Monday, February 24, 2014

Eat Me!

I found him on BBRT. I had been searching briefly for some cock and came across this hot black guy. I had seen him on the site before and could swear that previously he had listed himself as a bottom, but now, today, for some reason, that had changed to top. I guess someone can change if they want to, who am I to say, but I wasn't going to pass up the opportunity for some BBC.

Soon after I sent him the message, he logged off. About 20 minutes later, I was on Adam4Adam when I saw his profile there. I sent him a quick message then back to BBRT and there he was. He had already responded to my message and a few minutes and exchanges later, he had my address and was on his way. I told him I would leave the front door open and he was to come in and I would be ready and waiting.

I heard the front door open and assumed the position. He was a very good looking guy, guess mid to late 20's. He saw me waiting and quickly dropped his clothes. The cock wasn't huge, but it was also still soft so I had great hope for a grower. Coming up behind me, he fell to his knees and started to eat. Sucking on my hole, he ran his tongue up and down my crack gently biting my ass in various spots. This was REALLY nice. I don't seem to meet many guys who want to spend much time eating me out first, and I do really enjoy it, provided that it is followed by fucking of course, but this one REALLY seemed to enjoy what he was doing. Smacking lips and groans and moans were all I heard from behind.

Finally he stood up and reached for the lube. After a few pumps, I felt his cock head at my hole and hit the poppers. He tried to push in. Wasn't happening. Not because my hole couldn't take it, but because he was still completely soft. After a few vain attempts, he once more fell back to his knees. At this point I was beginning to wonder what was going to happen, IF it was going to happen. Maybe this guy was a bottom after all and for some reason, just wanted to eat someone out. Long story short, after some time of more eating, he stood and said he was sorry, but just couldn't get hard. The litany of excuses followed, I'm tired, just flew in from the red eye, I am really into you, blah, blah, blah. Soon he was out the door and I STILL needed fucked!!!!!

After a quick look around on line, knowing my options were slim, I grabbed my lube and poppers and was off once more to the baths.

It was late Sunday afternoon so REALLY hit or miss. After checking in, I took a quick walk around and there were maybe 10 guys total in the place. I decided to take my chances, back to my room, propped open the door and presented myself, ass up, to whomever would be interested.

Within minutes, a black guy enters, rubs his hands on my ass, drops his towel and closes the door. He climbs on the bed behind me and the tongue goes right to my hole. Where he proceeded to eat. And eat. And eat. I was beginning to wonder if it was Groundhog day!?!? He climbed off the bed, pulled me over on my back with my ass hanging over the edge and dropped to the floor, where he again went to town. It had to be 20 minutes later when he got up, grabbed his towel and was gone, soft cock between his legs. AGAIN!?!?! REALLY!?!?!?

Having had enough of this shit, I re-lubed the hole, grabbed the towel and poppers and went to the dark room. Entering, there were 2 guys standing inside, both rubbing themselves under their towels. The taller of the two seemed to not really be into the whole thing so I took my chances on his buddy. I dropped my towel, walked towards him and grabbed his cock that was poking out from under his towel. He was rock hard. Maybe 5 or 6 inches, but really fat. He grabbed my cock and we stroked each other for a bit before I let go and walked towards the maze. He quickly followed.

Inside the maze, both towels were dropped, I once more grabbed his hard rod and he pressed himself against me and we started to kiss. While we were doing this, his hands were working their way down my back. Eventually they made their way to my ass and I spread my legs a bit further apart to allow him access. His fingers finally found my crack and he pulled away from my mouth and said "that's a nicely lubed hole, I have to have some of that". He spun me around, I hit the poppers and soon his fat cock was pushing its way home. I needed this so BAD!!!! After a few gentle strokes, he started pounding. Every time he made it all the way in, there was a slap where his body met my ass. Between this and my moans of pleasure, we were starting to attract a crowd. Guys were standing around, all rubbing their cocks, watching me get fucked. I LOVED it!!!

My new friend started to pump a bit faster and I could hear his breathing getting heavier then a nice load of cum was being shot up my insides. When he pulled out, he turned me around, kissed me once, and was out the door. I reached back and my hole was a cummy mess.

Looking around to see who was next, I saw two guys stroking each other watching what had just happened, I went right to them. One a tall blond, the other shorter with a beard. The shorter guy also had a shorter cock, the tall blond had a nice 8 incher. This was my target. I grabbed them both by the cock and started working each. Soon the blond was nuzzling my neck and I took the opportunity to ask if he wanted to fuck. I didn't have to ask twice. He went around behind me, bent me over and started sliding into my well lubed fuck hole. I took advantage of the position I was in to take the other guys cock into my mouth where I was once more in my favorite position. The tall blond was a good fuck with a great deal of full in and out. My hole squished each time he went in.

All too soon, the blond pulled out, said he didn't want to cum yet since he had just arrived, and was gone. Mr. small dick didn't really want to fuck and most of the rest of the crowd had dispersed, so I decided to call it a day. I had what I needed and a bit more besides.

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