Monday, January 20, 2014

Holiday Weekend Party

The party was posted on BBRT a couple of weeks ago. It was being hosted by a local vers bottom and the description said that he was looking for something a bit along the line of a gangbang. I looked at it briefly and knowing that no other bottom hosting a gangbang is going to invite another bottom, dismissed it. A week or so later I clicked on the party tab and saw the guest count was around 12. Seemed pretty high for something still a couple of weeks away so I clicked on the party to see who was going. At this point, I saw that the host had changed the description to be just a sex party/orgy. He was going to be hosting at a to be announced hotel. Included in those that had responded at that point, was another bottom. I clicked to be invited.

My approval came within a couple of hours and the guest count after that was approaching 20. Over the next couple of weeks, I monitored the party invite list. By the time the party date arrived, there were 37 attending, only 3 of which were complete bottoms, including myself. Most of the others were a good mix of vers bottoms, vers, and tops. Knowing that a count of 37 means only about 1/3 will show up, I was hoping those who did would be the tops.

The evening before the party, I logged onto BBRT to check the status and as I was looking, received an oink. I hadn't seen this guy on before, but as he didn't have any photos listed, honestly wouldn't have paid all that much attention to him. His description was very short, all of his questions said "ask me". He did however list himself as a top. My only response to him was "thanks". He quickly responded back asking if I wanted to fuck. I asked him if he had a pic and how big his cock was. He replied that he didn't have a pic and that I wouldn't be disappointed. I invited him over.

He arrived about 20 minutes later. I would guess early 40's, he had a bit of a stomach, about my height, dark buzzed hair and a beard. I invited him in. The awkward moment when we both just stood there was very brief as I started to drop my clothes. He quickly did the same. He then reached for my head and pushed me down to his cock. He was soft, quite small, but fat with a big mushroom head. I got to work. He did chub up to about 5 inches with about the same in girth. The mushroom head got quite a bit larger also. Once he was hard, he pulled me up, turned me around and pushed me down on the sofa, ass up. I had lubed prior to his arrival so was ready to go. I hit the poppers as he lined up, felt the fat cock head brush by hole then start to slowly work it's way in. He didn't have a lot of length to work with but did quite a good job with what he had. I wasn't anticipating getting fucked this evening so it was a very nice surprise.

He did quite a bit of full in and out, would pull out and play with my hole a bit before plunging back in. We started doggy over the couch, changed to him sitting with me climbing on top and riding his cock, then back again to doggy. He fucked me for a while until he pulled out and turned to start getting dressed. I was still bent over ready to take it once more wondering what had happened. I reached back and could feel the cum leaking out of my hole. He came with no increase in pace, no sound, no indication that anything was happening. Once dressed, he was out the door. Quick thanks and he was gone. I thought briefly about going on line to find a second load but it was late and I did want to save myself for the party the next day. I woke in the morning to find his huge load had leaked out through the night and left a huge spot in my underwear.

Saturday was party day. Scheduled start time was 8pm. The invite said to come any time after that, he would be hosting all night. I don't know that it is especially a good idea to give such a general idea of when the arrival time should be, especially for an orgy. I would have suggested arrive between 8pm and 9pm and stay as long as you like, but it was his party. I contacted a few of my buds to see if they were going or would like to go since the invitation was open to bring friends. Friend "C" said it was too far for him to travel (he's vers and is always begging me to fuck him). Also tried "T", he said he wanted to go and wanted to bring 2 of his friends along. I've been the the baths a couple of times with T, he's seen me taking dick but I've actually never seen him take one so I was looking forward to seeing him get fucked. Not sure why, but he ended up a no show. Also hit up the top from the party I went to previously, he was actually already going and I told him to save me a fuck. I'll call him "R". He's a great top and I was looking forward to him fucking me again if nothing else.

I decided to leave home around 8 which would put me at the party around 8:30. I pulled up to the hotel room and went to the door. Room was on the 2nd floor with a private outside entrance so comings and goings would be pretty much unnoticed. I knocked. The door was opened by a guy we will call Charlie. He was wearing a sleeveless shirt and no pants. His cock was hard, sticking out and he had some sort of ball stretcher on that pulled his sack down about 5 inches. I had seen him before at a couple of other parties I had gone to. Both times he fucked me and both times I thought he was pretty good at it. On the bed was the host, on all fours, ass up. I could see I had interrupted something. The host was very tall, a bit on the big side, and very, very hairy. Not a square inch of him was uncovered with a thick coating of dark hair. He was wearing a shirt and a jock. I moved into the room and Charlie moved over to the host and plunged his hard cock into the host's ass where he started to pound. I figured I may as well get undressed and take my turn.

