Monday, September 24, 2018

Now THAT'S what I call a fuck!!!!

A Bathhouse story in two parts.


It's a holiday, Labor Day.  The end of a long weekend.  I've been itching for some cock inside me since Friday afternoon.  Finally it was time.  I didn't know what to expect, could be busy, could be dead, but decided to take my chances.

I'm in my room in my usual position.  My freshly lubed hole is open and facing the door.  My head is spinning from the poppers.  I'm waiting.  He's quiet when he enters my room.  His hand gently strokes my ass but keeps away from my hole.  I'm uncertain if he is going to be one of the ones who just wants to look, to appreciate, to admire or one of the ones who will dive right in.  I can see him standing next to the bed, towel around his waste, his dark skin contrasting the whiteness of the towel.  I don't know whats hiding underneath but I hope for the best. 

As I'm sniffing the poppers in anticipation of the hope that he will fuck me, I don't see him drop the towel and climb on the bed behind me.  The head of his cock presses very gently against my hole.  No pressure to push inside, just holding there.  I can feel he is hard and I am holding my breath in anticipation.  Finally, the cock starts to push inside.  He does it slowly.  I'm savoring every inch of him as he slips in until I can feel his pubes against my ass and his balls pressing against mine.  After a few seconds, the fuck begins. 

He slips in until he is inside me to his fullest, then he pulls out until just the tip of his cock is barely inside my opening.  Then he starts the journey again.  Over and over.  His cock is made for my hole.  He's not so long that he is bottoming me out but he is long enough that he is reaching my deepest parts.  He's not so big around that it's almost more pain than pleasure, he's just the right distance around.  He's a perfect fuck.  I watch his dark legs and torso behind me, pumping, in the mirror.  It only makes me want him inside me more. 

The pressure of the fuck increases.  He's still giving me base to tip but the urgency of the fuck is becoming more frantic.  I start to moan and whimper.  He hears this and yet again increases the intensity.  Finally he is pound me.  Relentlessly.  I can't think when I felt this much pleasure before, well at least since the last time a hard cock was inside me.  He was my world, nothing else mattered other than his cock inside my hole. 

With one final hard thrust, his shaft began to pulse.  His cum was filling my insides.  He collapsed on top of me, both of us breathing heavily.  All too soon, the cock was removed, cum poured out of me and ran down my balls, dripping on the bed.  He picked up his towel, said thanks and was gone.  I never even saw his face.

A little time passes.  I haven't changed my position.  Traffic past my room has slowed down.  I'm wondering if this will be it.  No sooner had this thought crossed my mind, I heard my door close.

He stood in the center of the side of the bed.  He dropped his towel.  I looked back and saw a beautiful fat white cock, trimmed pubes, black cock ring.  I almost squealed when I realized this was mine.  I bent around to take him in my mouth.  He was partly hard, impressively sized even in it's half flaccid state.  With a little lips, a little tongue and a little suction, he filled out to his full potential.  When I would pull my mouth off, his cock would point straight at me, gently curving upwards. 

As I'm sucking, his fingers find my aching hole.  When he finds it lubed and ready, cum still leaking out from my first visitor, all he says is "fuck yes!".  I pull off his cock and start sniffing some poppers, I'm going to need them with this one so even if he isn't ready to fuck, I need to get prepared.

He takes this as the invitation.  He asks me to turn, sideways on the bed, my ass up hanging off the side.  He slaps his cock on my ass, two, three, four times.  It feels like a huge slab of meat.  I start to quiver.  When he starts sliding inside, he isn't gentle, he pushes right in to the base of his shaft.  I gasp as I am so quickly re-filled.  He slips in and out slowly at first.  That doesn't last long.  He has just finished an outward stroke, when with intense force, slams his way back inside.  My head flies up and my eyes roll into my head.  The intense fuck then commenced.

He was relentless.  His hips slamming into my ass with each thrust.  Each outward movement quickly followed by a more intense thrust back in.  My head was pressed against the wall, the top of my head slamming on the wall with each thrust in.  He didn't care.  Nor did I.  As he fucked me, it felt as if his cock were getting bigger.  I didn't think it possible but as the intensity increased, so did the width.  I was being torn apart.  It was absolute bliss.

I don't often get to the point where I feel like I may need a break but I was getting there.  However my new friend was not letting up.  I didn't want it to stop even though I knew I would be feeling this for days afterwords.  I just kept telling myself, this is what I was made for, I'm here to be fucked, I'm here for cum, I'm here for the tops pleasure.  That kept me going until with one final thrust, he let out a cry and started shooting his load deep in me.  His hands were on both sides of my ass.  He shook as he came down off his orgasm.  His cock still filling me thoroughly, albeit decreasing a bit in size the more he came down. 

Finally he pulled out, once more cum rolled out of my ass, down my balls and dripped this time on the floor.  Before he could pick up his towel, I turned and with my mouth, cleaned him off.  The taste of cum was intense.  His fresh load mixed with my first, coating his manhood with delicious juices.  When I had finished, he said "I know that's what you needed".  I had just met him but he knew me so well.


I had just opened the door and climbed on the bed.  I was about to open the poppers when I heard my door close.  I wondered what happened, it had only been a few seconds since I opened it and I hadn't completely settled into position.  I looked back.  He was thin, black, and young.  23 or 24, maybe younger.  His towel dropped to the floor and he came to the top of the bed where my head was.  He was only slightly hard.  His dark pubes curled tight against his body, his low hanging balls hanging below.  I took him inside my mouth. 

Within seconds, he was fully hard, pointing straight out, coming in at around 8 inches glistening with my spit.  I started on the poppers.  I had just applied the fresh lube to my hole so I was ready for him.  He climbed behind me.  He gently started in.  It had been a couple of weeks since I had been fucked last so it took me a few minutes to get used to his size.  For such a young guy, he read all the clues and treated me gently until he could see I was ready to go.  Once again, the fucking started.

