Monday, May 25, 2015

More Practice

My schedule was pretty well planned for the day, there wasn't really time for sex but when things started going ahead of schedule, I hit up a bud to see if he was free.  The guy was the one from my post "there's more".  It took him a little over an hour to get back to me but he said that he had to go to work later but was free now if I wanted to cum over.

Fifteen minutes later I was walking in his door.  We went right to the bedroom.  He excused himself to use the bathroom while I undressed and lubed my hole.  When he came back, I was laying back on his bed.  As I have said before, this guy is like the Energizer Bunny, he just keeps going and going.  When he was undressed, he joined me on the bed.  After a few kisses, I started to suck to get him ready.  When he was hard and wet, I assumed the doggy position and waited for his cock.  I hit the poppers as he slid inside.  He was pretty intense this time, various speeds, some full pull out and slide back in (which I LOVE) and various positions.

In addition to going and going, he also is one of the rare guys I know that can cum more than once in a session.  His first load was huge, I could feel his cock pulsing in my hole as he was shooting he cum inside of me.  After that, and a short rest between sessions, he fucked me again, and again, and again.  Four times in all, each time delivering a load.  Odd thing this time, I found after the initial hit, I didn't need or want the poppers again.  His cock worked my hole so well I felt nothing but pleasure. Of course I could say it's his cock, but maybe my hole has been getting so much use lately, any discomfort has gone away.  When I looked at the clock when I was getting dressed, he had been fucking me for over an hour.

After leaving his house, I logged onto BBRT thinking that I was not yet finished.  A guy had sent me a message less than a half hour before wanting to know if I wanted to take his 4 day load.  This was perfect!!  He sent me this pic:

It kind of looked like a PA from the photo, I have had some experience with those but not a lot.  I was looking forward to trying more.

I pulled up to his house.  He sent me a text and said to go though the gate at the back of his house, down the stairs, into the basement door and into the room on the right.  Cautiously I entered.  Past the folding tables and washer and dryer.  In through a curtain and there was a bed, Christmas lights lining the ceiling, porn playing on the small TV and mirrors around every wall and the ceiling.  He was there waiting.  We both stripped.  He was maybe late 40's, very furry, but the cock, unlike the photo, looked small and there was no PA.  In looking again at it later, it may have been something else in the photo because I didn't see or feel a hole.

He laid back on the bed, I started to suck.  Once he was hard, he came in about 5 inches.  Not the biggest cock I have taken but by no means not the smallest either.  He asked me if I took loads in my mouth or my ass, I told him I take them in both but prefer my ass.  He asked how I liked it, doggy or on my back.  I told him definitely doggy.

When he was hard, he climbed off the bed and told me to get on my knees on the side of the bed.  He slid right in.  I told him I was already loaded so I'm sure he felt there was no reason to be gentile.  And really, there wasn't any need.  He was a pretty good top but  honestly the best part of the whole experience was the mirrors.  It was so hot that no matter where I looked, I got a different perspective of him pounding my ass from behind. It was so fucking HOT!!!!

Five loads, pretty good for a day with no plans to fuck.

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