head, started to moan and then started to shoot a considerable load into my mouth and down my throat.  It wasn't quite where I wanted it but my hole definitely felt like it had been fucked so it was happy.  We chatted a bit before he left, I'd really like to have a chance to have him fuck me again sometime.

When my friend left, he closed the door.  I got off the bed to open it once more and a guy was standing across the hall from my room staring at my door.  Not sure but he must have heard what was going on inside and wanted to see where the sounds were coming from.  I climbed back on the bed and seconds later he was in my room and closed the door once more.  He climbed on the bed behind me and dove in face first to my hole.  He licked, sucked, bit, probed and everything else that is possible with a mouth and a freshly fucked hole.  I was enjoying it but after the last one, I just wanted fucked again.  Finally he pulled off and replaced his mouth with his cock.  Compared to my previous buddy, he was much smaller, maybe between 4 and 5 inches.  He didn't fuck for long before his mouth once more took his cock's place. 

This continued over the next 15 to 20 minutes.  Eat out, fuck, eat out then fuck again.  Eventually the fucking time got substantially shorter and the eating part primarily took over.  This isn't what I am looking for so I told him I needed a break.  He said no problem and was out the door.

A short time later, a guy, mid 30's, furry, slightly stocky, cute as all hell, came into the room.  His hands went to my ass and one finger found my hole and worked it's way inside.  He said "fuck yes".  Then said "don't go anywhere, I'll be right back and am going to fuck the shit out of that hole"!  Something seemed a bit off with that comment.  Why not now, what was going to happen in a few minutes that couldn't happen now.  What the hell, if I see him again, I'll see him again, if not, just another flake.

Twenty minutes later, he was back.  It was an exact word for word repeat of his first visit.  He seemed to have no idea that he had just been there and said and done the same things.   It occurred to me then that there was either alcohol or some type of substance involved here.  He could promise all he liked but I didn't think there was any way any fucking was going to be taking place between us. 

I was thinking of calling it a night but though to check the aps once more before I left just to see if anything was nearby.  Saw that I guy that had fucked me a few times in the past was near.  He actually sent me a message first asking if I was at the baths.  I responded I was and with my room number.  He said he would stop by.

A short time later, he did.  We kissed and started to chat when my substance addled buddy made another appearance.  My fuck bud looked at me, I looked back at him and said why not.  The door was closed and we started kissing.  Sometimes the two of them, sometimes me with one of them, sometimes all three of us together.  They had both dropped their towels so the whole time, I was stroking both of their cocks.  My fuck buds firmed up very quickly, 7 hard inches.  Mr. substance got a little firmer, but not by much.  Finally Mr. substance repeated his previous line, he would be back to fuck the shit out of my hole, not to go anywhere.  Fuck bud decided he didn't want to deal with it and left.  Mr. substance was continually repeating his line as he backed out the door.  I just once more assumed the position on the bed.

As Mr. substance exited my room, all of a sudden, mid sentence saying "I'll come back and fuck the....", he said "fuck it, I'm going to do it now!".  Unfortunately he was no longer even remotely hard.  I told him to get on the bed and tried sucking him to see if anything would happen.  He firmed up slightly.  I took that as this may be the best I was going to get so climbed on top and slid him inside.  There was no actual fucking that could take place, he was way too soft for that, but I did move my ass back and forth on top of him.  There were some moans but other than "Fuck Yes", not much more.  Finally I told him I needed a break and climbed off.  He got off the bed, picked up his towel and said "don't go anywhere, I'll be right back to fuck the shit out of that hole".  I reached back and found a surprise, a cummy hole.  Fucker gave me no indication he was cumming, I don't know that he even knew it himself.  


Sunday, January 20, 2019


I had promised my straight fuck bud that I would try to find another guy to join us.  He had sent me a text telling me he was going to be in my area and wanted to unload.  He made no secret of the fact that he would enjoy it so much more if there was another dick there to take turns.  He will never touch another guy, will never let another guy suck him in fact he has only rarely let me do this and then it was only when he was watching someone else fuck me.  But he does love sliding into a freshly dumped hole. 

Tried an ad on Doublelist in addition to BBRT and A4A.  Nothing.  Time was short as he wouldn't be available for long, I actually had less than an hour to try to round someone up but other than a few initial hits, no takers.  Had one guy very interested but he was over 100 miles away so there was no way that was going to happen.  But also got a response through Doublelist (surprisingly) from a black guy interested who wasn't too far away.  He sent me this pic:

Few emails exchanged, I gave him the address and then nothing.  As it turned out, the fuck bud had to blow me off also, he got sent out on a last minute call that put him too far from me and he couldn't take the chance on getting home that late to the wife.  Horny as I was, I just decided it wasn't meant to be. 

