Monday, March 4, 2013

Out of Town BB Bottom

Circumstances took me out of town last week to the much warmer state of California and while I didn't have the opportunity to "play" as much as I would have liked to, I can say I certainly had my share of cock while there.

Mid-way through the week, I was very much in need of a good fucking so went onto BBRT to see what was going on.  Nice to see that there were many more guys to choose from than at home, on average there was usually over 100 on line, so chances were very good of coming up with something.  After chatting up a few guys, I finally decided on this young black dude who went by the name Drfillgood.  The photos he opened for me showed a very large cock so I knew I was getting a big boy, little did I know HOW big. 

He arrived to my hotel room a short time later.  I would say late 20's, about 6ft 3, very trim and muscular, and I was quite pleased.  Then he dropped his pants.  I've seen videos of guys with giant cocks before but never actually seen one in person.  This was enormous!  And it wasn't even hard!  I knelt down to start working on this monster and as it started to come to life, I could no longer get it in my mouth and it took both my hands to wrap it completely around to stroke it.  As I mouthed it up and down, all I could think of was how the hell was I getting this monster in my hole! 

Finally I sucked it up, stood up, grabbed the lube and poppers and started to grease up my hole.  My new friend said he had something better than mine and pulled out a tub of lube that he said had a numbing agent in it, he said it would make it easier to take him.  Well you could have soaked me in a vat of the stuff for a week and it STILL wouldn't have been easy taking him.  He had me climb on the bed on my knees, bend over and started greasing up my soon to be filled hole.  As he lined the head up to start his entry, it felt like a baseball bat was taking his place.  He was very gentle as I'm sure he has had a lot of practice with bottoms, but never the less, it HURT LIKE HELL!!!!  We tried a few different positions and he was very patient but ultimately I gave up in defeat and told him I just couldn't do it any longer (never thought those words would come out of my mouth). 

He jacked off his monster and shot a huge load of cum all over me and left me laying on the bed with my gaping sore hole.

The next day was still pretty horny but my hole still felt like it had been ripped open so I took the day off.  The day following, I signed on to BBRT in the morning and started the cleaning process to get things ready.  Got hit up a short time later by another black guy, this one mid 50's, nice build, nice cock (certainly nothing compared to the monster but still a big boy).  Somehow he convinced me to meet him at the local bathhouse for some fun.  After mapping it out and seeing that it really wasn't that far from where I was staying, clean hole, fresh lube & poppers and I was on my way.

Arrived short time later.  Place was pretty nice looking from the outside.  Went in and signed up for a membership (they always make you do this although this one only cost a dollar) and rented a locker.  After undressing and lubing up the hole, I set out to explore.  The ground floor had a TV room that was showing regular live TV, there were a couple guys there in towels.  There was also a bunk room so called because there were about 8 sets of bunk beds.  This room had a few guys in it also, couple of them playing in the corner.  Down the hall was the sauna and steam room and outside, a jacuzzi and sunning patio where a few guys were soaking up the sunshine butt ass naked. 

Upstairs were the play rooms.  There were a couple viewing rooms with porn playing and carpeted benches to sit on and the rooms surrounded the whole floor with more in the center.  Cool thing was, you could have rented one of the rooms and had it to yourself all day, but when not in use, the doors were left open for whomever would want to have some fun. 

The black guy from BBRT said he wanted to find me ass up, lubed and ready when he got there.  I found an empty room and assumed the position.  Less than 30 seconds later, a guy comes in the room.  I don't turn to see who it is but I feel his finger working its way around my hole and then sliding in.  He worked me this way for a couple minutes then I turned my ass to give him better access.  He said he was going to get a condom and be back.  DAMN!!!!  Never the less, I waited and a short time later, he returned with his rubber coated cock and started to work his way inside me.  Unfortunately it didn't take long for him to go in because he wasn't much more than about 4 inches, but it was my first cock of the afternoon so best to start small and work the way up.  After a few more minutes of fucking my hole, he started to pick up speed and started to breath much heavier and then a short time later, started loading the condom.  He pulled out, dropped the loaded condom in the waste basket and was out the door. 

