Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Open Door Cum Dump - 2015

Ads were placed on Craigslist and BBRT.  Not much was happening.  It all started with an ad on Craigslist I saw late morning.  It was a younger black guy looking for an anonymous cum dump.  His ad said that he wasn't far from me so I figured, I do this well, so why not!  I hit him up.  Cut to the chase, by the time I saw his ad, he was running out of time and the time I needed to....ahem....clean up a bit, was just too long for him to wait.  But of course that got me started and once you start.....

By later afternoon, I was ready to call it a day when I got hit up by a black dude from BBRT.  He had hit me up on numerous occasions previously.  Things just didn't work out each of the previous times. I'm sure he doesn't remember but he and I did fuck once a few years ago.  I paid a late evening visit to a friend of his and they both took turns fucking me.  He finished first and left the room for his bud to use his cum for lube.  I responded to him with my address and told him to hurry.  Twenty minutes later, he arrived.

I told him I would leave the front door open and that I would be on the floor, head down, ass up, lubed and ready for him to fuck me.  He came in, dropped his clothes and told me to suck him for a while.  He was completely soft.  It didn't stay that way for long.  Once he was rock hard and slippery with my spit, I assumed the position and hit the poppers.  He came in from behind and started sliding his rock hard black fuck stick into my warm and waiting hole.  He would do a full in and out fuck.  Pulling all the way out before plunging back in.  I LOVED it!!!  I needed a good fucking and I was finally getting it!!  Before too long he thrust in as deep as he could go, let out a little yell and started shooting his load up my insides.  Once he pulled out, I turned to clean him off but he was already wiping himself off with a towel.  Damn!  He told me I had a great ass and couldn't wait to fuck it again.  Here is his cock:

Next I got an email from a semi-regular.  Nice white guy, nice fat cock, loves to raw fuck but loves nothing more than tag teaming a hot hole with another guy.  He loves a cummy hole and will take it any chance he can get.  He asked if I had any takers.  Told him a guy had just left and loaded me good.  He asked if any others were coming.  I told him I was currently talking to a few guys so I was sure one of them would be coming over to fuck.  He said he would be at my place in 15 minutes.  I set to work on getting one of the guys I had been chatting with to commit.  Finally did with a young, 21 year old black guy who insisted everything had to be discreet.  I told him discretion was my middle name and that he should get his black dick over to me now!  He messaged me he would be there in 15 minutes.

Black guy arrived first.   He didn't send me a photo so I don't have something to share but I did find it a but off-putting that the resemblance between him and Trevon Martin was astounding!  All the way down to the hoodie.  He didn't strip down, just dropped his pants to his knees and slid his boxers (Nestle Crunch Bar Boxers by the way) to just under his cock.  He was already hard.  A bit on the thin side for a black guy but about 7 1/2 inches long.  I was sucking him when my second bud arrived.  He walked in and I though the black kid was going to bolt.  Pants went up and he started for the door.  I assured him things were cool and to come back over and let me finish sucking him.  Finally his cock lead him back to me. Buddy;s cock:

My buddy was undressed by this point so I stopped sucking the black kid and told him it was time to fuck.  He came in from behind and slid inside while I started to suck on my bud's fat rod.  I LOVE being spit roasted!  Nothing better than cock in both ends!  After fucking me for 10 minutes or so, the black kid decided it was time to switch.  He pulled out, came up to my front and told my bud to get inside.  Now I had the fat white cock in my hole and the thin black one in my mouth.  Within minutes, my bud who normally can go a while, was blowing his load inside me.  Black kid didn't seem to be anywhere close.

Long story short, my bud dressed and left and the black kid kept alternating between my ass and my mouth.  After a little less than an hour of this, he finally stood up, pushed me down, started jacking his cock furiously and then delivered his considerable load all over my face and in my mouth.  It was a yummy treat.

