Saturday, May 23, 2015

Getting in Some Practice

I'm hosting a open door, cum dump, gang bang, whatever you want to call it in a hotel room on June 2.  Party ad has been up a couple of weeks on BBRT and I've gotten a fair number of responses and a LOT of lookers but still hoping for more.  If you are going to be in or around Pittsburgh on June 2 and want to take part, send me a message here or hit up my BBRT profile, INSATIABLEBTM2.

In any case, it's been a couple of weeks since I have had some cock so with a free Friday evening, I decided to try the baths.  My last couple of visits were unmemorable but they were week nights.  This being a Friday and a holiday weekend, I was hoping for more.

In my room with the door propped open and the lights down, I am in my usual position on the bed, head down, ass up facing the door and lubed and ready.  It's still fairly early so there aren't a lot of guys around but soon I hear someone walk in, place a hand on my ass and then slip a finger in my hole.  He said "I know what you're looking for'.  I looked back and saw a hot daddy, maybe early 50's, very tall, older football player type build, salt & pepper hair wearing a red, black and white jock. He fingers my hole for a bit then pulls his jock down over his cock and balls and moves towards my head.  He's soft at this point but even in this state, I can tell this is not a long cock, but it is a truly fat one.  I love the fat ones so much more than length, you really can feel when you are being fucked.

It didn't take much oral to get him hard.  At it's hardest, it was about 6 inches long but beer can thick. He pulled out of my mouth and climbed up behind me on the bed.  I had barely the time to take a popper hit when he was sliding inside me.  DAMN!, I felt this one going in.       After a brief pause to let me get used to his size, he started to fuck.  The longer he fucked, the more intense it got.  It started out slow and gentile, by the time he was finishing with me, he had me pushed flat down on the bed and was unleashing an all out assault on my bare hole.  It was truly fucking amazing!!!  This guy REALLY knew how to fuck!  Mid fuck, he pulled out, his cock came out with a pop, and got off the bed.  He said I was getting him too close and he didn't want to cum yet.  But he said he would look for me later.

When he left, I took a few minutes to get my breath back.  While I was doing this, I felt back, my hole was very loose and open now, ready for anything.  With that, the door once more came open and I assumed the position.  Within a few minutes, a heard a guy stop at the door.  Not hearing him come in, I turned and saw a mid 30's, very furry, middle eastern guy I had seen earlier on my walk thru in the video room.  I thought he was pretty hot when I saw him then, I am a sucker for a furry body, but he was letting some older guy stroke his cock so I really didn't pay all that much attention to him.  Now here he was at my door.

I turned and motioned him in.  In he came and both his hands went immediately to my ass.  He stroked, kneaded, and rubbed my ass and hole, then the dreaded question, "do you have a condom in here?".  I told him I did not but that I didn't need one.  He left in search of one.  A few minutes later he returned, with his condom, and dropped his towel.  He was semi-hard at this point, About 5 inches now so I assumed he would hit about 7 at full strength.  I turned around to suck.  As I did this, I noticed he didn't close the door when he came in, LOVE that.

A little more sucking and the condom was going on.  Only problem was he was rapidly loosing his erection the more he rolled on the rubber.  I hoped he could get inside me before he deflated all the way and that the act of fucking would chub him up again.  Well, by the time he got behind me, he tried to push in but he was too far gone.  This didn't stop him from rubbing his cock up and down my ass and simulating he was fucking me to anyone who walked by.  When he pulled himself up, I was ready to tell him that we should take a break when he started slapping his soft condom covered cock on my ass.  I let this go on for a bit and was ready to speak up once more when he stopped slapping and his fully hard cock slipped inside me.  He didn't fuck for long, less than 2 minutes really, before he stared cumming.  He collapsed on my back, breathing heavy.  I loved the feeling of his hairy chest on my back.

When he left, he threw the cum filled condom in the trash.  I was glad he didn't take it with him because I had another use for it.  Once he was gone, I closed the door and retrieved my prize from the trash.  It was a nice load.  I slipped the open end of the condom in my hole and squeezed until all of his juices were inside me.

Freshly fucked and seeded, I took a walk around to see if there was anyone new and interesting.  In the dark room, I was leaning against the wall and saw my friend, the first fuck with the beer can cock walk in.  We made eye contact and he turned to go into the maze.  I followed in the opposite direction.  In the center, there is a wall with 2 glory holes in it.  I stood on my side of the wall hoping he was on the other.  I put my fingers through the hole.  It was pretty dark in there so I wasn't able to see very well.  I pulled my fingers out and when I went to put them back, I found his fingers in their place.  These were quickly pulled away and his cock then came through the hole.  It was the same guy, no mistaking that fat cock.  I went to work.  After a bit of sucking, he pulled out and came around the corner.  I dropped my towel to the floor and bent over to finish what I had started.

After he was fully rock hard, he asked if he could suck me for a while.  Hey, if you will fuck me afterwards, of course you can suck me.  He actually was a very good cock sucker, had me hard in no time.  But I was looking for something else.  I slipped my hands under his arms and pulled him up. Then I turned around, leaned against the wall and took a big hit of poppers.  Mid hit, he started sliding in.  This time, the gentle portion was very short and we went right to full on, hard, face flat against the wall, fucking.  He went on full strength for about 10 minutes when he pulled out and said he was getting close again and didn't want to cum yet.  I turned around and bent over to clean off his cock.  He said "yea, clean that cock off good boy".

A few more trips around the club and nothing much more seemed to be going on.  I was getting ready to call it a night but decided to make one more trip through the dark room.  Inside, there were 2 guys making out on the platform.  Not sucking or fucking, just kissing really.  Standing there watching them was an early 30's bear, stroking his cock through his towel and once more, Mr. Beer Can Cock.  His cock was out of his jock and he was stroking while watching the 2 on the platform.  I walked towards him and he smiled and asked if I was ready for another round.  I immediately bent over to suck and get him once more fully hard.

As I was sucking, the bear guy came over next to us.  My bud started stroking his cock for him.  I continued my work until he was fully hard, then stood up, turned around and bent over.  My bud instructed me to suck the other guys cock.  I did as I was told.  As I was sucking, I felt Mr. Beer Can come behind me and once again slide inside.  They spit roasted me for a while before I stood up and asked Beer Can if he wanted to move to the sling.  He said absolutely.

Inside the sling room, I climbed in and took a popper hit.  He came between my legs and slipped right inside.  This time, there was no gentile portion whatsoever!  He unleashed a full out assault on my hole.  I have to say, I have NEVER in all my years of being a bottom had a fucking this hard and this intense!  The chains of the sling were rattling, the sling itself was swinging wildly.  So much so that he had to reach up and grab ahold of the chains to keep me on his cock.  A crowd gathered watching, no doubt drawn by my moans of absolute pleasure.  He looked down and me and smiled and asked "are you OK?".  I looked up at him and told him "I'm fucking fantastic!!".

The fucking got more intense, I didn't think that possible but it did.  In the position I was in the sling, he was hitting my prostate with each thrust.  Streams of pre-cum were oozing from my cock, I could tell if this went on much longer, I was going to cum hands free.  However at that point, he thrust himself in all the way, his head thrown back, and his cum started shooting inside my ravaged hole.

What a fucking amazing practice session!  If any of you readers would like to join my open door hotel day, hit me up!  Maybe you will read about yourself in the days following.

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  1. I love when bottom's understand that it is their job to suck the cock clean after a Top is done with his hole.