Two hours later, the above guy responds to the email.  No apology for the delayed response, just the message "you still want to get fucked?".  I quickly responded that yes, I did but that the bud was no longer in the picture so it would just be the two of us.  He said that was cool, address was re-confirmed and he said he would be there in about 20 minutes. 

After getting things ready, I lubed the hole and started hitting the poppers.  With the photo showing his dick soft, I had no idea what it would become fully hard so I wanted to be prepared.  Twenty minutes later, the doorbell rang.  He was tall and very thin.  He made absolutely no eye contact, just went past me when I opened the door and made his way to the bedroom like he had been there before. 

Inside the bedroom, there were no words exchanged, and again no eye contact. He just proceeded to undress.  I undressed also, applied some fresh lube to the hole and assumed my position on the bed.  He kept his boxers on as he moved to the bed behind me so I didn't get to see the cock in advance.  When I felt him get on the bed behind me, I looked back to see that he had only pushed the boxers down to just under his balls.  Then he started slapping his cock on my ass and rubbing it up and down my hole. 

Still not having seen his cock, when he started sliding in, I didn't know what I was getting.  He was of average girth but the length never seemed to end.  On his first entry, he bottomed out with the head of his dick hitting my inside wall.  When he started fucking, every inward thrust hit the wall.  I kept trying to adjust myself to avoid this happening but no way I moved seemed to prevent it.  I would just have to suck it up. 

Minutes into the fuck, I needed to see what had been pounding my hole so I pulled off and turned around for a little ass to mouth.  For the first time, I saw his dick.  It was very dark, glistening from the lube, fatter than I had thought, I could actually just barely get my mouth past the head, and about 10 inches long.  No wonder I was being bottomed out. 

Once more I turned and presented my hole to be fucked.  Once more, he plowed inside his full length only this time, there was no inward and outward movement, just all the way in and moving around.  As there was no let up on the pressure on the wall, I think he could tell that I was getting uncomfortable.  At that point, he turned me on my side and started to once more slide in.  He didn't get far.  His dick wasn't more than half way inside when he started to moan and I felt what seemed like gallons of cum shoot up inside me.  Half way into cumming he pulled out and covered my ass with the remainder of his load. 

When he got off me to get dressed, I was a mess.  I reached back, my ass was covered with cum, I slipped a finger inside and the load in my hole was huge.  Once he was dressed, I followed him through the house to the front door, I said thank you, he said nothing.   All the while, cum was running down my legs and dripping from my well fucked hole.  I later noticed a trail from bedroom to the front door.  Fucking loved it!

Thursday, January 17, 2019


Sorry that it's been a while since I've posted.  Going to try to keep things in order over the next few posts.

It's "Bear Night" at the bathhouse.  I arrived a little early, got my room, got the hole lubed, propped the door open, assumed the position on the bed and waited.  Nothing.  It looked like it was going to be a very quiet evening.

Now and again I would hear guys come and go past my room.  My room was near the entrance to the dark room and most guys make their way there at some point during their visit.  With my head down and facing the wall away from the door, I can't really see what is going on.  I heard a guy come down the hall and open the room across the hall from mine.  A short time later, I heard him come out, close his door and go down he hallway.  Not long after, I heard him come back and go into his room.  However I didn't hear his door close.

I waited for a little then curiosity got the better of me and got up to see what was going on.  What I saw just pissed me off.  A guy, naked on his bed, ass up, head down, with his ass and open hole facing the door.  I've come across this time and again at the baths but never right across the hall from me!  It was already a quiet night, I didn't like the competition at all!  Well completely unknown to him, the competition was on!

On my first trip around, I noticed a guy in a room down the hall from me.  He was on his bed, on his back, watching the TV and stroking his cock.  On my way back to my room, he was still there, still stroking, eyes still on the TV.  Not wanting my neighbor to take advantage of it before I could, I grabbed my poppers and key, to hell with the towel, and went out my room down the hall to his.

I stood in his doorway, his eyes never left the screen.  Standing there, I got a much better look at him.  He was furry top to bottom.  He was blond so I couldn't really see the fur on my previous walk by's.  You know how I love fur so I went into his room, leaving the door open.  My hand went to his cock.  His eyes never left the TV screen but his hand fell to the side and let me take over the stroking.  Soon I wanted more.

