Monday, February 3, 2014

Another Weekend

Weekends do seem to be all about getting fucked for me lately. Not sure if it's the cold, the dark or what, but the need to take a nice big cock up my hole and take a few loads has really been strong. This weekend was no different.

I had been thinking about going to the baths all week but when the weekend came, rather than just go there, I tried some on line at home. All of the usual sites had the regular activity but nothing much was coming together. Then I get hit up from Phil from BBRT. He and I have chatted a bit in the past, nothing ever really came about and I didn't expect much this time either. He lists himself as all top, his pic shows a nice cock although in retrospect, without anything else in the photo for size comparison, I guess pictures can't quite be trusted.

Anyway, he asked what I was into. Seriously, I hate this question. My profile makes it pretty clear that it's all about cock in my hole. Oral is great, if it leads to fucking. Not into piss, although that is somewhat intriguing. I wasn't sure what he was looking for so I played along. Told him I was open, what was he looking for. He was pretty direct. He wanted me naked, ass up, lubed, blindfolded, door open, he would walk in, I would suck to get him hard, he would fuck me, blow his load, and leave. This sounded like my kind of guy! Numbers were exchanged and address given. I unlocked the door, lubed the hole and waited.

I asked him to text when he was close, he did and I assumed the position. Blindfold in place. Exciting as this is, I think a good bit of the appeal is the danger involved. Who knows what some freak can do and at the very least, I don't really want to get ripped off for a fuck. But there I was, presenting my hole to a stranger. I heard him start to drop his clothes. No idea if he got naked or not, but some things came off. I heard him walk towards me and then kneel by my head. His hand raised my face till it was level with his crotch and I felt his cock brushing my nose. I opened my mouth and took him in. He was soft, about 3 inches, and unfortunately even though he hardened up quickly, it only maxed out around 4.5, and a bit on the thin side. But a fuck was a fuck. I was pretty sure I wasn't even going to need the poppers for this one.

He didn't speak. He didn't moan, he barely made a sound. After a few minutes of oral, he pulled out of my mouth and moved to my backside. Again without a sound he shoved his cock in my lubed hole. He didn't move much, just mostly grinding and when I asked him to add a bit more lube just to get him to pull out a little, he said he couldn't because he was cumming. Silently he came. When he pulled out, he turned me around and told me to suck him again. Less than a few minutes later, he was blowing another load down my throat. This would have been very hot had the fuck up to this point not been boring as hell! In any case, I heard him get dressed and was out the door. I got up and took off the blindfold to see if I could at least see what he looked like from the window. Not much to look at which is why I think he likes the blindfold. But who was I to complain, a load was a load.

On line wasn't working out for a second go so grabbing my stuff, I was out to the baths. It was the first warmer day after a lengthy cold spell so I was hoping the guys would be out in force. Well.....

A quick walk around let me know maybe 20 guys at the most. Many of them on the older side. I decided to take my chances and went to my room, lubed up, propped the door open and presented my hole. Not long before the first guy came in. Early 50's, blond, hairless, trim, not a bad looking guy. He wanted me to blow him. Cock was about 5 inches hard, but the thing about him was his cock was so smooth! Not a vein, not a wrinkle or pucker, nothing, just smooth as silk. It was very nice to suck on. After a few minutes of this, I told him it was my turn and put my ass in the air again. He came in from behind and slid in. Just as smooth as he was in my mouth, that's how smooth he was in my hole. It was a very nice fuck. He wasn't rough, very gentle actually but it felt really, really good! After about 20 minutes or so fucking, he pulled out and asked me to blow him again. Before doing this, I told him to open the door hoping that someone would come in at continue fucking me while I blew him.

There wasn't much traffic in this area and the few times when guys walked by, my friend invited them in but no takers. Eventually he pulled out of my mouth and said he was going to find someone and he was out the door. I assumed the position on the bed again with the door open, not expecting him to really return, but within a couple minutes, back he was with another guy in tow. My friend crawled up on the bed so that I could continue blowing him while his friend took his place behind me. I didn't really get a good look at him other than seeing he was trim with dark hair. He had a towel on when he came in and still had it on when he moved behind me so I had no idea how big the cock was either. Until I felt it going in. This was a big boy! Maybe 8 inches and fat. Very nice!

While I blew my friend, his buddy worked my hole. He knew how to fuck and did it well. After 10 minutes or so, fortunately or unfortunately, I heard him start to moan and then he started blowing his considerable load up my willing hole. When he finished, he picked up the towel and was out the door. My friend said he was going to try to get me another but this time, he didn't come back. No matter, there were other guys to be had.

Once more assuming the position, I had been hitting the poppers a bit and stroking my cock between my legs when I heard someone come in my room, a hand reached between my legs and grabbed my hard cock, said "DAMN"! then I felt a tongue gently lick my hole. I didn't turn to see who it was, but as soon as he had come, he was gone. Soon thereafter, this 20 something thin Latin guy with a heavy accent came in, dropped his towel and presented his 7 inch soft cock at my head and told me to make it hard so he could fuck me. I did as I was told. He chubbed up nicely and pulled out, asked if I had lube, I pointed to the shelf, then asked if I had a condom. Of course the answer was no. Hoping he would slide in anyway, he said he would be right back. A few seconds later he returned with a handful. Pulled one out and rolled it on. Black. Lubed himself up and moved behind me.

As I have said, I don't like condoms because I don't like the feel. Well in this case, with him, I actually couldn't tell. Crazy. But start fucking me he did. The young ones have so much energy, long dicking me over and over until he pushed all the way in and asked me if I wanted him to cum in me. Knowing the condom wasn't coming off, I told him yes, and soon he started to thrust and moan and fill the rubber in my ass. He pulled out, slapped my ass, pulled off he condom, tied it in a knot and threw it in the trash. Then he was gone. After he left, I went to the trash to retrieve what he had thrown there. There was the black rubber filled with a HUGE load! This could not go to waste. I untied the knot, slipped the opening in my ass and squeezed the load inside me.

Once more I opened the door and assumed the position. The last guy of the night came in. Late 50's, solid, a bit on the shorter side, dark hair, and started commenting on how beautiful my ass and hole were. He said he was here to fuck a guy a few doors down from me but walked by my room, saw what was there and had to come in for a closer look. He said that he was going to come back later then he closed the door, and said "to hell with it, I want some of this now!". He plowed right in. He wasn't long but good Lord, it was fat! Even having been fucked buy all these guys, this one hurt, but also felt so fucking good! Unfortunately he didn't give me a load, said he had to save it for the other guy, but he did tell me to clean him off so the other guy couldn't tell he had already fucked someone. I did as told and licked him clean. After he left, I heard the other bottom a few doors down, sounded like he had a hard time taking it.....pussy.

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