Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Why is it that the more cock you get, the more cock you need.  This evening I got home from work and even before I walked in the door, the familiar feeling started.  It's a feeling I feel often.  The feeling that I need a nice hard cock in my ass pounding away until it fills me with cum. 

While it has only be a couple days since the "party" I needed to find something quick and soon.  I've been getting e-mails from the "What, there's more?" guy since our hookup wanting to do it again and partly because of timing, partly because sometimes fresh cock is better, I've been kind of putting him off.  Well, after a quick log on to the usual hook up sites, and after seeing not much was going on, I sent him a quick e-mail to see if he was around and interested in fucking.

Moments later I got a response saying he would be home all evening and to just stop by.  Being that I had starting prepping since the time I got home, I sent him an email telling him I was on my way, grabbed the lube and poppers and was out the door.  Less than 10 minutes later, I was parking in front of his building once again. 

This time, he greeted me inside the door, completely dressed (I was hoping for naked) and we chatted for a bit.  After the brief pleasantries, we started a bit of kissing and moved quickly to the bedroom where we quickly got naked.  Before even starting, I lubed my hole to be ready to go, then went down on his cock.  It didn't take long to get it nice and hard and ready and soon thereafter, he was moving me onto my hands and knees and pulling my ass up to get ready to be filled.  I hit the poppers, and a short time later, felt his cock head pushing on the opening of my hole.  With the generous portion of lube I had used, it didn't take much effort for him to get all the way in.  Then the pounding started.

He was much more aggressive than the first time we were together.  I wasn't sure if it was because I told him I didn't have much time and he thought he should make the best of what he had or if he was just built up and ready to explode, but in either case, I was loving it.  My hole was getting the work out it needed and my need was being fulfilled.

Not much change this time, after being on my hands and knees and once again, he pulling me up so he could watch us both in the mirror above his headboard while he fucked my ass, after pushing me down flat on my stomach, we didn't change again.  He just relentlessly pounded my hole until I came close (and I do mean very close) to asking him to take a break.  I would not have dared ask that question, but my hole was being worked harder than it had in a while. 

Twenty minutes of pounding later, he said he was going to cum and soon thereafter, I was rewarded with an ass full of his hot jizz.  We laid there for a while after he came with him still inside me until finally he pulled out.  Honestly, it felt like his dick was 3 feet long when he was pulling out.  After he was out, the only thing I wanted was for him to be back in, but time was not on my side this night and after a quick towel off, I was out the door and on the way home.  I'm sure I'm going to see him again.  Hopefully I can eventually talk him into taking some pictures to put on here.  I really want you to see him fucking me.

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