With one hand stroking his hard cock, the other hand started exploring his fur covered body.  It was beautiful.  I love the feel of chest fur through my fingers.  My hand made it to his face, then behind his neck.  For the first time, he looked at me, then I bent over and gave him a long tongue filled kiss.  His hands reached up and pulled me onto the bed on top of him.  My hard cock sliding against his, my chest fur tangling with his own.  Our mouths never leaving the other.

With me on top of him and nothing more than the grinding, he pulled off of my mouth and said "Oh my God, I'm going to cum!!".  I felt his load shooting out between us.  Mad that I had lost an opportunity, I moved down, licking the cum from his stomach and then slid my ass up until it was on top of his still hard cock.  Reaching back, I grabbed on and slid his cum slick cock inside me.  His eyes rolled back.  He felt amazing.  I kept him inside as long as I could until he had gone soft enough to fall out.  I climbed off, leaned over and kissed him once more and was gone.

The bathhouse recently opened a new maze on the top floor.  It's very twisting with little cubby spots, glory holes and a sling as the centerpiece.  I had seen him when I checked in, briefly I thought I knew who he was but on closer inspection, I saw that I was mistaken.  He was standing outside of the maze.  We made eye contact as I entered.  I made my way to the center and waited.  Seconds later, he came around the corner.  Standing in front of me, I reached down and grabbed his cock through his towel.  He then dropped it.  Firming up about 5 inches, I knelt down to take him in my mouth.  Literally within seconds of my mouth starting it's work, cum started shooting.  Holy shit that was fast!  I was glad for the load but was hoping for a bit more stamina and maybe some time in the sling.  But a load was a load.  I licked him clean and was on my way.

Back in my room, I was in my position on the bed.  My neighbor's door was closed.  Not sure if he had company or if he was out.  Moments later I heard him return.  Once more, the bottom duel was on.

Hearing no one coming down the hallway, I got up and stood in my doorway to see if anyone was around.  To my surprise, my neighbor was doing the same.  He looked over at me and smiled.  Then he said something I couldn't hear.  I asked him to repeat.  He asked if I wanted him to fuck me.  I was shocked!  I took this guy for a TOTAL bottom!  My response was Absolutely!  He told me to get my poppers and come to his room.

He was short and stocky.  Lots of tats, furry in the right places.  Quite a hot guy actually.  If he was a bit taller and a bit more of a total top, he would be completely my type.  He told me to lie face down on the bed.  His cock, in at around 5 inches, was completely hard and pointing at me.  He climbed on top of me, I took a hit of the poppers, and he slid inside.  It was a very good fuck, nothing remarkable, but enjoyable and his load was delivered in the end.  Afterwards I got up, gave him a kiss and went back to my room, cum running down the insides of my legs.

I actually did come across him a couple weeks later in his BBRT profile.  This is his ass:

After the fuck, his door stayed closed for a while.  I heard someone come down the hallway and stop at my door.  He didn't make a move to come in but didn't continue down the hallway either.  I turned back and saw and older guy standing in the door, rubbing himself through his towel.  I motioned him inside.  Standing beside my bed, I reached over and put my hand on his cock through the towel.  He was already partly hard but what delighted me most of all was what I felt was absolutely HUGE!!! 

I stuck my hand through the opening of his towel and grabbed on to his monster.  Sticking out of the towel and with my hand stroking it, it just kept getting bigger.  By the time he got fully hard, it was coming in at 9 inches and beer can fat.  I absolutely HAD to have this thing of beauty in me!  I started sucking it, I could barely get past the head.  My hands had to take over stroking the part my mouth couldn't hit. All the while, he kept getting more rock hard.  I asked him if he fucked.  He said he did but needed a condom.  OH, the dreaded C word. 

I told him I preferred fucking bare, he said he would only fuck with a condom.  There was no way I was letting this one pass me by, condom or not.  Having tossed any that were in the room when I got there, I told him he could get one in the dark room down the hall.  He tucked his hard cock under his towel and went off to get one.  Back in seconds, he closed the door, dropped his towel and started suiting up.  As soon as he went to get the rubber, I immediately started hitting the poppers, hard.  I knew I was going to need it. 

He asked me to hang my ass off the side of the bed so that he could stand while he was fucking me.  Whatever he wanted.  I could see the condom barely making it down half way and it was tight as a drum on his cock.  It had to be uncomfortable for him but I was sure the baths had no Magnums to be had.  If that's what he needed to have, he would have to put up with it. 

