Friday, November 9, 2012

Two Bottoms

Last weekend I was chatting with a vers bud of mine. I was hoping for one of our play dates but even though I wished otherwise, he was in the mood to bottom. It's only on the very rare occasion that I would actually top, not that I haven't done it many times and don't enjoy it, I am just truly a full time bottom with all my focus on getting my hole filled. Since I knew he wasn't going to be swayed, I started checking around to see if anyone else may be out there looking to top.

I put an ad on Craigslist and BBRT and waited for a response. I got an email a short time later from a guy who was a failed hookup a few weeks ago. Back then, I had an ad up on CL and he had responded. He was very interested in fucking a bareback bottom, hadn't done it before, and after the address exchange, said he was on his way. Before he got to me, I had another response. This guy wanted to come over right now so I invited him. The second guy showed up quickly, we got naked and then right down to business. 10 minutes later, his load was in my hole. Just as the second guy leaves, the first guy sends me a text saying he is outside of my house. I tell him I have a nice, sloppy, cummy hole for him to fuck. Much to my surprise, he immediately gets turned off and says he is leaving. What the Fuck!!! I actually heard the car door slam and saw him drive away!

Over the next couple weeks, I would receive e-mails almost daily from this guy asking if I was looking. Seems he still wanted to bareback a hole but didn't want sloppy seconds. Since my bud wasn't up for topping, I took the chance, sent this guy an e-mail and invited him over. He must have been waiting for this because he responded almost instantly that he was on his way. Much quicker than the last time, he showed up. I suspect he is married but neither he nor I brought it up. I should have looked for a ring, but I was occupied by other things. We quickly got down to business. He was a nice looking guy, blond, mid 30's, furry (just the way I like them) with a 6 inch cock. I blew him to get him nice and hard then turned around and presented him with my hole. I applied a little lube to myself and then to his cock and quickly hit the poppers. His cock brushed my ass briefly, then he started in. His style didn't have a lot to do with the in-and-out, it was mostly always all the way in with him grinding his hips and moving around inside me a bit. It wasn't the best fuck I have ever had, but 10 minutes later, his load was deposited.

While we were fucking, I got a response on BBRT from this guy interested in getting together. I responded, he opened his pics, mid 40's, bald, nice and furry, and the cock, while not really long, looked REALLY fat! I asked if he wanted to come over, told him I already had a load in me and he gave me the response I usually come to expect. He was VERY excited to fuck a cummy hole! For some reason, on a whim, I asked if he would be interested in fucking 2 bottoms that afternoon. He said he was definitely up for it so we confirmed a time and I sent directions.

Next I hit up my vers bud and told him to get his ass in gear, we were getting fucked! Vers bud arrived at my house about 20 minutes before the top and we got things started by played around a bit. He actually got my hard cock in his ass briefly, and while it did feel very good, I was waiting for the monster top that was on his way.
Our Top

Finally, the top arrived. My bud and I got him stripped down quickly. He was better looking in person, very nice hard body, furry over most of it. Nice goatee on his face and really pretty light blue eyes. My bud and I took turns alternating sucking him off and kissing him. Soon he was rock hard. My bud was concerned with how fat the top's cock was, he didn't think he was going to be able to take it. Certain that I wasn't going to have a problem, I convinced him to go first. The top laid back on the bed, my bud applied a generous amount of lube to his ass, hit the poppers hard and started to impale himself on that fat fuck stick. His eyes rolled back up into his head and the look of pleasure on his face was not to be believed. I let him ride that fat cock for 10 minutes then I tapped him on the shoulder and told him it was my turn.

I had already applied the lube while my bud was taking it, so I took a hard hit of the poppers and climbed on for a ride. It was a fat!! It felt SO fucking good!! I road him for a while then decided it was time to change positions. I went to the bottom of the bed and bent over, I told my bud to do the same next to me and we both presented our holes to our top. For the next half hour, the top went back and forth, taking turns fucking us both, mixing our ass juices into each other. It was so fucking hot!! My bud started begging for the load and the top looked at me, his eyes asking what to do. I told him to load him up. I am not known for passing up a load willingly but I already had one in me today. Generous of me, wasn't it. A short time later, he blew a huge load up my bud's hole.

We laid on the bed, kissing and cuddling for a bit, then my bud said he needed to cum. He got on his knees and started furiously jacking his cock. A few minutes later the cum started spurting and covered both me and the top. We were a cummy mess.

We will definitely be doing this again.

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