Monday, November 12, 2012

Raw Weekend

I don't know why it is, but weekends are always hit or miss when it comes to getting some dick. Sometimes they seem to be lining up outside the door and you are almost turning them away. Other times, there doesn't seem to be a hard one around for miles. In any case, you can't call a weekend a weekend without a nice good hard fuck. Unfortunately, this one didn't quite deliver.

After a busy day on Saturday, what I needed more than anything to help me relax was a nice, big, hard cock filling me up. After a bit of searching, I finally got hit up by a guy from BBRT looking for some fun. He has hit me up time and again in the past but it always ends up in endless emails where nothing ever materializes and I move on. This time, he was a bit more persistent. Things seemed to be going in the usual direction, until he sent me his address and told me to come over. The hole was clean and ready so lube and poppers in hand, I was out the door and on the way.

He was a bit on the younger side, mid 20's I would say, younger than my usual type. He had a little meat on his bones and was furry on his chest, stomach and lower back. As I may have said a time or two, I LOVE furry men. Unfortunately in the dick department, he was quite a bit on the small side. His profile listed his dick as average. I guess it's all in what you compare it to. This was tiny at best.

Anyway, hoping he was a grower, we quickly stripped and got down to business. He wanted to spend some time making out before getting down to the deed which I'm mostly OK with. That is with the exception of when it's getting late, I'm not really all that into you, and I'm fucking horny as hell! Laying on my back on his bed, he was on top of me and I was wondering how many times I had to thrust my hips up toward him and wrap my legs around his ass before he would finally take the hint that I wanted to fuck! Ultimately I had to take matters into my own hands. I flipped over on my stomach, arched my back pushing my ass in the air and finally, he took the hint. He lubed himself up, lubed my hole, without rimming me first I might add, very disappointing. I hit the poppers then he started working his way in. That didn't take long obviously. He wasn't a grower either.

Now he wasn't a bad fuck, the only problem was that his dick kept falling out. While I like a full in and out motion, I prefer it to be a bit more planned and not happening because I turned a half inch to the right. Ten or fifteen minutes later, I had his load, not very deep. He wanted to cuddle, I daresay I believe he thought I would spend the night! I told him I needed to call it a night, grabbed my clothes and was out the door. He was a very nice guy, but I don't think it will be happening again.

Saturday was such a dissappointment I wasn't even planning to look for anything on Sunday, but when a fuckbud hit me up saying that he was horny and wanted my hole, actually velvet tunnel was the word he used, how could I refuse. FB has a room mate that is also a top so I was hoping to get more than one, but you can never count on him joining in. Both were there when I arrived but the room mate was not in the "mood" so it was only one load for me. DAMN! FB knows I liked to be rimmed before getting fucked and then not much else other than getting him inside me. He did not disappoint as usual. We started missionary (my favorite!) with me hitting the poppers all the while, then changed to me flat on my stomach, then over on my side with one leg on his shoulder. FB did not fall out. A much too short time later, with my legs thrown up over my head, his load was blasting inside me. I kept watching the door hoping that room mate would hear us playing and get horned up, has happened in the past, but not this time. DAMN AGAIN!

Two fucks, two loads. Sure I would have loved to have more, but I'll take it.

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