Last guy for the day was also from BBRT.  He and I had also chatted back and forth numerous times but nothing really worked out.  He listed himself as vers/bottom which makes me concerned that what that really means is all bottom.  In any case, he asked if I was still hosting.  The hole was a little sore but how could I pass up one more load.  I asked how long it would take him to get to me, he said about 20 minutes.  I told him to get on his way.

He wanted me blindfolded, ass up and ready to take his cock.  He directed me that the blindfold was to stay on and that I was not to remove it until he was gone.  I promised I would keep it in place.  He texted me that he was parked outside and that I should get ready.  I unlocked the door, lubed up, put on the blindfold and hit the poppers.  I was assuming the position just as the door was opening.  He was completely silent.  For a moment I wasn't sure he had even come inside.  Then I felt the head of a cock on my ass.  His profile doesn't have a photo of his cock, just his ass (which is here):

I wasn't sure what to expect then, but from what I felt, it was a nice cock!  Nice girth, you knew you were getting fucked and nice length and he hit me deep.  The whole time he was fucking me he was completely silent.  It was a bit strange.  But it felt SO good!  His pounding started getting harder then he started pushing me down with his hands.  Then completely silently, I felt my hole getting loaded once more.  He pulled out and even though I was tempted to pull off the blindfold then, I did as I was told and waited until he left.  He texted me later that he gave me a big 5 day load.  I thanked him very much.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Two Weekends

Weekends should be all about taking care of the things that there isn't time for during the regular week.  For some, it's cleaning, shopping, cooking, yard work, etc.  For me, it's getting in the workout on my hole.

By mid-afternoon, my hole was twitching it needed cock so badly.  I logged onto the web sites to try my luck.  Seconds after logging on to A4A, I saw him.  He and I had fucked previously, seen each other at a couple of bareback parties and, dare I say it, actually dated once or twice.  He's a really sweet guy, great conversationalist, blond, and a very "natural" guy.  By natural, I mean that he doesn't proscribe to the typical "gay" stereotype of grooming.  He is a bit on the furry side although not crazy but there isn't an ounce of fur on him that has ever seen a trimmer or razor.  His chest, back, arms, legs and especially crotch are covered with a luxurious growth.  For some, this is a turn off. I like fur so for me, I love it.   He is also all top, and likes nothing more than guys who enjoy being a bottom.  I hit him up.

It took him less than 30 seconds to respond and tell me to get my ass to his place so he could fuck me.  After verifying that he was still in the same location, I refreshed some, grabbed the lube and poppers and was out the door.  I arrived at his place less than 10 minutes later (nice that he lives so close).

He greeted me at the door with a hug and a kiss.  We chatted briefly, VERY briefly, while I took off my coat, and then he was on me.  His mouth on mine, on my neck, squeezing my nipples under my shirt and mostly kneading my ass through my jeans.  Clothes started to come off, and this was barely steps inside the door.  He was already rock hard, and because of the anticipation, so was I.  I sucked him briefly, he returned the favor and then lead me to the bedroom.  There he pushed me face down on the bed, pushed one of my legs up and then dove in to start eating me out.  I wished I had been fucked before this so that I could give him a little more "flavor" in my hole, but he seemed to be enjoying it none-the-less, as was I.

Much too soon, he moved his was up until he was on top of me, his beard nuzzling my ear and his hard cock searching for the warmth of my hole.  When he found it, it was just spit, no lube, that was helping him make his way inside.  I thought about asking him to stop and hand me my poppers but as I rarely fuck without them, I decided to give this a try natural.  I don't need them to get fucked and I'm not sure that they relax my hole at all, but they do make me extremely horny and wanting nothing more than cock inside me.  However this time, I wanted him so badly, I didn't think I needed them, and I was right.

He pushed my leg further up giving him full access to my ass while he turned my top half on my side so that he could kiss me while he fucked me.  I don't come across many guys who like to do this, but from a bottoms perspective, more guys should.  There is nothing like having a guys cock inside your ass while his tongue is inside your mouth.  He plowed my as his mouth explored mine and his hands rubbed through the short hair on my freshly trimmed chest.  Much too soon, he started to breath harder and said he wasn't going to be able to hold back any more and started to blow his big load into my hungry hole.