I went to the bathroom/closet area and another guy was already in and getting ready. This guy was maybe early 60's, pretty thin build, had a nice cock on him hanging out of an orange jock. I'm really not going to say much else about him as he remained unparticipitory for the duration of the evening. Other than occasionally sticking his cock in the mouth of someone who was getting fucked, he never got hard and never either sucked or fucked another guy. When he finished, I undressed, stashed my clothes, lubed the hole and grabbed the poppers. When I went back into the room, I felt a bit under dressed as I was the only one completely naked. But figured what the hell, that's the way I like it.

I went over to the bed where the host was still getting fucked by Charlie. The host was moaning up a storm and snorting poppers like crazy so I could tell he was enjoying it. I stood there patiently waiting my turn. Finally the host pulled off Charlies dick and went off to the bathroom. Charlie and I made eye contact, he said "well, come on" and pointed to the bed. I took my place and presented my hole. I poppered up while Charlie applied a fresh layer of lube to his cock. He then lined up his dick and started in. OH my God!, this felt so good! Charlie is about 7 inches, fairly narrow at the head but gets quite a bit wider at the base so just him entering you is like being gradually opened up. Once he gets a good start, he really starts pounding away. A very interesting feeling was his balls. As I said, they were in some sort of ball rings that pulled them quite a bit down, what this did while he was fucking me was on his in stroke, his balls would literally fly up between my legs and smack my balls and my cock. A complete new feeling but I LOVED it!

Charlie's Cock

While Charlie was fucking me, a few other guys were arriving. I won't get into describing the guys I had no interaction with just for times sake. A guy I had met at a party a while ago arrived. We will call him "PS". PS lists himself as a vers/bottom but any time I've every seen him, he's always just been a top. He's early 30's, a bit stocky, furry on the chest and stomach and has about a 5 inch cock that is pretty fat. Next was R. R is mid 40's, blond but fairly bald. Pretty furry but the hair is so light, you can't really see it and a nice 7 incher. His cock isn't fat but, glory be, he knows how to use it and make a bottom happy.

Charlie and I finally parted and I got up off the bed to go and say hi to PS and R. We chatted for a bit while they got undressed until Charlie came over and asked if I was ready for round 2. Well I was there to be fucked and hell yes, I was ready! Back to the bed, hit of poppers and Charlie once more started pounding my ass. He kept saying my ass was so smooth, just like a baby's bottom and rubbing his hands all over it. More guys were arriving while Charlie and I were busy. There were a few times when a few random cocks were presented to my mouth so I had cock in both ends quite often. PS had me suck him and he chubbed up quite quickly, then the host presented himself (a bit on the small side) and then one other cock I'm not sure who was attached to. Being busy, I didn't notice 2 of the most recent arrivals until Charlie and I once more parted. The first of the guys, the white one, was maybe early 30's, a bit heavy but he really carried the weight well. Quite furry but nicely trimmed all over, buzz hair and beard, pierced nipples and cock. Cock was on the smaller side. The other was the prize. Black guy late 20's, early 30's, nice football player build, buzzed head with a backwards baseball cap and what had to be a fat 9 inch cock hanging between his legs. It was my mission from that point on, I was going to have that cock in me before the end of the night.

He was never really playing with anyone, not sure if the size of his monster was intimidating to most of the guys there or what, but I kept my eye on him. PS came to me and took me over to the sofa. There I bent over and he slid into me from behind. We fucked with my head hanging over the back of the sofa for a while until a loud slurping and gagging sound started coming from the other side of the room. PS pulled out and I climbed off the sofa. Charlie was blowing the black guy. And he was doing it with quite a bit of effort. Knowing that after this was done, the black guy would be ready to fuck, I went back to the bed. No sooner than I got there but R came over and told me "lets get this hard cock where it's supposed to go". I bent over and he slid in. Before long he had pushed me down flat on the bed, was up on one foot with his hand pressed into the middle of my back fucking my hole like crazy! It was hard, it was intense, and it was amazing! We kept this up for a while until he climbed off and was replaced by another guy. This one started fucking me quite hard also. It wasn't until a bit into our session when I had the chance to turn around to see it was the guy who had come to my house the previous evening and given me the big load! Small world! All the while he was fucking me he was saying in my ear "you will do as I say, this ass is mine". Not as much dirty talk as the previous evening but I did like the tone he was taking.

