Saturday, March 7, 2015

Getting It Good.

He responded to my ad looking for a raw black cock.  Mid 40's, a little shorter than me, solid but not heavy by any means.  He told me 7 inches.  I asked for a pic, he said he didn't have one where he was but to text him and he would send.  He sent me this:

He apologized for it being soft but promised that it was much bigger when it's hard.  I sent the address.  While I was waiting, he was texting me (not one for safe driving obviously).  He asked if I had hose I could wear.  Frankly I don't understand the appeal on this, I like being with a man, not a woman, but to each their own.  I told him I did not.  He asked if I could be blindfolded.  I told him I could but I wasn't leaving the door open today so I had to answer when he arrived but I could put it on after if he liked.  He didn't ask again.

When he arrived, I met him at the door and escorted him to the bedroom.  He seemed a little nervous but not overly so.  I quickly stripped down and crawled on the bed.  He was wearing a lot of time consuming clothing, jacket, sweater, button up shirt with french cuffs...I asked if he came from work, said he was just out doing some errands.  Before long he was naked and on the bed beside me.  He put his hands on the back of my head and guided me to his soft cock.  I started to work.

Soft it was about 4 inches and average girth.   Hard, he came in at more than the 7 inches promised and quite fat.  He liked me sucking nice and slowly.  I was really just getting into it when he pushed me off and asked where the lube was.  I pointed to the dresser and grabbed my poppers, I was going to need some help with this one.

I bent over presenting my ass to him.  He applied some lube to my hole and greased himself up as well.  The head of his cock brushed my ass hole and I started to quiver.  Then he started pushing in.  It took a bit of time for me to take all of him, but before long he was pounding away.  While he was fucking me, he told me his woman was out today so he decided he needed some ass and this was just what he was looking for.  He had never mentioned he was married, not that I care, but there is something even hotter about a "straight" guy fucking me bareback.  I wanted to ask which felt better, my warm wet hole or his wife's pussy.  I didn't.

He pushed me down flat on the bed with his hand pressing down in the middle of my back.  Then he lead an all out assault on my hole.  I was glad the upstairs neighbor wasn't home because I was LOUD!  That cock stretched my ass more than it has been stretched in a while!  It felt so fucking good!  When he pulled out, his fingers went right in where his cock had just been.  Normally I'm not all that big a fan of fingering but this guy knew how to do it.  His finger went right for my prostate and my moans became louder.

I could hear him jacking himself while he fingered my prostate then unfortunately I felt him start to shoot all over my back.  We had never talked about him cumming inside me but I just thought if you were fucking bare, it was understood.  Guess next time I need to be more clear.

He chatted while getting dressed (it took just about as long to get the clothes on as it took to get them off).  Nice guy, said he wanted to come back and now that he had my number, he would be hitting me up again.  Let's hope so.

The day was only partly over and even though I had been fucked very well, I didn't have any cum in me so I went about trying to find some.  All my usual fucks were either at work or couldn't make it then.  Finally I heard from a guy who had fucked me a few posts past.  The vers/bottom guy who wanted me blindfolded and with the door open.  He fucked me well then and gave me a nice load so I invited him over.

He was almost finished with work and said he would come right after.  He asked if I could be blindfolded again.  I told him I wasn't planning on it but if he really wanted it, I could.  He and I had been texting back and forth since his last visit so I thought we had moved past the "me seeing your face" thing but if that's what got him off, so be it.

I told him to text me when he was at my house so I could get ready.  Actually I was ready, I just wanted to get a look at him while he was getting out of his car.  It didn't really matter to me what he looked like.  He had a nice cock and he fucked well, that was enough.  But still I was curious.

The text arrived.  I went to the front window and peeked through the blinds. DAMN!!!  I don't know why this guy was hiding it but he was FUCKING HOT!!!!  Maybe 6 foot 4, thin, blond, wearing scrubs (a Dr. maybe?) would guess early to mid 30's.  This guy was a prize and here he was wanting anon fucks where no one see's his face.  But again, whatever gets you going.

I rushed to the bedroom and climbed on the bed.  I had just put the blindfold on when I heard him come in the room.  No talking. I just heard clothes coming off.  He knew I had already been fucked.  I started to hit the poppers.  He climbed on the bed and came up between my legs.  His cock was pressing against my hole while I heard him hit the poppers then it started sliding in.

If I had thought that the previous guy gave me a good fucking, until this guy started, I don't think I knew what a fucking was!  The previous time he fucked me it was good.  This time it was fucking AMAZING!!!  Everything he did with his cock was magic.  He always hit the right spot, he knew when I was getting a bit sensitive and pulled out for a few seconds, and he worked my hole like it hasn't been worked before.  I can't say anything more about him than I love this man fucking me!!!

When he finally pushed me down flat on the bed and laid flat on top of me with his arms around my chest, he started to moan (the only sound he had made to this point) and I could feel his cum shooting inside me.  He was dropping a huge load.  When he pulled out, he asked if he could wash his hands, that was the only time I heard him speak.

