Sunday, April 6, 2014

I'm a Whore - Final

With my biker bear paying attention to the other bottom, I knew I had to do something. He had the bottom facing the wall and was rubbing his body up and down. I assumed the same position next to the other guy. Not even seconds passed before biker bear moved his attentions to me. He rubbed his hands up and down my body paying particular attention to my ass and cock. It felt so good. All of his attentions were now being focused on me, I'm sure the other bottom was wondering what had happened. Then BB pressed himself into my back and very softly talked into my ear that he was going for a smoke and when he got back, he wanted to find me downstairs on the massage table. Then he was gone.

Not really quite sure where this was going, I did as I was told and went downstairs. This floor doesn't have anything in the way of a play area, it's more of a nightclub atmosphere with the exception of the massage table. The area was deserted. I climbed on the table and waited. A few minutes later, BB returned carrying a sheet and a bottle of lube. He asked me to get off the table and put down the sheet. When I had climbed back on, he took the bottom 2 corners of the sheet,tied them to my ankles and then tied them to the table legs. I'm really not into confinement at all so if he was coming for my arms next, I was going to have to make my exit. Instead he came around to my head with an open bottle of poppers and put it under my nose instructing me to inhale deep. I did as I was told.

While this was happening, another guy, maybe mid 50's, walked into the room and took a chair to watch the show. BB then took the lube and dumped a substantial amount on my ass. He then started rubbing. Long story short, multiple fingers were inserted, lots of rubbing was done, multiple hits of poppers inhaled, but no fucking was taking place. After what had to be 20 minutes of this, BB leaned over, told me he was going for a smoke and when he got back, he wanted me in his room to finish what we started. He untied my ankles and was gone.

I was pretty sure at this point that whatever was going on, I didn't want it to continue so instead of going to find his room, I went back to the dark room. I wasn't there more than a few minutes when the voyeur who had been watching my weird massage thing came in. Obviously he was extremely turned on by what he watched (glad one of us was) and came right over to me, dropped his towel, grabbed the back of my neck and pushed me down to his cock. Now this was more like it! It didn't take much sucking before he was rock hard. At this point, I stood back up, walked over to the platform and bent over. He came up behind me and started sliding his cock inside. He was about 5 inches hard. He must have built up a lot of tension watching me get rubbed because it wasn't 2 minutes before he started unloading in my hole. He pulled out and was gone, I reached back and felt the creamy mess on my ass. Nice.

I decided to do a walk around and see who was still there and if any new tops had arrived. On my way to the video room, I saw BB standing in the doorway to his room. He motioned me in. I walked over to the doorway and asked him if he was going to fuck me or not. He said he was not, he only played safely and hadn't worked himself up to fucking yet. He told me that he would like to watch another guy fuck me but only if it was safe. I just looked at him, kind of shocked, told him I was sorry and walked out the door.

A short time later, I was back in the dark room when BB walked back in. Again he came over to me and pressed himself against me. This time, I took matters into my own hands, reached down, grabbed his towel and pulled it off. Much to my surprise, he was wearing a pair of tight black boxer briefs underneath. This just wouldn't do so while we were kissing, I pulled them down. He was semi-hard, jutting out about 5 inches so I grabbed on and started stroking. He reached behind and started feeling my hole. I still had the load from the last guy all over my hole and I was kind of surprised that he didn't say anything what with all the safety talk that had happened earlier, but he worked his way around sliding fingers in and out of my ass.

By now his cock was rock hard, I spun around and pushed my ass into his cock. While it never did make it inside me, he did come close a couple of times and by the time we parted, his cock was covered with the last guys cum.

Just about ready to call it a night, I made one more trip around the club. In the video room, I ran into the bottom I had replaced with BB. He was sitting on the platform, watching the video's and rubbing his cock which was rock hard. He looked at me and smiled, obviously no hard feelings there. I went over to him, bent over and started sucking. While I was doing this, a thin, early 50's Italian looking guy walked in and went around the corner to the glory holes. My new friend got up from the platform and told me to follow. Inside, the Italian guy was on the upper platform with his cock through the hole. My new friend went over to the hole, grabbed on to the cock there and started to suck. He then pointed to me to go back to sucking his still rock hard cock. On to my knees I went and before long, he load was squirting in my mouth. This boy had some powerful load because it hit the back of my throat with force!