He liked the full out with each outward thrust, completely coming out of me and then slamming inside to his fullest.  As young as he was, he knew how to fuck, and he did it very well.  The fuck was intense.  I had to hit the poppers frequently to accept the assault on my hole.  Then as quickly as it started, he pulled out, picked up his towel and opened the door.  He asked if I wanted the door left open, I said yes.  Then he said he would be back.

My heart was pounding, my breath was heavy and I was covered with a thin layer of sweat.  But I wanted him back inside me.  I patiently waited.  Ten minutes passed, then fifteen, then twenty.  I started to think he wasn't going to return.  Thinking that I'd lost him, I picked up my towel, key and poppers and went for a walk around the club.  On my trip up the stairs to the next floor, I passed him going down.  SHIT!!!  I quickly went to the top of the stairs, down the hall and back down the back stairs.  He was standing in the hallway, talking to another young guy, white this time, just a few doors down from my room.  I opened my door and climbed on the bed.  Their conversation finished, once more he came in and closed the door.

Nothing gentle this time.  He slid right in to the hilt and the intense fucking once more began.  Once more, it was relentless.  Then he pulled out and asked me to turn over, he said he wanted to look into my eyes while he was fucking me.  He grabbed my ankles, laid them on his shoulders and slipped inside my very loose hole.  His eyes never left mine.  Only occasionally would he look down to watch his cock slide inside me, I wish I could have seen the same.  Staring into my eyes, he told me he was close to cumming but he didn't want to cum yet.  I told him it was his choice, I wanted his cum in me but I wanted him to continue fucking me also. 

He continued the fucking but only a few moments later, screamed "I'm gonna cum!!" , his head threw back and his cock started pulsing as he cum was delivered inside.  He stayed inside me for a long time afterwords.  It seemed he wanted his cock in me even more than I .  When he finally pulled out, he picked up his towel, said thanks and was out the door, once more leaving it open.

A short time after he left, I got a ping on my phone from one of the hook up aps.  I opened it and a message said "I had fun".  I responded "me too, thank you for the load".  He replied "no problem! that was a nice ass!, I responded that he also has a very nice cock.  His final reply was "I'll fuck you again". 

I'm finally starting to cool down, my breathing getting back to normal when I hear someone at my door.  I look back.  Middleastern guy.  He comes in, hands going right to my ass.  He slides a finger up and down my hole but doesn't slip it inside.  Then he asks if I have a condom.  I reply that I do not.  He leaves.  I'm not sure if it's for good or if he would be back.  Soon, he was back.  I could hear him at the base of the bed, I wait to hear the rip.  I don't.  I'm thinking he changed his mind.  He climbs on he bed behind me and puts the head of his cock at my hole.  I can feel the wrinkles in the rubber.  He sides in and starts to fuck, I take it for a few moments then tell him I can't do it with the condom, it hurts.  He pays no attention to me.  He stands on the bed behind me driving his cock down into my hole.  Again I tell him to stop, he doesn't, just lets out a little chuckle.  Finally I pull out from under him, turn around and tell him no.  He looks like a lost puppy but picks up his towel and is gone.

I was about to call it a night when I heard someone walk in.  No coming up to the side, dropping the towel and letting me suck.  This one climbed right on the bed behind me and then BAM!!  He slammed his cock full inside in one thrust!  I let out a yell from the shock.  Then he started to fuck.  I have been fucked by guys in the past who were intense, my first visitor of the night would fall into that category.  However never have I experience the all out assault that started on my hole.  The bed was slamming into the wall, I couldn't hit the poppers because I simply couldn't hold onto the bottle without spilling it everywhere.  This guy was a machine!  I couldn't believe the fuck I was taking, my hole was being ripped apart and I was screaming in agony and absolute pleasure.  He had left the door open when he came in, I could see from the corner of my eye that guys had gathered to watch.  He was relentless until finally, he pulled out, picked up the towel and without a word, was out the door.  Before he left, I saw a very young stocky guy with bushy hair and a full beard.  I couldn't believe this guy gave me the most intense fuck of my life.  Now THAT'S what I call a fuck!!!!!

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Taking Loads

It was a weekday and I was off work, I had a semi-free day and I was horny.  The demise of Craiglist has definitely placed a damper on my sexual activities.  More and more I find myself contacting guys who have fucked me before or hitting up the baths.  BBRT has become mostly useless, A4A only slightly better.  I was freshly cleaned out, lubed and horny as fuck.  A text is sent to my straight fuck buddy, I've mentioned him many times before. 

I didn't think that he would respond, he rarely does when I hit him up out of the blue but within moments, he said he would be driving by my neighborhood soon and wanted to drop a load.  I responded that the door was open and I would be on the bed.  While I was waiting, I hit up the thin bi-racial guy who lives nearby, he was on line and available.  I told him door was open and he should
stop over hoping that they would both arrive around the same time and could take turns.  Alas, that was not to be.

My straight bud arrived first, literally minutes after he told me he would be passing by so he must have been very close.  I was on the bed, ass up, hitting the poppers and waiting for him.  As usual, he let himself in, dropped his clothes on his way through the house and appeared in the bedroom door with his huge man meat swinging between his legs.  I LOVE this cock!  He climbed on the bed behind me and started slapping my hole with his meaty dick.  He didn't take long to get fully hard, I love that about him.

He slipped inside and with my head spinning on poppers, I let out a moan of pleasure.  Then the fucking began.  He's not a hard fuck, nor a gentle fuck either, but he likes a full in and out so you know there is hard cock pounding your hole.  One of his favorite positions is standing above me pounding his cock deep.  I've posted a photo of that on one of my previous posts.  When he does this, I know he is going to cum soon and true to form, moments later he was loading me. 

Not 3 minutes after he had dressed and left, the door opened again.  I hadn't told the straight guy that another guy may be stopping by, I wanted it to be a surprise when it happened but when my Grindr ap dinged while he was getting dressed, he said "looks like you are going to have round two".  Skinny guy found his way to the bedroom still fully dressed but didn't take long after seeing me ass up on the bed to drop everything he was wearing.  His cock is very nice, quite meaty for such a skinny dude, coming in around 8 inches and nicely fat, with a bend to the right. 

