Sunday, December 9, 2012

Party Time!

So I have been chatting with this guy from Scruff for the past few weeks.  We had planned a few times to get together but it just never worked out.  He and his partner are both tops and love to have bottoms over for them both to play with. 

Was beginning to think it would come to nothing but decided to send them a text this morning to see if they were going to be around today.  Short time later came a reply saying that they were and what was I interested in.  Well for anyone who has read anything on my blog, I'm all about cock in my hole so I responded that I wanted to play.  They replied that they have a bottom (actually a vers.) coming over at 5 and asked if I was interested in joining.  Did I mind that there would be another bottom there?  Of COURSE I didn't mind, long as I get my turn!

This is the cock shot they sent me for bottom 2.  Nice, wish he would have topped.

The afternoon dragged on waiting for 5 o'clock to come.  Finally, time came to leave and 15 minutes later, I was parking in front of their house.  Beautiful old Victorian, huge house.  I was greeted at the door by a pack of small dogs all barking and could see a 14 foot Christmas Tree in the foyer, I knew I was in the right place.

Came inside, lead to the 2nd floor, introductions all around.  We will call them J1 and J2.  We were waiting for the other bottom to get there, he was stuck in traffic.  Small chitchat later, bottom 2 arrives and we move the party to the bedroom and strip down.  I crawled onto the bed with J1.  He is about 6'2, very thin, nice big cock even soft, fairly hairless, shaved head.  J2 is about 5'8, not as thin, well trimmed hair on his chest and stomach and also, a nice big cock.  J1 and I started playing with each other, stroking each others cocks and then he went down to suck me some.  While he was sucking me, his finger found it's way between my legs and started fingering my hole.  He knew just what to do to get me going. 

I sucked on his nips for a while, then moved down to his hardening cock.  Short time later it was at full attention and he motioned for me to turn around, and assume the position, on all fours with ass in the air.  While we were doing this, J2 and the 2nd bottom were playing as well.  Shortly after J1 told me to assume the position, J2 told the other bottom to do the same thing.  Both of us there there on all fours, ass up, waiting to be fucked.  It was so hot!

J1 got a hand full of lube that he smeared on my hole, I took a hit of poppers, and felt the big head of his cock start to push in.  It felt like it took a while, but he made it in to the hilt.  J2 was doing the same thing to bottom 2 and shortly, both were pounding like crazy on our asses.  Bottom 2's face was facing mine, his eyes closed in pleasure so I leaned over and started kissing him.  Both the J's LOVED this, giving us much encouragement.

After 10 minutes or so of fucking, J1 said to J2 it was time to trade.  My hole felt empty for a brief moment, only to then be filled with J2's nice meaty log!  Straight in to the pubes and the fucking started again.  J1 and the other bottom had moved to the side of the bed and bottom 2 was on his back with his legs in the air.  I asked J2 if he wanted to change positions, and he said no, he was very happy where we were.  He also said he was very close to cumming.  It was so hot on my hands and knees with a big cock pounding my hole while watching bottom number 2 take the other big cock up his ass.  I almost blew my load at that moment. 

I thought I would show J2 a little of my talent so I started working his cock with my hole.  Squeezing and moving my ass back and forth when he would stop thrusting.  Well obviously this was all he needed because he started to moan and then I could feel the cum shooting up my ass.  He stayed inside me until J1 had also cum in bottom 2 (damn, I was hoping for both the loads).  When he rolled on his side, he was actually shaking the orgasm must have been so intense. 

Anyway, I definitely want to make a trip back to visit them again.  Like to try some DP with them and J2 promised to film some of it so maybe I can put it on here for you to see. 

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