The other bottom thanked me and was gone. The Italian guy was still on the top platform, rock hard 7 incher sticking through the hole. I took the other bottoms place and started sucking. This guy had a nice cock! Honestly, the nicest I had seen all night! It was the perfect size to fuck, wasn't too fat, slid easily down your throat and was smooth as silk. After a few minutes of sucking, I looked up and asked if he wanted to fuck. He said he did not. Damn! This one would have felt amazing inside. Nevertheless, I went back to sucking determined to get the load in my mouth if not my hole. After a few more minutes of work, he also started shooting. Not as powerfully as the last guy but a nice load none the less.

The place had really emptied out by this point so I thought it best to take my leave. I wasn't expecting much for a Tuesday, but it actually turned out to be a pretty hot night! You certainly can't complain about 4 loads in the ass and 3 in the mouth.

Friday, April 4, 2014

I'm a Whore - Part 3

I got off the elevator and into the entry of the club. I've gotten used to seeing most of the guys who work the desk, they don't seem to go through a lot of employees here and I can't say I've seen a new face for years. This evening was different. The guy working the desk was a bit on the stocky side, young, maybe early 20's, covered with tattoo's and wearing a wife beater. I saw a slight little smile on his face while he was checking me in but thought nothing of it. Few minutes later I was buzzed in, had my key and towel and was on my way to my room.

Freshly lubed and with a new bottle of poppers in hand, I started to make the rounds to check if there were any interesting prospects about. Obviously Tuesday evenings are not one of the most popular times to hit the baths, there were a few guys here and there, but all in all, it was pretty quiet. On my first loop through, I was on my way to the video room and saw a door open down the hall. I walked by and looked in. Laying on the bed on his back was a mid 20's Latino kid jacking his hard cock, eyes glued to the TV screen in his room. The lights were turned up all the way so you could tell he wanted people to watch. I took notice.

I continued down the hall to the video room and finding no one there, turned around. I stopped outside his door and started rubbing my cock through my towel. His eyes left the TV screen and met mine. That being the invitation I needed, I walked in and closed the door. His eyes went back to the TV as I dropped my towel and knelt down to take his cock in my mouth. He was about 6 inches hard. Fairly average in the dick and balls area although his balls were very dark where the rest of his skin was light. I could see now that he was hairy but had shaved everything fairly recently as there was very short stubble covering his chest, stomach and legs. It had been longer since he had shaved his pubes as they were short, but far from stubble. When he wasn't trimmed, this boys bush had to be huge!

I worked his cock with my mouth. Now and again he would look from the TV to me sucking and back to the TV again. Not sure what was playing on the TV but he must have been enjoying it. After a bit of sucking his cock and balls, I pulled off, looked up into his face and asked if he liked to fuck. Of course he did not. Oral only. No matter, I was here for cum no matter which hole it went into. I went back to work. It didn't take long before I felt his jizz hit the back of my mouth. It was fairly tasteless but I swallowed as a good bottom will. Picking up my towel and poppers, I was out.

I decided to go back to my room and try a door open, ass up I've used many times in the past to great success. Before I had even made it to my room, an early 40's, blond, hairless guy walked by me going the other way and we made eye contact. I continued on and I could hear him behind me turning around. By this point I had made it back to my room and was opening the door. As I was going in, he was following me. He stood in the doorway while I put my key and poppers on the table and dropped my towel. He gave me a big smile, came inside and closed my door. He threw his towel on the bed and pulled me to him where we started to kiss. He was a good kisser but that part didn't go on for long before he pulled back slightly and asked what I was looking for. As would be my usual response, I said to get fucked. He said he would only fuck with a condom. I told him then he wasn't fucking me. He smiled and his hands went to my ass and his fingers to my hole. Finding that it was lubed and ready, he have a grunt of approval, turned me around and pushed me down on the bed.

