Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A Week Off

A week off from work.  Lots of extra free time to get things accomplished that are difficult during the normal day to day rat race.  However it also allows for some free time for some extracurricular activities.

Early in the week, ads were placed and the wait began.  It was a Monday so I didn't expect a large response,  Received a couple of flakes, couple spam emails (I don't get these at all as they are usually from women), and only one that I would consider inviting over.  He listed himself as mixed race, cock about 6 inches.  No other information.  I was only interested in one thing anyway and while 6 inches is fairly average, it's by far not small.

After the cock, the main thing I noticed about this photo was the deplorable condition of his bathroom floor!  Where on earth did this guy live and has he never heard of a mop?  For God's sake guys, pay attention to the background of your photos!

I had left the door open.  I was on the living room floor, my hole was lubed and I was ass up snorting poppers when he walked in.  I thought I would have a bit of time while he undressed but he simply pulled out his cock, already hard, and started fucking me completely clothed.  This is kind of hot considering I was completely naked at the time.  It was an average fuck, average cock, average penetration, but a huge load!  At least there was a reward for me at the end.

I'd also been chatting with a guy on BBRT.  We had been messaging for a few weeks.  He doesn't live near me so hooking up was difficult.  Mid 40's, moderately hairy, 7 inch cock is what his profile says.  Photos:

He loves to fuck a freshly loaded hole.  And I had one to offer him.  Problem was he was at work and his way home was not anywhere near where I was.  I kind of dropped it then, told him that we would make it work out sometime.and signed off.

I wasn't going to let him get by so easily.  I had a pretty good idea where he worked and it was really only a few blocks from the baths so I made the decision.  After I checked in and got to my room, I logged back on to BBRT and sent him a message that I was at the bathhouse and he should come join me.  Mere moments later I got a response asking how he would recognize me.  I responded with my room number and told him I would be ass up and waiting.  He said he was on his way.

Hoping to give my friend a bit more in me than one load, I went in search of another before he arrived.  I found it in the dark room.  As I have posted previously, it is frowned upon for the employees of the baths to hook up with the patrons, but nevertheless, it has happened a few times in the past.  How can you be surrounded by all these naked or half naked guys and not want to participate?  I was standing in the dark room, the only one there at the time.  The maintenance guy comes in.  He makes a show of looking around on the floor for spilled loads or used condoms and then goes into the maze.  I thought he was checking things out there also but then moments past and he didn't come out.  Time to explore.

It's dark in the maze, VERY dark.  I went to the wall with the glory holes, felt in each, nothing.  I made my way further into the maze and could barely make out a figure standing in the corner.  I approached him, reached out and felt his cock which was out of his pants on display.  It was semi hard so I bent over to chub him up some.  When he was fully hard, it filled out around 5 inches.  Kind of on the small side but I was looking for the load, not the size.  I stopped sucking, stood up and turned around and bent over.  His cock was immediately in my ass.  A very unremarkable fuck but it did deposit a load, a very silent load.  I didn't even know he had cum until he pulled out and I reached back and felt the cum.

Back in my room I got a message from my new friend that he had just checked in.  I didn't bother with any more lube since there was a fresh load of cum in and on my hole.  I just assumed the position and waited.

It wasn't a but a few minutes before a really hot guy walked into my room, said hi, stood by my head and dropped his towel.  He is mid 40's, very full salt and pepper hair, full beard, fully hairy chest and stomach, untrimmed hair around his cock and balls, he was my absolute dream!  I said something I don't quite remember, I was too busy looking at this naked god before me to have much thought other than I want to suck on that cock and then have it fuck me.  It took me a little to notice that he had left the door open, I absolutely fucking LOVE that!!!  I am such an exhibitionist whore!

With my sucking, his cock came to attention very quickly.  He was of average width but about seven inches in length.  I was going to have some fun with this one.  When he climbed on the bed behind me, my hole quivered knowing that that beautiful cock would soon be inside.  He slipped in.  It felt fucking amazing!  As he started to fuck me, I looked to the mirror to see what we looked like.  It was beautiful, this beautiful hairy God plowing my ass and giving me more pleasure than should be allowed.  One of the passerby came in to watch, I don't blame him.  All too soon, he slammed into me hard and started pumping his babies into my ass.  I wanted him to stay inside until it got hard again, but it was not to be.  He pulled out, left his place for the guy that had been watching and was out the door.

Unfortunately the guy that had been watching was simply that, a watcher.  He ran a hand along my ass and was out the door.  I waited a few minutes to see if someone else would stop by then put on my jock and took a walk.  The club wasn't busy.  Maybe 20 guys tops.  Most didn't seem to be really looking for much.  After the full walk around, I made my way to the roof.  I wasn't there more than 30 seconds when my new friend followed me out the door.  I apologized for not saying something to him before he left and thanking him for the fuck and his load.  He asked if the other guy fucked me, I told him unfortunately he did not.  I then reached under his towel, grabbed his cock and said "I hope you will fuck me again tho".  He said absolutely!