My head was spinning but I was still sniffing the poppers.  In the meantime, he lubed himself and started rubbing the head of his cock up and down my ass crack with particular attention paid to my hole.  Then he started sliding in. It was smooth sailing until he hit the end of the condom then his dick got much fatter and damn, I could feel it! 

As I said, he was an older guy, but that didn't inhibit his ability to fuck.  He fucked me harder than I have been fucked in a while.  The side of my face was pressed against the wall and with each thrust, he kept pushing me further and further into it.  Normally I can feel when I guy is wearing a condom, not so with him.  I think it may have been the condom was so far down on his cock, that portion never left my hole so all I was getting was raw dick.  The sounds of moaning and pleasure along with the slapping of his hips against my ass with each thrust had to be carrying out of the room in all directions.  Unfortunately with the door closed, I couldn't have the audience I would have loved.

The fuck went on and on, never letting up in power or intensity.  My hole has never felt so much pleasure.  Girth is ALWAYS better than length with a cock, always!  Eventually he stopped.  He said he needed a few minutes.  I couldn't move off the bed.  I was sweaty, panting, and my hole was throbbing.  He said thank you and was out the door.  I couldn't catch my breath to even say thank you back. 

I got up and closed the door to rest a bit and get my breath back.  I felt back to my hole.  My fingers slipped right inside, the lips felt puffy and warm.  I've never done it and am not sure I would want to but right then, I probably could have taken a fist.

When things finally got back to normal, I decided it was time to call it a night, it could hardly get better than the last fuck.  I grabbed the towel and headed upstairs for a quick shower.  As I exited the room, I saw my neighbor with his door open, ass still up and facing the door.

When I got back, I could hear the slapping as I was walking down the hallway.  Mr. Big Cock was in my neighbor's room fucking his hole.  I wanted to see if he was still wearing a condom  but I decided to let them have their fun in private, even if I was a bit jealous.  By the time I was dressed and leaving, the neighbor was once more alone.  I stopped in his room, I slid my fingers up his ass and over his hole.  His also was swollen and puffy.  I said I hope he enjoyed the last visitor as much as I did, he turned to me and with a big smile said "Fuck Yes!!!!".

Monday, September 24, 2018

Now THAT'S what I call a fuck!!!!

A Bathhouse story in two parts.


It's a holiday, Labor Day.  The end of a long weekend.  I've been itching for some cock inside me since Friday afternoon.  Finally it was time.  I didn't know what to expect, could be busy, could be dead, but decided to take my chances.

I'm in my room in my usual position.  My freshly lubed hole is open and facing the door.  My head is spinning from the poppers.  I'm waiting.  He's quiet when he enters my room.  His hand gently strokes my ass but keeps away from my hole.  I'm uncertain if he is going to be one of the ones who just wants to look, to appreciate, to admire or one of the ones who will dive right in.  I can see him standing next to the bed, towel around his waste, his dark skin contrasting the whiteness of the towel.  I don't know whats hiding underneath but I hope for the best. 

As I'm sniffing the poppers in anticipation of the hope that he will fuck me, I don't see him drop the towel and climb on the bed behind me.  The head of his cock presses very gently against my hole.  No pressure to push inside, just holding there.  I can feel he is hard and I am holding my breath in anticipation.  Finally, the cock starts to push inside.  He does it slowly.  I'm savoring every inch of him as he slips in until I can feel his pubes against my ass and his balls pressing against mine.  After a few seconds, the fuck begins. 

He slips in until he is inside me to his fullest, then he pulls out until just the tip of his cock is barely inside my opening.  Then he starts the journey again.  Over and over.  His cock is made for my hole.  He's not so long that he is bottoming me out but he is long enough that he is reaching my deepest parts.  He's not so big around that it's almost more pain than pleasure, he's just the right distance around.  He's a perfect fuck.  I watch his dark legs and torso behind me, pumping, in the mirror.  It only makes me want him inside me more. 

The pressure of the fuck increases.  He's still giving me base to tip but the urgency of the fuck is becoming more frantic.  I start to moan and whimper.  He hears this and yet again increases the intensity.  Finally he is pound me.  Relentlessly.  I can't think when I felt this much pleasure before, well at least since the last time a hard cock was inside me.  He was my world, nothing else mattered other than his cock inside my hole. 

