Monday, March 11, 2013

Sunday Funday

Woke up feeling quite a bit horny this past Sunday.  Knew I had to get fucked this day, no questions.  Set about to clean out and look about on line.  Put an ad on craigslist and BBRT advertising an open hole ready to be filled and loaded.

Got a number of responses, most of which flaked out then got an e-mail from this beauty:
He wasn't far from my home so I told him I would be right over.  Short time later, he met me at the door.  Nice looking older black gentleman, mid 50's.  He let me in and introduced me to his roommate (yes, I wished it would have been a gang bang too, but not to be).  He lead me to his bedroom, closed the door and started getting undressed.  I did the same and soon he was laying on his back on the bed and I was slurping on his quickly growing cock getting it nice and hard. 

We did a little 69 for a while, then I got up, grabbed the lube, lubed my hole and his cock and leaned over the side of the bed.  A quick hit of poppers and he was on his way inside.  We fucked in various positions for a good half hour until, very loudly, he announced he was cumming and started filling my ass with his jizz.  Nice way to start the afternoon.

Back at home I put up new ads, had a couple more responses, most of which also flaked out then I get an e-mail from a "straight" guy that wants to come over.  Not interested in fucking me, just wants to jack off on me an shoot his load on my hole.  I asked for a pic, he told me he had a girlfriend and couldn't send a photo.  I told him just sent me a dick pick, I didn't care what his face looked like.  This is what he sent:

Now I'm not all that into just being cum on, at least not if it hasn't been inside me, but this was a beautiful cock and I thought I would take my chances and see if, once he saw my loaded hole, he would want to get in it.  He arrived a short time later, didn't bother to undress, just dropped his pants a little, lifted up his shirt (a nice furry belly, wish I could have seen more) and asked me to lay back, spread eagle, and finger my hole while playing with his balls.  I had put some porn on TV which he seemed to really enjoy, while he jacked his cock and soon was shooting his load all over my ass, cock and hole.  Like a good cum whore, I scooped up his cum and fingered it into my hole.  He zipped up and was out the door.

Throughout the afternoon, I had been chatting with a guy from BBRT that had fucked me once about a year ago.  He and a friend, both tops, both black, had put an ad up looking for a bottom for them both to load.  No way I could pass that up and while I remember the friend not being the biggest of cocks, this guy had a monster!  I've been wanting to hook up with him again but just never worked out.  Until today. 

He was working so I couldn't meet him until after he got home that evening, but when he got there, I was on my way.  This guy is not much in the way of chit chat, simply brought me to his room, dropped his pants and sat down on the bed, pointing to his cock.  I stripped down and got to work.  Not a few minutes passed by as his cock grew in my mouth when he announced he was ready.  I got up, grabbed the lube and greased up my hole and his cock, took a deep hit of poppers and bent over the bed waiting to be impaled.  And impale me he did.  His cock is about 9 inches long, nice and fat and a joy to have in your ass.  He fucked me hard for 10 minutes or so then asked me to lay on my stomach on the bed. 

Doing as he asked, he climbed on top of me and started working his cock inside once more.  I hit the poppers a few times over the next half hour of fucking.  He told me I couldn't cry out as the walls in his place were thin (not sure who else was there but must have been someone).  It was very hard as usually I'm pretty loud and vocal.  I hoped it would never end but eventually he announced he was cumming and soon I could feel his load start filling my ass.  He was so deep inside of me that nothing was leaking out and he stayed inside me a few minutes after cumming keeping everything plugged up.  After he pulled out, I wanted nothing more than to have him back inside me.  I have to see this one again soon.

So anyway, 3 loads, 2 inside me, one on me but fingered in.  Certainly a Funday.

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