He told me to get ready and I barely had time to grab the poppers before I felt his cock head on my ass. He wasn't big by any means, certainly nothing like the guys from 2 nights prior, but it wasn't exactly tiny either. He slid right inside and started to thrust. The most distinguishing thing about this guy was that he was VERY verbal! Much dirty talk was coming out of his mouth, telling me about guys that had been at the club before I got there, how big their cocks were and how he would love to see them fucking me. He told me he would whore me out to all they guys in the place and have them load me up before he was the last to blow inside me. All his talk was fucking hot and I certainly wished it wasn't just that, talk. But it was still early, I'd already swallowed a young Latin load and now I had a cock pounding my hole. I asked him to open the door hoping that a guy or two would walk by and join in. Unfortunately, that section of the hall was deserted except for us. After a bit, he said he didn't want to cum yet, pulled out, picked up his towel and was out the door. I reached back and what did I feel on my hole but cum. My friend had stealthed me! Not sure why he would because I obviously wanted his cum, but whatever got him off, I'm good with.

With a hole full of fresh cum, I pushed the door open, climbed on the bed and head down, ass up, presented my ass to the doorway. I heard a few guys walk by and pause briefly to look in but it wasn't long before I heard another guy enter and close the door. I kept my face down on the bed and didn't look back to see who it was. His hands went to my ass and he started to slip a finger into my hole. Not knowing how many fingers he was going for, I hit the poppers to get ready. Ultimately 3 fingers were inserted and working their way around. I peaked out the corner of my eye and saw his semi-hard-on staring back at me. Once he pulled out his fingers, he climbed on the bed behind me and started rubbing his cock on my ass. Getting myself ready for my second fuck, I once more hit the poppers. Unfortunately the guy seemed to loose his boner as soon as he climbed behind me. He tried to slide it in anyway but it just wasn't happening. He went back to the fingers and I let this go on for a bit, all the while listening to guys going back and forth outside my door. I made the decision I wanted cock in my hole, not a finger and pulled away from him. He apologized and said he just needed to rest a bit and would be back to fuck me. I turned around at that point and saw that he was most likely mid 60's. I don't have an age issue but there are things you can take if you can't keep it up. If you are going to the baths, get some. He left the room. I didn't see him again.

His fingers had worked out most of the cum and lube that were already in me so I re-lubed and once more assumed the position. I could hear someone in the hallway outside of my door but every time I turned around to see why they weren't coming in, there was no one there. After a few minutes of this, I turned around just in time to see a head that had been peeking around the corner pull back out of sight. I had a shy one. A few minutes went by of me trying to catch him but I never could. Eventually I thought fuck it, I would take matters into my own hands. I hopped off the bed, went to the door and looked around the corner. There was the guy from the front desk.

He stood there smiling at me. I asked if he wanted to come in. He said "you won't tell anyone, will you?" (guess there must be a rule that you don't fuck with the customers). I said I wouldn't say a word. He smiled again, came in and closed the door. I climbed back on the bed and presented him my ass. He climbed on the bed, barely pushed down his shorts and started sliding in. Unfortunately he was a bit on the small side but as long as he could get it in and keep it hard, I was not complaining. He didn't make a sound, simply did his work and fucked my ass. In complete silence, he eventually stopped, pulled out, pulled up his shorts and was out the door. I felt back and sure enough, my hole was once more covered with cum.

Traffic outside of my room had slowed to almost nothing so I decided I needed to go find where they guys were. I went to grab the towel but then thought, fuck it, I grabbed the key and the poppers and went out the door naked. I figured anyone who had walked by my room previously had already seen my most intimate parts so what difference did it make if they saw the rest. I went to the dark room.

One of the rubber strips that cover the window into the hallway had been pulled up so I could see anyone coming down the hall from where I was standing in the dark room. I saw a guy coming down the hall. He was fully dressed. Jeans, shirt, vest, hat, boots, everything. Thinking he was going to his room, I thought I would wait until he changed. Instead, he came right into the dark room. He saw me standing there naked, stroking my cock. He gave off the appearance of being a biker bear. Couldn't see any fur below his clothes but I was sure there was some there. He did have a goat-tee on his face. I knew right then and there, I wanted this one to fuck me. He walked by me and pretended not to notice. He turned and started walking back only this time his hand shot out and he grabbed my cock. He pulled me to him, pushed my head into his neck, my naked crotch into his jeans, then pushed me against the wall. He nuzzled my neck then pulled back and looked me in the eyes, he said he was coming back for me.