He climbed on the bed and slipped right inside, the cum providing him all the lube he needed.  His style is very different, he takes long, very slow strokes that go on for minutes at a time, followed by a frantic relentless pounding, his hips slapping my ass and his cock driving deep.  The bend to the right gives a different sensation that my straight bud who's cock is straight as an arrow. 

By the third session of relentless pounding, I knew he was getting close and encouraged him to add his cum to the load already inside.  With one final thrust, he started shooting deep in my hole.  Heaven was reached.


My hole is lubed and ready, I'm naked with my ass up facing the door of my room at the baths.  I'm hitting the poppers waiting to be fucked.  My head is buried in the pillow.  I hear someone walk in and close the door.  I don't turn around.  When he climbs on the bed behind me and moves between my legs, I can feel he is a bigger boy.  I peek out of the corner of my eye and see he is black, and quite heavy.  But as I've said before, looks have nothing to do with it, it's all about the cock.  If you can get it hard and get it in, I'm a happy cum dump.  I push my ass out a bit further encouraging him to slip inside.  He does.

Unfortunately, he doesn't conform to the stereotype.  He barely makes it in to the first ring.  But then he grabs my hips, pulls me to him and POP!, he's fully inside.  Because there was so much friction of the head of his cock going in and out of the ring, it was actually an amazing fuck.  I did have to ask him at one point not to lay on top of me as he was crushing me and I couldn't breath but he he didn't let up on the fuck.  With a slight groan and one final hard thrust, I could feel his cock pulsing as he shot me full of his cum.

Freshly loaded, I took a walk around and wandered into the video room.  There were two guys sitting on the top of the platform, guy number one, I didn't ever notice, it was all about guy number two.  Mid to late 30's, balding with a short ginger beard, trimmed furry chest, stocky but he carried it so well.  Our eyes met then I turned and walked thru the curtain into the glory hole room.  I stood below the platform and dropped my towel.  I started to stroke my cock.  Within seconds he followed me through the curtain, went up the stairs and stuck his cock through the hole. 

I started to suck.  He was almost completely hard when his cock came through the hole, but it firmed up more and became rock hard within seconds of my mouth engulfing it.  Fully hard about 6 inches, normal diameter.  Flaming red pubes.  I could see him watching me swallow his cock from over the top of the wall, seeing this I shoved my ass out so he could see that better.  I then saw another set of legs standing beside his.  He pulled out and turned to come down the stairs to my level as the second cock came through the hole.  This one much larger and much fatter.  I started to suck as ginger came up behind me and started rubbing his cock in my crack. 

For some reason, the new guy had enough and was gone, I never saw anything more of him other than his cock.  But ginger, while saying he was disappointed that the 2nd guy didn't stick around, continued to rub his hard cock up and down my lubed crack.  He then leaned in and asked if I would like him inside me.  I begged him to please fuck me.  He said he needed to get a condom.  DAMN!!!  There is a bowl of condoms right outside in the video room so he wasn't gone long and it didn't take him long to slip it on and then slip inside. 

It was OK.  There is a huge difference in the feeling of a condom and the feeling of bare skin.  Bare skin is by FAR much better.  But a fuck was a fuck.  He didn't fuck long before he pulled out and pulled off the condom.  I turned around, we kissed, then I bent over and first sucked his nipples while running my hands through the fur on his chest.  Then I moved down and once more sucked his cock.  After moving back up and making another stop at his nipples, again enjoying the fur of his chest through my fingers, we kissed again and  I turned around pushing my ass up against his hard dick. 

I knew I could make this happen.  I moved my ass up and down, his cock sliding from the top of my ass to between my legs, stopping when the head passed directly at my hole and pushed back slightly, hoping he would take the hint.  He didn't.  After a few more times of this, when the head was once more at my hole, I again pushed back but this time a bit harder.  The head slipped inside.  He moaned and then told me I was bad.  I knew I had him.  I pushed back all the way until my ass was grinding on those red pubes and he was inside, bare, as it should be.

He pushed my head down and fucked me hard.  I was hoping someone would stop by to watch or come to join in but no one was around but the two of us.  He pounded until he said that he needed a break, picked up his towel and was gone.  My hole was throbbing and aching for a cock to be back inside. 

Back in my room, I once more assumed the position.  A short time later, I heard someone walk in.  Leaving the door open, I looked over and saw red pubes.  My buddy was back.  This time there was no pretense of the condom.  It was raw all the way.  I worked my way between his mouth, his furry nipples and his cock with my mouth and he had me in every position on the bed pounding my hole.  I heard him at every point someone would walk by the room and pause, inviting them in to join us but none took him up on his offer unfortunately.  On my last trip with my mouth from his mouth to his cock, I guess I got carried away and the sensation was more than he could handle because he started shooting a considerable load in my mouth.  I swallowed everything he gave me, disappointed it wasn't in my ass. 


Another weekend.  plans are to once more hit up the baths, but decided to give Doublelist a try first.  Touted as the new Craigslist, so far, it seems a disappointing substitute.  You can't post pictures of your cock or your hole.  You can't use any banned works (cock, cum, ass, fuck, dick- all are banned), but in any case, thought I would at least try it out.  The ad had been up for almost an hour.  I was contemplating taking it down when this came through:

The simple email with the photo just said, "address".  My address was quickly sent along with a request for an ETA.  Email responded 30 minutes and that he was on his way.

In almost exactly 30 minutes, I heard the door open.  I was on the bed lubed and ready, hitting the poppers hard as I knew I was going to need them with this one.  A tall, thin, quite good looking young guy appeared in the door.  His eyes went right to my ass.  He then started undressing and moving behind me on the bed. 

His cock felt like an arm pushing itself against my hole but with another hit of poppers, I pushed back and he slipped in.  Fuck my hole felt full!  This was a VERY big boy!  Then he started to fuck.  My eyes rolled in my head as I took this thick fucker in my hole to my deepest part.  He was ripping my ass apart and I absolutely LOVED it!  All too soon, and very quietly, he started to cum.  When he pulled out, I could feel a huge load of cum roll out behind him.  He stood on the side of the bed and leaned over to grab the towel when I told him to stop, got off the bed and cleaned him off with my mouth.  The taste of cum mixed with my ass juices was delicious!  When he left, I saw the huge puddle of cum that had leaked out of me on the bed, I happily licked it up.


