Saturday, November 29, 2014

Birthday Weekend

Recently I celebrated another birthday.  All in all, the birthday celebrations were uneventful and not much exciting was on the agenda, so I decided to take matters into my own hands and get myself as loaded as possible.

I decided to host a gang bang on the evening of my birthday itself.  Ads were placed on BBRT, A4A and craigslist.  More on that later. In the meantime, I thought I should get a little practice in advance.  I logged onto Scruff, not typically a place I find much going on, but in this instance, a guy whom I had chatted with back and forth a number of times was on and soon hit me up.  He lives/works in the city and as chance would have it, I had to be in the city in a couple hours so he asked if I wanted to swing by on my way in for a quick fuck.  I debated for a moment, not really sure if I wanted to show up where I was expected smelling of a fresh fuck, but thought what the hell.  Threw a bottle of cologne in my bag and was out.

He lives on the 2nd floor of an old turn of the century building that had been converted into offices/condos and his place was a combination of his business and his home.  He buzzed me in and I took the elevator which let me off right in his entry.  I didn't make it any further than that.  He came around the corner, kind of on the short side, maybe 5'5", but built very stocky and from what I could see, pretty well covered with tattoo's.  He came right up to me, put a hand on my crotch and leaned up for a kiss.  He was a pretty good kisser.  Before long, we were both naked.  His 5 inch cock jabbing my leg each time he moved in for another kiss.

Before long, he turned me around and pushed me down, bending over the table in the entry and started eating out my hole.  I love being eaten out almost as much as I love getting fucked and he was doing a good job.  His tongue was probing my hole as his hands rubbed my ass from top to bottom.  I could tell he was enjoying his meal from the noises he was making.  Soon he stood up and I could feel the head of his hard cock on my waiting hole.  He started to work his way in, nothing more than spit for lube and then started to pump.

He fucked me for about 10 minutes before he pulled out and I turned around and bent over for a little ass-to-mouth.  I sucked him hard, lubed him up good with more spit then once more stood up, bent over the table and he slid inside.  He fucked me over the table for another 10 minutes when he stopped and pulled out.  I turned around ready for another ass to mouth, but he instead grabbed my cock with one hand and slid a finger of the other into where his cock had just been.  It didn't take much of this before I was shooting a load all over his chest.  I can't always get fucked again after I have cum so I don't like to be the first but he was the top and calling the shots.

After I had cum, he went for a towel to get me cleaned up and started getting dressed.  Not really sure why he was done when I thought he hadn't cum, but again, he was in charge.  I was dressed and gone shortly thereafter.

Note:  When I got to my destination, I excused myself to use the restroom, sat down on the toilet to let out what I thought was gas and a huge load of cum poured out instead.  Little fucker had cum after all.

Later that evening, when I was ready to head home, I decided what the hell and made the turn for the baths instead.  I checked in, undressed, lubed and took a walk around.  For a Saturday evening, this place was quite dead.  Nevertheless, I went back to my room, dropped the towel, propped open the door and assumed my position, ass up, on the bed.

It didn't take long.  Late 40's blond guy came in, ran a hand along my ass and slid a finger in my hole.  He then closed the door and came to the front of the bed, climbed on and told me to suck his cock and make him hard.  I did as I was told.  A few minutes of sucking was all it took before he was ready so he climbed off and came at me from behind.  I took a hit of poppers as I felt his cock head at my hole.  Then he started to slide in.  I wished I hadn't lost the load that was inside me earlier but in my defense, I didn't know it was there.  He started to fuck me hard, alternating with gentle strokes.  He fucked me with little noise or other movement, his entire focus was on his cock inside my ass.

He fucked me for about 15 minutes when with a small grunt, started unloaded inside.  He then climbed off the bed, slapped my ass and was out the door.  Kindly he asked if he should leave the door open.  Of course I told him he should.

My face was down in the pillow as guys walked by my room.  Some came in to finger my hole, only one other climbed behind me and briefly slid his cock inside.  Eventually traffic slowed down to mostly nothing.  I grabbed my towel and did a walk around.  Maybe 3 other guys in the whole place at this point so I decided to call it a night.

I didn't give much notice for my cum dump party.  Normally if you are going to get the maximum responses, you need to give at least a week notice, I had given just a little more than a day.  However all in all, from all three of my postings, I got about 17 responses from guys saying they wanted to come.  Knowing how this works, I gave them all the details knowing that most would be no shows.

At the designated time, my doorbell rang.  The first guy arrived.  He was a guy who had fucked me before.  Early 40's, blond, stocky build and a really nice fat cock.  We had barely started chatting when the doorbell rang again.  This time 2 guys were waiting.  Both mid to late 30's, one short and blond, the other tall with dark hair.  The blond guy was stocky, the tall guy quite thin.  I invited the 3 to my bedroom to get started and see if anyone else showed up.  Clothes were shed and within moments, I was on my knees alternating sucking the 3 cocks.  I've already said about the cock from the first guy, the dark haired thin guy came in around 6 inches, average girth, the shorter blond guy in about 5 inches, a bit fatter.

After getting all my new buds hard, I lubed my hole and each of their cocks, then climbed on the bed.  I had barely hit the poppers when guy 1 started sliding in.  His was the fattest of the bunch so I briefly wished one of the other guys had started, but I got used to him quickly.  He fucked me much harder than he had during any of his previous visits.  He would pull all the way out and slam his cock right back in all the way.  Very forceful, but I loved it.

After about 5 minutes of so, he pulled out and I felt another cock take it's place.  I think this was the dark haired guy.  He fucked me for another 5 minutes when guy 3 took his place.  For the next 40 minutes, they took turns alternating on my ass.  Finally the shorter blond guy climbed up on the bed and told me to suck his cock while guy 1 went in one more time.  Within minutes, the shorter blond guy started to moan and then started to shoot a considerable load in my mouth.  Guy 1, hearing what was happening at the other end which must have pushed him over the edge as well, started unloading in my ass.  He kept himself buried in my hole until the throws of his orgasm subsided then pulled out followed by a flow of cum.  The dark haired guy quickly came in and started eating out my hole.  Once he had licked up all the cum, he stood up and slid his hard cock inside.  After a few pumps, he too was adding his DNA to the mix.

Unfortunately no other guys showed that night, but the 3 loads I took, 2 in the ass, 1 in the mouth, were a very nice birthday present indeed!