Saturday, August 24, 2013

A Little Park Time

After a rather frightening situation a few years ago, I have generally stayed away from the park cruising grounds. It was a late night visit, and I was chatting with another guy who was hanging out. Granted, it was after hours but from where we were sitting, you had a good view of the entrance so you could see anyone coming and going, especially the police. On that night, a car pulled in, unmarked, and all of a sudden, a spotlight came out the car window and I took a dive behind a tree. The guy who I was chatting with just stayed in place. The car pulled up, shown the spotlight on him and you could hear at least one guy get out of the car and yell "freeze". The guy took off into the trees. I could hear the guy getting closer from my hiding space and nerves got the best of me. I took off for the trees also. In the dark I couldn't find the path so just headed full force into the brush. Part way in, I lost a shoe but continued running. After a few minutes I stopped to listen if someone was following. I couldn't hear a thing so worked my way out the back entrance of the park and to where I had parked my car. No idea if it was the police or someone playing a joke but it frightened me enough to keep me away for years. Well, at least it did until yesterday.

Was feeling way horned up and not much seemed to be happening on line so my horniness took over the fear and I headed to the park with a few packets of lube, poppers, and just because you never know, a couple condoms. The park was moderately busy. Mostly guys in their 50's and 60's it seemed and most were either sitting in their cars or out walking the drive. No one seemed to be heading to the woods so I decided to venture into a few of the trails to see if anything was going on. I wandered for about a half hour, not coming across anyone. I was about ready to call it a day. Until I saw the black BMW.

I saw him drive by, looked cute, definitely not as old as the rest of the crowd so decided to see what would happen. He pulled along side one of the trail entrances, got out of his car, and stood leaning on the door. Looked to be mid 30's, trim, dark hair and dark sunglasses. I know he was looking at me because his head would turn in my direction then quickly turn back. I took my chances and took to the trail behind his car. I walked a short distance in and waited. After about 6 or 7 minutes, I decided that nothing was going to happen and started to leave when I saw him coming down the trail. He passed me without a look and continued down the path. Shortly later, I followed. I briefly thought I had lost him when I saw him standing at a bend in the trail. I walked towards him, when I got close I said "hey". He responded with the same. I went a short way down the path further to a large tree and took my place behind it. Now he was staring at me full on. I started rubbing my cock through my shorts. From him, nothing. I pushed it a bit further, unzipped my shorts and lifted my shirt to give him a peek. Nothing. Finally I went all the way, I turned my back to him, dropped my shorts to the ground then slowly turned around showing my hard cock. That finally got him moving.

As he got to me, he unzipped and pulled out his semi hard dick. It was about 6 inches cut. Everything else stayed in his pants so I couldn't see his balls or if he was hairy or trimmed but that didn't stop me from bending over and taking his hardening rod into my mouth. He seemed to enjoy my work, grabbing the back of my head and pushing his cock down the back of my throat. I had my ass in the air hoping he would reach back and start fingering my hole but he kept his hands on the back of my head. Deciding it was going to be just a blow job, I decided I was going to get his nutt in my mouth if I couldn't get it in my hole. I went to work. After a few minutes of deep throating, he started to breath harder, his grip on my head got stronger and soon he was loading my mouth with his sweet load. He didn't have a lot of flavor but I decided to keep his cum in my mouth until he left then finger it up my hole. After taking every drop from my mouth and fingering up my ass, I pulled up my shorts and started to head for my car.

As I got towards the end of the path, this slightly stocky, dark haired Latin guy started down the path. He passed me, said hi, and continued on. I turned and followed. I found him behind a bush taking a piss. Not sure if I misread what he was looking for, I quickly turned around and sat nearby on a log in the path he would have to come by. After his piss, he zipped up and started back. When he got to me, he got a big smile on his face and started rubbing his cock thru his jeans. He asked me what I was looking for. I told him to get fucked. He said he didn't do that in the park, too dangerous. I told him I understood and asked what he was looking for. He said a blow job. Hey, if I couldn't get fucked at least I could get another in my mouth. If I was lucky, I could finger it into my hole like the last one. He unzipped and pulled out a beautiful, uncut, Latin cock about 6 inches long and quite fat.

I took my place on my knees and got to work. It is fun sucking an uncut dick, the hood gives a lot more to play with and it's fun to pull it back and forth when sucking it. I could tell he enjoyed it also. He grabbed the back of my head and shoved himself down my throat. After a few minutes of work on my part, he reached under my arms, pulled me up and said he wanted a look at my ass. I undid my shorts and let them drop while turning around. He said he liked what he saw and started rubbing my ass. I took my chance, bent over the log and spit into my hand which I then put on my hole. No talk of a condom, I felt his cock head start to push in. I barely had the chance to hit the poppers when he shoved himself all the way in. I could feel his pubes on my ass and his hanging balls brushing mine. He then started to work.

He started slowly then worked his way up to full on pounding my hole. I really had to control my moans of pleasure since we weren't that far from the road. He continued to fuck me slowly then hard for the next 10 minutes when I asked him to breed me. He asked if I wanted his cum, I told him yes please, shoot his load up my hole. He started working harder, pounding my ass, I'm sure anyone nearby could hear the slapping of his legs against my ass and his balls against mine. Soon he started to quietly moan and then I could feel his load filling me up. He stayed in a bit after he came, slowly working his way in and out until finally, he pulled all the way out. I clamped shut to keep as much of his man juice inside me as I could. He thanked me, said he was really only looking for a blow job. I told him then we both got what we wanted. He zipped up and walked away. Catching my breath, I pulled up my shorts and made my way down the path with his cum running down my legs.