With one final hard thrust, his shaft began to pulse.  His cum was filling my insides.  He collapsed on top of me, both of us breathing heavily.  All too soon, the cock was removed, cum poured out of me and ran down my balls, dripping on the bed.  He picked up his towel, said thanks and was gone.  I never even saw his face.

A little time passes.  I haven't changed my position.  Traffic past my room has slowed down.  I'm wondering if this will be it.  No sooner had this thought crossed my mind, I heard my door close.

He stood in the center of the side of the bed.  He dropped his towel.  I looked back and saw a beautiful fat white cock, trimmed pubes, black cock ring.  I almost squealed when I realized this was mine.  I bent around to take him in my mouth.  He was partly hard, impressively sized even in it's half flaccid state.  With a little lips, a little tongue and a little suction, he filled out to his full potential.  When I would pull my mouth off, his cock would point straight at me, gently curving upwards. 

As I'm sucking, his fingers find my aching hole.  When he finds it lubed and ready, cum still leaking out from my first visitor, all he says is "fuck yes!".  I pull off his cock and start sniffing some poppers, I'm going to need them with this one so even if he isn't ready to fuck, I need to get prepared.

He takes this as the invitation.  He asks me to turn, sideways on the bed, my ass up hanging off the side.  He slaps his cock on my ass, two, three, four times.  It feels like a huge slab of meat.  I start to quiver.  When he starts sliding inside, he isn't gentle, he pushes right in to the base of his shaft.  I gasp as I am so quickly re-filled.  He slips in and out slowly at first.  That doesn't last long.  He has just finished an outward stroke, when with intense force, slams his way back inside.  My head flies up and my eyes roll into my head.  The intense fuck then commenced.

He was relentless.  His hips slamming into my ass with each thrust.  Each outward movement quickly followed by a more intense thrust back in.  My head was pressed against the wall, the top of my head slamming on the wall with each thrust in.  He didn't care.  Nor did I.  As he fucked me, it felt as if his cock were getting bigger.  I didn't think it possible but as the intensity increased, so did the width.  I was being torn apart.  It was absolute bliss.

I don't often get to the point where I feel like I may need a break but I was getting there.  However my new friend was not letting up.  I didn't want it to stop even though I knew I would be feeling this for days afterwords.  I just kept telling myself, this is what I was made for, I'm here to be fucked, I'm here for cum, I'm here for the tops pleasure.  That kept me going until with one final thrust, he let out a cry and started shooting his load deep in me.  His hands were on both sides of my ass.  He shook as he came down off his orgasm.  His cock still filling me thoroughly, albeit decreasing a bit in size the more he came down. 

Finally he pulled out, once more cum rolled out of my ass, down my balls and dripped this time on the floor.  Before he could pick up his towel, I turned and with my mouth, cleaned him off.  The taste of cum was intense.  His fresh load mixed with my first, coating his manhood with delicious juices.  When I had finished, he said "I know that's what you needed".  I had just met him but he knew me so well.


I had just opened the door and climbed on the bed.  I was about to open the poppers when I heard my door close.  I wondered what happened, it had only been a few seconds since I opened it and I hadn't completely settled into position.  I looked back.  He was thin, black, and young.  23 or 24, maybe younger.  His towel dropped to the floor and he came to the top of the bed where my head was.  He was only slightly hard.  His dark pubes curled tight against his body, his low hanging balls hanging below.  I took him inside my mouth. 

Within seconds, he was fully hard, pointing straight out, coming in at around 8 inches glistening with my spit.  I started on the poppers.  I had just applied the fresh lube to my hole so I was ready for him.  He climbed behind me.  He gently started in.  It had been a couple of weeks since I had been fucked last so it took me a few minutes to get used to his size.  For such a young guy, he read all the clues and treated me gently until he could see I was ready to go.  Once again, the fucking started.

He liked the full out with each outward thrust, completely coming out of me and then slamming inside to his fullest.  As young as he was, he knew how to fuck, and he did it very well.  The fuck was intense.  I had to hit the poppers frequently to accept the assault on my hole.  Then as quickly as it started, he pulled out, picked up his towel and opened the door.  He asked if I wanted the door left open, I said yes.  Then he said he would be back.

My heart was pounding, my breath was heavy and I was covered with a thin layer of sweat.  But I wanted him back inside me.  I patiently waited.  Ten minutes passed, then fifteen, then twenty.  I started to think he wasn't going to return.  Thinking that I'd lost him, I picked up my towel, key and poppers and went for a walk around the club.  On my trip up the stairs to the next floor, I passed him going down.  SHIT!!!  I quickly went to the top of the stairs, down the hall and back down the back stairs.  He was standing in the hallway, talking to another young guy, white this time, just a few doors down from my room.  I opened my door and climbed on the bed.  Their conversation finished, once more he came in and closed the door.

