Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Same, and then the Totally New

Friday night and I was feeling horny. Not exactly a new thing, but it had been a really long, really difficult week and more than anything, to reduce the stress, I needed to be fucked by a nice cock. I logged onto BBRT and A4A and sent off texts to a few fuck buds (including Y from last weekend) and waited for some response.

Ultimately nothing much was happening. Y was at movies with friends and wouldn't be home until late, few other fuck buds were either out or not responding. It was up to the sites. BBRT came through although not as I would have been hoping for. Got hit up by a black dude, no pics, saying he wanted to breed me but wanted to meet me at the bathhouse and find me ass up in a room. Not sure if this guy has read my blog but it certainly appeared that he did. If not, he at least read my mind.

Thinking that even if the guy was a no show, the baths would at least offer the chance to find some other dick to replace it. So once more, off I went. I signed in and unexpectedly, the rooms were all full. I had to put my name on a wait list for the next one to become available. I undressed, left my clothes in the locker, lubed the hole and started to wander.

For the place being sold out of rooms, it wasn't really that crowded, maybe 30 to 35 guys roaming around. It was a dark and naked night meaning most of the lights were turned off or at least way down and where as most guys would wander wearing a towel, many guys now roamed the halls completely naked. While the surprise of finding what is behind the towel is exciting, it's also really hot to see so much cock on display. And the guys who tend to put it out there are the guys that have something to show off.

The crowd was also a bit on the older side which I wasn't expecting for a Friday. Nevertheless, I made it my effort to try and get some dick before my bud showed up. He asked me to text him when I got a room so I wasn't overly concerned that I would miss him.

I sucked a lot of cock. Of course that is all relative, but sucking 10 to 12 guys in a period of about an hour is pretty good. Took one load down my throat although I think he must have cum a few times before me as it was pretty watery and tasteless. Did manage to hook up with one hot younger guy. Would guess him to be mid 30's, shaved head, closely trimmed body. We ran into each other in the dark room and started to rub our hands over each other while lightly kissing. Didn't seem he was much for the audience we were attracting so he lead me to the maze.

Inside he dropped his towel, pulled off mine, and the kissing and rubbing continued. Eventually he knelt down and took me in his mouth. He was a very good sucker. After he got me nice and hard, he stood back up. I took my turn and bent over to suck him in return. Really nice cock! Was about 7 1/2 inches, and very, very fat. Had a hard time getting my mouth all the way around it, but I did. I bent over with my ass in the air hoping that one of the guys who would occasionally wander through the maze would take the hint but unfortunately, none did. Finally I stood back up, hoping he would spin me around.

Much to my dismay, he himself spun around. He reached back, grabbed my hard cock and lined it up with his hole. He then bent over with his head almost touching the floor. It wasn't really what I was looking for but I was hard, the hole was in front of me, and he was pretty cute, so I worked my way in. He hadn't lubed in advance so I had to use some spit to make it work a bit better. I pushed all the way inside then slowly worked my way back out. I picked up the intensity and started to pound him harder. One of the disadvantages of being a total bottom is that if the time comes to fuck another guy, I can't hold myself back for long. I started to feel like I was going to cum. I know he wanted it, but I wanted to be fucked before that happened so I pulled out, picked up my towel and walked away. He was still bent over in the same position, I hope another guy came by to take my place.

After leaving the dark room, I got the page that my room was ready. Quick switch from locker to room, sent a text to my bud, then re-lubed the hole, propped open the door and assumed the position. A few guys wandered in, the usual rub from the top of my ass down my leg then feeling into my lubed hole, but the guys that came in where all white and I knew my new bud was not. Finally I heard someone come in, close the door, drop their towel and start to climb on the bed behind me. I could make out in the mirror in the darkened room that the guy was black. If it wasn't my bud, at least this one would take his place.

I hit the poppers and he started sliding in. The cock wasn't huge, most likely the reason there wasn't a photo of it on his profile, but it did feel fucking good. I wished he had left the door open so that other guys could wander by and stop in for a closer look, they could certainly hear what was going on from outside what with all the slapping of his legs against my ass and my moans of pleasure. This guy had lasting power. We fucked for the better part of an hour before he started to pound harder, grabbed my hips and started shooting his load up inside me. When he had finished, he pulled out, picked up the towel and walked out the door. Never even saw his face.

By this point it was getting late so I was just going to jack and then be on my way. But something made me want to put my load somewhere else. I grabbed my towel and poppers and headed back to the dark room. I wasn't sure if my friend from earlier would still be there but if not, I was sure I could find another hole to deposit in. The one lone light that had been on in the dark room earlier was now out so it was almost pitch black. I could see a group of guys at the platform. Making my way over, I could see that there wasn't any fucking going on so tried to make out in the darkness who I would choose. Just then, a guy worked his way through the group and I could make out a bald head. He was still there.

I wasn't sure if he would be pissed at me since I had left him bent over earlier wanting more but I didn't really care. I dropped my towel, put my hand behind his head and pushed him down. He did as requested and took me in his mouth once more. Once he had me nice and hard, I took him to the maze, turned him around and pushed his head down. Once more, head to the floor. Once more, I went in. Things were much more lubed now so I can assume he had a load or two already inside. I started to pound. Like I said, as a top, I can't last long so it wasn't much time before I could feel the cum churning in my balls and soon started shooting out of my cock into his warm insides. When I finished, I pulled out, slapped his ass and was on my way. Hmmm, I may have to try this more often.

The next day, I got a text from Y. He said he wanted my ass again. I had received texts from him throughout the week after our last fuck session so I know he enjoyed what I gave him. I told him I wanted his cock inside me and could leave in a few minutes. He said he would be waiting.

I sent a text when I pulled in front of his house to let him know I was there. This time he almost met me at the door. Up the stairs, into his bedroom, I dropped my clothes and lubed my hole. He took off his pants, left on his shirt and socks and layed back on the bed. I knew what I was to do next. I knelt by the bed and took him in my mouth. He smelled and tasted shower fresh. Working his cock nice and slow, just as he likes it, he quickly started to harden up. This time he let me work it a bit hard before telling me it was time to fuck.

He told me to stand by the bed and bend over. He came up behind me. His cock slapped my ass a couple of times then I felt the head push it's way into my crack. It found it's target and started sliding in. I hit the poppers hard knowing his monster rod was once more making it's way home. After a bit, he pulled out and told me to lay on the bed on my stomach. I know this is the position he likes best although he didn't lay on top of me, but straddled my legs just below my ass, used his feet to pull my legs slightly apart and slid himself back in. As usual, it was a fucking amazing fuck! This man has a perfect cock for my hole, fat but not too fat, long but not too long, it's like it was made to fit inside me and made just for my pleasure.

After numerous popper hits, he took them from my hand and did a hit himself. While he was sniffing, I made sure to work his cock with my ass letting him know I was liking what he was doing to me. Not long after the poppers, he started to cum. I could feel the first shot hit the walls inside my ass followed by a flood. He fucked me a bit more but now was my turn to milk as much cum out of him as I could. I did a good job. By the time he pulled out, I was a sloppy cummy mess.

On my way out, I checked my phone for the time, he had fucked me for the better part of an hour. Fucking amazing!

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