Monday, November 19, 2012

There's More!!???

It was a relaxing Sunday. By the evening however, I was ready for something a little less relaxing, and by that I mean I needed a cock in my ass. I checked the usual places on line and not much was going on so tried an ad on Craigslist. I advertised for a guy (or guys, more is always better) to come over, strip down, fuck me, blow a load in my hole then leave. Simple. Easy. No strings. Fun! Within a few minutes of the ad going on line, I received 2 responses.

The first was from a guy who said he was close by and was looking for a private glory hole to fuck a hole thru. I responded that I didn't have one but he was still welcome to come blow a load. After a few e-mails back and forth where he couldn't understand why I wouldn't make one for him, he was checked off the list.

The second response was much better. He sent me a dick pic in the first e-mail (as was requested in the ad but funny how people can't seem to read). His e-mail was simple, one comment, "nice ass" (the ad featured a pic of me, ass up). I responded just a simply, "nice cock, want to fuck"? He replied that indeed he did but usually hosts and asked if I would mind coming to him. Since it makes no difference to me where I get fucked, I told him that I definitely could. The next e-mail included the address.

A short time later, I was parking in front of his building. I rang the bell, and was buzzed inside. A voice called to me from the 2nd floor and on the landing, I saw a shirtless guy. He was close to 6 feet tall, dark hair, shaved face and furry chest. Inside his apartment, he lead me to the bedroom and we both stripped down. After a little kissing, I went down on my knees and started to suck him. He wasn't huge, maybe 7 inches cut, trimmed pubes, average sized balls, but he got hard very quickly.

We moved to the bed, he lay on his back and I climbed on top. After a little more kissing, a little more sucking, a little nip action, I reached for the lube. I greased up his cock and my hole, took a big hit of the fresh bottle of poppers, then climbed on top and started to impale myself on his rod. He slid inside easily. I rode him for a good while, then asked him to take me from behind, doggy. I climbed off, got on my hands and knees, pushed my ass up and presented my hole. He moved behind me, I again hit the poppers, and his cock was once more in my ass. This is by far my most favorite way to get fucked and I was enjoying every minute. My face buried in the pillow. After a few, he leaned forward, grabbed my shoulders and pulled me up. At that point, for the first time, I saw the mirror above his headboard and saw him watching himself fuck me. It was so fucking hot!!!!

About 10 minutes later, with my encouragement for him to breed me, to fill me with his load, he announced he was cumming and soon after started filling my hole with his jizz. Here's where it got interesting. It's not unusual after a guy cums for him to leave his dick inside me which I will continue to work milking out every drop of cum. He was no different and did stay inside me and I work it I did. Then he started fucking me again! Twenty minutes later, he was still fucking me, my hole juiced up with his cum and slurping each time he thrust in! We changed positions a few times with me on my back with my legs in the air, laying on my side with my leg wrapped around his, me on my stomach, me back on my back, doggy again, and then back to me on my stomach. I didn't know what was happening but I was certainly enjoying every minute!

After another 10 to 15 minutes, he asked me if I wanted another load. What a silly question, of COURSE I did! Once more, he complied and started shooting another hot load of cum up my ass.

By this time, both of us were sweaty and panting. Even though I didn't want him to, this time he pulled out and rolled over. I told him that was fucking amazing and asked if he can usually cum twice? He said that normally he can do it more than just 2 times but was a little tired. He said he had a boyfriend once that after 6 times, begged him to stop. I said I can only hope I get to experience that too.

Here is the cock pic he sent me. Really nice rod! Feels even better inside! Can't wait to ride it again!

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