Nothing gentle this time.  He slid right in to the hilt and the intense fucking once more began.  Once more, it was relentless.  Then he pulled out and asked me to turn over, he said he wanted to look into my eyes while he was fucking me.  He grabbed my ankles, laid them on his shoulders and slipped inside my very loose hole.  His eyes never left mine.  Only occasionally would he look down to watch his cock slide inside me, I wish I could have seen the same.  Staring into my eyes, he told me he was close to cumming but he didn't want to cum yet.  I told him it was his choice, I wanted his cum in me but I wanted him to continue fucking me also. 

He continued the fucking but only a few moments later, screamed "I'm gonna cum!!" , his head threw back and his cock started pulsing as he cum was delivered inside.  He stayed inside me for a long time afterwords.  It seemed he wanted his cock in me even more than I .  When he finally pulled out, he picked up his towel, said thanks and was out the door, once more leaving it open.

A short time after he left, I got a ping on my phone from one of the hook up aps.  I opened it and a message said "I had fun".  I responded "me too, thank you for the load".  He replied "no problem! that was a nice ass!, I responded that he also has a very nice cock.  His final reply was "I'll fuck you again". 

I'm finally starting to cool down, my breathing getting back to normal when I hear someone at my door.  I look back.  Middleastern guy.  He comes in, hands going right to my ass.  He slides a finger up and down my hole but doesn't slip it inside.  Then he asks if I have a condom.  I reply that I do not.  He leaves.  I'm not sure if it's for good or if he would be back.  Soon, he was back.  I could hear him at the base of the bed, I wait to hear the rip.  I don't.  I'm thinking he changed his mind.  He climbs on he bed behind me and puts the head of his cock at my hole.  I can feel the wrinkles in the rubber.  He sides in and starts to fuck, I take it for a few moments then tell him I can't do it with the condom, it hurts.  He pays no attention to me.  He stands on the bed behind me driving his cock down into my hole.  Again I tell him to stop, he doesn't, just lets out a little chuckle.  Finally I pull out from under him, turn around and tell him no.  He looks like a lost puppy but picks up his towel and is gone.

I was about to call it a night when I heard someone walk in.  No coming up to the side, dropping the towel and letting me suck.  This one climbed right on the bed behind me and then BAM!!  He slammed his cock full inside in one thrust!  I let out a yell from the shock.  Then he started to fuck.  I have been fucked by guys in the past who were intense, my first visitor of the night would fall into that category.  However never have I experience the all out assault that started on my hole.  The bed was slamming into the wall, I couldn't hit the poppers because I simply couldn't hold onto the bottle without spilling it everywhere.  This guy was a machine!  I couldn't believe the fuck I was taking, my hole was being ripped apart and I was screaming in agony and absolute pleasure.  He had left the door open when he came in, I could see from the corner of my eye that guys had gathered to watch.  He was relentless until finally, he pulled out, picked up the towel and without a word, was out the door.  Before he left, I saw a very young stocky guy with bushy hair and a full beard.  I couldn't believe this guy gave me the most intense fuck of my life.  Now THAT'S what I call a fuck!!!!!

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Taking Loads

It was a weekday and I was off work, I had a semi-free day and I was horny.  The demise of Craiglist has definitely placed a damper on my sexual activities.  More and more I find myself contacting guys who have fucked me before or hitting up the baths.  BBRT has become mostly useless, A4A only slightly better.  I was freshly cleaned out, lubed and horny as fuck.  A text is sent to my straight fuck buddy, I've mentioned him many times before. 

I didn't think that he would respond, he rarely does when I hit him up out of the blue but within moments, he said he would be driving by my neighborhood soon and wanted to drop a load.  I responded that the door was open and I would be on the bed.  While I was waiting, I hit up the thin bi-racial guy who lives nearby, he was on line and available.  I told him door was open and he should
stop over hoping that they would both arrive around the same time and could take turns.  Alas, that was not to be.

My straight bud arrived first, literally minutes after he told me he would be passing by so he must have been very close.  I was on the bed, ass up, hitting the poppers and waiting for him.  As usual, he let himself in, dropped his clothes on his way through the house and appeared in the bedroom door with his huge man meat swinging between his legs.  I LOVE this cock!  He climbed on the bed behind me and started slapping my hole with his meaty dick.  He didn't take long to get fully hard, I love that about him.