He noticed me continually looking to my left at the black guy. Charlie had finished his sucking and his cock was jutting straight out. My top said in my ear "I'm going to get that black guy to fuck you, I want to see you take that big cock". That was the best thing I had heard all night! He climbed off and I turned so that my ass was facing the bottom of the bed and the black guy standing there. The host of the party then came over and sat on the bed in front of my face, spread his legs and pulled aside his jock. He told me to suck. Then he handed me his bottle of poppers and told me to take a big whiff, I was going to need it. I saw the black guys hands on each side of me and then felt his monster cock land on my ass and rub up and down. I just hoped that I would be able to take it all without too much trouble, I didn't want to have to tell him to stop in front of the audience we had attracted. And by audience, I mean every guy in the room was surrounding the bed to watch what was going to happen. I lifted my hips slightly and reached back to spread my cheeks. He put his cock head at the opening of my hole. It felt like someone was placing a small fist there. And then he started sliding in. I hit the poppers hard again waiting for the pain. It didn't come. It took a while for him to get in all the way to the base but once he did and started working his cock in and out, for me, it was absofuckinglutely amazing! As I said in my previous post, there is no feeling like the feeling of a big cock filling you up. And this one certainly did the trick. Gradually he picked up speed and eventually started pounding my ass in earnest. All of the audience was enjoying the show and I would have liked to have seen their faces and them stroking their cocks but I was concentrating so hard on the cock in my ass and the second in my mouth, I was oblivious to everything else.

Finally he pulled off. My head spinning, I laid there to catch my breath. When I eventually made it up off the bed, guys were telling me how hot that was, how they could never have taken that cock, that I had won the prize of the night. I was actually also surprised that I took it so easily, of course having been fucked by 4 guys before that, some more than once, certainly helped open things up. The black guy fucked me a couple more times as the evening wore on. No one else was stepping up to the monster challenge so he kept making his way back to me. Of course, I happily offered up my hole to him. Part way through the third fuck with him, I noticed that my hole had gotten considerably slicker so I'm sure he came inside me but he never slowed in his pace and never gave a sign that he was close. But no matter, I got the load delivered by the prize. It was awesome!

Monday, January 13, 2014

I Need a Big Cock!

I woke yesterday morning with one thing on my mind, a big cock! I'm not usually that picky when it comes to cock, as long as it's hard and long enough to get in my hole, it's good. I'm also not usually that picky about the man the cock is attached to, he just needs to get it up and in. But this day, just any cock wouldn't do, I needed something of size.

I logged onto BBRT. I saw my fellow bottom friend T from one of my previous posts on line, had an ad up, and was looking. I hit him up to see if he was having any luck. He said there were a few responses, but most were flaking out. I suggested to him we get together and find a guy with a big cock to tag team us. He was all for it. I put ads on BBRT, Craigslist and Adam4adam. Interestingly, it took a while to get a response. Usually within minutes of going live someone is hitting me up, this one took a few hours. It was from a guy who said he and a buddy were looking for a couple of bottoms. I hit up T and unfortunately, he was no longer able to join. I responded to the guy and asked if one bottom was cool, it was, and emails went back and forth. He sent me a pic, I'm posting it below. As it turns out, the hookup didn't happen. Said they were on the way and I waited with a lubed and twitching hole. Nothing. I don't usually put pics on here if they guys don't fuck me but after I received his photo, I remembered that this guy had fucked me a little more than a year ago before I started this blog. So I guess it still counts.

Nothing else seemed to be happening so I decided to make a trip to the baths. I arrived, checked in, and as I was walking to my room, I passed an older guy that has fucked me in the past. I knew he liked fucking me so I was pretty sure I had a sure thing. I went to my room, undressed, lubed the hole, grabbed my towel and poppers, and walked out. He was waiting outside my room in the hall. Without making eye contact, I made a left and headed for the dark room. He quickly followed. Without looking back, I entered the sling room and climbed in. I could tell he was close behind so I hit the poppers. He came into the room thru the rubber curtains shortly later. He doesn't have a long dick, but it is REALLY fat. First time he fucked me, we really had a difficult time. No longer. He came to me and stood between my legs. Before I knew it, he was sliding in. It was fantastic! Why doesn't it ALWAYS happen like this!!! Less than 5 minutes there and already I had a nice fat raw cock pounding my ass. He fucked very hard, in and out all the way. The chains were rattling and I was moaning with pleasure, everyone around had to hear and many came to see what was going on. He fucked me for about 15 minutes then pulled out, started to jack his dick furiously and when he started to cum, shoved himself back in. We both had smiles on our faces as he unloaded in my hole. When he pulled out, he grabbed his towel and left without a word. I reached down and scooped up a bit of the cum that was dripping out and tasted it. It was delicious.

