Monday, April 27, 2015


It was an unexpected day off.  I wasn't feeling great the evening before so made the decision to take the next day off just in case things weren't back to normal.  After a good nights rest, I was actually feeling pretty good therefore with some free time on my hands, it was time to find some cock.

I logged on and got hit up quickly by the guy who likes me blindfolded and an old fuck bud I haven't seen in a while.  Both wanted my hole.  Long story short, I made a quick uneventful visit to the old fuck bud who loaded me up nicely then waited for Mr. Blindfold, door open, ass up, blindfolded, cum dripping out of my hole.  The anticipation of waiting to hear that door open and knowing that a guy is walking thru my house with the sole purpose of fucking me it almost as good as the actual fucking........ almost.  

I asked him if he would take a video this time.  He said he would.  I didn't believe him.  He fucked me, came a bit quicker than he usually does and then was gone.  I usually get a follow up text from him once he leaves, but nothing.  Then 20 minutes later, this comes through.

I do have a number of videos of me getting fucked on my xtube page but not all that many up close. He has such a nice cock!  He sent the photo after saying that was his cum dripping.

There was quite the load on the sheets also.  He shot a huge one.  Nice for a Monday!

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