Once he was dressed and out the door, I pulled off the blindfold.  I didn't know how much time had gone by so I looked at the clock, this man had been fucking me for almost an hour!  I sent him a thank you text once he was gone.  He apologized that he didn't go longer, he said he wanted to.  He said he can go for 2 hours.  I told him that definitely next time I want the full 2 hours.  I can't wait!!!!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

We Now Continue with our Regularly Scheduled Program

Well it appears that after all the hubbub of the past week about Google blocking blogs that feature adult photos and/or video's, all seems to have returned to normal with their reversal of that decision.  I for one was glad to hear this.  I hadn't started deleting photos from my blog and was really not anxious to do so.  I'm glad to report that, at least for now, my blog is staying intact.  Therefore, I am going to continue to do what I do best, get fucked, take loads and tell you all about it.

It was a snowy weekend so I didn't really have high hopes when I posted a few ads looking for guys to come over and anon fuck me.  I had quite a few guys respond but most all said that with the weather the way it was, they weren't going to take the chance.  Fortunately I did get a response from  a black/latino guy who only lived a few blocks away, easily walking distance, and was interested in unloading.  Pic he sent me:

Not the greatest cock shot, his photo skills left a bit to be desired, but at this point, beggars can't be choosers.  Sent him address and told him to get moving.  Door would be open and I would be ass up and ready.

A short time later he arrived.  I heard the door open and looked up to see a guy covered with snow.  He started to drop his clothes as I hit the poppers.  When he dropped his pants, his cock popped out already hard.  Gotta love that!  When he was naked, I lubed up his cock and then my hole and put my ass in the air for him to fuck.  And fuck he did!  He slammed right into my hole to the hilt.  Between the shock and the fact that it had been a couple weeks since I had been fucked, this hurt like HELL!  But being the good bottom that I am, I sucked it up and overlooking the pain, let my hole be his.

The fuck after that was really just ordinary.  He came in less than 5 minutes.  Obviously this boy was ready to blow from the time he walked in the door, but I had his 5 day load inside me and all was good.

As the day went along and things started to clear up, I thought maybe I would head out and see how things were at the baths.  Checked in, got naked and lubed and put on my towel then took a walk around.  Maybe about 20 guys there.  Wide mix of younger and older guys, body types across all the spectrum.  I figured my chances of getting a load or two were pretty good.  On my initial walk around, I noticed a thin black guy sitting alone in the video room.  I do tend to gravitate towards the black guys in case you didn't notice.  He was intently watching a video and stroking his cock under his towel.  I couldn't see how big he was as he kept it pretty hidden.  I sat on the step below him and started stroking myself to see if I could get his attention.  He was focused only on the video.  After a few minutes, I decided enough and was out.

Back in my room, I propped open the door, applied some fresh lube and assumed the position on the bed with my ass facing the door.  I heard guys wander up and down the hall, some would stop for a moment, but none came in.  At the point I was starting to get discouraged, I heard someone stop, walk in and close the door.  Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a towel drop to the floor seconds before a finger started working it's way up and down my ass and when it found my hole, started working itself in.

He fingered me for a few minutes then stopped.  Then I heard a condom wrapper being torn open.  DAMN!!  He grabbed some lube and greased himself up then lined his rubbered cock up with my hole and started  pushing in.  As I have said many times, I don't like condoms.  To me, they hurt.  But I was getting cock so just sucked it up.  He fucked me in spurts.  He would pound my ass like crazy for a few minutes then pull out and start with the finger again.  Each time I hoped he would take the condom off before he went back in but each time, I felt the rubber as soon as he started back inside.  Eventually he started to get rougher.  He pushed me down flat on the bed with his hand firmly pressed in the center of my back and released a relentless pounding on my hole.  When he finally stopped, he pulled out and moved back from the bed.  I thought maybe he had cum so I turned over.  It was the black guy from the video room.  He was still rock hard and I could tell from the look on his face, he hadn't cum yet.  I turned back around and once more put my ass in the air.

He was back on me in seconds.  As he slid inside, something felt different.  I reached down between my legs and felt his cock sliding in and out of my hole, his raw cock.  At some point the condom had come off.  Happy to finally have what I needed, I reached back and held his balls as he continued to fuck.  It seemed that was all he needed because he quickly started shooting his load inside my ass.  Then he pulled out, grabbed his towel and was gone.  I felt back and my hole was a cummy mess.  This boy had dropped quite a load.

Traffic outside the room had slowed down quite a bit but I was hoping for at least one more.  Before long, I heard another guy stop at the door.  I looked back to see a younger blond guy, very bearish.  His towel was tented where his cock was.  I turned around again and pushed my ass higher.  He came in and closed the door.  I saw his towel drop and like the last, his finger went to my hole.  He played there for a while with much dirty talk.

Eventually, he said he needed to fuck and I felt his cock at my hole.  Unfortunately he wasn't very big.  He didn't really go much past the opening.  But I do have to give him an effort for trying.  He never gave up, he fucked me (if you can really call that fucking) for more than 20 minutes, talking dirty all the time, before he pulled out and I could hear him jacking and saying he needed to cum.  It didn't take long until he started to moan then pushed his cock back inside.  I guess when he gets close, his cock gets bigger because this time, he was all the way inside and he started dumping his load in me.  He pulled out and was gone just like the last.  I felt back and once more, I was a cummy mess.