I walked around a bit, sucked a few cocks, had a few guys suck me, but no one else seemed to be interested in fucking. Eventually I made it back to the dark room. An older guy was laying on the platform with his head over the side and he motioned me over. He reached under my towel and started to suck my cock. While this was happening, I saw this really hot guy come in. He stood along the wall and started watching the action. He was early 40's, bald, bearded, nice build, nice blondish red body hair. SO my type! I couldn't pass this one up! I pulled out of the older guys mouth and naked, walked over to the new guy. I reached for his cock through his towel. It was soft and pretty small, being the whole point of the day was big cock, I was hoping he was a grower. He seemed completely disinterested in my efforts but I persisted. Eventually his cock hardened up. I pushed aside his towel and bent over to suck. He was about 6 inches, average girth. Trimmed pubes, shaved balls. Not the big cock I have been hoping for, but it would do.

After a few minutes work, he pulled me up and we started to kiss. He pulled me into him, ran his hands over my back and ass and started to nuzzle my neck. I responded with the same which drove him wild! My tongue running along the base of his stubbly jaw where it met his neck really put him over the edge. He pulled me closer and kissed me like he was trying to climb into my mouth. It was so fucking HOT!!! The older guy by this time, had vacated the platform so he grabbed me by the hand and took me there. He climbed on, leaned back against the wall and pointed me to his cock which was jutting up straight to the ceiling. I took my place between his legs and started to suck. After some of this, he pulled me up, laid me on my back and climbed on top of me, we kissed and stroked for a while. He spun around and presented his hole to me face. I dove in. His hole was tight, sweet, smelled clean with a hint of sweat, and was a bit stubbly from his recent trim. I don't get to rim often, but do love it. He turned again, got on his knees, raised one of my legs and without any hesitation, plunged his cock into my hole to the hilt! I let out a scream of pleasure! Our actions attracted a crowd while he fucked me harder than I have been fucked in a while. He wasn't big but he certainly made up for it in power. Eventually he started to pound harder and soon was unloading his jizz inside me. He climbed off, picked up his towel, bent over and kissed me once more and was out the door without a word.

Quite spent by this point, I stayed on the platform to rest a bit. While I was laying there, a tall, dark haired thin guy walked in. I would guess early 50's, thick head of hear but otherwise hairless. I moved and sat up on the edge of the platform. He came over and stood between my legs. I reached under his towel. AT LAST!!!! He was HUGE!!! About 9 inches not yet completely hard and very fat! I leaned back slightly and pulled my legs up. He reached down towards my hole, felt the cum and lube there and motioned me to lean all the way back. I did as I was told and threw my legs in the air. He lined up, I was a bit concerned with his size even though I'd already had 2 cocks in there, but he started sliding in.......and it felt AMAZING!!! My hole opened up to let him in all the way. One thing that can not be replaced is that feeling of being so full and only a big cock can do that. He was very gentle, I'm sure other guys he'd fucked in the past have had problems with his size so he has learned to take it slow. He loved the full in and out motion, not quite pulling all the way out, but teasing the very inside of my hole with the head of his cock before pushing all the way back in. This guy knew how to fuck! While he was fucking me, another guy walked in and came over to watch. This one was mid 40's, nice build, nice sprinkling of dark chest and stomach hair, also bald. While the monster was pounding my hole, the new guy came close to get a better look. I reached over and grabbed his hard cock under his towel. It was about 6 inches and fat. He was watching the big cock sliding in and out of my hole, it must have been beautiful, I wish I could have seen it.

Big cocked guy asked the new guy if he wanted a turn. He did. Big cock pulled out, new guy took his place between my legs. Being that I had been stretched out quite a bit by this point, plus had lube and 2 loads of cum inside me, new guy slid in with no effort and started to pound. This repeated itself while the 2 guys took turns on my hole for the next half hour. New guy was pretty powerful and I had to hold on so as not to slide off the platform. Eventually the new guy started to grunt, started to fuck harder and blew his load in me. He stayed inside for just a moment then his cock was replaced once more with the big one. He pushed the new guys cum deeper inside, no longer being gentle, and soon added his juices to the mix. I was flooded. Head swimming with poppers and hole twitching from the assault. Both of them left and left me there a cummy mess. It was a good day.

This is the guy that bailed but did fuck me previously.  It's a nice cock.

Some Fun!

