Tuesday, December 4, 2012

How About Two Tops?

Took an extra day off work this week to do some catching up around the house.  Didn't get to far before I started to get the itch that I needed something in my hole so started looking around to see if anyone was looking to fuck.  Put an ad on BBRT with simple request, "need fucked and want a load".

Wasn't on long before the top from my 2 bottoms post hit me up and asked if he could come over.  Remembering his nice fat cock, I quickly responded asking how soon he could get there.  Turns out it was going to be at least 2 hours so I had a bit of a wait.  Then he said to see if I could find another top and they could take turns on my ass.  Of COURSE I was up for that!!!!!

Not much else was happening on BBRT so tried a Craigslist ad.  Simple ad again, said I had a top on his way over and we were looking for another to join us and tag team my hole.  Specified that we only play bare and there were no exceptions to that.  A short time later, the responses started to come in.  Most could be weeded out quickly as people do not seem to read.  One was someone who just wanted to watch.  One was another bottom.  And two were ones that said they wanted to join but only play "safe". 

Finally got a response from a guy that was interested.  He sent me a pic.  He was blond, early 40's, he was holding his shirt up showing his nice flat belly and was wearing a white jock outlining a nice piece of meat.  After confirming that he did indeed want to play bare, I invited him over.

Couple long hours later, my first bud showed up.  CL guy was texting me that he was on his way and to not get started until he arrived.  Well I'd been horned up for hours by this point, there was no waiting.  Quickly led first bud to the bedroom, got him out of his clothes and started sucking on his fat cock.  Soon later got him nice and hard, greased him up with some lube, took a long hit of poppers and slid myself down on his dick.  I rode him for a while until my phone binged that I had a text from CL guy.  Said he was almost there.  As I was texting him back, bud said "bet you've never texted anyone with a cock up your ass before", and on that, he was right.  Although I wouldn't be opposed to doing that all the time.

CL guy arrived shortly thereafter and even though I didn't want to hop off, I did have to go answer the door.  He was much cuter in person.  Pretty blue eyes, a bit thinning on top, but I think that is sexy as all hell!  Told him to strip down and join us in the bedroom.  By the time he made it there, I was back riding the fat rod.  He joined first by adding first one then a second of his fingers to my hole as bud was fucking it.  He then came around to the front of me, straddled my bud, and shoved his semi hard cock down my throat.  I love this, taking cock in both ends.  There is not a better feeling in the world. 

He then laid down next to bud, held his hard 7incher straight up and said it was his turn.  I reached over, greased him up, took a popper hit and switched cocks.  I took turns hopping back and forth for the next 20 minutes just loving the ride.  Then came time for a change and I went on my hands and knees and presented my hole in the air.  Didn't take long before they were both taking turns pounding me that way also.  This soon lead to me leaning over the side of the bed and taking more cock, then finally with me legs up on the side of the bed while they drilled me one at a time.  The best part was when bud was pounding me with his fat rod and CL guy climbed up and had me eat out his hole.  Again, it was heaven.

By the time CL guy made it back down to my hole, I knew it wouldn't be long until I got my reward.  Sure enough, his thrusts became more intense and I was soon getting filled with his juicy cum.  Bud was patiently waiting his turn to get into a sloppy cum hole and he didn't have long to wait.  My hole was lubed so well with CL guy's cum, it was squishing while bud was fucking me.  The extra lube must have really done it for him because his gallons of cum soon started filling my ass as well.

When he finally pulled out, I was a sweaty, panting, drippy, cum sloppy mess.  And I loved it!

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