We chatted a bit in the afterglow then he kissed me tenderly again as I was getting dressed and going out the door.  A very special guy.

I needed more.

I thought of going home and putting a few ad's up advertising a freshly fucked and loaded hole, but decided instead to head to the baths.  Unfortunately this was not a wise choice as the baths were dead.  While I was laying face down on the bed in my room with the door open (and barely a guy walking around), I went on a few of the aps on my phone to see if I could find anyone that way.  Again on A4A, a black/latino guy with 9 inches hit me up.

He asked if I liked black cock.  I confirmed that indeed I did.  I noticed on his profile that he said "safe only" so told him I only took it bareback and asked if he was OK with that.  He responded that it was what he was looking for.  It's always amazing how many guys advertise as "safe only" and then will fuck you raw at the drop of a hat.

In any case, I asked him where he wanted me and he responded at his place.  I got dressed, gathered up my things and checked out.  A short time later, I pulled in front of his building and rang the bell.  He buzzed me in and told me to come to the 3rd floor.  He answered the door in a bathrobe then lead me to the bedroom.  The robe was dropped and he laid back on the bed while I undressed.  The room was very dim and his skin was very dark laying on top of dark sheets so I couldn't make out if the 9 inches he advertised was true or not.  Before joining him on the bed, I lubed the hole and set the poppers on the nightstand (if he was anywhere near the 9 inches he said, I would need them for this one).

I climbed on the bed and searched for his cock with my mouth.  This boy did not lie.  I was rewarded with a true 9 inch piece of rock hard black cock.  I LOVE IT!!!!  I started sucking.  He pulled out a small spray can and a rag, sprayed a bit on the cloth then stuck it in his mouth.  I've seen guys use this before although not often.  I even bought a can once to try it myself but honestly didn't like the way it made me feel.  I like poppers much better.  In any case, if this got him off, then so be it.  I took a deep hit of poppers then moved my way up until I had my ass at the level of his cock, grabbed his cock and lined it up with my hole, then started to slowly impale myself on his fuck stick.

After 10 to 15 minutes of riding him this way, I got off, bent over and asked him to take me from behind.  When he started to slide in, now I could feel the full 9 inches of his cock.  He alternated fucking me fast and hard and then slow and gentle.  In both cases however, he liked to do full length fucking.  The head of his cock would be barely at the opening of my hole and then he would work his way all the way inside until his pubes were rubbing my ass. I love when guys do this.

We fucked this way for better part of an hour and I was starting to wonder if his "rag" was going to prevent him from cumming but I worried for nothing because soon after I though this, his 3 day load was emptying itself inside me.  Finally feeling like my hole had the workout it had been looking for, I headed for home a happy cum whore.

The following weekend, at around the same time of day, the need once more took over and on line I went.  A few minutes after logging on, again on A4A, the guy from my "there's more" post hit me up.   He said he needed my hole and asked how soon I could get to him.  Twenty minutes later, I was pulling up to his building.  He greeted me at the door wearing only underwear with a kiss and lead the way to the bedroom.  Sliding the underwear off, he laid back on the bed and we chatted while I got undressed and lubed my hole.  When my mouth was full of his cock, the conversation stopped.

After making sure he was nice, hard and wet, I moved up to impale myself on his cock.  After a quick hit of poppers, I started to slide him in. Once inside, I started to ride.  I love how this guy has the mirror above his headboard so that any bottom who is riding him can watch themselves being fucked.  It is such a huge turn on.  Eventually I climbed off and presented my ass to him to fuck me from behind.  He slid right inside.  He is an intense fucker.  He cock is very average in size, not huge but certainly not small but what he lacks in size he more than makes up for in talent.  From gently sliding in and out with his hand in my chest hair and his mouth nuzzling my ear, to full on pounding my ass to the point of me not being sure I can take it with everything in between.  He fucked me like this for a good 20 minutes before he announced "here comes the first load!" and started to dump inside me.