I'm standing in the dark room at the baths when he walks in.  Very tall, 6 foot 5 or 6 foot 6 at the least.  Stocky.  Furry everywhere, full beard and long hair pulled back into a pony tail.  I sat on the edge of the platform, pushed off my towel and started stroking my cock.  He leaned against the wall and started rubbing himself through the towel.  I got up, pulled his towel aside and replaced my hand with his.  Then I bent over to take him in my mouth. 

He's getting harder with my sucking.  Only about 5 inches but very fat.  While I am sucking, he is rubbing his hands up and down my back occasionally making it down to my ass.  I keep pushing my ass up higher hoping he will go all the way.  When he finally does and he feels what's there, he says "yea, lubed and ready, good boy!".  He pulls me off his cock pulls me up, kisses me then asks if I want this inside me as he shakes his hard cock.  My answer is to turn around and bend over the platform.  I hit the poppers and he starts to slide inside. 

He fucks hard, a relentless pounding on my hole, I can barely hold onto the poppers I'm being pushed so hard.  I look around and see we have attracted an audience.  Three guys that I can see are all watching and stroking.  Nothing gets me hotter than having other guys watch me get fucked.  With another hit of poppers, I start to thrust my hips back, meeting every thrust of his with one of my own.  He finally stops his own thrusting to let me take over completely and work my best.  He says "damn, if I knew you could do this, why was I doing all the work!?".  When he finished, I was spent, breathing hard, I couldn't move from the platform.  He turned and walked out, I waited to see if one of the other guys would take his place, none did, but that wasn't important, my hole was satisfied.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Catching Up and My Limits

Sorry that it's been a while since I posted.  Life has been a bit on the busy side as of late and certain circumstances prevented me from having as much fun as I would have liked.  Not that I haven't been having my fair share of tops, I just wish, as I always do, that there was time for more.

Starting where I finished off with the Cleveland Hotel Cum Dump, the day after returning home, what I had the previous days just wasn't enough and I wanted more.  I placed an ad on BBRT and got hit up by this guy:
I'd seen his profile many times, this is the only photo I can post as all the others show his face.  Nice thing is that in most of them, he is balls deep in a guy.  We chatted briefly, address was sent and I was on my way. 

I pulled up in front of his house in a very trendy neighborhood and knocked on the door.  He answered naked.  Beautiful fat cock and heavy balls swinging freely.  I came inside and he pointed me to the couch.  I quickly dropped the clothes and bent over.  I had pre-lubed a bit but he added more of some unknown solution in an unidentifiable bottle.  I hit the poppers.  I knew I would need them, his cock was standing at attention and while not long, it was incredibly fat. 

He started sliding in right after applying the lubrication.  I saw stars.  He bottomed out quickly then started to fuck jackhammer style.   The pounding was relentless.  I could barely hold on to the popper bottle let alone get it open without spilling it all over his couch and myself.  Unfortunately the fucking didn't last long before his considerable load was shot inside my hole.  Immediately I dressed, thanked him and was out the door.  No pleasantries, it was only a fuck.

A couple weeks later, I hit up one of my regular fuck buds and asked if he was in the neighborhood.  This is the bud that loves to tag my ass with other guys.  Super nice guy and an amazing cock.  It was my lucky day, he was nearby and said he hadn't shot a load in days.  He really needed to unload.  I told him I was ready and waiting and in the meantime, I would go on line to see if I could find him a partner. 

I was able to come up with another guy from BBRT:
Bad part is that he wasn't nearby.  Although he did have a bud of his own that he likes to play with and asked if he could bring him along.  I told him the more the merrier!

Fuckbud showed up first.  I was ass up and lubed right inside the doorway.  My bud quickly dropped his clothes, lubed up, and slid inside.  I was in heaven.  His cock fits my hole like a glove, it's like I was made for him.  He's not a power fuck by any means, but you know your getting fucked by this guy.  I was hoping guy number 2 (and maybe number 3) would show up while he was pounding my hole, but that wasn't to be.  After a good 20 minute fuck, he pulled out, jacked for a few seconds until I felt the first drop of cum shoot out onto my hole then drove himself inside to deposit the rest deep.

Guy number 2 showed up about 20 minutes later.  His friend had bailed so it was just him.  I was once more ass up and lubed.  He undressed and asked me to suck for a while.  He was soft but didn't stay that way for long.  This guy wasn't long either and the head was not overly large, very average size but once you worked your way down the cock, it got fatter the further you went until at his pubes, he was as fat as a beer can. 

I sucked for a while until he was nice and hard then bent over the couch.  When he started sliding in, it felt good but not amazing, until he slid all the way inside and I felt like I was being split open.  Fortunately he liked a full in and out fuck all the way to the base, seems he knows what he has and has perfected how to use it.  I was hitting the poppers hard just to be able to take him.  My head spinning hanging over the back of the couch, I could hear him starting to breath heavier, then started to pound harder and faster until his cum was being shot where it was meant to be.

Finally this brings me to this past weekend.  Work was such that I only had Sunday off and not wanting to spend the whole day doing chores and errands, I went on line to find a fuck.  I put up an ad saying I was thinking of hitting up the baths and to see if anyone wanted to join.  Unfortunately I was getting no responses.  But as soon as I took the ad down, a guy hit me up on BBRT.  I was pretty sure we had fucked before.  Actually we had fucked a few times.  Once at my home and more than a couple times at the baths.  Very bearish, furry all over, full beard, quiet bedroom eyes and a nice fat cock. 

