Monday, October 20, 2014

Wrapping up the Weekend at the Baths

Once more, I find myself in a room, I'm naked, my ass is up facing the door, my hole is lubed, the lights are down and the door is open.  Again I'm waiting for anonymous cock to come in and fuck me at the baths.

It's late afternoon and things are pretty quiet.  Eventually I hear someone come in.  I look back and see this painfully thin guy, covered with tats, shaved head, rubbing the bulge in his towel.  I reach back and reach under the towel.  The cock is soft, of average size but there is a huge PA at the end pulling it down.  I pull him towards me and pull off his towel.  I start to suck.  The big PA is making this a bit difficult.  It keeps hitting into my teeth no matter how hard I try not to.  And to make matters worse, he isn't getting a bit harder.

I decide to call this one done, pull back and put my face down in the pillow.  Out of the corner of my eye I can see him fidgeting with the cock ring.  I'm assuming he is trying to make it tighter.  Then he climbs on the bed behind me.  I can't imagine that he got any harder so I wasn't sure what he was going to do but then I felt the cold metal of the PA against my hole.  Then he started pushing it in.  The weight of the PA pulled his soft cock in behind it and then he attempted to fuck me.  Wasn't much of a fuck.  Not soon enough, he pulled out, picked up his towel and was gone.

My face still down, I heard two guys at the door.  Then they walked away.  Just as I turned, one of them came back, walked in and closed the door.  He commented on how nice my ass looked sticking up like that and asked if I wanted it fucked.  Stupid question.  I reached over and pulled off his towel. He was maybe early 50's, decent body, very hairy.  I grabbed his cock and started to suck.  He hardened up quickly to about 7 very firm inches.  Then he climbed on the bed in front of me and asked me to lick his balls as he stroked his hard rod.  Of course, I obliged.  His balls were furry and delicious.  Back to sucking, he told me to take it easy or he was going to blow.  Taking this as the sign I needed, I asked him to fuck me then.  He told me to get on my back.  He pulled my legs in the air and in one quick thrust, was inside me to the base of his fur covered cock.  It was a really nice fuck.  He would bend down and kiss me as his cock slid in and out of my hole.  He alternated with slow and tender to hard and rough.  Too soon he said he couldn't hold back any longer and started to unload inside me.  He stayed inside for a moment after cumming then pulled out and stood at the side of the bed.  I cleaned him off as best I could.  It was cummy delicious!

He walked out and closed the door behind him, I reached down and felt my freshly cummy hole. This is what I needed!  I heard him talking to someone outside my door so got up and opened it.  As soon as I did, the guy he was talking to pushed his way in, pushed me back on the bed, dropped his towel and told me to suck.  He was a bit younger than his friend but equally furry.  His cock once hard was only slightly smaller.  As I was sucking him, he was sliding his finger in and out of my cummy hole.  I'm sure his friend told him he had just dropped a fresh load there.  I must have been sucking him too well however because before long, he grabbed the back of my head and started unloading down my throat.  It was a nice, big, sweet load.  Like his friend, he then picked up his towel and was gone.

Once more I opened the door, positioned myself ass up and waited.  Not a few minutes later, I felt a finger sliding in my hole.  This guy was so quiet, I hadn't heard him come in.  Next I heard the door close and then he climbed on the bed behind me.  I heard him snort some poppers, he reached over for the lube and greased himself up, then started sliding in.  I didn't see it, but would guess his cock at about 5 inches but nicely chunky.  He would fuck me for a bit, pull out and spread my hole apart and admire his work I guess, before forcefully plowing himself back in.  He fucked me like this for a while, then climbed off the bed and was gone.  I reached back and felt the fresh cum.  I hadn't even seen who he was or what he looked like but he shot his DNA inside my willing hole.  So fucking hot!!!

With the door still open, I once more put my face down and waited.  Not long after I heard someone else come in the room.  I looked to the side to see a early 40's, completely hairless Latin guy.  He was standing at the side of the bed just looking at me.  Not touching himself or me, just taking it all in.  I reached over and under his towel.  He was completely soft and his cock was cold.  The shaft was fairly thin but the head was about double the size.  It would be interesting to see how this one grew.  I bent over and started to suck.  Much to my pleasure, he firmed up very nicely.  Came in around 8 inches, the shaft filled out to a bit larger than average but the head was double the size and huge!  I couldn't wait for this one!

After sucking for a bit, I asked if he was going to fuck me.  He said he just got there and didn't want to fuck yet but he would be back.  Then out the door he went.  I got up to get a drink of water just down the hall from my room and I hadn't made it back yet before he was already following me.  Into the room, he came in behind me, closed the door, dropped the towel and laid on the bed.  I climbed on top of him and started to suck to make sure he was completely hard again.  It didn't take long.  Then I climbed up, straddled his hips, lined up his cock then started to impale myself on it.  The head hurt like hell until it made it past the opening, then it was smooth sailing.  I bounced up and down on his rod for a good 15 minutes before I asked him to get off the bed and fuck me from behind.  I had no sooner bent over the side of the bed when that monster head once more forced it's way inside me.  Another 10 minutes of fucking this way when I pulled off, laid on my back and pulled up my legs.  Once again, the monster head pushed it's way inside.  He was fucking me so hard, my head was banging into the wall and I was working up quite the sweat.  Finally I told him that I just needed a couple of minutes.  He pulled out, picked up his towel and while walking out the door, said he would be back.

Like a repeat of earlier in the evening, just as he went out, another guy was waiting at the door.  I know he could hear what was happening inside and I could see his cock was hard and pressing against his towel.  He was early 30's, muscular and completely shaved.  His chest was covered with short stubble as was his face.  I sat on the side of the bed and in he came.  I reached for his cock as he dropped his towel.  Only about 5 inches but it was rock hard.  I sucked it for less then 30 seconds when I got up, turned around and bent over the bed.  With nothing more than spit (and the loads that were inside me by that point) he slammed right in.  This boy must have built up some tension because less than 30 seconds later, he was blowing his load inside me.

As he left, my Latin friend came back.  I told him to get in here and fuck me.  He was still hard.  He asked me where I wanted him to cum, I told him he knew where I wanted it.  He said he wanted to hear me say it.  I told him I wanted him to cum inside me.  He pushed me back on the bed and slid right into my well lubricated and well fucked hole.  Within minutes, he was also dropping a considerable load adding to what was already inside.

I was dripping cum and happy as a cum whore can be.  Quite the successful evening!