Making sure he knew what I was looking for, I turned around facing the wall, leaned slightly forward pushing out my ass and put my face against the wall. He came up behind me and pulled me by my hips into his crotch. His jeans rubbing against my naked ass and hole was almost more than I could take, I almost shot a load on the floor right there. Then he pushed me back, went through the curtain and I saw him go back down the hall. I decided at this point, I was not going to move, I would wait for him to come back.

Shortly after the biker bear had disappeared around the corner, 2 other guys came down the hall towards me. Both were in the early to mid 30's. The stocky one of the 2 had well trimmed body hair and a shaved head. His buddy was hairless and a bit more on the trim side. They both walked in, walked past me, looked me up and down as I stood there stroking my dick, then went back out the door. Hmm. Not really sure what was going on with those two.

After they had rounded the corner, biker bear came back. This time he was carrying a towel but was still fully dressed. He made a direct line to the dark room and me. Back inside, it was a repeat of our first meeting although this time, his hands were all over me. Once more he pulled me back, looked into my eyes and said he was going for a smoke but would be back for me. Again with his fully clothed body rubbing against my naked one, I almost shot on the floor.

Biker bear had only been gone for a few minutes with the stocky guy of the couple started back towards me and the dark room. Once inside, he came right over and pressed himself against me. We started to kiss. His hands rubbing up and down my back, paying particular attention to my ass. My hands feeling his cock under his towel. I pulled the towel away and bent over to suck. He was hard, about 6 inches but with a huge mushroom head. I didn't have to suck for long before he asked if I had a room. I grabbed his hand and made him follow.

Once inside my room, he turned me around, bent me over and started sliding in. Once the mushroom head was inside, it was smooth sailing but the initial entry was a bit of a shock. Inside, it felt amazing! He pushed me further onto the bed and climbed up behind me fucking me doggy style. I could see that he kept turning around watching himself in the mirror. It didn't take long before he was shooting his cum inside. When he pulled out, he thanked me and was gone. Not sure where the boyfriend went but I never saw either of them again the rest of the night.

Being a bit worried that I had missed my biker bear while this last guy was fucking me, I went back to the dark room. There was my biker guy, wearing only a towel and biker boots, with another guy facing the wall and pressed against it. BB was rubbing his body up and down. I had seen this guy earlier, early 40's, bit stocky, furry and ginger. I had cruised him a bit and got no reaction so took him for another bottom. Now here he was with the target I had already established. I had to do something about this.

To be continued...........

Thursday, April 3, 2014

I'm a Whore - Part 2

I didn't have high expectations pulling into the parking lot of the baths. It was after 2:00 am on Sunday night, how many guys could be there. However needing at least one more cock in my hole before the night was over, I took my chances. After signing in, I was buzzed through the door and there were 3 other guys in their towels lurking around the entrance. I thought this a good sign (I only came to realize later that these were pretty much the only 3 guys in the place). One of the guys and I made eye contact. He would be mid to late 40's, very thin and tall. Dark hair, glasses and kind of nerdy looking. Just the kind that may well sport a prize under that towel.

My eyes never left his as I took my key and my towel and walked to my room. I turned once to see that he was following me. I got to my room, got out of my clothes in record time, lubed the hole (not that it really needed it) and grabbed the towel and poppers. When I opened my door, he was nowhere to be seen. Damn! I thought I saw a bit of movement in the dark room at the end of the hall so made my way there.

The movement was the nerdy guy. He was rubbing his crotch under his towel. We once more made eye contact but I walked right past him and through the curtain to the sling room. Before I had the chance to climb in, he had followed me there. Once I was settled, he came to the side of the sling near my head and dropped his towel. His towel wasn't the only thing that dropped, my jaw hit the floor a short time later. This guy was HUGE!!!! YEA FOR ME!!!! He was at least 6 inches soft and very, very fat. I could only imagine what I was in for when he chubbed up. I leaned my head over the side of the sling and he lifted his cock and put it at my lips. Even soft I had a hard time getting it all in my mouth. I worked my magic on him for a bit and all the while, he continued to get harder and grow. By the time I pulled off, my mouth was just barely covering the head. He was at least 10 inches long and 7 inches around. I was so glad I had already been fucked by a big cock because if I hadn't, this one may have been a problem.