I walked around a bit to see if my buddy had shown up yet and not finding him, decided to give the position another try.  This time, a guy mid 50's walked in, dropped his towel by my head and I looked up to see a nice, fat, 8 inch cock with a big mushroom head.  This was more like it!  I started sucking on this beauty getting it nice, hard and slick and after I got it up to the full potential, told the new guy I was ready to be fucked. 

It took a couple times to get him in and comfortable but when he did, this turned out to be one of the best fucks I have had in a long time!  His size was perfect, I met every thrust of his hips with and equal thrust of my ass and we moved perfectly.  I did not want this to end but eventually he started to fuck me harder, started to moan and then his gallons of cum started to fill my hole.  He continued to fuck me for another 5 minutes after he had cum  making sure his load was nice and deep and lubing me up for the next guy.  We chatted a bit while he caught his breath then he was on his way.

While walking around, I finally saw my buddy from BBRT.  He didn't recognize me at first so I had to go up to him and say who I was.  He took me straight to his room.  He didn't waste any time, dropped his shorts, turned me around and told me to put one knee up on the bed, greased up my hole and his cock and started working his way in.  He was very pleased when I told him there was a load of cum in there and he fucked me all the harder for it.  I could feel it slurping out of my hole every time he pulled out.  And when I say he pulled out, he literally pulled out all the way and then right back in again to the hilt.  I LOVE getting fucked like this, really makes you know you are getting fucked.  We kept this up for about 1/2 hour until he finally gave me my reward.  Load number 2.

I needed a bit of a break after being fucked by 2 big dicks and sniffing all the poppers so I took a long walk around the place again before going for number 4.  Back upstairs, I tried the ass up in one of the rooms again and once more, kept my face down when the next guy came in.  I know he was black and I know he had a nice big cock, but really nothing more.  We fucked for 10 minutes or so before he to added to the cum load in my hole.

Far from being done, I waited in the room for the next dick and shortly later, a white guy, late 50's came in and started fingering my sloppy hole.  This one too said he was going for a condom and would be right back.  I was tempted to leave not wanting more rubber up my ass but decided what the hell and stayed put.  He came back a short time later and started shoving his rubber covered cock in where all the others had been.  He fucked me like this for a few minutes then pulled out, stood up, took the condom off and threw it in the wastebasket.  Not knowing what was up, I waited.  He then crawled back on top of me and started rubbing his now uncovered cock in my greasy and cummy crack.   I knew this one would be easy.  As his cock started to slide down between my legs, I pushed my hips up just enough so that the head of his raw cock was at the opening of my hole, paused a second for him to get the idea, then started to move my ass back pushing him into me.  Well if this guy didn't like to fuck without a condom, he certainly learned to enjoy it with me.  We fucked for another 10 minutes and when I asked him if he was going to give me his load, he said he had just got there and didn't want to cum yet.  I didn't really want to waste much more time on this one if I wasn't going to get the load.  Granted it was worth it to get him to fuck me raw, but I want the reward.  I told him I needed a break and he left a short time later.

Back down in the bunk room, this really hot guy walked in.  I thought he had looked familiar then I remembered that he and I had chatted on BBRT and he was looking to fuck a cummy hole.  He was mid 30's, build like a brick shit house, furry chest, belly and pubes and a not large, but quite suitable dick hanging between his legs.  I told him I had what he was looking for and he stood up, turned me around and bent me over the bed.  He started licking my hole, slurping up all the juices that were leaking out of me and enjoying every moment.  We started to attract a crowd as he stood up and started to shove his cock in my well used hole.  My ass was slurping as he fucked me with cum running down my legs and coating his hairy pubes with my loads.  Finally he picked up the speed and dumped an new fresh load to mix with the others. 

I'm sure I could have taken a few more, I could have stayed there and fucked all day,  but time was running short so I made my way to the shower to clean up a bit.  The whole trip back to the hotel, I could feel the cum still oozing from my well fucked hole.  What a fucking day!

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