I invited him over.  Fortunately he was only 5 minutes from me.  I asked if he wanted to find me ass up, he enthusiastically responded that he definitely did!  As usual, I assumed the position and waited.  It didn't take long.  He stripped his pants but left on his shirt, sat on the couch and asked me to suck.  I took my place between his legs and alternated sucking his rapidly hardening cock and licking his low hanging furry balls.  He was delicious.  Eventually he pushed me back and said it was time to fuck.  I hit the poppers hard in anticipation knowing what he felt like in the past. I was not disappointed.  We fucked for better part of a half hour until quietly he came inside me. 

When he left, I wanted more.  It was a Sunday afternoon.  I really debated on the baths and then just said fuck it.  I've been there before when nothing happened, what's another time and who knows, it could be great!  Fortunately for me, it was the latter.

I got to my room, stripped, lubed, put on the towel and made the trip around the club.  Maybe about 20 guys there at that time.  Not as many as I would have liked but many more than I had feared.  Made eye contact with a few then made my way back to the room, propped open the door and took my place on the bed with my ass and hole facing the door.  It didn't take long.

I didn't hear him come in and didn't know he was there until his hands started stroking my ass.  I kept my face buried in the pillow.  I heard the door shut and felt him climbing on the bed behind me.  He started slapping his cock on my ass.  I couldn't feel how big it was, I would just have to wait until he went inside.  It took him a little while to get fully hard.  In fact when he started sliding inside me, he was still partially soft so he had to use a finger to push it in place.  Once inside, I could feel him getting harder and then felt the head pop inside to heaven.  He pushed me down flat on the bed (actually poor planning on my part because after doing this, my head was flat against the wall and every thrust inside slammed my head on the wall).  But I sucked it up and took the pounding like the good whore I am.

After 20 minutes or so of relentless pounding, he quietly pulled out, picked up his towel and left leaving the door open.  I reached back and felt the nice load of cum he had left me as my gift. 

Not long after, I felt hands again on my ass.  I peaked back to see black legs coming out of the bottom of a towel.  His hands gently rubbed my ass all over and very lightly, slipped a finger across my well lubed and dripping hole.  Unfortunately, that was as far as it went and before I knew it, he was gone.

I was just starting to think that maybe I would take another walk around when another guy walked in.  This one I saw.  Maybe late 40's, very trim and furry body.  I had seen him on my walk around when I first got there but to me he didn't have the top look so I didn't pay that much attention.  Boy was I wrong. 

Leaving the door open (love that of course), he dropped his towel and came up to the head of the bed with his cock pointing at my head.  I leaned over and started to suck.  He very quickly filled out completely at about 7 inches and nicely proportioned.  He didn't let me suck for more than half a minute before climbing on the bed behind me and sliding right inside.  He fucked gentile tip to base alternated with pounding the hell out of me.  Having planned ahead this time, I was far clear from the wall so I was enjoying every second.  I also kept peaking out of the corner of my eye at the open door hoping that someone would come by and watch and hopefully join in.

After just a few minute, I saw a guy standing in the doorway rubbing his cock through his towel.  It took a few minutes but he finally came all the way inside and stood by the bed watching that hard 7 inches slide in and out of my hole.  I wished I could have seen it myself.  The fucking I was taking was amazing, we fucked for what had to be at least a half hour before he called out that he was going to give me what I wanted and started to shoot the next load inside. 

He stayed inside while his body had post-orgasm spasms.  Then as he was sliding out, he turned to the guy by the bed and told him it was time for the next top.  They traded places.  The new guy waited until the last fucker left before he started inside then reached back and closed the door.  Guess this one liked to watch but not to be watched.  He didn't fuck for long before slipping out and grabbing his towel, was out the door.  I wasn't sure if he came or not, I reached back and my hole was covered with cum, it could have been 2 loads but could have just as easily been one big one.  I'll never know.

I did at that point take another walk around.  The amount of guys had dwindled.  Back in my room, I checked the hook up sites to see if anyone was nearby.  Got hit up almost immediately by a hairy bearded ginger on Scruff that asked what room I was in.  I gave the room number.  He quickly responded that he wanted me to suck him first before he fucked me.  I had just started typing that I would gladly do so when in the door he came, closing it behind him. 

He stood by the top of the bed and I did my duty.  He firmed up about 6 inches, fat head that tapered down to the base.  After just a few minutes of sucking, he climbed behind me and shoved himself in to the hilt in one quick stroke.  Then the fucking began.  He liked the dirty talk.  Asked me if I liked taking anonymous loads from strangers in a bathhouse, I told him I loved it.  He asked me if I was a whore, I told him I definitely was.  He asked how many loads were inside me, Still being unsure of the last one, I told him 4. 

I'm not going to get much more into the fucking because while good, it was unremarkable.  He did pull out and push me to the side to lay on the bed.  His cock was standing straight up and he told me to suck it for a bit and then climb on top.  I started to suck.  He asked me again if I was a whore, I responded that I was.  He asked me if I was HIS whore.  I told him I was.  He asked me what my limits were.  My head started spinning unsure of where this was going.  I told him I would do what a normal whore would do.  And then it happened.  I was busy working his cock with my mouth when the full flat part of his hand slapped against the side of my head and my ear.  It was hard.  VERY hard.  My ear was ringing.  Shocked, I sat up on the bed, my hand immediately to the side of my face.  I told him he had found my limitations.  He apologized and asked if we could start over.  Still with ringing in my ear I told him that I was done and asked him to leave. 

I left a short time later.  Honestly, I've been slapped in the ass before and even gently slapped on the side of the head when I've been giving head, but never like that.  I felt sure I would have a red hand print on the side of my face for days (fortunately that didn't happen).  Well, lesson learned, when asked what my limits are, hitting is at the top of the list. 

Despite the ending, it was actually quite a good day.  My hole felt well used and I considered it a job  well done.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Cleveland Hotel Cum Dump

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.  By the time I arrived in my hotel, the guest count for the evenings activities had blossomed to 28.  I'm certain that if Craigslist had still been an option, I would have been well over 30 but with BBRT and A4A really being the only sites I could advertise a party(by the way, if you know another way, please let me know), 28 was pretty good.  Well, at least one would have thought. 

