Monday, February 17, 2014

Nothing New

Unfortunately I don't have anything fun and new to tell you this week. I did get fucked a few times but in all honesty, they weren't all that exciting. Hole's were plowed, loads were delivered, but other than that, they were rather boring.

That being said, I am going to share a bit of my past. Whenever hooking up with a guy on line, 99% of the time I ask for a cock shot. Faces are totally unimportant but I would like to see the cock in advance to know what I am going to be getting. I started saving these photo's a few years ago and have a rather large collection now so I thought I would share some of them with you. I don't recall the details of all the guys here, but can guarantee, they were all fun and all loaded me up. Here is a selection for you.

We will start with this guy. A couple years ago, this guy was a regular visitor. He liked me to leave the back door open, he would strip down when he came in the house, then find me in the bedroom, naked, ass up with a lubed hole. The photo doesn't do his cock justice. He was an amazing fuck. For those of you that have been to my Xtube account, he is featured in my 2 part video "anon fuck".

Have to say that I don't remember a thing about this one. Nice cock although the shaved thing is not really what I'm into. I like to feel the bush rubbing against my ass.

I do love a nice BBC. This guy was a couple years ago as well. He was an evening visitor, one of my door open and find me ass up, lubed and ready guys. The room was dark so I couldn't really see him, but was a very hot fuck.

The "arty" cock shot. Don't really remember this guy either, but I do like the photo.

Not one of my bigger guys so doesn't really stand out in my mind. OK, I've forgotten this one also.

This was a very hot young guy. Nice and furry and a very nice cock. Of all they guys here, this is the only one that used a condom both times he visited me. I tried to get him to go bare, almost succeeded on the second visit, but then he rubbered up. Hot guy, hot fuck, wish I had his load.

Umm, yea, no idea. Very my type however.


This guy was a couple time fucker. He owns a salon and likes to fuck in one of the back rooms when the shop is closed. He lets you in, no talking, just go to the back room, strip down and get ready for him to fuck you. The first time, I didn't make it before he came in, my shoe lace got knotted and I couldn't get them off. Second time was much better, I was naked and lubed when he came in. One wall of the room is mirrored, he likes you to face the mirror while he fucks from behind so you both can watch. Very hot.

Nice, but no recollection.

Another BBC, but unfortunately, no idea.

Another one very my type.

This one is very clear, only because this guy was HUGE!!!! Really nice guy, very trim, very good looking and then he dropped his pants and my eyes never left the cock from that point on. What an AMAZING fuck!!!!!

Loved this guy. Younger, early 20's. He came over with his buddy to tag team me. The buddy was early 40's, chunky with a short dick. This guy was trim, blond, furry and a nice big cock. The small cock was in me for a bit but the rest of the time, this nice one got all my attention. Felt a bit bad for the buddy, but how could I pass this one up.

Nice ginger with a nice rod. Nothing more.

Well, looking at all these photos in one place really makes me feel lucky, that and like such a whore. I LOVE IT!!!!

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