He slipped inside and with my head spinning on poppers, I let out a moan of pleasure.  Then the fucking began.  He's not a hard fuck, nor a gentle fuck either, but he likes a full in and out so you know there is hard cock pounding your hole.  One of his favorite positions is standing above me pounding his cock deep.  I've posted a photo of that on one of my previous posts.  When he does this, I know he is going to cum soon and true to form, moments later he was loading me. 

Not 3 minutes after he had dressed and left, the door opened again.  I hadn't told the straight guy that another guy may be stopping by, I wanted it to be a surprise when it happened but when my Grindr ap dinged while he was getting dressed, he said "looks like you are going to have round two".  Skinny guy found his way to the bedroom still fully dressed but didn't take long after seeing me ass up on the bed to drop everything he was wearing.  His cock is very nice, quite meaty for such a skinny dude, coming in around 8 inches and nicely fat, with a bend to the right. 

He climbed on the bed and slipped right inside, the cum providing him all the lube he needed.  His style is very different, he takes long, very slow strokes that go on for minutes at a time, followed by a frantic relentless pounding, his hips slapping my ass and his cock driving deep.  The bend to the right gives a different sensation that my straight bud who's cock is straight as an arrow. 

By the third session of relentless pounding, I knew he was getting close and encouraged him to add his cum to the load already inside.  With one final thrust, he started shooting deep in my hole.  Heaven was reached.


My hole is lubed and ready, I'm naked with my ass up facing the door of my room at the baths.  I'm hitting the poppers waiting to be fucked.  My head is buried in the pillow.  I hear someone walk in and close the door.  I don't turn around.  When he climbs on the bed behind me and moves between my legs, I can feel he is a bigger boy.  I peek out of the corner of my eye and see he is black, and quite heavy.  But as I've said before, looks have nothing to do with it, it's all about the cock.  If you can get it hard and get it in, I'm a happy cum dump.  I push my ass out a bit further encouraging him to slip inside.  He does.

Unfortunately, he doesn't conform to the stereotype.  He barely makes it in to the first ring.  But then he grabs my hips, pulls me to him and POP!, he's fully inside.  Because there was so much friction of the head of his cock going in and out of the ring, it was actually an amazing fuck.  I did have to ask him at one point not to lay on top of me as he was crushing me and I couldn't breath but he he didn't let up on the fuck.  With a slight groan and one final hard thrust, I could feel his cock pulsing as he shot me full of his cum.

Freshly loaded, I took a walk around and wandered into the video room.  There were two guys sitting on the top of the platform, guy number one, I didn't ever notice, it was all about guy number two.  Mid to late 30's, balding with a short ginger beard, trimmed furry chest, stocky but he carried it so well.  Our eyes met then I turned and walked thru the curtain into the glory hole room.  I stood below the platform and dropped my towel.  I started to stroke my cock.  Within seconds he followed me through the curtain, went up the stairs and stuck his cock through the hole. 

I started to suck.  He was almost completely hard when his cock came through the hole, but it firmed up more and became rock hard within seconds of my mouth engulfing it.  Fully hard about 6 inches, normal diameter.  Flaming red pubes.  I could see him watching me swallow his cock from over the top of the wall, seeing this I shoved my ass out so he could see that better.  I then saw another set of legs standing beside his.  He pulled out and turned to come down the stairs to my level as the second cock came through the hole.  This one much larger and much fatter.  I started to suck as ginger came up behind me and started rubbing his cock in my crack. 

For some reason, the new guy had enough and was gone, I never saw anything more of him other than his cock.  But ginger, while saying he was disappointed that the 2nd guy didn't stick around, continued to rub his hard cock up and down my lubed crack.  He then leaned in and asked if I would like him inside me.  I begged him to please fuck me.  He said he needed to get a condom.  DAMN!!!  There is a bowl of condoms right outside in the video room so he wasn't gone long and it didn't take him long to slip it on and then slip inside. 

It was OK.  There is a huge difference in the feeling of a condom and the feeling of bare skin.  Bare skin is by FAR much better.  But a fuck was a fuck.  He didn't fuck long before he pulled out and pulled off the condom.  I turned around, we kissed, then I bent over and first sucked his nipples while running my hands through the fur on his chest.  Then I moved down and once more sucked his cock.  After moving back up and making another stop at his nipples, again enjoying the fur of his chest through my fingers, we kissed again and  I turned around pushing my ass up against his hard dick. 