At shortly before my scheduled start time, I used some of the strapping tape I had brought with me to tape up the door latch so that it could not lock behind someone entering or exiting.  The bed I selected for fun was located closest to the window.  It was still full daylight outside but I was on the 10th floor of the hotel and with the curtains open, there was nothing within sight that would be able to see inside so I opted for fully open drapes.  I lubed my hole, threw the poppers on the bed and assumed the position at the bottom with pillows for me to rest on while I presented my best asset. 

Within 10 minutes of my scheduled start time, the door opened.  The guy was mid 30's and quite good looking.  I said hi.  He returned the greetings and came to me on the bed.  His hands went right to my ass, stroking it all around.  Then I could hear him undressing.  He was standing behind me slapping his flaccid cock on my ass when the door opened again.  The new guy was more early to mid 50's.  Kind of hippie type with a full beard.  But his beard wasn't what I was interested in. 

While the new arrival was getting undressed, my first top had slipped inside me.  I had hit the poppers hard in anticipation since it was my first cock of the day.  Fully hard, I would say he came in around 7 inches.  He didn't fuck for long before he started to loose his hard on.  I told him to come to the side of the bed and I would suck him for a bit hoping that would help.  As this was happening, guy number 2 took his place behind me a slipped inside.  He was a bit shorter than top #1, maybe between 4 and 5 inches, but he was rock hard and fucked me like a beast!  Top number 1 seemed to enjoy what he was watching and firmed up quite a bit with my oral skills.  Number 2 asked if number 1 wanted a turn.  Number 1 took his place and got back to fucking me.  Unfortunately exactly the same thing happened again and after a few minutes, he deflated. 

There was much apology saying that he never has this problem and had been looking forward to this evening all day and thought his nerves were getting the better of him.  I told him no worries, to just relax a bit, I wasn't going anywhere, and maybe after a rest, things would firm up.  He laid on the top of the bed and watched as top number 2 slipped inside and fucked me hard.  He was enjoying himself very much, as was I.  He was enjoying himself so much so that he started yelling that he was going to cum but he didn't want to yet.  Well the urge got the better of him and he soon dumped load number 1 into my willing hole. 

After he pulled out, he went to the bathroom to clean up a bit, dressed and was gone, but not without thanking me and saying how handsome I was and that he loved fucking such a hot bottom.  He actually sent me a very nice note on BBRT later saying much the same. 

While waiting for the next guy to arrive, top number 1, who was still on the bed, and I started chatting.  I complimented him on the tattoo on his leg (roses and some sort of lizard), he said the same about the one on my arm.  All the while stroking his still flaccid cock.  I asked if there was something I could do to help, dim the lights, turn off the TV, he politely declined all offers.  Then the door opened again.

This guy late 50's, maybe early 60's .  Very nice guy, very polite.  Once partly undressed, I could see that his soft cock was a bit on the smaller side.  I was certain and hopeful that once excited, it would get much bigger.  Undressed, he came in behind me, saw that my hole had been freshly loaded and dove in face first to eat me out.  He lapped and slurped for an eternity.  As I have said, I do enjoy being eaten out but not for an extended period of time.  This was rapidly becoming extended.  I pulled myself away from his face.  He took the hint.  Standing behind me, he tried to slip in.  I could feel that his cock had not grown by much and although he was slipping into the opening, he wasn't getting past the muscle that you need to in order for the fucking to work, and to feel good for me.

While doing this, top number 1 got up from the bed and went behind standing by guy number 3.  I could hear him furiously pumping his cock while guy 3 was still trying to get inside.  Eventually top number 1 said that he was cumming and proceeded to shoot his large load all over my hole.  He apologized that it wasn't inside, however number 3 helped that along by gathering it all up with his fingers and pushing it all in me.  After doing this, number 3 tried once more and, SUCCESS, he was inside past the sphincter.  Guess all he needed was a fresh load of cum.  After that, he fucked me hard.  What he lacked in size, he more than made up for in stamina.

He fucked me while guy number 1 dressed and left.  He fucked me while he was the only one there.  He fucked me while the door opened and guy number 4 arrived, walked into the room, (black guy, mid 30's), stood by the bed, watched what was going on and then turned around and left.  He fucked me while a few minutes later I get a text from guy number 4 said that he left because he didn't think the room would be so light (it was only natural daylight, nothing more).  He fucked me while I responded that I would close the drapes if he would come back.  He fucked me while I got a response that told me he was already in his cab.

It was a long fuck.  I was wondering how long it would go on but no one else had arrived so what the hell, if he could keep it up, I would happily take it.  Almost 40 minutes after he arrived, he finally started moaning, thrusting deep and delivering a fresh load of cum up my hole.  He apologized if it was his fault that guy number 4 had left, I told him no worries, it wasn't him, it was just the light.

After guy number 3 left, there was an extended intermission.  I got on line to all the sites to see who was nearby and may want to stop by.  Not much was going on and not many were near.  Beginning to think I may have to call it a night, the door opened again.  This time a late 20's black guy.  Slightly stocky but handsome and he carried himself well.  While he was undressing, I was hitting the poppers preparing in case he was a big boy.  I didn't see his cock before he came behind me and slapped his cock on my ass and my hole.  From what I could feel and hear, it seemed very nice.  Then he slipped inside.  He fucked me hard and deep!  I guessed around 8 inches.  To this point, he was the best cock of the day.  He made no sounds, just slammed his cock inside, pulled almost all the way out and then slammed right back in.  For a while he did a full pull out and rapid re-entry.  Not many guys do this but they should.  The sensations this produces are outstanding!  I don't know what it feels like for a top but for a bottom, it can hardly get any better.

I had glanced at the clock when he arrived.  I must have lost all track of time while this black beauty was pummeling my insides because when I looked again at the clock, 40 minutes had passed and there was no let up in intensity.  However shortly thereafter, he pulled out and asked if I would get in my back.  Turning over, I threw my legs in the air.  He climbed between them and slipped back inside.  The intensity was much greater in this position and with every thrust, he was hitting my prostate.  I had to concentrate hard knowing that if this kept up for long, I was going to hands free cum and I didn't want that to happen not knowing what the remainder of the evening had in store.