He left my mouth and went between my legs. He ran a finger over my hole to feel that it was lubed and ready and then lined the head of his cock up. He started to work his way in as I hit the poppers hard. Damn that HURT!!! But Damn, it felt so GOOD!!! He was not the least bit gentle after he was all the way in. He started fucking me hard and fast. In between the popper hits, I was moaning up a storm. I could see at this point that another guy had come into the dark room, most likely drawn by my moans of pleasure, the rattling of chains and the slapping of his legs against my ass.

This new guy came through the curtain into the sling room and came to stand near my head. I reached over and felt his cock through his towel. Unfortunately this was a small and very soft one. If he was able to get it up, there was no way in the world I was feeling anything if he tried to fuck me after this monster. It would have been like sticking a pencil into a drain pipe. As I was paying him no attention, he went to stand by my fucker. He watched that big fat cock slide in and out of my hole. I so wish I had my phone with me so he could film it, I would have loved to see it. My fucker was enjoying giving the show, turning himself slightly to give the new guy a better view. But even with this, the power fuck continued.

I don't know how long this went on. My head was spinning from the poppers and my hole was in complete pleasure being caused by what was inside it. Eventually he burst his load inside me and slowly pulled his way out. There was no way I could clench to keep anything in this time. It leaked out into a puddle on the floor. My 2 friends left me in the sling to catch my breath. I laid there a while, hoping a bit that someone else was nearby to take a turn but by this time it was after 3 and the place was virtually deserted. Getting home a bit later, I went to bed a very happy cum whore with a smile on my face and a very cummy hole.

Two days later, I was getting ready to leave work when I get hit up by a guy from A4A. He was staying in a hotel in the area and wanted to know if I wanted to come over for some fun. Conversation went like this:

K - You Looking?

Me - For later, yes.

K - Marriott Courtyard, room 606....come over when you can

Me - You do raw?

K - Fuck yeah, only way to fuck.

Me - May be like 7 or 7:30, that cool?

K - Yes.

K - Unlock for me....prepare to get nasty.

Me - Unlocked.

K - Awesome!!

I got myself ready when I arrived home and by a little after 7, I was pulling up to his hotel. Up the elevators to the 6th floor. At room 606, I knocked. I knocked again. I could hear the TV on inside and see movement through the peep hole. I knocked a third time. I pulled out my phone and sent him a message:

Me - You there?

Nothing. Knocking one more time, again movement through the peep hole. That's it, I was done. I may or may not have sent him a very nasty message as I was riding in the elevator down. Although if you guessed I did, you would be right. He did message me back later that evening, apologizing, saying he was at the gym when I was there (sure he was). In any case, I was clean and ready, horny as hell, and already close to the bathhouse. Rarely do I go there more than a couple times in a month, never 2 times in 3 days, but before I knew it, I was pulling into the parking lot. It was a Tuesday evening around 7:30, could go either way.

To be continued........

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I'm a Whore - Part 1

I don't mean that in a bad way, I am proud of who I am. I love dick, I love getting fucked and I love taking loads. And I'm good at it. A simple statement of fact.

Recently I had to go out of town for a week. Normally this would make me very happy as it gives me the chance to sample some new cock in a new city. This time however, I was to be sharing a room. My roommate was gay also, but happily partnered so I didn't believe he would enjoy having a string of guys coming and going (emphasis on the cumming) from our room. I made it through most of the week jacking in the shower but that simply wasn't cutting it by weeks end.

By the end of the week, I started searching A4A and eventually found a guy, in the same hotel as me, actually just right down the hall, also looking. Not many e-mails were exchanged before I came up with some lame excuse to the roommate and made my way down the hall. He was late 20's, Latin, bit on the chunky side but nicely furry. We quickly stripped down and started kissing. I rubbed my hands through his chest fur and worked my way to his already hard cock. It was about 6 inches and standing straight up. His pubes were untrimmed. I bent over and started to suck.