I knew I could make this happen.  I moved my ass up and down, his cock sliding from the top of my ass to between my legs, stopping when the head passed directly at my hole and pushed back slightly, hoping he would take the hint.  He didn't.  After a few more times of this, when the head was once more at my hole, I again pushed back but this time a bit harder.  The head slipped inside.  He moaned and then told me I was bad.  I knew I had him.  I pushed back all the way until my ass was grinding on those red pubes and he was inside, bare, as it should be.

He pushed my head down and fucked me hard.  I was hoping someone would stop by to watch or come to join in but no one was around but the two of us.  He pounded until he said that he needed a break, picked up his towel and was gone.  My hole was throbbing and aching for a cock to be back inside. 

Back in my room, I once more assumed the position.  A short time later, I heard someone walk in.  Leaving the door open, I looked over and saw red pubes.  My buddy was back.  This time there was no pretense of the condom.  It was raw all the way.  I worked my way between his mouth, his furry nipples and his cock with my mouth and he had me in every position on the bed pounding my hole.  I heard him at every point someone would walk by the room and pause, inviting them in to join us but none took him up on his offer unfortunately.  On my last trip with my mouth from his mouth to his cock, I guess I got carried away and the sensation was more than he could handle because he started shooting a considerable load in my mouth.  I swallowed everything he gave me, disappointed it wasn't in my ass. 


Another weekend.  plans are to once more hit up the baths, but decided to give Doublelist a try first.  Touted as the new Craigslist, so far, it seems a disappointing substitute.  You can't post pictures of your cock or your hole.  You can't use any banned works (cock, cum, ass, fuck, dick- all are banned), but in any case, thought I would at least try it out.  The ad had been up for almost an hour.  I was contemplating taking it down when this came through:

The simple email with the photo just said, "address".  My address was quickly sent along with a request for an ETA.  Email responded 30 minutes and that he was on his way.

In almost exactly 30 minutes, I heard the door open.  I was on the bed lubed and ready, hitting the poppers hard as I knew I was going to need them with this one.  A tall, thin, quite good looking young guy appeared in the door.  His eyes went right to my ass.  He then started undressing and moving behind me on the bed. 

His cock felt like an arm pushing itself against my hole but with another hit of poppers, I pushed back and he slipped in.  Fuck my hole felt full!  This was a VERY big boy!  Then he started to fuck.  My eyes rolled in my head as I took this thick fucker in my hole to my deepest part.  He was ripping my ass apart and I absolutely LOVED it!  All too soon, and very quietly, he started to cum.  When he pulled out, I could feel a huge load of cum roll out behind him.  He stood on the side of the bed and leaned over to grab the towel when I told him to stop, got off the bed and cleaned him off with my mouth.  The taste of cum mixed with my ass juices was delicious!  When he left, I saw the huge puddle of cum that had leaked out of me on the bed, I happily licked it up.


I'm standing in the dark room at the baths when he walks in.  Very tall, 6 foot 5 or 6 foot 6 at the least.  Stocky.  Furry everywhere, full beard and long hair pulled back into a pony tail.  I sat on the edge of the platform, pushed off my towel and started stroking my cock.  He leaned against the wall and started rubbing himself through the towel.  I got up, pulled his towel aside and replaced my hand with his.  Then I bent over to take him in my mouth. 

He's getting harder with my sucking.  Only about 5 inches but very fat.  While I am sucking, he is rubbing his hands up and down my back occasionally making it down to my ass.  I keep pushing my ass up higher hoping he will go all the way.  When he finally does and he feels what's there, he says "yea, lubed and ready, good boy!".  He pulls me off his cock pulls me up, kisses me then asks if I want this inside me as he shakes his hard cock.  My answer is to turn around and bend over the platform.  I hit the poppers and he starts to slide inside. 

He fucks hard, a relentless pounding on my hole, I can barely hold onto the poppers I'm being pushed so hard.  I look around and see we have attracted an audience.  Three guys that I can see are all watching and stroking.  Nothing gets me hotter than having other guys watch me get fucked.  With another hit of poppers, I start to thrust my hips back, meeting every thrust of his with one of my own.  He finally stops his own thrusting to let me take over completely and work my best.  He says "damn, if I knew you could do this, why was I doing all the work!?".  When he finished, I was spent, breathing hard, I couldn't move from the platform.  He turned and walked out, I waited to see if one of the other guys would take his place, none did, but that wasn't important, my hole was satisfied.