He finally started to moan and picked up the speed and shot what I could feel was a multiple day load far up inside me.  When he pulled out, I finally got a glimpse of his beautiful glistening 8 inches.  I reached down when he had climbed off and went to the bathroom to clean up.  I had never felt so much cum on my hole in my life!  This is just what I wanted.  Another look at the clock showed that he had been fucking me for over an hour!

After guy number 5 left, nothing else at all was happening.  I took the tape off the door and ordered some room service.  While I was eating, I went back on line.  I was hit up by a guy from Scruff.  He said he was right down the road from my hotel and if it was OK, he would swing by and drop a load.  I responded with my room number.  I got undressed again, re-lubed the hole, put the tape back on the door and once more got into position.  He must have been very close because 5 minutes later, the door opened again.  White guy, early 40's, handsome, scruffy look, so much my type.  He didn't get fully undressed, was still wearing a shirt when he started fucking me.  Not having seen his cock, I would say about 6 inches from what I could feel but he worked it very well.  A good bit of time later, he shot inside.  Load number 5. 

Minutes after he left, my door opened one last time.  Black guy here also, early 20's.  He mumbled something then threw his coat and bag on the bed and plugged his phone into the outlet to charge.  Then he sat on the bed and started looking at his phone.  After a few minutes of this, I asked what he was doing.  He said that he was looking for another top to join him.  He needs to watch action in order to get hard.  I asked if he was having any luck.  He said his phone was giving him problems but that he was chatting with a few guys nearby. 

This went on for almost an hour.  Finally I told him I was getting tired and needed to call it a night.  Very politely he said OK and gathered up his stuff and was gone.  He did hit me up early the next morning asking if he and his bud could stop by to drop a load.  I only had a little over an hour before I had to check out and be on the road and knowing what happened the evening prior, didn't want a repeat so I declined even though I would have loved to have 2 more for the road.

So in summery, 28 responded.  Of that, only 6 showed, one of which barely made it past the door.  Plus one addition from Scruff.  Only 5 actual loads in me.  A very poor showing however I enjoyed almost every moment.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Getting Ready

So tomorrow is my open door cumdump party in Cleveland.  I have about 22 guys who have responded and requested and invitation.  In the terms of these things, I would guess that would put me in the 10 to 12 guys who will actually show up.  We will see. I was planning on putting an ad on Craiglist today and tomorrow to try to get a few more but for some reason, Craigslist has decided to no longer do personal ads.  It's very sad.  I have had a lot of great hookups from there. 

Wanting to get in a little practice, I decided to spend Sunday evening at the baths.  After checking in to my room, I went on line to all the sites to see who was nearby.  A lot of chatting went on, mostly not successful but it was a good evening. 

I made the trip around the place to scope out who was there, and not seeing much, just went back to my room, propped the door open and climbed ass up on the bed.  Not a lot of traffic going by but after a little time, I heard my door close.  I didn't turn around to see who it was until a white guy, early 40's, stocky, mostly hairless, came up and stood by my head and dropped his towel.  His cock was beautiful.  The skin was a perfect pale pink, about 7 inches and as I found out when I went to suck it, quite fat. 

The sucking didn't go on long, only seconds, before he was ready to fuck.  My hole was lubed and ready and I hit the poppers.  He took his place behind me and slid in.  I was in heaven.  He fucked me good, he fucked me hard and completely silently, deposited his load.  I wasn't sure until he left, asking me if he should leave the door open as he did, did I reach back and feel all he cum that he had left in me.  I tasted it.  It was delicious.

It wasn't long before another guy walked in and closed the door behind him.  He was shaved everywhere, dropped his towel by my head and his 6 inches was pointing at my face.  I did my job and sucked him.  This one didn't go on long either before he pulled out of my mouth and said he would be back.  He did come back about an hour later with an exact repeat of the first session.  Only difference was that he was no longer hard.  After that, I didn't see him again.

Not long after, another guy comes in and closes the door.  Again I didn't turn around.but could feel him climb on the bed behind me and dove face first into my hole.  He furiously ate me out for a very long period of time.  I do enjoy been eaten out but it needs to be followed by a fuck.  This guy just seemed to want to eat.  A good bit into the session I started to notice an unusual smell.  I feared it was coming from my visitor.  When I finally told him I needed a break and he left, did I realize that his breath was the odor and my entire ass smelled like it.  It was time to hit the shower before I welcomed anyone else.

Before leaving for the baths, I hit up a guy who I believe I mentioned a time or two in the past.  We had numerous failed attempts at hooking up, one time at the baths themselves.  This time I told him I was going and would let him know the room number when I checked in.  He responded that he was thinking of going himself and would fuck me if he did. 

I had sent him the room number and saw on a couple of the aps that he was very close.  He sent me a message that he would be to my room in less than 5 minutes.

When he walked in, I looked back.  He was a very good looking guy, tall, trim, handsome.  When he dropped his towel, it was equally beautiful.  I sucked him to get him nice and hard then he climbed on he bed behind me and slid inside.  He was a very good fuck.  When he finally pulled out and stood by the bed I got up, sat on the side of the bed and pulled him towards me.  We kissed and made out while his hard cock was pressing against my stomach.  I finally laid back and put my legs in the air.  He slid right inside and continued the fuck.  It felt amazing!  He asked me if I wanted him to cum in me.  Of COURSE I wanted him to cum in me and moments later, I was rewarded with his considerable load. 

This is his cock.  I know he has read my blog in the past, I hope he doesn't mind that I post it.

Good practice if I do say so myself.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Hosting Open Door Cum Dump

So I'm going to be in Cleveland for a couple nights at the end of the month and going to be hosting an open door cum dump in my hotel.  Hosting on Tuesday, March 27.  Hit me up here or on BBRT (bbburghbottom) or message me on here if you can join!  Would love to have a few of my readers fill me with their loads.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

I Have Been Fucked

The story of two weekends.  Last weekend I really felt the need to try something new and different.  Ultimately I decided to give an ABS a try.  Don't ask me why I decided on this, I haven't had great luck with these places in the past, why would I think this time would be any different. 

