Tuesday, June 2, 2015

A Little More Practice

So I know in yesterday's post I said I most likely was going to try to save up for my hotel open door today, but that didn't quite work out.  I ended up going on line and sending out a few texts to see who was available and looking to fuck.

Got a number of responses looking for times other than when I was available and some more that wanted to fuck with a condom instead of bare.   Sometimes if the guy is hot, the cock is big and everything was working out, I would accept, reluctantly, the condom, but this time I wanted only loads.

First guy was one of my regulars.  We  have been fucking for a number of years, lately he seems to only want to come over when there is going to be another guy there.  For those that have seen my xtube videos, he is featured in a few of them.  Mid 40's, solidly built, and nice big cock.  He is also the one fucking me in the last photo I posted yesterday.  In any case, he responded back that he was so fucking horny and had a 4 day load built up so it didn't matter if someone was there or not, he was on his way.

I usually just leave the back door open for him and wait, lubed, naked, ass up, on the bed.  He comes in, strips on the way to the bedroom and arrives naked and hard.  We fucked.  We fucked hard.  I did a lot of the thrusting this time, he was stationary and I pushed myself back against him.  He loved it.  When I finally pushed back pushing him deep inside me, he started to blow.  He wasn't lying when he said that he had saved up.  When he eventually pulled out, I reached back and my fingers were covered with his cum.  I licked them clean.

Second I hit up the guy from another of my previous posts, the one with the mirrors all over his play room.  I arrived at his place, walked in and he was already naked on the bed.  I came in, dropped my clothes and started to suck.  He fingered my hole while I did this, licking the cum from his fingers as he did so.  When he was hard and ready, I climbed on top of him, slid him inside and rode him like a bronco.  It was so hot looking around and seeing myself in all the mirrors riding his cock.

We moved to doggy and he fucked me like a champ.  When he eventually stopped, I asked if he had cum and he said that he did.  I told him I hadn't heard anything, he said he is usually silent.

Good practice, I feel well trained.

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  1. I love fucking in another guy's cum. So slick and the smell wafting up your nose... It'd make me shoot in like three pumps though. :-/