Monday, November 25, 2013

Catching Up

So it's been a while since I have posted, sorry about that, things have been a bit busy, but I have had time now and again for some fun. Not all of my experiences since my last post have been worthy of writing about, not that they weren't fun, just weren't anything out of the ordinary. A few that do stick out however was the Sunday afternoon where I was planning a visit to one of my regular fuck-buds that turned out to be a bit more.

I was chatting with the fuck-bud while also chatting with another friend. We will call him T. T is pretty much a cum whore bottom also so we usually talk about our different experiences. I told T I was going to pay a visit to fuck-bud and he asked if he could come and watch. After checking with fuck-bud to see that he was cool with it (he was), I invited T to meet me there. Short time later, T and I were walking in to fuck-buds back door. He was already waiting naked on the bed. We both stripped down, I lubed the hole, poppered up and presented my ass. After a little fingering, fuck-bud started to plow. I think T joined in a few times, maybe even fucked me for a bit, but before long, fuck-bud blew his load in my hole, T blew a load over my chest and cock, and I layed back and enjoyed it. T quickly got dressed and left but just as he was doing so, fuck-buds roommate, who was napping in the next room, stuck his head in to see what was going on. I tend to be a bit loud when getting fucked so I'm not surprised I woke him. As it turns out, I'm glad I did. With very little encouragement, the roommate soon dropped his boxers, and after a little oral work on my part, he was soon pounding my cummy hole. The afternoon wrapped up with 2 loads in and 1 drying on my chest.

Room Mate Cock

I also tried doing a open door, hotel cum dump party that didn't exactly turn out as I had hoped. I did get fucked by 3 guys, got 2 loads and had a great time. It's just that with the amount of guys who said they were coming, I should have been so full of cum it would have been leaking from my ears. Guys in this area just seem to be so much the game players.

In any case, a few days ago was my birthday weekend, I paid a visit to the local bathhouse hoping for some cock. The place wasn't hopping but I certainly had a good time. After checking into my room, I lubed the hole, grabbed the poppers and made my way to the dark room. On the way, I passed this cute, cubby, early 20's boy and we made immediate eye contact. I turned and looked back after he walked by me and he was doing the same. I went into the dark room and waited. He quickly followed. I grabbed his cock through his towel and started to work it. It stiffened up rather quickly. Pulling his towel off, I dropped mine and bent over to start the sucking. He was about 6 inches, a bit on the thinner side, but for the first of the evening, that can be a good thing. After working his cock for a bit, I stood back up, nuzzled his neck, and soon we were kissing while stroking each others stiff rods. He invited me to his room. Back there, we dropped our towels again and engaged in a bit more kissing. He asked what I was into, of course I said I was all bottom. With no response from him, I asked what he was into. He said he was vers. I told him I wanted him to fuck me and laid back on the bed. He lubed up his cock and took his place between my legs. He pulled my legs up to his shoulders and started sliding in. No talk of a condom or anything, just straight in bare, just like I like it. He worked my hole for a while but eventually said he couldn't hold back any more and started blowing his load inside me. One down.

After a quick walk thru, I went back to my room, re-lubed the hole, and laid face down on the bed with the door wide open. Before long, I heard someone come in, close the door and then felt a hand go from my ankle to my hole and start to finger. After getting a few fingers in, he climbed on top and started sliding his cock inside. He fucked me for a while, but didn't seem that he wanted to cum just yet so got off, picked up his towel and left. Didn't even see his face.

A short time later, I heard another guy enter the room and close the door. A little more fingering and then he too climbed aboard. He pounded for a while and it felt really good but seemed to have a bit of difficulty keeping himself hard. He climbed off and said he would be back later. (he never did come back).

The prize of the night was next. I had seen this guy in passing while I was out walking earlier. Early 40's, a bit on the shorter side but built like a brick shithouse! Even nicer was the nice bulge I could see in the front of his towel. I saw him walking out of another guys room and thought damn, lucky bottom. In any case, still lying face down on my bed with the open door, this stud walked in and closed the door. He dropped his towel and put his 7 inch fat beauty at the level of my face. Being the good bottom that I am, I started to suck. He didn't want much of this however and picked up the lube from the side table and squirted some at my hole. He then climbed on top and without being gentle, shoved his rock hard fat cock in my ass to the hilt. It was AMAZING!!!! Better yet, this guy knew how to fuck and had the stamina to keep at it for a while. Anyone that was anywhere nearby had to have heard my moans of pleasure as he fucked me better than I have been fucked in a long time. He was powerful, pulled me where he wanted me, would pull completely out then shove right back in all the way. After about a half hour of fucking, much too soon for me, he started to pump harder (if that was even possible) and soon was adding his DNA to my hole. No thank you or anything after, just a slap on the ass, and out the door he went. I could take this one every day!

Now having a loose and very sloppy hole, I decided to try for at least one more. The previous guy had closed the door on his way out so I got up to re-open it. As I was standing in the doorway, my final guy of the night walked by and stopped. I turned, went to the bed, laid on my stomach and presented my ass. Like the others, he came in and closed the door. He asked me how many guys had fucked me, I told him 4 so far. He called me a whore. He asked how many loads I had inside me while he fingered my now very loose hole, I told him 2. He called me a cum slut. He told me he wanted to fuck me too and then much to my surprise, reached for a condom. As I have said before, I don't like them at all. I don't like how they feel and I like to have the cum, nevertheless, he rubbered up and climbed on top. He slid inside and I could quickly feel the condom rubbing me the wrong way. This went on for a bit then he asked me to turn over and put my legs on the air on the side of the bed. As I was doing this, the condom was coming off. He slid back inside me the way nature intended, bare. We fucked this way for a while then he asked me to turn again doggy style. Once again inside, he soon started to fuck harder, plowing in to the pubes and then the cum started flowing in my hole mixing with the previous 2 loads. After finishing, he also left without a word.

Quite satisfied by this time, I called it a night. Happy Birthday to me!!!!!!