Sunday, February 10, 2013

Back to the Baths

Another weekend off with no major plans so spent some time on line getting myself horned up and made the decision that I was going to once more try the local baths.  Decided to go a bit later than the last visit hoping that things may be a bit busier.  Spent some time cleaning out then by 7:30, with a fresh bottle of poppers in hand, I was out the door.

Arrived at the club a short time later and checked in.  Went to my room, stripped down, lubed up the hole, put on the towel and went to explore.  I walked out of my room, made a left towards the dark room, and ran into 2 guys right away.  Eye contact with both then continued my way to the dark room.  One of the guys, the older of the 2, maybe in his mid 50's, quickly followed me and as I leaned against the ledge in the dark room, he came up to me, pushed is towel covered cock into mine and started rubbing my body up and down while nuzzling my neck.  He wasn't especially my type, shorter, hairless, but when I reached down and felt a hard cock under his towel, he immediately became my type. 

He suggested we move to the platform where he laid on his back and asked that I suck on his nipples.  His cock, fully hard, jutted out about 6 inches so when I dropped my towel and crawled on top of him, my cock was grinding with his while I sucked at his request.  Eventually I needed more so slid forward slightly so that his cock was now sticking up against my hole.  Knowing what I had in mind, he pushed me back down and pulled my head back to his nips.  Thinking this wasn't going to happen, I had to think of a change of plans.  I looked up and saw that we had attracted a small group, all rubbing their cocks under their towels so I decided to take the chance, crawled off of the guy, stood next to the platform and bent over presenting my ass to the crowd while moving my attention to my new friends cock. 

It didn't take long.  Before I knew it, I felt hands rubbing my ass, slipping a finger into my well lubed hole and then felt a cock head taking it's place.  I hit the poppers just in time as slowly, the cock was entering me from behind.  As I have said before, this is by far my most favorite position, a cock in my ass and another in my mouth.  I could do this forever!  The guy fucking me picked up a steady rhythm pounding my hole as I worked the other cock with my mouth.  The occasional hit of the poppers really making me horny as hell and making my head spin.  Soon the guy fucking me leaned over and asked if we wanted to go to his room.  Who was I to object?

His room turned out to be right next to the dark room, and as the three of us entered, I was really excited to see that the host chose to leave the door open.  I am quite the exhibitionist and love it when other guys watch me getting fucked.  Guy number one laid on the bed, I assumed my position sucking on his cock with my ass in the air and guy number two quickly climbed up behind and shoved his 7 incher back in my waiting hole.  We fucked for about 15 minutes with various guys coming and going watching our fun.  Finally the guy working my hole started to pump harder and start to grunt a little and soon thereafter, I felt his hot load of cum shoot up my insides.  He worked my hole a few more minutes I then looked up at the guy who I was sucking and asked if he wanted to fuck me.  He smiled and said he was going to get a condom. 

Well, I don't like condoms, I don't like how they feel and I don't get a reward at the end, but I was horny, I'd sucked on his cock for almost a half hour, the least I could do is feel it inside me.  He quickly returned while guy number two took his place  in front of me and presented me his cock dripping with his cum and my ass juices.  I of course sucked every drop from his still quite hard cock while guy number one started fucking me with his condom covered dick.  Odd that usually I can tell when a guy is wearing a condom.  Maybe it was the fresh load of cum inside me, but with this guy, I really couldn't tell.  He fucked me for about 10 minutes then blew a load in the condom.  My head was spinning quite a bit by this point so I thanked both guys for the fuck and went back to my room for a break.

I rested for about 10 minutes or so then freshened the lube in my hole, grabbed the towel and poppers and back out the door.  As almost a repeat of the first time, I turned left towards the dark room and as I was getting to it, a shorter, thin black guy was coming out.  We made eye contact, I turned and looked back at him as I was walking past and he did the same.  I went into the dark room and waited.  Didn't take long.  He went into the maze and I followed.  He was leaning against the wall by the glory holes rubbing his cock under his towel.  It was really dark in the maze so I could barely see him and couldn't see his cock but I went up to him, put my hands on his chest and started rubbing.  Within seconds, I feel a second guy come up behind me, lift up my towel in the back and push me into the black guy in front of me.  The black guy pushed himself off the wall a bit and they had me sandwiched between them.  The guy behind me pulled my towel off and I felt his hard cock pressing against my ass while the black guy in front of me had his hard cock pressing against mine.  No idea who the guy was behind me, he whispered in my ear that we were going to his room.  I quickly came to realize this was planned as I picked up my towel and followed with the black guy close behind.

Back to his room, I see the guy from behind me was white, about mid 40's, hairless (damn) but had a nice 7 inch hard cock.  Finally I could see the black guys cock also, about 9 inches hard with a slight bend to the right in the middle.  I climbed on the bed, hit the poppers and the white guy came in from behind and pushed his way in my hole.  The black guy was standing to the side stroking his hard rod while the white guy pummeled my ass.  Soon the black guy said it was his turn, the white guy pulled out and soon I was being impaled on the black guys massive rod.  After he was inside me, the white guy came from behind him and started fucking his hole while he was fucking mine.  This isn't the best position for the guy on the bottom as the guy in the middle, in many cases, doesn't move all that much, he just enjoys his cock in a nice, warm, juicy hole while the other guy fucks him.  Eventually the black guy did start to move back and forth and fortunately and unfortunately, very quickly, started to moan and buck while he shot his big load up my hole.  Not too bad, been here less than an hour, 4 guys fuck me and 2 loads. 

I decided on another rest after this session so back to my room for a bit.  Short time later, freshly lubed, I decided to venture off my floor and see what was going on in the party rooms below.  Not too busy there, only 2 guys in the video room watching porn so I went to the room with the sling and climbed in.  Within a few minutes, one of the guys got up, saw me hanging in the sling and came in for a visit.  Didn't take long before his had dropped his towel and was lining up his 6 inch cock with my hole.  It must have been nice and juicy inside by this time and he seemed to be enjoying it quite a bit.  I was hoping guys would walk by and stop to watch or join in, but traffic in this area was next to nothing so it was just the two of us.  Eventually he said he didn't want to cum yet and pulled out.  Said he would look for me later and was out the room.  With no one else coming by, I climbed out of the sling and went back to my floor. 

Back in the dark room, I decided to give the sling here a bit of a try.  Again, it didn't take long.  Guy in his late 40's, furry chest (finally!) came into the sling room, dropped his towel, (nice 7 incher again) and lined his cock up with my hole.  I hit the poppers once more as he started sliding in.  He fucked me hard with the chains rattling and causing quite a bit of noise that was quickly noticed by the other guys in the area who came to watch the action.  We had about 5 other guys standing outside the cage, stroking their dicks, while my top was pounding my hole.  Eventually this top also said he didn't want to cum yet, pulled out, picked up his towel and walked out.  I was hoping that one of the guys who were watching would come and take his place, but that was not to be.  After a few minutes, I climbed out and went back to my room. 

As I laid back on my bed, I could finally feel that my hole was actually quite sore.  I had my door open and laid, ass up, on the bed.  A few guys came by, a very old, very short, very fat troll asked if I needed help with anything, I told him I was good (hell, even I have my standards).  Another guy early 40's stopped by but really just seemed to want to chat and then the first guy that fucked me with the condom stopped by and asked if he could climb on my ass.  Not really wanting another condom fuck, I told him I was just resting. 

By this time, I was pretty much done so grabbed the towel and headed for the showers.  All in all, really a pretty good evening.  Got fucked by 6 guys, unfortunately only 2 loads but you can't have them all.

Photo isn't me, but is pretty close to the black guy who fucked me.