I selected one a good distance from home.  Mostly because I've heard it can be fun and I had never been there before.  After checking in, down a short hall past a half dozen or so private viewing booths (all empty), the theater was through a door at the end.  Inside was the straight theater.  It's not set like a traditional theater with rows of seats but instead it's rows of leather couches (well not really leather I would guess).  There are about 5 people in the theater, 3 watching the movie and 2 in the back row, one giving and one receiving a blow job.  It took a few moments for my eyes to adjust before I could make out that the one giving the blowjob was a woman.  Not that I don't think women shouldn't come to an ABS, I'd just never seen one in any of those I had gone to previously.

Off to the left of the main theater was the much smaller theater playing the gay films.  Very long and narrow room, only one row of couches in here.  Three guys were in here, one on each couch.  If I had to guess, the age range was between 55 and 70.  I went in and took a seat on the couch the furthest from the door. 

Right after I sat down, the guy that was sitting next to me got up and left, he was also the oldest of the guys in the room.  Looking over, the guy on the first couch had pulled out his cock and was jacking off.  I decided what the hell and got up and knelt down between his legs.  He was rock hard but only about 4 inches.  Average girth.  What the hell, I had driven all this way, I went down on him.  His cock was actually very nice to suck, not being huge, he could be deep throated easily.  Within minutes, he started to moan and tried to push me off his dick.  I held my place and was rewarded by a load (albeit a very small load) down my throat.  After cumming, he zipped up and was gone.

I took my place back on couch number three.  Having watched everything that had previously happened, they guy sitting on couch number two pulled out his cock, pulled his pants down to his knees and unbuttoned his shirt.  He was a real daddy, bit of a stomach, bearded and very hairy.  Seeing this, I stood, dropped my pants and took my place between his legs. 

He was wearing a cock ring.  It wasn't long, maybe about 4 1/2 inches, but it was beer can fat.  My jaw was stretched wide taking him in.  After working him for a few minutes, I looked up and asked if he would fuck me.  A look of horror went across his face as he said no.  I was actually kind of offended but figured he was most likely married and only went here for a blow job that wouldn't make him "gay".  Fucking a guy would certainly only be a thing a gay guy would do.

In any case, knowing that I wasn't getting what I wanted, I got up, put on my pants and did a walk around.  Nothing at all going on.  Few people in and out but most were going into the straight theater.  I hung out in a booth for a bit, have always wanted to get fucked through a glory hole and they were in every booth, but no takers.  Eventually I called it a day.

In the car, I checked the cruising sites to see if there was anyone nearby who may be looking (there wasn't) and got hit up by a guy from BBRT.  We had tried to hook up a few times in the past but nothing ever came about.  He asked if I was looking.  I told him I definitely was but was about 45 minutes from home at that time.  He said he had to be at work at 9:30.  It was 7:15 then.  I told him I would send a message when I got home.

Well, long story short, he bailed once more.  I don't know that I'm going to give him another try or not, seems a bit of a game player.  In any case, logged on to the sites and got hit pretty quickly by a young twinky bi-racial guy that has fucked me before.  It's nice as he is nearby and can be to my place in a few minutes.  I invited him over, opened the door, lubed the hole and waited.

In less than 5 minutes, his cock was in my hole.  He likes to alternate between slow and gentile and hard and pounding.  As in his character, during the third set of hard and pounding, he cums.  It certainly took a long time getting there, but I was finally loaded.

This weekend I wasn't actually going to try for anything but early afternoon I started feeling that itch that only a cock deep in my hole can scratch.  I logged on.  Hit up quickly from a guy from A4A.  Black guy, nice cock pic, loves bareback.  I told him I was looking.  Only problem, he was out for the day and wouldn't be home until much later.  I wasn't going to wait.

A short time later, I am naked with my hole lubed on a bed in the bathhouse with my ass up and the door to my room open.  I didn't see many guys around on my trip down to my room but I was hopeful.  I started hitting the poppers in anticipation.  It didn't take long.  A very solidly build white guy, maybe late 40's, early 50's, walked in leaving the door open.  He dropped his towel at the bottom of the bed and stood at the head of the bed with his cock pointing at my face.  He looked hairless, as I found out later, he was covered with hair but it had been trimmed very short and was all completely white.  I started to suck.

He wasn't long, maybe 5 inches but it was very fat.  And better, he got solidly rock hard!  After a bit of sucking, he climbed on the bed behind me and shoved himself inside.  Not at all gentile.  And started to pound my hole.  While he was fucking me, a young black guy came in to watch what was happening.  After a few seconds he left but less than a minute later, he was back.  With my ass being invaded, I couldn't really focus on what was going on around me but I could see that the black guy had come back with a condom, tore open the wrapper and started putting it on.  He then lubed himself up and stroked his black rod while watching the first guy fuck me. 

Guy number one finally asked guy number two if he wanted a turn.  They exchanged places.  Guy number two was about the same girth but was MUCH longer.  I would guess around 8 inches, and taking notice of guy one, fucked me hard and fast.  I was in heaven.

Guy number two finally pulled out, I'm not sure if he came or not due to the condom and he didn't leave it behind for me to see later.  But as soon as he was out, guy number one was back to take his place.  He fucked me.  He fucked me hard.  He fucked me fast.  He fucked me deep.  I loved it. 

I finally said I needed a break.  I was covered with sweat and could barely catch my breath.  He left saying he would be back.

I waited.  And waited.  Not many guys were moving around but the door was open and I was in position ready.  No takers.  I was about ready to call it a night when I heard someone come in.  He climbed on the bed behind me and shoved himself right in to the hilt where he held it there until the shock of being so rapidly entered wore off.  Then he started to fuck.  When he said "you've been waiting for this to come back, haven't you" I knew it was fucker number one. 

We fucked for over an hour straight.  I was in positions I had never been in my life and I loved every moment.  But all things must come to an end and with a kiss, he was out the door.  I really hope I see this one again, he is an AMAZING fuck!!!