Monday, September 29, 2014

Quick Fuck

My ad was on line looking for black cock.  I'd be happy to be fucked by any cock out there, no questions asked, just get it hard, but when looking for it, I do prefer a big black one.

He responded soon after the ad went live.  Said he couldn't travel but could host and seemed to be not too far from me.  Turns out, he was less than 5 minutes away.  A very few emails were exchanged and I was out the door.  This is the cock pic he sent me:

I was a little concerned as it didn't appear to be overly large but I was hopeful.

His house was a bit run down, he was sitting on the front porch and although I can't really be sure, seemed to be taking pictures of me with his cell phone as I was walking up the sidewalk.  Greetings exchanged and I was escorted inside.

The house was a mess but I wasn't there for tea, I hoped to have my face buried in a pillow soon so wouldn't be too observant of my surroundings.  In the back bedroom, he sat on the edge of the bed and said he wasn't going to take off all his clothes but he would take off his boots.  Once they were off, the shirt came off next.  He would most likely be mid 50's, quite trim and really quite well put together.  Sprinkling of hair on his chest.  He climbed back on the bed and began to unbuckle his pants.  He was having a bit of a problem getting them down and then just said "fuck it" and the pants and underwear came off also.  He was now lying back completely naked on the bed, his black skin glistening in the afternoon sun streaming through the window.

I dropped my shorts, took off my shirt then started to suck on his soft cock.  Soft it was between 3 and 4 inches, pretty average in girth.  As I was sucking and licking and playing with his balls, he quickly started to chub up.  My worries for for naught.  He maxed out at close to 9 inches and nicely fat.  I couldn't wait for this one to fuck me!

When he was ready, he got up to move behind me.  I squirted a bit of lube and rubbed it on my hole and on his hard cock then took a deep hit of poppers.  He came from behind and started working his way in.  He was very gentle, it had been a couple of weeks since a cock had been in my hole so things needed to adjust a bit and he took his time making sure everything went well.  It did.  It was an AMAZING fuck!!!   He would pull almost all the way out, tease the opening, and then shove back in until his pubes were rubbing on my ass.  This was heaven!  All too soon however he said he was going to cum inside me and then things got much more slippery.  Good thing was he didn't stop, he continued to fuck his cum into me making sure it was in nice and deep.

After he pulled out and went to the bathroom to clean up, I saw his phone sitting on the bed.  I didn't remember it being there before so wonder if he filmed his cock going in and out of my ass.  If he did, I hope I can see it.

He said he sits on his front porch a lot and if I drive by and see him there to stop in for a repeat.  Being that he is this close, this is sure to happen.

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  1. Like your blog, but the grey background with the black font makes it almost impossible to read, but this old computer probably isn't all that good. But sure be nice if you lightened up the background.