He showed up on BBRT one afternoon. I don't recall of having seen him there before, but the photo he put on looked hot. No face but nice cock shots, both hard and soft, and was all top. His profile said he was in an open relationship. I have no problem with that. It also said he wasn't far from my home so I hit him up. We chatted a bit, exchanged phone numbers, then exchanged photos. Only thing left was to meet for a fuck.

Well the problem was, he lives with his boyfriend and although they are open, the boyfriend asks that he not have guys over until after he is in bed and asleep. Seemed a bit odd to me, but who am I to make up their rules. This left me having a very horny evening waiting for the boyfriend to go to bed. He told me the boyfriend is usually in bed by 10. 10 came and went. I was pretty horned up and needed some cock, so while I was waiting I decided to hit up the fuckbud and see if he was around. From the directions the new guy gave me to his house, both he and the fuckbud seemed to live fairly close to each other so I was hoping to pay fuckbud a visit, get a load, and then give the new guy a freshly loaded hole with cum for lube.

Fuckbud was available, as he usually is, and was ready to fuck, also as he usually is. The roommate was home that night and for a change, seemed to be in the mood to play so things looked promising for potentially 2 loads to start off the night. Arriving at their house, I let myself in and the roommate was on the sofa. Fuckbud in the bedroom naked and waiting. Roommate said he would join after we got started so I went to the bedroom and dropped my clothes. I laid stomach down on the bed and fuckbud went to work eating out my hole.

His mouth was soon replaced with his cock, he slid in and started pounding. Partway into the fuck, I started to sweat. I don't mind a good, sweaty fuck, but I realized that it wasn't the intensity of the fuck, his room was fucking hot as hell!!! After fuckbud blew his load, drenched in sweat, I rolled over to try to cool down a bit. Unfortunately as warm as the room was, there was no cool to be had. Roommate hadn't shown up yet but I didn't think I was going to be able to stand the heat any longer even if it meant passing up another load. I got up, got dressed, passed roommate on the way out, gave my apologies, and was out the door. The cold air never felt so good.

After I got back to my car, I got the text that the new guy's boyfriend was in bed and I should come right now. Within 5 minutes, I was at his door. He answered naked. He is about my height, dark hair, average build (photo below for you to see) and quite a bit furry (which I love) and had a beard (which I also love). He lead me to the living room, I dropped my clothes, we kissed for a bit while I stroked his cock. Oh, and did I mention he is uncut! I didn't remember of seeing that in his profile but was happily surprised. I told him I had a surprise for him, that I already had a load in my hole, he was quite pleased.

Soon he lead me to the couch, sat down, and told me to get to work on his cock. He told me I had to get it hard if I wanted him to fuck me and give me his load. Much dirty talk followed as I took him in my mouth and worked to get him to his full hardness. He kept calling me a cumdump whore. Told me I was a fucking faggot and that my place was between men's legs servicing their cocks. That was all I was good for and I should do as I was told. After he was nicely hard, he pulled me off his cock, told me to turn around and bend over. I hit the poppers as I presented my ass. He spit on my hole, I felt his cock head at my pucker and then he started slowly working his way in. The cum in my hole provided all the extra lube he needed so he quickly picked up the rhythm and slid his dick in and out of me. We fucked like this for 10 to 15 minutes. I was trying to be quiet so as not to wake the boyfriend, but it felt so good, that wasn't easy.

Eventually he pulled out and told me he wanted me to taste the other guy's cum on his cock and told me to get to work. Of course, I complied and did as I was told. He told me I was a good whore. The mixture of cum and my ass juices tasted delicious! When he felt I had cleaned him well enough, again he turned me around and once more, shoved his cock in my hole. We fucked for another 10 minutes and I started to beg him to breed me. He told me I was going to get his load but he wasn't done with me yet. I had more work to do. He pulled out and once more, told me to clean off his cock. I did my duty happily.

Finally he turned me around once more and shoved his way in. Nothing gentle this time, he was ready to cum and was going to make it happen. I know the boyfriend had to have heard me at this point, the pounding felt amazing! He was pulling all the way out and plunging all the way back in. His balls were smacking mine each time he hit bottom. Eventually he grabbed me firmly by the hips, started to buck harder and then I could feel his load flooding my insides. His cum was leaking out my hole as he slowly continued to fuck me. He stayed inside me for a few minutes after. When he pulled out, being a good whore, without being told, I once more cleaned him off. Now tasting his cum mixed with that of the fuckbud and the juices of my ass. It was delicious! He told me to get dressed and leave. He was going to send me out the door without my clothes, but it had recently snowed and being that I had done a good job, I could get dressed. We are already planning my next visit. Hopefully someday the boyfriend will join.

This is the photo he sent me.