Monday, January 13, 2014

Some Fun!

He showed up on BBRT one afternoon. I don't recall of having seen him there before, but the photo he put on looked hot. No face but nice cock shots, both hard and soft, and was all top. His profile said he was in an open relationship. I have no problem with that. It also said he wasn't far from my home so I hit him up. We chatted a bit, exchanged phone numbers, then exchanged photos. Only thing left was to meet for a fuck.

Well the problem was, he lives with his boyfriend and although they are open, the boyfriend asks that he not have guys over until after he is in bed and asleep. Seemed a bit odd to me, but who am I to make up their rules. This left me having a very horny evening waiting for the boyfriend to go to bed. He told me the boyfriend is usually in bed by 10. 10 came and went. I was pretty horned up and needed some cock, so while I was waiting I decided to hit up the fuckbud and see if he was around. From the directions the new guy gave me to his house, both he and the fuckbud seemed to live fairly close to each other so I was hoping to pay fuckbud a visit, get a load, and then give the new guy a freshly loaded hole with cum for lube.

Fuckbud was available, as he usually is, and was ready to fuck, also as he usually is. The roommate was home that night and for a change, seemed to be in the mood to play so things looked promising for potentially 2 loads to start off the night. Arriving at their house, I let myself in and the roommate was on the sofa. Fuckbud in the bedroom naked and waiting. Roommate said he would join after we got started so I went to the bedroom and dropped my clothes. I laid stomach down on the bed and fuckbud went to work eating out my hole.

His mouth was soon replaced with his cock, he slid in and started pounding. Partway into the fuck, I started to sweat. I don't mind a good, sweaty fuck, but I realized that it wasn't the intensity of the fuck, his room was fucking hot as hell!!! After fuckbud blew his load, drenched in sweat, I rolled over to try to cool down a bit. Unfortunately as warm as the room was, there was no cool to be had. Roommate hadn't shown up yet but I didn't think I was going to be able to stand the heat any longer even if it meant passing up another load. I got up, got dressed, passed roommate on the way out, gave my apologies, and was out the door. The cold air never felt so good.

After I got back to my car, I got the text that the new guy's boyfriend was in bed and I should come right now. Within 5 minutes, I was at his door. He answered naked. He is about my height, dark hair, average build (photo below for you to see) and quite a bit furry (which I love) and had a beard (which I also love). He lead me to the living room, I dropped my clothes, we kissed for a bit while I stroked his cock. Oh, and did I mention he is uncut! I didn't remember of seeing that in his profile but was happily surprised. I told him I had a surprise for him, that I already had a load in my hole, he was quite pleased.

Soon he lead me to the couch, sat down, and told me to get to work on his cock. He told me I had to get it hard if I wanted him to fuck me and give me his load. Much dirty talk followed as I took him in my mouth and worked to get him to his full hardness. He kept calling me a cumdump whore. Told me I was a fucking faggot and that my place was between men's legs servicing their cocks. That was all I was good for and I should do as I was told. After he was nicely hard, he pulled me off his cock, told me to turn around and bend over. I hit the poppers as I presented my ass. He spit on my hole, I felt his cock head at my pucker and then he started slowly working his way in. The cum in my hole provided all the extra lube he needed so he quickly picked up the rhythm and slid his dick in and out of me. We fucked like this for 10 to 15 minutes. I was trying to be quiet so as not to wake the boyfriend, but it felt so good, that wasn't easy.

Eventually he pulled out and told me he wanted me to taste the other guy's cum on his cock and told me to get to work. Of course, I complied and did as I was told. He told me I was a good whore. The mixture of cum and my ass juices tasted delicious! When he felt I had cleaned him well enough, again he turned me around and once more, shoved his cock in my hole. We fucked for another 10 minutes and I started to beg him to breed me. He told me I was going to get his load but he wasn't done with me yet. I had more work to do. He pulled out and once more, told me to clean off his cock. I did my duty happily.

Finally he turned me around once more and shoved his way in. Nothing gentle this time, he was ready to cum and was going to make it happen. I know the boyfriend had to have heard me at this point, the pounding felt amazing! He was pulling all the way out and plunging all the way back in. His balls were smacking mine each time he hit bottom. Eventually he grabbed me firmly by the hips, started to buck harder and then I could feel his load flooding my insides. His cum was leaking out my hole as he slowly continued to fuck me. He stayed inside me for a few minutes after. When he pulled out, being a good whore, without being told, I once more cleaned him off. Now tasting his cum mixed with that of the fuckbud and the juices of my ass. It was delicious! He told me to get dressed and leave. He was going to send me out the door without my clothes, but it had recently snowed and being that I had done a good job, I could get dressed. We are already planning my next visit. Hopefully someday the boyfriend will join.

This is the photo he sent me.

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