Wednesday, December 19, 2012

You Call This a Sex Party!?!?

I've been signed up to get emails from a group called GHO for a couple of years now.  A few times a year, they come to my area and put ad's on BBRT, Craigslist and who knows where else advertising for a party taking place in a local hotel.  They generally have 3 sessions, one in the afternoon and early evening for safe play and a later evening one for "lights out/bareback" play.  The first one I went to was a little more than a year ago and, not knowing what to expect, I had a great time! Got fucked by 10 or 12 guys.  Not much in the way of loads as the guys wanted to sample as many of the holes on offer as possible.  All in all, I would say there were about 20 guys that came and went over a 2 hour period.

In the time since, GHO has been back, but no sooner do they schedule a party, they cancel it.  This time when the party invite showed up, I wasn't expecting it to happen, but after the few exchanges of e-mails with the host, no cancellation was forthcoming so at the designated hour, fresh bottle of poppers and lube in hand, off I went to the party.

Well, this one did disappoint I'm afraid.  I arrived slightly before the scheduled time (which the host took great pleasure in pointing out) then sat and waited for almost 15 minutes before the next attendee arrived.  The host chatted a bit while we were waiting, but I must say, he thinks he is much more entertaining and witty than he actually is.  Otherwise a nice looking black man, early 40's.  I wasn't sure what to do.  At the last party, there were already guys there who were naked and playing so I stripped down, lubed up and joined the fun.  This time, I didn't think I should take my clothes off until at least another guy or two was there.  When the first guy arrived, he almost fell into the wall when the host opened the door then made a beeline to the sofa and sat down, fully dressed and put his head down.  Really creepy.  Since the room was dark, couldn't really make him out, but would guess about early to mid 50's. 

About 5 minutes or so later, a  really young guy arrive.  Had to be early 20's, ball hat on, but couldn't tell much else.  Clothes were kind of baggy.  He also stayed fully dressed and sat on the sofa as far from the first guy as possible.  I was sitting on the edge of the bed at this point.  Since we were all there looking at each other in the dark, I decided I needed to do something to get things moving so I got up, started getting undressed, lubed up my hole and walked over and stood by the bed.  You would think the others would take the hint, but nothing.  No movement from either of them.  Finally the young guy got up and I thought "at last!" but he only moved from the sofa to the chair.  I just went at that point and laid on the bed.

Couple minutes later, the last of the guys arrived (you heard me right, the last of the guys).  This one saw me naked on the bed, the other 2 sitting there fully dressed watching me and went to a corner of the room where he stripped down.  I couldn't tell much about what he looked like or how old he was, but I could see he had a nice big cock.  It was soft but still hung down about 7 inches.  After he undressed, he came over to the bed.  My eyes at this point were only on his cock and I quickly took it in my mouth.  After working it for a few minutes, it didn't seem to be getting much harder so I finally stopped sucking and leaned back.  He took this as the hint to go down on me.  At this point, I finally got a look at him.  He had to be 75 if he was a day.  Now I don't discriminate on age or many other things as long as you can get it up, keep it hard, fuck my ass and leave me your load.  With this one, that wasn't happening.  When he came up for air for a bit, I leaned down and asked if he liked to top.  His answer was "not here".  What!?!?!?!  You come to a bareback sex party and you DON"T want to fuck?!?!?!?  Well as I figured out a short time later, he didn't want to fuck because he was also a bottom.

With nothing happening here, I decided to try my chances with the sofa guy.  After straddling his legs, letting him rub his hands all over me, he finally leaned forward and started to suck my cock.  I let him go for a bit then pushed him back and started to  unbutton his pants.  When I finally got them down a bit, I almost had to suppress a laugh when I saw that this guys dick was, and I'm not exaggerating on this, no more than an inch and a half long, fully hard.  Seeing that nothing was going to be happening with this one either, and being that while I was working the sofa guy, the young kid left, I figured it was time to call it a night and leave also.

As I started getting dressed, the host who was sitting at the desk chair surfing on his laptop came up behind me when I was standing there in my underwear, and pressed himself into my back and asked me not to leave, his exact words were "you can be my dinner".  Well before the host would make a move, the other 2 guys had to leave and after dropping some not so subtle hints, finally they both got dressed and left. 

The only reason I stayed was I was fucking horny as hell, was cleaned out, lubed up, expecting to be fucked and damn it, I wanted fucked!  Host dropped his clothes, climbed into bed, and layed there.  Not really sure what this meant for me, I got undressed, lubed up again and climbed in beside him.  I put my hand on his chest then worked it downward.  His cock was soft but it didn't stay that way for long.  At full height, it was about 8 inches.  Not really fat around for a black guy, but nice.  I moved down for a taste and blew him for a few minutes when he had enough, pulled me up, pushed me down on my stomach and started to line his cock up with my hole.  I hit the poppers just as he was sliding in.  He must have had a lot of pent up energy because he fucked me with a good bit of power.  10 minutes later, he pulled out, shot a load on my ass and rolled over.  Again not knowing what I was supposed to do, I got up, got dressed and left.  That was it. 

While I did get a good fuck, it was such a waste of time getting to it.  I could have done so much better on line or at the bathhouse.  I'm not sure I would try this again.

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