He responded accordingly with an approving moan. He seemed to be shaking while I was blowing him so I wondered if he was actually a "straight" guy who finally gave in to his urges. No matter to me, it was nice to be getting some cock after what seemed a very long time. I pushed him back on the bed and took my place once more between his legs where I continued to blow him. He didn't seem to want to reciprocate but I wasn't really looking for that anyway. Eventually I released his cock and moved my way back to his mouth. We kissed for a bit more then I looked him straight in the eyes and asked him to fuck me. And he said no. I knew I was taking my chances with this one so I didn't want to push him too hard, I did want his load after all no matter where he was going to put it. I asked if he was sure and he responded that he was. DAMN!!!!!

Back to the blow job. Another 5 to 10 minutes or so and he started to moan louder and tried pulling himself out of my mouth. This time I wasn't giving up. I held firm onto his cock and increased the suction. Finally he started shooting a considerable load against the back of my throat. I finally let him pull out of my mouth just as the last of cum was dribbling from his still rock hard cock. I swallowed everything in my mouth then I bent over to take the last drop and ran my tongue around his cock head. He shuddered from the sensitivity. His load was sweet. He sent me a text the next morning wanting to do it again. Unfortunately work obligations kept me from a repeat. It would have been fun to see if I could have made him fuck me the next time, seems he wouldn't take much persuasion.

While I was away, I kept up a texting conversation with "Y" from my previous post. Nice big cocked black guy. We chatted about what we were going to do when I got back and how he was going to fuck me once I did. After each of our sessions, I was rock hard and had to excuse myself to the bathroom to take care of business. With this going on for a week, I knew the moment the plane landed in my home city, I needed to be on my way to this guys house.

Unfortunately the plane landed late. When I finally got home around 12:30 AM, I logged onto BBRT after sending him a text and there he was, advertising for a bottom to come over. I sent him another text to see how the search was going. He responded not too well. My response was "well, lucky for me". After a bit of cleaning out, I was on my way to his house. He told me his roommate would be home so I would have to be quiet. I do tend to be a bit loud when I'm getting fucked but I can hold my tongue if it meant I would get a big, beautiful, black cock up my hole.

He met me at the door, no small talk, just walk to the bedroom. Once there, he dropped his pants and laid back on the bed. His cock was soft laying on his stomach. After stripping down, I crawled on the bed and took him in my mouth. Nice and slow, just like he likes it. It wasn't long before he was at his full 8 inches, rock hard and fat. Once again, he said it was time to fuck.

I got up, lubed the hole, grabbed the poppers and crawled on the edge of the bed and presented him my hole. I hit the poppers hard, good chance this would hurt since I hadn't been fucked in a couple of weeks and this was a big boy to get me back in the swing. He slowly started sliding in, giving me plenty of time to get used to his size. After a few more popper hits, he was in to the base. Then the fucking began. He always starts slowly at first, gliding in and out his full length, not quite pulling all the way out before slowly sliding back until his pubes were brushing my ass. Then he picks up the pace and the real pounding starts. I know when he asks for the poppers that he is close and all too soon, he asked me to pass the bottle. He kneels on the side of the bed with his cock still buried in my hole and takes a hit. This is where I work his cock with my ass, milking it for all it's worth.

Once he hands the bottle back, he starts once more hard fucking my ass, the front of his legs slapping my ass each time they connect. Then with barely a sound, he starts loading my hole. It was quite the load, I could feel it swelling inside around his cock. Then he stopped. He didn't pull out, but he did stop thrusting. Once more, my ass started milking his cock, getting every drop of cum he had and making sure it was inside me. When he finally did pull out, it was on the count of three and once he slid out, I clenched my hole closed to make sure I could keep his juices inside.

After a quiet goodbye, I was in my car. It was late, around 2:00 am. And even after an amazing fuck, I was still horny. I didn't think there were many options at this time of the night, I just knew I needed more cock. When the time came, I took the exit for the bathhouse.

To be continued.....