Saturday, May 3, 2014

Open Door Cum Dump

It's usually better if something like this is planned in advance. Ads are put up days ahead getting the word out to as many tops as possible ensuring a steady flow of cum. I of course hadn't done any pre-planning but thought with the little I did, it didn't turn out too badly.

It was early on a weekend afternoon. I didn't have the full day to devote to taking on anon tops but did have a few hours to kill so decided to give it a try. Posted an ad on craigslist looking for guys to cum over and fuck a cum dump. It didn't take long before responses started coming in. After weeding through the crazy and scary, I settled on one that wasn't too far away, said he had a 7 inch cock and really wanted to dump a load. Address was sent. Photo is what he sent me:

Within 15 minutes, he was at my door. I greeted him at the door naked. He was a very nice looking black man, about 6 foot 2, trim, very nice smile. He started dropping his clothes. Before long, his cock was out and I was sucking to get him ready. He got hard fairly quickly and was actually a bit larger than his promised 7 inches. The one thing about his cock is that it was rock hard! Most guys when they get hard are still a bit spongy but not this one. It was like a hard stick of marble. He moved over and sat on the sofa. His hard cock sticking straight up between his legs. I knelt down. He asked if I was ready to fuck, I told him I wanted to suck on it a bit more.

I hit the poppers a few times while I was sucking getting myself ready for his marble monster. Finally I needed it inside me so turned around and started sliding myself down until he was all the way inside. Then I started working him up and down. I was thinking that maybe I should have shut the windows as I was moaning pretty loudly and some of the neighbors were outside and about. But too late for that, I'm sure they knew well what was going on next door. When I finally stood up again, I immediately fell to my knees, bent over and presented him my hole again. He came in from behind and once more entered me. My moaning started up again combined with the slapping of his legs against my ass. He really knew how to fuck. 15 or 20 minutes later, he started to grunt slightly, pound harder, and soon was filling my raw hole with his baby batter. He stayed inside and continued to fuck me for a few more minutes making sure his load was pushed in deep. Then he pulled out, dressed and was gone.

I changed my ad slightly to say my hole was now cum filled and I was looking for more. Within minutes, I was hit up by a Latin guy saying he was close and wanted to stop by. Address was given, within 10 minutes his car pulled up. When he came in, I noticed that he was a bit dirty looking. Almost bordering on a homeless appearance, but I had seen him pull up in a nice car so figured for some reason, that was the look he was going for. No stripping down for him, he simply unzipped and pulled out his cock. I got once more on my knees and started to suck. He didn't smell dirty (thank goodness for that) and chubbed up to about 6 inches with an average girth.

When he was good and hard, I stood up, put some lube on him, and bent over the sofa again. He came in from behind and with one quick thrust, he was inside with his jeans against my ass. This one fucked me hard from the start. He was a non-stop jackhammer pounding my ass without letting up and without a break. After about 15 minutes, he started to slow down and only then did I notice that it was much slicker inside my hole than it had been just moments before. Without a sound, without any indication, he had loaded me. He pulled out, refused the towel I offered, just pushed his cum slicked cock back in his jeans and was gone.

The final guy of the day I had some reservations about. Something about him was familiar and it took me a while to figure out that he and I had hooked up once before. He was an OK fuck but the thing I remembered most about him was that I couldn't get him to leave afterwards. Not wanting to pass up at least one more fuck, I told him to come over but told him I only had 1/2 hour as friends were expecting me shortly thereafter. He agreed and was on his way.

He had said that he didn't remember being at my place before but when I greeted him naked at the door, he said he remembered. He came in and quickly dropped his clothes and exposed his cock. He was slightly hard, mostly I'm sure due to the cock ring he was wearing, but I did my duty and dropped to my knees one final time. He did firm up well then turned around and asked me to eat out his hole. He did have a very nice ass, covered with blond fur, but he had just come from work so I was wondering how clean he would be. I do like rimming but if there is a bit of funk, it's not something I can do. He was clean. He and I both enjoyed the work I did. He doesn't bottom so only my tongue was going in his hole.

After this he pulled me up, said time was wasting (I noticed on the clock we only had 10 minutes left until the time I told him I had to go) lubed himself up and told me to get on the sofa on my back with my legs in the air. He is about 5 inches hard, a bit on the slim side. He slid right in and started to fuck. Within minutes, a load was being delivered. Maybe the key with this one is to give him a time limit. In any case, he got dressed, gave me a kiss and was out the door.

Three loads, not bad for a last minute decision.

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  1. Great. Wish I were there. Three in a week or month would be nice! You did good. Lol.