We started to kiss.  I played with the hair on his chest and his nipples while stroking his hardening cock.  The boy was a very good kisser.  He dropped his towel and I slid off the jock, we were both standing naked on the roof, making out and stroking each other's cocks.  Another two guys came out the door and went to the far side of the roof.  They chatted and took discreet peeks at us when the opportunity presented itself.  I bent over and started to suck.  It didn't take long and he was fully hard again.  I turned around, bent over the lounge chair and presented my hole to him.  Un-lubed and without a popper hit, he once more slid inside me.  The feeling of being outside, completely naked, while a hot guy is fucking your ass is more than I can describe.  The breeze blowing across my skin just added to the sensuousness.  I asked if he was going to give me another load, he said he was but wasn't ready just yet.  We fucked on the roof for at least 15 minutes before he pulled out and picked up his towel.

Unsteadily, I put on my jock and went towards the door and stairs.  He followed.  I went down three floors to where my room was, again he followed.  I unlocked my room, once more took off the jock and he walked in.  Once more, he left the door open.  I laid back on the bed on my back.  He dropped his towel and climbed on top of me.  He started playing with my cock and my hole as he stroked himself with his other hand.  Every now and again, he would bend over for a deep kiss before continuing his work.  Then he lifted both of my legs, put them on his shoulders and once again slid inside me.

This position is not my most favorite, I really prefer doggy, but I have to say that with my legs up, his cock ripping into my hole and looking into his striking blue eyes, I couldn't imagine being anywhere else.  Thirty to forty minutes later, he was blowing another load inside me.  He apologized that it took so long for him to cum the second time, I told him he could have gone on for however long he wanted.  I want to see this guy again.

Two days later and I was feeling the need for cock again.  Ads went up in the morning, this time specifically looking for a black raw cock.  Received a quick response from a guy not that far away.  I responded and a few e-mails later, I was on the way to his house.  Let me say here that my ad was pretty clear.  The title said I was looking for Raw BBC.  In the body of the ad, I said that I was looking for BB and that bareback was the only option, no exceptions.  He told me to pull up in front of his house and email him, he would come down and get me.  The house was a very nice, very well kept Victorian.  I sent him an e-mail and told him I was there.

A few minutes later, a mid-thirties black guy, very scruffy, walked down the street, past my car, past the house, then turned around and started walking back where he had come from.  Because eye contact had been made, I figured this may be the one.  I got out of the car and started to follow.  He abruptly stopped, turned around and asked if I needed something.  Embarrassed, I apologized, told him I was waiting for someone and thought it was him.  Back in the car I sent another e-mail to the guy to say once more, I was here.

The guy on the street made it a few houses down, turned around and started walking back towards me.  At my car, he came up to my window which I wound down.  He asked if I was the bottom.  I told him I was.  He said to follow him.  He walked slightly in front of me, definitely not to the house with the address he had given me.  He said that his room mate was home so we would have to wait until she left.  I asked how long that was going to be.  He said that she was supposed to leave any minute.  He said we could also go to my place, this had been a discussion we already had and I was not driving him to my house only to have to take him back later.  Then he asked me if I was clean.  I told him that I most definitely was.  He asked if I was sure.   Really!?!?!  He said he was going to fuck me with a rubber because he didn't know if I was telling him the truth.  I stopped mid walk and told him I would not and that if he wanted to use a condom, he was not fucking me.  I turned and went back to the car.  He did not follow.  By the time I had made it back to the car, he was no where to be seen.

The ads were still up and soon after returning home, I received another message.  Responded that he was 33, mixed race, 6 inches and needed to drop a load.  Pic:

      At this point, I just needed cock.  Address was sent.  He responded that he would be to me in about 20 minutes.  When he arrived, he was true to his specs.  A bit stocky but I have no problem with that.  When he dropped his shorts, his cock was already rock hard.  Love that!  I briefly sucked just to get a taste and then bent over.  The hole was pre-lubed and he slid inside.  He didn't move much, very short strokes, not much pulling out and plowing back in.  After 10 minutes or so of fucking, he pulled out and his fingers took his cocks place.  I don't generally like fingers, but have to say that this boy did a good job with them.  He gradually increased the amount of fingers that were inside me.  When he got to four, I pulled off.  Laying flat on my stomach, he replaced his fingers with his cock.  Not a few minutes later, his load was being shot inside me.

So this is the first part of the week.  Wonder what the rest of the week has in store.

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