Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Bathhouse Discount Night

The baths offer a discount if you go on Monday evenings.  Weekdays don't usually prove to be the best days to be there, but maybe some guys who didn't get exactly what they were looking for over the weekend may be more inclined to get their rocks off if it costs a little less.

I was in my room on the third floor.  My hole was lubed and the door was open.  My ass offered up to anyone who walked by.  Just come in and take it, no questions asked.  I could hear my next door neighbor, he had a visitor in his room and one of them was getting a blow job.  I could only hear the one on the receiving end, he seemed to be enjoying it quite a bit.  The one giving was totally silent.  I laid there waiting and listening to what was going on next door, wishing that whomever was getting blown would then decide they wanted to finish themselves off with an actual fuck and make their way to my room.

Not long after everything went silent in the next room, I heard someone come in and close the door.  I turned slightly to see a very tall thin guy, his skin was dark but he wasn't black, maybe Latin or just deeply tanned.  He dropped his towel and then said "I know what you are looking for".  He climbed on the bed behind me and pulled my hips up until I was on my knees.  Then he started slapping his thick cock on my ass.  I took a deep hit of poppers as he started to work his cock down my crack until it got to my hole.  Then he started working himself in.  I never got to see his cock when he dropped his towel so I didn't know what to expect when he started fucking me but this turned out to be a big boy.  

He liked a bit of dirty talk and liked to hear me enjoying being fucked.  And it wasn't an act, I certainly was enjoying him fucking me.  I was hoping my neighbor was listening to me getting fucked like I listened to him. When he started, it was mostly deep inside me with a little in and out movement, then he built himself up until he was long dicking me, getting to the point where his cock was just at the edge of coming out of my hole, then plowing all the way back in to the hilt.  I LOVE being fucked like this!  All too soon, my top said "Damn, you are going to make me cum" and soon after he was shooting his jizz deep inside my hole.  He stayed inside a bit after he had shot, and slid himself in and out a bit, then he pulled out, picked up his towel and was gone.  

A short time later, I heard another guy come in.  This one left the door open and rubbed his hand, starting at my ankle, and worked it's way up to my ass, then up my back to my neck.  I turned to look and saw his cock sticking out of the opening of his towel.  He was late 40's, nice build, trimmed furry body, nice salt and pepper scruff on his face.  As his hand made it's way back to my ass, I moved to the side of the bed and started sucking his cock.  Fully hard, it was about 6 1/2 inches and nicely chunky.  I never got to suck him more than a few seconds and then he would pull me off.  He said that he just got there and was really close to cumming, said my mouth felt so good but he didn't want to cum yet.  After a few more vain attempts to suck him off, he finally pushed his cock back until his towel and said that he would be back later.

As I laid there waiting, I heard someone in my doorway.  I turned to look and saw that it was the cleaning guy who works the floors at the baths.  He cleans the rooms when guys check out, empties the trash, mops the floors, whatever needs to be done I guess.  I had seen him on a few previous visits, wavy dark hair, early 30's, very cute but even though I had fooled around with the workers a couple of times previously, I don't make an effort to try to get them.  But here he was, standing in my door, looking at my ass.  He was talking out loud to himself, "I can get in, blow, and be out before anyone would know".   Then to me he said, "I'll be back".  

When he did come back, it was to tell me that as much as he wanted to fuck me, he couldn't, he wasn't supposed to play with the customers and  if he got caught, he would be fired.  I told him not to worry about it, some other time when he was off.  Shortly after he left, I heard another guy come into my room.  His hand went to my ass and fingered my hole.  Then he dropped his towel and came to the front of the bed, climbed on and told me to suck.  He was early 50's but in really good shape.  Solid muscle legs, flat stomach, nice chest, gray/blond hair.  I started to work on his cock.  He was about 5 inches, average girth.  He told me that after I got him ready, he was going to fuck my hole.  I started working him hard, deep dicking him frequently which let out a moan of pleasure each time I hit his pubes.  All the while I was doing this, I could feel cum dripping out of my hole.  Unfortunately I was doing too good a job, he told me he was close to cumming, I pulled off to let the feeling back off but it was too late, the first rope of cum shot out of his cock.  I quickly put my mouth back on the head and stroked as the rest of his load emptied into my mouth.  When he had finished, I swallowed, then climbed up to kiss him so he could taste his load on my lips.

After he left, I was going to get a quick drink of water, went to grab the towel then thought "fuck it', picked up my keys and went naked to the water fountain.  As I was walking down the hall, a thick furry guy with a shaved head was coming the other way.  When I passed him, I turned and saw him do the same.  After a quick drink, I went back to my room, opened the door, and dropped face down on the bed.  Within seconds, he was behind me.  When he came in, he left the door open "LOVE THAT", then dropped his towel, came to the front of the bed and climbed on.  It was a repeat of the previous guy although this guys cock, while about the same in length, was quite a bit fatter.  I went to work, hoping that this one would hold out to fuck me.

He liked me to work his cock just with my mouth, completely hands free and I obliged whenever I could.  I could hear guys coming and going outside the door as I was sucking him.  Some would pause for a while to watch.  I put my ass up in case anyone wanted to spit-roast me, but unfortunately no takers.  After a long time of sucking (my jaw was actually getting sore because it had to stretch so much to take his girth) he finally pushed me back, climbed on the bed and came at me from behind.  He thrust right in and I saw stars.  I had hit the poppers hard before he entered me but his cock was just so damned fat, it still hurt like hell.  But being the good bottom that I am, I knew the pain would soon pass to be quickly replaced by the amazing pleasure of taking a fat cock and having your hole know it's being fucked.  

There was no change of position, just him pounding me from behind.  I have no idea if any guys were watching since all my focus was on his cock in my ass.  He fucked me hard for the better part of 20 minutes then completely silently, I could feel cum filling my insides.  Yes!  

Traffic had slowed down a bit by this point so before leaving for the night, I took a walk around to see if there was anyone still there worth hanging around for.  Off of the video room there is a platform with glory holes.  I don't hang here often as it is mostly about sucking here and very little about fucking.  But past the curtain, I saw the guy that came to my room after the first guy fucked me.  There was a guy on his knees sucking him and another guy standing next to him and they were kissing while playing with each others nipples.  The guy on the floor was working his way back and forth between the 2 cocks.  I walked over to join them.

My cock was hard watching what was going on so I joined the line.  I started kissing the guy in the middle as the guy on the floor made his was to my cock also.  As he was sucking me, my buddy ran his hand down my back until it got to my ass then made a direct line to my hole and slid a finger in.  I thought I was going to blow a load in my suckers mouth right then and there but hoping for more, I made myself pull back.  

On my next turn being sucked, the sucker ran his hand up the inside of my legs until it too reached my hole and he slide a finger in.  Once more, I had to pull myself back.  My sucker then pulled off my cock and asked my buddy if he would fuck me while the guy on the floor sucked me, he told him my hole was wet and ready.  My buddy said he needed some lube, I said there was already some in there.  My buddy said he would bet that wasn't the only thing that was in there.  The sucker pulled me forward and backed me up against my buddy's cock, then continued to suck.  Unfortunately my buddy just couldn't make it in.  I wish I had a better ending to finish off the evening, but sometimes they just don't work out.  Shortly thereafter, we parted and went our separate ways.     

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