Saturday, December 1, 2012

Well now...

We had dated briefly about 10 years or so ago.  I was totally head over heals infatuated with him.  He was cute, funny, furry, and most of all had a nice big dick.  We had messed around a few times but never actually fucked.  We saw each other for about a month or so and then, almost without a word, it stopped.  I left messages a few time that were not returned and felt like a puppy that had just gotten kicked with no idea why.  But as always, time goes on and things move forward.

A few years ago, I started seeing profiles for him on a few of the hookup sites and sometimes and ad on Craigslist.  Most of what I could tell from the ads were that he had a partner that was a total bottom and they had a VERY open relationship.  Pics showed him as beautiful as ever including his beautiful cock.

Recently I noticed in his ads that he seemed to have moved into my neighborhood and seemed to be very close by.  I held back and didn't respond to any of his ads nor did I send him a message on any of his profiles, I figured what was in the past should stay in the past.  Well that is until last night.

I got home late from work, had stopped to have dinner with some friends on the way home, wasn't really planning on doing anything other than watching some TV and turning in, a few glasses of wine with dinner had me feeling pretty good, but I logged on to BBRT anyway to see what was up and there he was.

This time, I didn't even hesitate, I sent him an "oink".  His profile listed him as 0 miles from me so I knew he was close.  He wouldn't know who I was since I don't have a public face photo on my profile.  It would be interesting to see if he responded, if he remembered me. 

Shortly a reply came asking me if I wanted to get fucked and take a load.  All of a sudden, I was in a panic.  Firstly I wasn't prepared, no "cleaning" had taken place and I wasn't sure I wanted this to happen but I sucked it up, replied that yes, I wanted a good fucking and a load but needed a little prep time first.  He responded to let him know when I was ready.

Twenty minutes later, I sent him a message saying I was ready, asked if he liked anon, door open, ass up and lubed, quick fuck, pump-n-dump figuring that maybe if my face was in the pillow, it might be safer.  He responded that he loved that and was up for it.  Quickly I responded with the address, stripped down, lubed up, took a quick hit of poppers, unlocked the door and waited. 

When I say he was close, I had no idea how close.  He was walking in my door literally 4 minutes later.  He quickly dropped his clothes and started fingering my hole.  This was soon replaced with the head of his cock that very gently started working it's way inside me.  I felt his pubes against my ass and after a brief pause, he started fucking my hole.  I didn't know what to feel, of course I was in heaven with his cock in my ass, but the fact that I had lusted over this guy for years and he was finally fucking me was also hitting me hard.  I decided that I just needed to let it all go and enjoy that hot cock working my hole. 

Ten minutes or so later, his pace quickened and I knew my reward was coming soon.  One final big thrust and I had his juicy load coating the insides of my hole.  When he pulled out, I turned around and replaced my ass with my mouth to lick off all the cum and juices still there.  At that point I saw that he had a piercing in the end of his dick, I thought something had felt a little different.  After he was nice and clean, I stood up, looked him in the eyes, told him I knew who he was and then we started to kiss.  He asked how long it had been, I told him I thought 8 or 9 years and asked if he remembered me.  He said of course he remembered me.  He said when he moved into the neighborhood, he would walk by my house wondering if I still lived there. 

He invited me to join he and his boyfriend in a threeway when the BF is in top mood.  Of course I accepted, but also said that any time he wanted to just fuck, he could hit me up.  Nice that he is so close.

He was a great fuck, but honestly, I'm not really sure how I feel about it.  There may be too much history.

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