He pulled out and flopped down beside me on the bed.  I wasn't done and I was quite certain that he wasn't either.  We chatted for a bit until completely unannounced he climbed back on top of me and slide right back inside.  Once more he alternated between gentle and hard rough fucking until right in the middle of a hard slamming fuck he announced that load number 2 was being deposited.  Then before I knew it, while he was still inside me, he started slamming me again and announced that it was time for number 3!  After this, he once more flopped down beside me on the bed.  But I wasn't done.

I let him rest for a few minutes then crawled over and started lightly kissing him.  This lead to more intensive kissing, then his hand reached over and started to squeeze my ass and once more before I knew it, he was once more on top of me and sliding his rock hard cock back into it's hole, because by this time, my hole belonged to him.  Twenty minutes later the 4th and final load of the afternoon was being deposited.  This one must have been intense because I could feel the cum shooting out of him inside my hole.

As I was getting in my car, I was thinking if I was done for the day or if I needed more.  Being the good cum dump whore that I am, I was far from being done so turned off to head for the baths.  This time was a bit better than the previous week.  I wasn't in my room more than a few minutes when I felt a hand sliding up my ass and a finger sliding in my hole.  It must have felt good inside because he quickly dropped his towel and climbed on the bed behind me, leaving the door open.  Good boy!

He started to slide in.  Unfortunately he wasn't a very big boy so it didn't go far, but it truly about what you do with it so I let him go to town.  It wasn't a memorable fuck but before long, another load was being shot inside me.

I decided to take a walk around and see what else was going on and found myself in the dark room.  I was sitting on the platform when a big black guy walked in.  He walked towards me and leaned against the wall right in front of me.  I was already naked so got up, reached under his towel and then bent over and started to suck.  For a black guy, he had a very average cock.  But I did my job and he REALLY seemed to be enjoying my work.  I heard someone come in behind us.  I pushed my ass in the air hoping that whomever it was wanted to fuck but I felt nothing.  When I pulled off the black guy for a second, I looked up to see a young, shorter, stocky white guy stroking his cock while he watched me suck.

I thought he might join in but he seemed to just be interested in watching, and I was OK with that, I do like to be watched.  When my black friend was rock hard and very wet, I turned around and bent over the platform.  I wasn't sure if he wanted to fuck or not but figured I would take my chances.  His hands were immediately on my ass.  He started chatting with the white guy and then I felt his cock head searching for my hole.  When he found his way inside, he started to fuck.  Unfortunately he didn't fuck for long before he pulled out and both he and the white guy were gone.

Back to my room, I dropped my towel and stood by the bed stroking myself while watching some guy get fucked on the TV, door propped open.  Another big black guy walked buy, quickly turned around and came into the room.  He bent over and started to suck one of my nipples while I reached down to feel what was under his towel.  I felt a monster under there but unfortunately it wasn't to be, he said thanks and was gone.  DAMN!!!

Moments later as I was still standing there hoping he would come back, the black guy from the dark room walked in, dropped his towel on the bed and told me to suck.  He must have really liked what I did before if he came back for more.  While I was sucking, the young white guy walked in and also dropped his towel on the bed.  I alternated sucking them both.  Both were pretty equal size-wise.  Eventually black guy pulled me up, turned me around and pushed me face forward down on the bed, ass up.  He then slid right inside.  After a few minutes, he pulled out and I felt a different cock slide in me as his white friend took his place.  They took turns, sharing my hole, for the next 20 minutes.  Finally as the black guy was fucking me, his white friend told him to pull out, shoot his load on my back then put it back in. Right after he said this, I felt the white guys load start to shoot over my ass and drip down into my crack as the black guy was still fucking me.  The black guy didn't make it, he started to shoot his load deep inside.  When his orgasm stopped, he pulled out, slapped my ass and they both left me leaning over the bed a cummy mess.